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About Me

Hi. I'm J (they/them) Yes, my legal name is one letter. Why Wyrdfae? Wyrdfae was the name of my first creative blog from eleventy billion years ago. I wanted some kind of "fae" and I picked "wyrd" at the time I saw this as a Shakespeare and Dune reference (but it is actually older than that) - both alluding to the magic and spirituality which is something I find in creating. It's cheesy and I'm ok with that. Rating - I always rate unless there was an issue. If I don't get a rating for something I will follow up. I really want my swaps to get where they need to go.

Favorite books and podcasts

I listen to audio books and podcasts while crafting, art-ing, chore-doing. I have been known to pick up a paper book from time to time, though. Books: HGttG series by Douglas Adams was one of my first book loves. I read this in high school originally and my friends and I would read it aloud to passer-bys. Silly people we were. David Rakoff, Alok Vaid-Menon, Anne Leckie, MurderBot by Martha Wells, Daniel Lavery, Well written sci-fi graphic novels with breathtaking art ( ok, I should have just said Monstress), Janet Mock, Felix Ever After, Witch Boy, Audre Lorde, Danez Smith, Brene Browne, Anne Patchett, Philip K. Dick, Octavia Butler, Packing for Mars, Louise Erdrich, Saga,

Podcasts: The Laverne Cox Show (Ya'll, I know every celebrity has a podcast these days, but this one is exactly my kind of thing), Dear Prudence, Welcome to Night Vale, Snap Judgement, Buffering the Vampire Slayer, RadioLab, The Unmute Podcast, Jay and Miles Xplain the X-men, American Hysteria, You're Wrong About, etc...it is literally never quiet.

Movies and TV

Recent Watch: Work in Progress Looking forward to: Umbrella Academy S3

Past faves: Loki, Buffy, Lovecraft Country, Whip-it, The Good Place, Knives Out, MoonLight, Orphan Black, Umbrella Academy, She-Ra, Get Out, Stargate, Farscape, X-files, 30Rock, 5th Element, Empire Records, Bladerunner, Star Trek, any space-opera show, The Avengers, Parks and Rec, Terrible horror movies that are unintentionally funny, Avatar the Last Air-Bender (cartoon) and Korra, Pose, Good Girls, X-men...


My favorite artists are Neko Case and Janelle Monae. Also: Tacocat, AhMerAhSu, John-Allison Weiss, Mal Blum, LP, Against Me!, Rae Spoon, Dorian Electra, Rilo Kiley, Worriers, and so many more. If anyone wants to exchange spotify playlist, I am always up for that.


No. Scented. Items.
I'm not offended by much but I don't like mean things, which is a succinct way of saying black lives matter and sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia/diet culture, name calling etc will not be tolerated here. The word "g**sy" is a slur for Roma people. I didn't always know that but I do now. Please do not use it when communicating with me. Also, I used to used to have a different legal name. Please do not use that name, only J, J D., or Wyrdfae.

If you send me recipes I prefer to cook vegan at home except for honey and eggs. Please no food, no religious, etc. Politics are fine as it seems everything is considered political, I just don't want anything that is intended to convince me to change my opinion or vote for a specific canddiate. Also, do not send me licensed Harry Potter merchandise or anything JKR made money off of. Harry Potter fans are wonderful, but JKR is racist and transphobic.

It bears repeating, no scented items. Other than that I am pretty easy going and can pass along or donate anything I do not have use for.

General Swapping

Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way here are some objects of my unbridled and almost uncomfortable enthusiasm.

I recently purchased an inexpensive Tarot deck to do random card draws to mail to anyone interested. Let me know if you would like one with or without a writeup.

items I would like: Handmade stuff , zines, poker cards with interesting backs or fronts, curios/curiosities, inchies, atcs, origami paper strips for lucky stars, small hand made things, blank notecards/artsy non-touristy postcards in moderation natural fiber yarn about 6 yards long so I can maybe use it for a striped scarf, other stationary and memo pages, random stuff in themes I like or you think I might like are also fun.

Random things I like in no comprehensible order to help direct but not dictate themes to send: Sci-fi, Art, LGBTQ themes, non-binary, peacocks, blue (esp peacock blue and electric blue) halloween, fantasy, space, Pop Surrealism, Basquiat, poetry, Kay Ryan, bright colors, outsider art, sentimental circus, Dr. Who, Buffy, Frida Kahlo, Chiho Aoshima, paisley, orchids, Peacocks, celestial, more bright colors, studio Ghibli, possums, moths, bats, Alison Bechdel, tarot cards, Xena, weird art, Rainbow Brite, hexagons, Remedios Varo, Invader Zim, rainbows, stars, Warhol, Elliot Page, zentangle and other bold decorative black and white designs, any interesting color combo really, bird, butterfly and cat motifs, celtic knots/book of kells/nordic art, musicals, beer and wine, and other stuff.

Kawaii - I used to mostly do kawaii swaps here but currently I'm obsessed with Sentimental Circus but most of my favorite cute stickers and paper right now is from etsy shops.

Artist Trading Cards/inchies/mailart - while this is subjective, I prefer art that is meaningful to you rather than just fit my themes. I like my themes - just want to see your take on the world. Art is about expressing YOU :) I make ATCs a variety of ways. Some hand drawn or painted, some mixed media collage, and I know my way around photoshop. None of them are very conventional. Totally up for one-on-one swaps if my description sounds interesting.

So I do want to mention that I send when I say I do and rate when I receive. I always put on enough or more postage to my understanding of the regulations. Different post office employees sometimes see them differently. If you receive something with postage due, let me know and I will send you stamps.

wish list

I will use this space to list the things I am especially obsessed with currently, which are as follows:

Mail art collaborations like jams or exquisite corpse and apparently friendship books and decos.


Gelli print stencils



Your Art


Comment: Yay! Thanks for the sticker books.
K8thecrafter rated for Decos Only 1/2022 on Jan 16, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the decos. And I would love to do a book swap! I don't do FB's, but I like decos, sticker and washi books. Slams, too.
ItaliaGirl863 rated for ATC Bag #102 (USA) on Jan 15, 2022
Comment: Fun swap!
Comment: Cool!
HeidiJean rated for Move Those Bags #9 USA on Jan 14, 2022
Comment: Thank you!
Ace330660 rated for Art Collab PC #95 (USA) on Jan 13, 2022
Comment: Thanks ! I will pass this card on to the owner when I am finished.
joppagirl rated for DB: Make a New Deco Book #325939 on Jan 9, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the nice book and stamps!
Comment: Thank you!😊
joppagirl rated for DB: Make a New Deco Book on Jan 5, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the nice deco!
carol rated for AMA: Collaboration PC #103 on Jan 2, 2022
Comment: Looking cool! I'll see what I can come up with and get it moving on!
mizzrox rated for Move Those Bags #9 USA on Dec 31, 2021
Comment: Thank You for the extras! Happy New Year!
bblue rated for Bags, Glorious Bags #2 -INT on Dec 30, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the sticker bags!
Comment: Thanks for all the decos!! I'm learning so much about the different varieties of decos there are being created. Washi deco - neat and I would have never thought of it myself. Can't wait to start crafting on them. Love that you enclosed them in a John Boyega/ Finn baggie!! xxMuggleMom
Jafferty rated for Move Those Bags #8 USA on Dec 23, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the swap! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Comment: thank you !!!
jenred06 rated for Move Those Bags #8 USA on Dec 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you. Have a Merry Berry Christmas.
Comment: OMG what a fun deco! This one is amazing!! Love your art in it as well. This one might be my favorite one I've seen yet! :D
shellbee8 rated for ATC Bag #101 (USA) on Dec 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you!!
thevmatt rated for Artistic Decos 12/2021 on Dec 15, 2021
Comment: Thanks!!
Jafferty rated for 5 FB's/FS's #5 on Dec 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the fun swap!

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wolfeagle on Dec 31, 2021:


Wishing you a fantastic 2022!

Allegrae on Aug 7, 2021:

Thanks for forwarding the full sticker bag! Always a lovely surprise to receive one.

HeidiJean on Jul 26, 2021:

Thank you for the lyrix! I’m so excited to get these sent out into the world!

cmalaina on Jul 4, 2021:


HollyBear on Jun 2, 2021:

I received the sticker books you sent! Thank you for swapping!!

ccmmsu on Apr 29, 2021:


Thank you for sending home my full sticker bag, J! And for the super cool extra stickers, too!

littlebigmel on Apr 7, 2021:

Oh my goodness thanks for all the pride stuff! I was so very thrilled to receive such nice items. This was my favorite wish ever received. Would love to do a pvt swap with you!

Whovian487 on Mar 18, 2021:

Sweet! You’re most welcome! Glad you enjoyed what I sent. 😀 Let me know whenever you’d like to swap again.

FeltPrincess on Feb 12, 2021:

Thank so much for the wishes for LSRUS :) I especially love the kitty stickers! :D

DragonflyDreamer on Feb 11, 2021:

Thank you for the LSRU wish! The papers are beautiful!!

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