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Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #2-USA

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Swap Coordinator:wolfeagle (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Newbie  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:322
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 21, 2010
Date items must be sent by:March 31, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Easy swap. Newbies with well filled out Profiles encouraged. I understand we all have to start somewhere and this is a great swap to do that. Send a stuffed envelope with all sorts of goodies to one partner. At least a long business size envelope, however you can certainly choose to go bigger. The items you send are senders choice, however it is always nice to look at your partners profile and try to send items they can use. Examples Include (but are not limited to)
Post cards
Greeting Cards
Scrapbook papers, chipboard, etc ephemera
recipe/recipe cards
old photographs
small books
handmade items
craft supplies
teas/drink mixes
fabric scraps
sewing items
Or anything else you want to share

PLEASE REINFORCE your envelope with tape at the seams or use a larger envelope, if you think there is a chance it will explode. You may also choose to put stuff in a baggie in case the envelope tears in transit. U.S. only. Have fun.

Swappers must have a completely filled out Profile and no recent no sends. Please do not send scraps of memo paper/notebook/post-it type paper, etc. You may send the whole memo pad or notebook but scraps of note paper does not equal scrapbook papers.


draco 01/25/2010 #

sounds interesting...I'm getting my envelope started now

SapphireRobin 01/31/2010 #

Question - when you say business sized envelope ... are you saying a business letter envelope? I'm not sure what size you are referring to, and I would love to join this swap ...


wolfeagle 02/ 1/2010 #

At least 4 x 9 inches. Thanks.

rayfancy 02/ 9/2010 #

The next one you do, would you please open it to Canadians too? Thanks.

Miditron 02/ 9/2010 #

Thank you so much for making this open to newbies! It's so sad seeing swaps I really want to participate in but I need X number of Type 3 swaps already done...which is hard when few if any Type 3's are open to new people! Really looking forward to this. :)

bean88 02/ 9/2010 #

I was in the first round and I was paired with a great partner, peachykeen. She sent such wonderful things!

wolfeagle 02/ 9/2010 #

@rayfancy I do also have an International Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap in which Canadians are more then welcome to join.

valerie520 02/10/2010 #

This is a great swap!

LindaTemple 02/11/2010 #

Can't quit thinking about this one, and must get an envelope started!

kathchown 02/14/2010 #

Could you make an international swap soon so that we can join! I am participating in another for March but it doesn't have many members yet!

ilove2smile 02/15/2010 #

There already is an International one: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/53836

Normsgal91 02/15/2010 #

This swap was a lot of fun!

breccamerie 02/16/2010 #

Everyone please remember that if your envelope is thick and uneven this will require additional postage AND will probably have to be hand canceled. If you do not do these things your letter will be undelivered or the receiver will be required to pay additional postage fees.

Passion 02/16/2010 #

Sorry, I'm new to swap-bot. When do you get your partner?

wolfeagle 02/16/2010 #

@Passion Partners are assigned after the swap sign-up deadline has passed. I do mine the next day, but swap-bot allows a host a week to assign partners.

yath 02/20/2010 #

Oh such fun!! I just signed up for my first Swap-Bot swap.

escentualcreations 02/21/2010 #

I just joined swap bot and I'm looking forward to my first swap. I tried to fill out my profile as best as possible but if I'm missing anything please let me know.

kookie 02/22/2010 #

awe wish this was sooner :(

jmom03 02/22/2010 #

new to swap-bot. This will be my first swap. I think this is going to be a lot of fun.

wolfeagle 02/22/2010 #

LOL. I love these type of swaps also. Sooner?.....I'm still working on the last one. HAHA when there are this many people in a swap it takes a lot of work. It would just be too much for me to do it sooner because of the other swaps I host or am in. There are a lot of newbie swaps and envelope or mail box type swaps that happen though. If you click on find swaps above, then under the category select newbie friendly and then hit search, there are many options that you can choose to participate in that happen before this one. Have fun swapping.

TheMuseFactory 02/22/2010 #

Hi wolfeagle, it says that the last day to sign up is March 31st and the last day to send is also March 31st. I'm confused?

TheMuseFactory 02/22/2010 #

Nevermind, lol!

rubyhousesliprs 02/23/2010 #

Whoever my partner is, will be getting lots of neat little goodies!!!

ranebowbrite 02/23/2010 #

SO excited!! I cant wait to start! I want to start now!

nermalski 02/24/2010 #

I keep checking in to see all the neat things here. I have been gathering things for the envie but waiting for partner info to see what also is on the profile to see if I can make it more personal. Thankyou for hostessing a swap for newbies that is so fun and simple to start with.

stahlkl 02/24/2010 #

New to SwapBot but very excited to start- glad there are some starter ones out here!

rayfancy 02/24/2010 #

Yes, I did see that one, but the postage between both USA and Canada is not that much of a difference, where sending something like this over-seas could cost a little more than expected. Thats all! ^^

katyism 02/24/2010 #

I'm not a newbie but I did have some life issues and abandoned the site for a couple years. I want a fresh start! I'm crafting again :)

bizzles 02/25/2010 #

i really love this swap. the last round i recieved some really great things from my partner!

MSturgill87 02/26/2010 #

QUESTION - You said no paper scraps like memo/list paper, but can we send whole sheets of memo or list paper (as long as that isn't the only thing we send) and can we include some patterned scrapbook paper scraps (that aren't TOO small)? I have a ton of memo/list paper and scrapbooking paper scraps that I'd love to include in an envie to my partner (along with lots of other goodies) and I just want to be sure it would be okay? Thanks!

wolfeagle 02/27/2010 #

Yes, it says you can send scrapbook paper, and you can send a memo pad, but please do not rip off one or two sheets of the memo pad or of a post-it note pad, etc. and send it to someone. I think we can all find are own scrap paper to write on. LOL Thanks for asking.

Jazzyprincess 02/27/2010 #

YAY!!!Newbie here I can't wait to start swapping I think that this will be exciting being that it's my first swap ;)

dena 02/27/2010 #

i haven't swapped for a long time - had other things going - just want to say the last time i signed up for a swap, i made my cards, was waiting for the email telling me who my partner was and the hostess kicked me out because i hadn't logged into swapbot for a week - just because i don't log in doesn't mean i'm not going to do the swap - i do what i say i'm going to do - have never and will never flake - i'm always very generous too - so please don't flake me off just because i'm not logged in - i put the dates on my calendar and will follow through - thanks

MSturgill87 02/27/2010 #

@wolfeagle OK Awesome, thanks. :-)

PeachesNButterflies 03/ 1/2010 #

I'm a newbie & very excited. I signed up because of this swap. Cant wait. Any suggestions are welcome. (SMILE)

b1ue0w1 03/ 1/2010 #

I'm already putting my envelope together. I wish I could look at my partner's likes/dislikes by now but I can adjust once it's time since I keep gathering things. This is an AWESOME swap idea and I can't wait to send/receive!

MissMakesALot 03/ 2/2010 #

yay! first swap! first swap! i am excited and already have a little pile of treasures waiting for a new home! can't wait :D

Ikat78 03/ 2/2010 #

I'm a newbee. How do I get my patner??

wolfeagle 03/ 3/2010 #

@lkat78 Pm'd you. In general, you will be sent an email after partners are assigned which will be within a week after signup deadline. Swap-bot also has a great FAQ help section that newbies should read.

rinfrog 03/ 3/2010 #

How exciting, over 200 people...wow. I'm getting my envelope started too, but can't wait to add something special for my swap buddy :)

Ikat78 03/ 3/2010 #

I finished putting my envelope together today. What fun!!

Jesscoot 03/ 3/2010 #

I cant wait for this swap to start!!!!!

PhilNegreanu 03/ 4/2010 #

term papers

Ikat78 03/ 4/2010 #

Exactly when is it too much? I can't stop finding things to stuff in my envelope. It's insane and fun.

DawnI5579 03/ 4/2010 #

Hi! Im new to this swap and just signed up but now what? Do I get an email for who I am sending the envie to? Thanks!

LINDA50 03/ 5/2010 #

The swap will show up on your dashboard in your current list. You will see a bried summary of each swap you are signed up for. The last line on each swap says partners assigned and it will say yes or no. Once that entry changes to yes, click on the swap title. On the swap page there will be a yellow box in the upper right hand corner. One of the options in the box is to see who you send to. When you click on that a box will pop up with the name and adress of your partner/partners. You will be able to click on the partners screen name and see the persons profile, so that you can find out their likes/dislikes and do not send list.

This swap is huge so it may take the host a while to assign partners, since she will need to check over who has signed up. The host has up to 7 days to assign partners. So be patient with her.

DawnI5579 03/ 5/2010 #

@linda50 thanks so much for that helpful info!!

mizvicky 03/ 6/2010 #

I am new to swap bot.I am very excited about this..I can not wait to send my envie out.. WOO HOO are you gonna be happy!!!

ry22 03/ 7/2010 #

Hi, Is this swap only open to people in the United States?. I'm in the UK, but I do have a US address that I've been using to be able to buy chocolates from the US, it's a legal address that has had a USPS 1583 form completed and ID sent.

Can I still particitate in this swap?. if not I'll leave and find a different one :).

ry22 03/ 7/2010 #

Never mind, I've just noticed this topic, I'm leaving this swap. Best wishes to everyone.

ry22 03/ 7/2010 #

http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/53836 - I'm joing this swap :)

CookieCutter 03/ 8/2010 #

This is one of my very first swaps and I am so excited! I already have my very over-stuffed 6x9 packed and ready to go, can't wait to get my partner. I really hope everyone comes through, it was so much fun for me making this package and it for someone I don't even know! Thanks for allowing new people to join in, if all goes well I will be doing this a lot!

honeysucklehandmades 03/ 8/2010 #


paperockit 03/ 8/2010 #

I'm so excited to join this swap! It's my first. I'm putting together an awesome collection of items I make for my Etsy shop. You can check it out here: http://www.paperockit.etsy.com and fan me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/craftcritique?v=wall#!/pages/PapeRockIt/354240717501


KitsuneSK 03/ 9/2010 #

Sounds fun

Ashalah 03/ 9/2010 #

I am so excited to start swapping. I am VERY new to this. Its fun making a goodie bag for someone you don't even know. WooHoo!!

phtbtmgrl 03/ 9/2010 #

Hi! I'm new to swapping. This sounds so fun. I'm so excited for this swap. YAY!

edie3 03/10/2010 #

Is there a $ amount for this swap?

mumbles17 03/12/2010 #

Hey this sounds like fun- Im new- but I cant wait to get my envelope started !!

DMenifee 03/12/2010 #

I Just Joined And I Need A Partner!

tishous 03/12/2010 #

I'm so excited for the swap date to come :)

JammerSage 03/12/2010 #

I just joined and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS SWAP! I mean, I will wait... but HOORAY! :)

wolfeagle 03/12/2010 #

@edie3 There is no dollar amount required. I have a lot of crafting items so I go through my stuff and send what I think my partner will like or can use. I dont usually go out and buy anything as this is NOT a profile surprise swap. You should only send items that you would want to receive, in good condition, etc. If you send items primarily from the list above then that is great.

manfalovesyou 03/14/2010 #

How do I know for sure that I'm participating in this swap I just joined this site and I'm an avid mail artist so I'm totally reliable I'm just unfamiliar with how things work on here! I really want to participate!! Thanks...


NevadaGal 03/14/2010 #

I joined March 2 and haven't gotten a partner Yet! This is my first swap and want to get it right!! Thanks...REALLY look forward to this event!

Tissuepapers 03/15/2010 #

This is going to be sooooo much fun - I have lots of stuff to stuff !!

Ashalah 03/15/2010 #

I am so excited about this one. I am almost done with my envie! :) It is going to be sooo much fun.

Traceyk 03/15/2010 #

This is my first swap (newbie) - I'm looking forward to it. Please let me know if my profile is complete. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do or what it's supposed to look like.

SerenaKiti 03/16/2010 #

I joined earlier this evening and have been browsing everywhere to find the perfect swap to make my first and I believe this is it. I'm definitely joining this swap. However, if you don't mind my asking, how exactly does one find a partner? Whatever information you could give me would be deeply appreciated.

MissMakesALot 03/17/2010 #

i think we get emailed our partners? i've been gathering goodies for almost a month! :D

wolfeagle 03/17/2010 #

Yes, once the sign up date passes, the host reviews the Profiles of everyone in the swap. The host can ban people who do not fit her requirements, etc. At that point, partners are assigned randomly by the swap-bot computer. Hosts have no control over who gets who as a partner. Once partners are assigned, you will get an email saying your partner has been assigned. Just as an FYI, I require Profiles to be filled out so please make sure yours is. You can go to Edit Profile, then select the Personal tab, which will bring you to a page with drop down tabs/catagories for you to fill in or to create your own categories.

paperfairys 03/17/2010 #

just joined ... was looking for fun swaps, this one caught my eye ... im in the UK ( sad face ) lol

sounds fun ... enjoy :D

nermalski 03/18/2010 #

She has an international one as well. I'm excited. I keep checking back to see the date for this. It's soooo close now. Squeal with delight. I am amazed at how many people are in this. This is really cool.

susieq40 03/18/2010 #

I just joined this last night, look forward to my partner and send ing lots of stuff,,,,

SoSheSews 03/18/2010 #

Yay! This will be my first swap! I'm super duper excited you guys!

valdes53 03/19/2010 #

I would to join this swap i usualy do this but included in other swaps , this is my first swap here at swap bot im excited.

somethingradical 03/20/2010 #

this is my 1st trade and my envelope is already painted and ready to be addressed. I have some fun stuff in it plus I wanna see what my trade partner likes so hopefully I can add some stuff they like!!!

Saristotle 03/20/2010 #

can't wait to see my partners profile!

kntshovary 03/20/2010 #

This is my first one on SB and I'm excited to be a part of this! I'm going through my stash today to see what treasures I can send. I look forward to hearing about my partner!

scrapdreams61 03/20/2010 #

Hello, I just joined this sight and this would be a wonderful swap to try, please include me in this. I already have some great goodies for my partner to be.

edie3 03/20/2010 #

thanks for the info on the $ amount.

wolfeagle 03/21/2010 #

Yay......We are getting close. Please make sure your Profile is filled out.

kimhoay 03/21/2010 #

Hello! I was just wondering if partners have been assigned yet...?

MelonFarmingBabe 03/21/2010 #

I'm so excited to do my first swap!

AshleyMargaret 03/22/2010 #

Just a general question to anyone- I'm a newbie- What size envelopes do you all prefer to use?

monbeaucher 03/22/2010 #

@AshleyMargaret I'm using a 6x9 envelope :)

AshleyMargaret 03/22/2010 #

Okay cool. I stood in the envelope section of Wal-Mart trying to decide last night and I was so unsure as to what was enough/too much. haha. I'm so excited!

MissOtisRe 03/23/2010 #

This is my first swap and I just mailed the enveolope to my partner. I had so much fun putting it all together that I just can't wait for the next swap like this one! Happy Spring everyone! ; }

lilmissdangerous 03/23/2010 #

I'm working on my envelope right now! So excited. :)

mizvicky 03/24/2010 #

just sent mine off,, hope they like it!!!

mizvicky 03/24/2010 #

and have DC# for it..

ladyaries7 03/24/2010 #

Just finished and mailed off mine. Wow, so many great things to choose from. I went from store to store.I think i may have overdone it but oh well...i hope my swapee enjoys!

CookieCutter 03/25/2010 #

This was so fun, mailed my very fat and full padded envelope today. It ended up costing $7 to ship, but I wanted to make sure I really stuffed it :) with this being one of my first swaps, I wasn't quite sure what the right amount of stuff was!

WESTTXGIRL 03/25/2010 #

ooooooo, just got mine in the mail and my newbie, jenzbees did an awesome job, she really stuffed a large envie! :-)

Vreyainlove 03/25/2010 #

Just received my envelope from danceswithtrees and it was absolutely amazing. It made my entire week. This was my first envie swap and I will definitely join again. :)

kimikat 03/26/2010 #

Just mailed off mine, it was pretty stuffed! so much fun

WestMichiganGuy 03/26/2010 #

I plan to send mine in a 6 X 9.25 size envelope. I do not like to cram everything into a smaller envelope and most of my goodies will fit nicely in the 6 X 9.25 size. I found out the hard way one time on when I crammed everything into a smaller envelope, well severance of my items were all smashed and bent up.

mumbles17 03/29/2010 #

just mailed mine.........( I have conf number if needed) mine was 7 to mail too !! amazing what you can jam in an envelope- Hope my swap partner likes her goodies

monbeaucher 03/29/2010 #

I hope I don't get flaked on :(

mumbles17 03/29/2010 #

Just got mine from Kimikat!- awesome envelope - my first swap here- just brilliant - thankyou

CookieCutter 03/29/2010 #

Hey what kind of stuff are you guys getting in your envelopes? I got mine today & it's just not what I was expecting or the level of stuff I sent. Just wondering if my expectations were too high, this was my first envelope swap, so I don't want to leave less than 5 stars if what I got was the norm, bummer though. Hope that makes sense.

yath 03/30/2010 #

Thanks Wolfeagle! I really enjoyed my first Big Stuffed Enve swap!!

honeysucklehandmades 03/31/2010 #

@CookieCutter yes, what i received what not at the level of what I sent, but that can be expected I suppose. Not everyone is as crafty as you or I may be.... I left 5 stars for receiving, but no heart....

Also, how long should it take for your partner to rate you? I'm just curious about what they thought about my package...

Goldilocks 04/ 1/2010 #

I received my stuffed envie today and it was awesome, profile friendly and very useful AND such organized packing! Loved it. But I don't know her SB name so can't make a shout out here. Thanks Linda G.

Ashalah 04/ 3/2010 #

I just got my envie and it was AMAZING!! Shout out to @apostolicpioneer !! She has made my day!!

danceswithtrees 04/ 3/2010 #

Well, I'm with Cookie Cutter...got a small box today...was excited, but what a disappointment. I'll not do this kind of swap again.

abyrunyan 04/ 5/2010 #

I have not received anything yet. Are we supposed to know who is sending to us? If so, where is that information? Thanks!

hmonkey09 04/ 5/2010 #

I haven't recieved mine yet, but my partner got hers and rated me, so I am optomistic that it is just my mail delivery being slooooow getting her goodies to me. Maybe next time I will use my work address, things get there a LOT more efficiently LOL

wolfeagle 04/15/2010 #

Yes, to see who is sending to you, just click on the link that says click here to see my partners. You can then click on the username to see their profile.
Sometimes you do get things that aren't your taste or style, other times you get completely surprised with an amazing envelope. In general, as long as your partner sent the requirements of the swap, wether you like it or not, a 5 rating should be left. And then you choose how and when you want to give hearts.

stringofviolets 04/17/2010 #

I was pretty disappointed too. Lots of paper scraps and even a candy wrapper? And my package was sent 15 days late. Not sure I want to do another one of these again.

Becks 04/20/2010 #

Lame. I didn't get a package . . . I thought, "Well maybe it got lost in the mail!" Then I finally got back on the site and went to the profile of my swap partner to send her a reminder and found that she is apparently suspended from Swapbot =(.

kookie 04/21/2010 #

kinda feel the same stringofviolets

becks if you would like email me your addy and i'll send you a package :)

kookie 04/21/2010 #

oh and ditto to CookieCutter too.

dena 05/ 1/2010 #

i got mine late - i received an email the final day stating she was going to be late because she got a new puppy - and i think what came in the envelope was probably the paper that was meant to be put on the floor for the puppy (if you get my drift) I'm sorry to see that some of you didn't receive envelopes - i volunteered to be an angel and since i didn't hear back, i'm assuming you all got one eventually. the best part of these swaps for me is sending - it's fun to get something back but i'd rather not get anything than to get something that's very disappointing.

wolfeagle 05/26/2010 #

Dena, you were not on my list of angels. If you are still interested I can give you the name of someone who was flaked on.

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