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HI! Please, when labeling my address, write it exactly as is shown. I have been receiving mail lately with the little "We're lucky we found you" sticker from the post office because the #'s are incorrect or missing. My address has too many similar #'s at the beginning so please take care when writing it out.TY

My name is Stephanie, She/her. INFJ. I am in my late 30's, reside in Florida with my other half and two children. I currently have a little hobby farm that consists of many animals and a decent sized garden, that I nourish simply for the love of growing things. I hoard books, stickers, pens, and paper crafting items like a dragon hoards gold. I enjoy long letters, reading and writing them. I love a variety of things from being outdoors, swimming, gardening, walking, to hiding indoors, crafting, and even playing the occasional video game. My ideal life would be to live in a cozy little cottage with a dog, a goat, and some chickens with a little vegetable and herb garden with a forest or mountains as a backdrop in the 70's (Fahrenheit) all year long away from the world. A person can dream right? XD

I ALWAYS send, will never flake, even if I am on my death bed - if I owe you a swap, it Will be mailed to you. I am that serious about my commitments. & I always rate, usually on the day I've received. If I have somehow missed rating you, please message me and I will fix it promptly. I keep a notebook to track swaps & personally find it quite bothersome to hunt down ratings so I try my best to make sure I am holding myself to that same standard, but I am also forgiving and do realize that mistakes happen & life gets away from us at times.

I re-use/recycle packaging and usable craft materials and I hope you do the same! =D


I had a short lived obsession with the Twilight Saga & founded a group called Twihards that was active 2010-2011. The group is still open, but not active.

Favorite Crafts

As of 2021, I have moved back to paper crafting. I bullet journal and also use a travelers notebook that I enjoy decorating. I just made my first simple junk journal and I'm infatuated! Most swaps I join will be for items I can use for journaling, or snail mail. Because of this, I love flat/flatish items. Vintage themed is my current favorite but I also love kawaii and other things. My letters will slow down when its busy seasons for me but I will always respond. I prefer to write once a month or every 2-3 months depending on how busy life is at the time. I do enjoy swapping flat goodies like stickers, papers, and washi samples, etc, and I enjoy longer letters. If you receive a letter from me it will usually be 2 pages or longer.

My Family


(Update 2021:) My sisters no longer participate in swap-bot but I'm keeping the links here for personal reasons.

Updated to 2021!: I now have a preteen girl and a little boy

What she would like to receive: Anime anything! Stickers! Super cute plushies or anime plushies Anything sky, cloud, or starry Notepads

My son: All things LEGO, Mario themed, Minecraft and more! Stickers Small toys Plushies

My other half: Enjoys baseball, football, the weather, video games & video game accessories, & wrestling entertainment. Anything wrestling entertainment. He holds a plethora of knowledge about it.



A-Z Likes

A: Architecture, Antique, Anatomy, Apothecary labels, Ancient Egypt, Autumn, Astronomy, Academia, Astrology, Ancient Egypt, Altered Art, Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, Acceptance

B: Butterflies, Bees, Books, Book pages, Bizarre, Botanicals, Bohemian, Botany

C: Circus, Clocks, Cauldrons, Classical, Cabinet Cards, Cemeteries, Cartomancy, Chess, Clouds, Cottagecore, Crows, Cartography, Chocolate, Cavallini, Colors: black, red, blue, silver & green.

D: Dragons, deer, dictionary pages, Dark Academia, Dark, Diecuts, Diversity

E: Ephemera (vintage), Envelopes, Edwardian Period, England

F: Folk Art, Forest, Fall, Fortune Telling, Faeries, Florals, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Folk Magic

G: Gryffindor, Gnomes, Gothic, Greek Mythology, Goblins, Georgian Period, Gardening, Goddess

H: Halloween, Horror, Haunted, Herbs, Herbalism, Handmade

I: Ink, Insects, Ireland, Inclusion

J: Junk Journals

K: Knights, Karma, Kawaii

L: Letters, Labels, Ledger Paper, Lofi, Letter Sets, Languages, Lists

M: Magick, Maps, Mythology, Macabre, Miniatures, Mushrooms, Moths, Mist, Mystical, Motorcycles, Magical Realism

N: Newspaper (antique/vintage), Napkins (decorated), Neutrals

O: Occult, Octopi, Owls, Organization

P: Pressed Flowers, Paper, Paper Scraps, Photography, Photographs, Pinups (vintage), Pirates!, Postage Stamps, Peter Pan, Paranormal, Paper Punches (especially diecuts and punched edges)

Q: Queen, Quiet

R: Railroad Ephemera, Rubber Stamps, Ravens, Regency Era

S: Studio Ghibli, Seeds, Stickers, Steampunk, Space, Stamps, Stamped Images, Skulls, Skeletons, Spooky, Stamperia

T: Typography, Tarot, Tags, Tea, Travelers Notebook, Tickets, Tim Holtz, Tins (vintage), Tattoos, Trees

U: Underdogs, Understanding

V: Vintage, Victorian, Vintage looking/inspired, Viking

W: Winter, Witch, Woodland, Washi, Weird, Wax Seals. Woodwork

XYZ: X-Rays, Zombies, Zoology


Stationery (Decorated letter pages and envie, even if it's printed by you)

Printed/decorated napkins

Pirate themed anything, especially flat items for a junk journal


Pressed/dried Flowers

Ledger paper, written on or not/vintage or not

Any interesting papers except magazine pages

Paper Tags (like Classiky brand), or any others with a pretty border

Fairytale items for a junk journal

Steampunk items, especially on paper & metal gears

Book pages in non-English writing.

Anything from my A-Z likes list above!

  • Kawaii:

I'm not fond of Hello Kitty & my daughter has outgrown it as well. I do like the other Sanrio characters. I love ghosts, anything halloween or gothic or witchy, vintage styles, pastels, dark colors (from one end of the spectrum to the other!) I keep name brand kawaii separate from others so I don't mix them up. I used to collect licensed kawaii and sell mixed sets on my etsy but don't have the same passion for it as I once used to. I have an entire box full of deco/pvc tape so if you'd like some samples, message me if you'd like to do a swap. I'd happily take non-kawaii paper items (especially vintage style) in exchange for the deco Samples (not full rolls). Tenorikuma, Rilakuma, Badtz-Maru, Kutusita Nyanko, Sentimental Circus & Monokuro Boo are my favorite characters.


  • I truly appreciate swaps & the effort everyone puts into putting them together, & I am easily pleased. I do not want things that smell like smoke. We live in a smoke free home and my nose is sensitive to harsh smells. Please no religious items unless it's on printed papers/ephemera that I can cut up for paper crafting. I will gladly accept anything spiritual/celestial/witchy. Above all, do not send me racist or political items.

  • Sticker dislikes: Please do not send me reward, teacher, planner, kid themed (unless they are extras for my kids), dog stickers (unless it happens to be a full sheet of Shiba Inu), no cutesie animal stickers (unless they are kawaii flakes), no Lisa Frank unless it's as an extra. I can buy a book of 8 sheets of LF stickers for $1 and would prefer not to receive them for swaps. Dollar store sticker sheets. They don't have the quality of most stickers and lose their stickiness quickly.

I love things that you took precious time from your life to make. Handmade things are the best gifts because time is the most valuable thing there is in my eyes.

  • Dislikes: Hunting Down Ratings.

Food & Drink

I love tea. Packaged or loose. Send me your favorite homegrown tea recipe please! I am growing my own herbs and tea plants.

Favorite Television

I dont watch cable but we have Netflix and Hulu though I rarely watch tv these days unless I'm sick and stuck in bed.

I am an avid reader. I love fantasy, YA, and some horror. Reading has been a passion of mine since I was a small child & with all of the interests and hobbies I have ever tried and given up on, reading is the one thing that has consistently stuck with me, throughout my life.

Random Things

Music: I have what I've been told is eclectic taste. In my opinion, I just enjoy a bit of music from many different genres. I would love if you send me a playlist as an extra in any swap. I am always searching for hidden gems when it comes to music. Send me your playlist!



I have not been rated for 19 swaps sadly. I used to link them here but my profile is long enough & you get the gist. Please rate your partners. They put a lot of time and effort into the swaps you receive.




  • Smoke free home (yay!) and loving it!

  • We have 2 dogs in our home. So if you have allergies, I am not the best swap partner for you unfortunately. We also have chickens, pigs, a goat, and a rabbit but they are outside. XD



asddsa28 rated for Kawaii Memo Sheets Swap USA #32 on May 16, 2021
Comment: thank you for all the memos! i love the variety of them!
MellowOda rated for CH: Vintage-Style Ephemera Swap #1 on May 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing items you sent - I will absolutely be able to use every last piece (except the AoT stickers...I'm keeping those lol). Thank you so much for hosting a great swap!
Response: HaHa! I'm having such a difficult time choosing where to permanently place those AoT stickers! XD I'm so glad that you enjoyed everything. You made my day!
papertreasures17 rated for USAPC: Faux Postage Stamps on May 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for all the beautiful faux stamps. They all look like a stamp you could actually purchase at the post office. I love the neutral colors so I can use them for about any project. So special!🌷
ImnotDorothy rated for CH -10 Non photo book pages on May 7, 2021
Comment: As a fellow book lover I’m with you on tearing up books. But, I have found plenty of old books at garage sales that are already falling apart, so I don’t feel quite as bad.
Cynfully rated for AliExpress Stationery Swap #8 on May 6, 2021
Comment: Wow what a great swap. Thank you so much for all the pretties
Comment: Thank you so much! ❀️ ❀️ ❀️
Sunnydays rated for USAPC: Calling All Gardeners! on May 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for such a wonderful swap. You were so generous. I love everything you chose for me. My middle name is Ann and I needed some printed pagers. The two rabbits on the swing are precious. I collect used stamps to use in swaps and really like the ones you sent All of my life I’ve visited family in Clearwater, St Pete Beach and my brother went to college in Tampa. I love the Beaches there. I also liked the way you packaged everything so iit got to me intact. I really appreciate the time and thought you put into making this swap so special for me.
Response: Thank you for your kind words. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it.
cmmaldonado rated for Things with Wheels on May 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you, Stephanie! Lots of great images to use in my journaling, and I really like the envelope you made, too! 😊
dottyspeckle rated for Themed Sticker Swap #2: Flowers on Apr 30, 2021
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Thank you SO MUCH!
ImnotDorothy rated for Send 10 Stamped Images #2 on Apr 26, 2021
Comment: These are great. I can’t wait to use them. Thank you.
Comment: Thank you, love everything!
LaetiArts rated for WIYM: Junk Journal Supplies #7 on Apr 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you ! Everything will be well use ! I already have some crafting ideas! β™₯
cloudjun rated for SSS: Any 2 Sheets on Apr 21, 2021
Comment: aww thank you for the pandapple sticker and the many deco tapes! really liking the stickii club sticker sheets you've included too c:
marymary914 rated for SMSUSA: Pick 5!! on Apr 18, 2021
Comment: Thanks for all the great stuff! Love the envie!
Comment: Thank you for your letter, nice to read from you!
Comment: I LOVE these stickers! Including your homemade ones. :) I need to know where you got the heavier-weight die cut ones from. We're a very diverse family and my kids are probably going to try to steal some these from me. Not sure I'll give them up, though. lol Thank you sooo much!
Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed them. The heavier ones from Michaels! They have an entire line of them, made by Capitol Chic Designs and they include diversity of all kinds. I absolutely LOVED them! Inclusion is so important in this colorful world and I am happy to hear how much you and your family enjoyed them. πŸ€— I just looked at Michaels website and the entire line is half off too so perfect time to purchase!
Comment: Thanks for your great letter! I will write you back this week πŸ˜„
annychenghk rated for STICKERSHEETS Swap! on Apr 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you!
quaisoir rated for SSM: Stamped images swap #13 on Apr 13, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the lovely stamped images.. U hv a nice selection of jar stamps! That snail mail stamp is my fav. Thanks Stephanie!
Response: The jar stamps came in the YourCreativeStudio vintage subscription box for March. Amandas box is amazing and comes with so many wonderful goodies!

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bethe on May 12, 2021:

Thank you so much for the black & white images from LSRUS May wishes! I especially love the Betty Boop! Can't wait to use when creating ATCs :)

Barbara on May 8, 2021:

Hi Stephanie, thank you for the beautiful wax seals.They are still on my desk as I look at them and wonder how you craft them. So lovely. Thank you also for the vintage images and postage for my future journals and swaps.

CariahCreates on Apr 26, 2021:

Thank you for all of the great memo sheets from my LSRUS wishlist

ccmmsu on Mar 29, 2021:


So glad to have you with us, Stephanie!

Rainydancer on Mar 6, 2021:

Welcome to Sunshine swaps!

CurlyTea on Apr 17, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

sebastian122 on Apr 17, 2015:

Happy Birthday!!!!!

sebastian122 on Mar 17, 2015:

sebastian122 on Jan 21, 2015:

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Happy New Year!


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