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Updated Nov 28 2023


Rome (in Canada)

🤗 ABC LIST - Things I find interesting

Above all, I like handmade. It's unique and personal. There's a greater feeling of community when sharing something we've made. It's a means of supporting and encouraging play, mindfulness, creativity, originality, and authenticity.

  • ISFP - Adventurer

  • Enneagram 9 - a desire to live in peaceful harmony with their environment.

  • Married. Nulliparous (by choice). Not retired yet but I qualify for some senior discounts.

  • 🦻Profoundly hard of hearing. I wear a cochlear implant in the left ear and a hearing aid in the right. I can really relate to the comedian DJ Demers deaf experience Deaf In The Pandemic

  • Gmail: 3392048@



About decos, deco resources, collaborative projects. Also my preferences, and available decos

Deco makers are a great group of swappers! Quite often everyone sends and rates quickly. Most of the time all of the decos are sent before the swap deadline. Sometimes all of the decos are rated before the swap deadline.

You have my permission to move my decos and P&P postcards between groups and different collaborative swaps. You can even get a friend/family to fill in a section or page. The sooner they make the rounds and get home the better. 🙂

Send me homers, (it doesn't have to be for a swap). I like finishing them up and getting them back to their waiting owners. 📨📬


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I put a return address on everything I send out.

I keep a photo-log of my outgoing swap items--front, back, and at the mailbox.

It takes on average 10 business days to get to most places. However, delivery is often 4 weeks to many places in the United States.

I will resend if my swap doesn't arrive within 8 weeks (It was 4 weeks when I started SB, then 6 weeks, now 8 weeks because mail service is getting slower and slower).

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December 2023 - @gamanana0022 - CPG-N: Pass & Paste Postcard #350060 (USA/CAN). My new P&P PC didn't get to Gama. We waited 8 weeks. Sent a re-send postcard Dec 28th. It is Lobo816's homer P&P PC.

August 2023 - @Lealie - PNS: Pass & Paste Postcard 3-6 sections #346487 - Unfortunately Jessica P.'s twinchie candy wrapper postcard didn't make it to Germany. Re-sent a twinchie P&P PC by/for LOB in Sweden. (Lealie has informed us that she was in a serious accident in September and has not recovered enough to return to swapping).

May 2023 - @Shoreart - DB ♥: ESTABLISHED Decos 3/23 (Int'l - I've asked Shoreart for a resend. Received June 30 👍

April 2023 - @rkassman - HMPC: Pass & Paste Postcard #342143 (Global) - PrairieKittin's homer pass & paste postcard never made it to rkassman's place of employment. I re-sent a new pass & paste PC which arrived May 9th. 👍

April 2023 - @Tara for AMA: Mini Art Journal Go Round #9. DaisyNY's black paper MAJ deco. Mailed it out on Feb 26. Lost in the mail. Didn't get to Tara and the post office didn't return it to me. Re-sent a new MAJ with a neurographic cover. FOB221-033. Tara got the re-send May 10. 👍

Jan 2023 - @CookieMomster78 for DB: Small Deco Booklet #338836. Mushrooms by PaperPassion got lost in the mail. Sent Snowflakes by DeboraCreates as a replacement. Received Jan 31. 👍 I let PaperPassion know that her deco is lost in the mail. Sent her photos of the deco pages.

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ktk8 rated for Collaborative Swaps: collaborative ATC on Nov 30, 2023
Comment: Great ATC.....thank you so much..... and again I love your envelopes.....many hearts to YOU.....
Response: You're so welcome Ktk8. It's my first collaborative ATC. 🤗
Comment: Received one of your BEAUTIFUL envelopes today......and have already finished this card to send it home..... many hearts to YOU.....
Response: Fantastic! I hope it surprised and delights luckysweetpea. Thanks for noticing the envelope, I like how the colours turned out on that one. ☺️
Comment: Thanks for passing this card along, I can't wait to add to it. I also love the shiny silver envelope you used. Thanks for the stamps, too!
Response: I hope you have fun filling spot #3 on laprochaine's postcard. I'm really glad you like the postage stamps and the shiny envelope. I like a bit of shimmer and shine during the xmas season. ☺️
Comment: Thank you for the awesome Neuro PC! I love these swaps so much. And how interesting with the glaze Sakura pens! I’ve never used those before. It turned out so cool! I love the 3D effect. Take care.
Response: Thank you so much for the kind comment. It was the first time that I used my Sakura Glaze pens. I'm so glad you like the effect. Thanks for the heart. 🩷
Comment: Thanks for Jan's beautiful bird-themed MAJ. Your hand drawn owl is amazing! Will re-purpose your awesome (repurposed AMZ box?) painted envelope.
Response: I love hearing that my repurposed envelopes get repurposed. 😄🩷✉️
Comment: Love this "I don't care" about improving relationships by helping make decisions. Something new to think about - when I get that I assume "passive aggressive" (to corner me into doing something I don't want to do), or "indifferent" and either way, the effect is that I do indeed like the person less. I think I will implement the recommendation so it won't happen to me! I may also subscribe to PT - I'll bet there are fascinating things in there!
Response: You've inspired me to make more PT zines. ☺️👍
Comment: Always fun to swap with you! I save your envelopes as they are works for art too!
Response: I hope adawndria loves the final product. Thanks for the nice words about my envelope! 🤗✉️
tcornell rated for Zine-Go-Round round #32 on Nov 27, 2023
Comment: I look forward to working in this mushroom zine!
Response: Have a fun time making fungi. 😄
Comment: I received the home for Helene Meyers. I cannot wait to send it off
Response: Enjoy! ☺️
MuggleMom rated for DB ♥: CM's ICM Decos #1 on Nov 24, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sending Sonya's Handwriting deco & Shannon's Bird deco! And the US postage stamps - what a great little present too!! xxMM
Response: I'm so glad you liked the postage extras and Sonya's Handwritten Letters deco and SFreer's Birds deco. 🤗
Comment: So sorry for the late rating, Rome. Superb addition, as usual. Thank you!
Response: Enjoy filling your spot in Reisegern's MAJ. 🤗
Comment: Thank you for the PC. Yes, there are still some people who enjoy "Fairy Doors" The school where I work has one, it gets decorated for each holiday, and the kids love it.
Response: Thanks for the heart for my August Macke 'Zoological Garden' cut & paste. If I ever get a chance to visit the Ann Arbor I hope to see a fairy door. ☺️
dvmac rated for CS: Collaboration PC - Round 1 on Nov 17, 2023
Comment: I love these envelopes Rome! Beautiful. And yes, much inspiration immediately. Thanks.
Response: Thanks! I'll be sure to send you another when we get paired up again. 🤗 ✉️
Comment: Thanks for Julie’s open theme deco- I liked your hand drawn flowers! Your painted envie was great as always!
Response: Thanks I had fun making the flower page and painting the envelope. ☺️
wolfeagle rated for AMA Pass and Paste # 108 on Nov 17, 2023
Comment: Thank you. You're right..this does have an interesting layout.
Response: Thank you for the ❤️!
PrincessLeia rated for Zine-Go-Round Round #30 on Nov 16, 2023
Comment: Hello Rome, Thanks for sending along elinor’s fantastical landscapes! Ill send it home as soon as i finish it! I love her idea of matching landscapes.❤️❤️❤️
Response: I agree, Elinor came up with a great idea for a collaborative swap.
PrincessLeia rated for CPG: ICM Deco #350880 - Global on Nov 16, 2023
Comment: Hello Rome Thanks for sending along jessicas White deco. ❤️❤️❤️
Response: I was at first intimidated by the white theme, then I remembered my polar bear stamp. :). Thank you for the heart! ❤️
Tamawi rated for PNS: Pass and Paste Postcard - 42 on Nov 15, 2023
Comment: This one just arrived. I'll finish and send it home to Anita.
Response: Thank you for the heart! I had fun making my dapper dudes section. I hope you enjoy filling that last section. :)
uiltje rated for AA.HM.PC: Weaving PC - November on Nov 15, 2023
Comment: Oohh, I am really in love with your weaving card. Such narrow strips of paper. By making such a kind of PC one gets very zen or very nervous ;-)
Response: Thank you so much for your kind comment and forgiving me for not paying more attention to the instructions.
Comment: THanks for sending Harmony Joy's Bear themed deco! I like this format too!
Response: Thanks for the heart! Enjoy creating your bear. :)

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9O96O on Nov 27, 2023:

MuggleMom on Nov 24, 2023:

for the goodies in the ICM swap!



Reisegern on Nov 24, 2023:


Thanks a lot for contributing your wonderful artwork to my Stamp&Pass-Postcard :) The circles are a great stamp!

Singske on Nov 20, 2023:

You’re welcome, glad you liked the inchies bookmark

lawchick on Nov 8, 2023:

Thanks for the zine scan! I don’t get to see many finished zines and yours turned out great!

Singske on Nov 6, 2023:

Hello Rome, thank you for angeling the pc for the HMPC: Sender’s Choice HMPC#349039 swap. I appreciate it very much. I just love the delicate flowers you’ve painted on the friendship card. Hugs @Singske ❤️❤️❤️❤️

jeka396 on Nov 4, 2023:

Thanks so much for sending home my One Bird deco book! I was so happy to see your Canada Goose - they love hanging out in the soggy fields around here!

rkassman on Oct 30, 2023:

Thank you for completing and sending home my pass and paste postcard! I love your additon - it really does tie the whole card together!

<3 Rachel / rkassman

ktk8 on Oct 20, 2023:

sorry....typo... that should be BIRDS you added I love swallows......

ktk8 on Oct 20, 2023:

HeLLo friend and thank you for adding to my pass and paste postcard.... I love the bird you added .... it just came home to me and it's beautiful..... and truly did delight!!!!

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