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About Me

** Update 12/11/23** i am back, and will be working hard to get back the trust i had built up again. I have sent out all Decos owed, and will reach out to the other 1 ratings i received to make them right. Thank you for your grace. My husband became disabled, and it pretty much knocked us for a loop. All is stable (thank you God!) and I would like to get my ratings back up.

Update 2/15/21 Our local Portland news just stated that (as we knew) postal prices are increasing, and a woman in Portland (where all my mail goes thru) received a postcard today that was dated December. Oy. And they said that the post office is in the red, and expect mail to get even slower. Grrr.

Update 1/21/21 I just got a huge influx of mail today including swaps, but haven't received ratings. I'm at a loss. I'm going to resend AGAIN in the morning. The single thing I can think of is all of my mail goes through Portland, Oregon, and there is still unrest down there. Please hang in there with me.

*Update 1/10/21 - The mail is insanely slow coming from me. You can see on my profile a letter I mailed on 12/8/20 just arrived to it's destination. Grrrr. I'm going to just resend stuff so if you get a double, woohoo! I haven't received things either, so I'm guessing this is happening all over the place. Thank you for your on-going patience. Be well.

I am the re-married wife of a disabled wonderful man, and mom of a wonderful son. I love to read mystery books, paint, craft cards, Art Decos and photography. Swapbot has been a ton of fun because who doesn't love snail mail! Such a treat to get something other than bills. I work as an Administrative Assistant for the Director of Tech, and it's one of the coolest jobs I've had. The people I work with are hilarious, dysfunctional and a second family. I live to laugh, and am thankful for the many blessings in my life. I also love ALL things Irish!! Stickers, stationary, torn pages from books..the sky is the limit :)

Favorite Books

Oh my Lord where do I start?! I'm all over the place with books. I find I can't help but buy Stephen King immediately upon release, read a lot of teen fiction at the advice of my kiddo...mystery. ..quirky like Christopher Moore...Max Lucado. Find myself gravitating to Bible studies, but have so many now I don't know where to start! My son is ADHD and has Aspergers so I read up on that as well. My library card and Goodwill serve me well. Piles of books are at my house.

Favorite Music

I tend to be all over the place with music. The only kind that I can't latch onto so far is country and rap. Artists ranging from Zeppelin to Dan Mangan to metallica. Just depends on where and what I'm doing.

Favorite Crafts

I love to paint, scrapbook, make cards, photography, paper art and Art Decos. I'm always open to new things, and enjoy the creative process. It's wonderfully relaxing. I bought myself a journal as well to create pages of things you all send that really speak to me. I'm trying out ATC cards now, but am far from a pro, so be kind. LOL Junk Journals are a new passion as well.

Coffee over tea please

I received a great suggestion. I love coffee and super dark brew tea. I tend to not enjoy lighter teas, although I've discovered they are good cold, so I'm more open to those. Please no peppermint, just can't wrap my brain around the taste. I'm pretty worthless without my caffeine, so the stronger the better.

About me A-Z...a work in progr

A - Animals - love them

B - Blue is my favorite color

C - Camping is one of my happy places

D - Dogs (and Cats!) have a special place in my heart

E - Everything Doctor Who, Star Wars, CS Lewis XFiles, Sci-Fi in General!! Star Trek..blah blah blah

F - Fan girl of Avengers. Like scary at my age. Loki, Thor especially. Not so much Hulk. Also love Wonder woman, Batman (Dark Knight), Joker (all of them).

G - Gelli printer newbie

H - Hiking is one of my fav. past-times

I - I would like to learn more about journaling

J - Joker - I love to make people laugh

K - Kindness is important, especially now

L - Loving the Lord :)

M - music lover (except for old school rap/country)

N - nature embracer

O - Outside is my haven

P - Painting/upcycling furniture

Q - quirky in some ways (I don't like my feet touched, so pedicures don't happen.)

R - Rescue animals.

S - Shiny paper makes me HAPPY

T - THE CHILD!!! Mandalorian has completely sucked me in, and I'm OBSESSED with THE CHILD!

U - Unusual papers, emphemera, postcards, ATC's

V - Very open minded/accepting and enjoy hearing what others have to say/believe/brings them joy

W - Worthless without my coffee or dark tea

X - "Xperiencing" Life is a great joy

Y - Young at heart

Z - Zealous for Anything you create

No Thanks You's

This is a short list of no thank you's, because I'm pretty open to most things and love experiencing what others enjoy.

  1. Please no pornography-type images

  2. Please no Teacher/Award stickers or the puffy ones. I have a TON ;)

  3. Please don't attack my faith. I am WIDE open to others sharing there's (and am quite accepting of everyone with faith or not), as long as we all roll with each other in a positive way.

  4. Please don't be rude, mean or judgmental of me, what I make or what I send. If I have made a mistake in a swap, please allow me to right it by messaging me in a considerate and respectful way and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll do my best to make it right. Life is to short to allow these negative things into my life, and I won't put it into yours. I promise you, I'm doing my best.

That's it - told ya it was short!


  1. Anything Irish

  2. Anything flat that can be used for junk journals or ATC's (ribbon, borders, diecuts, etc.) old watch parts, cogs, metal pieces

  3. Library check out cards/Tags

  4. Stamped images to use in my junk journals and ATC's - on paper, on ribbon, on tea bags, coffee paper, dyed paper...whatever you can imagine is AWESOME

  5. pages from books/dictionaries, Bibles,,song books ,newspapers, story books, anything really!

  6. Interesting found images

  7. Diecuts or embossed papers

  8. Stickers (not Teacher/reward or puffy please, have a TON) - Home-made are fun

  9. ANYTHING Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, CS Lewis, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Wizard of Oz, Princess and the Pea Sci-FI ANYTHING

  10. Handmade envelopes all sizes

  11. Postcards - vintage, used, gallery, interesting images, free ad cards..any postcards :) I use them in my crafting and art

  12. Emphemera - Bingo sheets, napkins, raffle tickets, vintage, train tickets, the sky is the limit!

  13. Old photographs - people, animals, historic buildings - whatever you may come across, even if they are faded, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  14. Interesting papers (Scraps are fine as long as they aren't teeeeeny tiny) with textures or that you have created

  15. International papers, train tickets, andything from your fun adventures

  16. Washi samples

  17. ATC's / ATC sized paper/playing cards

  18. THE CHILD!!! Mandalorian is a new obsession in this house.

  19. Tim Holtz or Dylusions anything

  20. Pocket cards for Junk Journals

About Me

I rate. I promise. No exceptions to that. I think it's super important so folks know I received their goodies, and appreciate them. If you have swapped with me, and I don't rate for some unknown reason, call me on it PLEASE and I will get 'er done.

Also, if you EVER receive something from me that has postage due, message me. I'll just want to see a picture of the receipt that you had to pay and I'm ON IT. I know people make mistakes, and although 99.9% of the time I go to the post office to have things weighed, one could get through. I don't expect you, nor do I WANT you to pay for something I'm sending you.

I promise I WILL NOT FLAKE. EVER. PERIOD. If you do not receive something from me in a timely manner, please message me and I'm ON IT. If I need to pay for tracking on that puppy, I will do it. That way we both know you are getting what I promised you by signing up to swap.


Comment: It's so sweet of you to include extras! I really love the whales and the Cool Unicorns πŸ’œ The star, of course, is this super cute ATC! What a cool way to illustrate a Golden 🐾 Thank you so much for this incredible swap~!
Response: Yayyyyy!!!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the goodies and the ATC, makes me happy you are happy 😊 I appreciate your rating and the heart Celery. I hope you have a fantastic weekend
pitchmom rated for PC SWAP #16 - BOAT on Feb 10, 2024
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and heart! I'm glad you liked the PC
JJcrafty rated for Quick PC swap & RAK on Dec 28, 2023
Response: Thank you so much for the rating. I hope you have a great day
wyrdfae rated for 6 Decos - 1/2021 on Dec 26, 2023
Comment: Thank you for getting back to me
Response: 12/17/23 - Sending to last known address at the advice of a wise Swapbot leader. Update 12/14/23 - Sent J a direct email with photograph of completed items in the hopes we can make contract and to verify their mailing address is still correct. I will make good on this if you'd please send me your address. I updated my profile with why I fell on my face. I'm so sorry. I can send you 6 decos if you are still active. Please PM ME your address and I'll make it right. 12/11/23
Comment: The narwhal postcard is super cute!
Response: Thank you so much for the rating, I'm glad you liked everything :)
shellbede rated for Bulk Decos Only - 1-2021 on Dec 12, 2023
Comment: Thanks for reaching out after so long! I'm glad you're back!
Response: Thank you SO SO much!!! Glad to be back :)
mariewilliams810 rated for Deco Books on Dec 10, 2023
Comment: UPDATE 12/10/23: I am updating your rating to a 3 since I received a resend. 3/8/21: I am guessing I am not getting that resend that i was promised a month ago....
Response: Thank you so, so much for taking the decos to get them back on their way. I'm so grateful for the updated rating.
joppagirl rated for Artistic Decos - 12/2020 on Dec 6, 2023
Comment: December 6, 2023 I am changing my rating after Dina reached out wanting to join [email protected]. I explained that she still owed several swaps here and that she should take care of that first. She sent me what she owed me plus extra decos that she's had for a long time that she needed to move. After trying to work with you since January 31, 2021 I still have not received anything for this December 2020 swap. I contacted you via SB, Facebook & email and you haven't logged in at SB in 2 weeks. You also owe two other swaps in the group. I gave you a second chance after you did this in 2019 and took 7 months to make the swaps good. You also haven't rated me for the Bulk swap that I sent by Priority mail. I provided you with the tracking # when I sent the swap and it was delivered January 25.
Response: Thank you so much for your help taking and finding others to get the decos moving!! So grateful
Response: Update: 12/18/23 - Noticed on Kizzlets profile page a note was added at the top "All done swapping". Still sending, just took note of that. Update 12/17/23 - Sending to the address, as items are done at the advice of a well versed Swapbot person. :) Update 12/14/23 - sent Kizzlets a direct email with picture of completed items to verify their address before sending. I will make good on this if you'd please send me your address. I updated my profile with why I fell on my face. I'm so sorry 12/11/23 Kizzlets hasn't been online for quite sometime. :(
Comment: I have not received this swap that she hosted. The swap deadline was January 12 and she marked it sent on January 14. I sent a message and it is still unread. She has not logged onto swap-bot since Feb 15, 2021.
Response: zpdate 12/17/23 sending swap to last known address at the advice of a wise Swapbot person. Update 12/14/23 - Sent AmyMarie a direct email with photograph of completed items to verify their address before sending. I will make good on this if you'd please send me your address. I updated my profile with why I fell on my face. I'm so sorry 12 /11/23. Messaged you as well
Comment: Awesome job! THANKS!
Response: Yayyy!!! So weird how my mail is coming at such weird intervals! ROFL I'm glad you received them and like them, it's a LOT of fun doing. :) Thank you so much for the rating and heart!
Comment: Thanks for the great swap. I love the beautiful die cuts! and am looking forward to creating something with the napkins too! I can't believe it took almost a month to get here! I see you mailed it Dec. 8!!
Response: GRRRRRR. I'm so glad it arrived. That is NUTS that it took so long. I'm just glad it arrived. I'm wondering if things are getting lost in the mail with all of the chaos going on. Thank you so much for letting me know it arrived. I'll have to check in with my other partners. VERY concerning. I'm glad you liked the goodies, and are going to have fun with them! Thank you for the rating and heart!
Tamawi rated for USA Last Page Deco - 12/2020 on Dec 18, 2020
Comment: No problem, I have some fresh Xmas stuff to use in this deco. Thanks!
Response: Excellent!! I'm so glad you can have fun with it. She's a sweetheart, and will love getting it back. thank you for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies! I love those cat stickers on the envelope too. :)
Response: You are SO welcome!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed everything, and loved the kitty stickers, aren't they fun? Merry Christmas! Thank you for the heart and rating.
janetr rated for Artistic Decos - 11/2020 on Dec 14, 2020
Comment: thanks for the decos :)
Response: You are very welcome! Daggone those took forever to get to you. I'm glad they did. Happy Christmas!
Comment: Loved your gratitude list! Thanks so much for sharing with me.
Response: Aww, thank you! There is so much to be thankful for, that's for sure. Thank you for the rating and the heart! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!
Comment: Thank you Dina! It was worth the wait :) I appreciate you re-sending!
Response: You are so welcome, I'm glad you like them, and I appreciate the rating! :) Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
Comment: Great tip!
Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like the idea. Works wonders here. ;) Thank you for the rating, and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Fritosmom rated for Prayer Bible Study on Dec 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you for an AWESOME share. Wishing a Blessed Day & a Happy Tomorrow. Stay Safe. Merry Christmas
Response: You are so welcome!! I loved this Bible study so much, and it came at a very timely point, just like it always does from God. :) Thank you for the beautiful words, heart and rating. Merry Christmas to you as well!
QtPie rated for Scavenger Hunt #4 on Nov 30, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much.. That lake looks gorgeous
Response: You are so welcome! Oh gurrrl....it is a true beauty. One of those things that take your breath away. Glad you liked your goodies. Thank you so much for the rating and heart!

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jeka396 on Nov 23, 2020:

Thanks so much for the envie stuffed full of taped decos! I already started working on a few, so fun!!

kiddomerriweather on Nov 14, 2020:

Thank you for the "I collect . . ." PF tag! I love all the motel/hotel vintage PC's you sent and the ATC. They will go perfectly in my collections! You made my day! =D

bluehairedmary on Apr 27, 2019:

Thanks so much for what you sent for the Pick 2 Tag - US Only. Life can get overwhelming sometimes, but it's good that you followed through. Hope you are well!

CurlyTea on Apr 22, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

joppagirl on Mar 26, 2019:

Please rate your partner in the DBL ~ Move One, Make One ~ USA swap.

bluehairedmary on Mar 22, 2019:

I hope all is well. I sent you a PM about a tag you were going to send. Let us know if everything is okay.

lou on Mar 22, 2019:

Please check your private messages

Babycakesxo on Mar 15, 2019:


limetteandlove on Jan 29, 2019:

(and thank you for the very sweet words!! <3)

limetteandlove on Jan 29, 2019:

Hi Dina, so glad you loved the necklace, earrings, and ATC supplies!! Enjoy!

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