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Updated May 5, 2022

  • Personality style: ISFP - Adventurer

  • Married for 37 years. Childless by choice.

  • In mid-life I started to lose my hearing and now I'm profoundly HOH. I lip-face read. I do not know sign language. I've started the process of getting a cochlear implant.

  • I'm always looking for creative ideas and inspiration.

  • Gmail: [email protected]

  • rSmith - PO Box 31013 WILLOWWEST - Guelph, Ontario - N1H 8K1 - Canada

What to write

If you are stuck on what to write on the back of the postcard or the note you're sending me, here are some topics that might inspire you:

  • What are your favourite craft supplies? Is it available on Amazon?

  • Got a favourite artist/writer/YouTuber who inspires you? (Example one of my favourites: Austin Kleon)

  • What are you currently watching/streaming? (Movies, TV)

  • Do you have other hobbies? What are the pros and cons of that hobby?

  • What are the best 2 or 3 things about where you live?

  • Pick something from this Icebreaker List.


🤗 ABC List - Things I find interesting

Handmade is what I like because it's unique and personal. There's a greater feeling of camaraderie and community when sharing something we've made. It's a means of supporting and encouraging play, mindfulness, creativity, originality, and authenticity.

Deco Books

I am currently into collaborative booklet swaps (deco swaps, "go-round" zines, travelling journals).

My deco book style is similar to my ATC style: flat, little to no embellishments. Cutouts, drawings, paint, ink, stamping, and handmade booklets made from upcycled note cards and art cards. Examples

Deco groups and tags of interest:

Deco Books ♥

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These groups sometimes have deco swaps:

Cheap Postage Swaps, Tags and Fun

Zines, mail art & other cool stuff


No need for extras.

The extra I'd really like is a bit of correspondence❤️. I'd love to know a little about what you have sent to me.

If you love to send extras go ahead. But rest assured, I do not rate based on extras.

The things I send

I put a return address label on everything I send out.

If you haven't received a card within a month of my send date, please let me know.

I keep a photo-log of my outgoing swap items--front, back, and at the mailbox.

If the postal equipment damages my card, let me know. I'll send you a photo of the card as it looked before I mailed it.

I will resend if my swap doesn't arrive.

Sending and receiving mail, including global, in 2021 has been as short as 4 days between Canada and the Netherlands, and as long as 8 weeks to Australia. On average 15 days within North America.

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@Barbara for CPG: Cut n Paste PC #328363 (Global). Received May 5.

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I screen participants to minimize the risk of flakers getting in, and those who do not rate, and those who leave blank comments. I will remove participants with swapping histories that worry me. If you have any negative unresolved swapping history and want to join my swap please proactively message me to explain.


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If I have had to send more than one nudge message to a member, I may "ban" them from future swaps.

Blank comments

Please, no blank comments. When rating please comment on the card received. Let's make our partners feel like their projects matter. If you have a hard time thinking about what to write, this example might help you: Thank you for {describe the item}. It brightened my day...Thank you for the Van Gogh sunflower postcard. It brightened my day.

As a host, I read the comments each participant receives. I really appreciate reading a little description of the item you receive. I get to live vicariously through you, and by describing it we get confirmation that you received your partner's item.

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Thank you

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Many hosts have felt the sting of accepting a new member into a public swap before the 6-month mark only to have them disappear, leaving behind unfulfilled swaps. An example that affected me.


hazelwitch3 rated for Zines #1 on May 18, 2022
Comment: Hi Rome, What a lovely zine -- thank you so much! And yes, serendipity and kindnesss....
user6937 rated for SPCP - May Photo Shoot on May 17, 2022
Comment: Beautiful experiment and was it also nice tasting? I LOVE Sambuca, which is like black licorice (and I don't like black licorice, although I do like black jujubes and jelly beans). I think I have some absinthe in my liquor cabinet :)
Response: Not especially tasty unless you like the taste of liquorice. I was intrigued by the history of the spirit. It is usually put in a fancy absinthe decantor which drips the spirit onto the sugar cubes. I saw the whole traditional set up on a television travel show featuring a bar in New Orleans.
Tamawi rated for DB: Established Deco #331019 on May 17, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful decos. I was going to ask what kind of glue you used, but your note explained! I appreciate knowing how you created your pages.
Response: You're very welcome Tamawi. I especially like it when swappers tell me about their materials and techniques. Glad to hear that you like that info too. Thanks for the heart!
Shoreart rated for Established ICM Decos #331349 on May 17, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the neat new decos.
Response: You're welcome for Apelser’s Flower deco and JD Gentry’s gelli print deco. Enjoy filling in your page. :) Thanks for the heart.
teejlc rated for Established Deco #331035 on May 16, 2022
Comment: I love this beautiful Sun themed deco! It's an excellent time of year to create a page in this theme.
Response: I really like Sonya's decos.
teejlc rated for DB ♥: Established ICM decos #331350 on May 16, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the 2 beautiful decos! I'll have fun decorating Neon Dreams and Fun Fruits- both for Jessica!
Response: Thanks so much for noting the details of the decos T. 🤗
WoodlandBanshee rated for Paper Clip Embellishments on May 16, 2022
Comment: Very nice paper clip embellishments. I didn't know anything about them either. It's super fun to learn something new that's creative and useful! Take care.
Response: Totally agree! :)
dvmac rated for Zine-Go-Round, Round 11 on May 16, 2022
Comment: Hi Rome. Excellent work as usual. I love your tiger. Imagine if you're and mine got into a fight. Scary!
Response: Thank you dvmac. 🤗 Our paper tigers fighting would be fierce! 😆
jeka396 rated for DB: ICM Deco #331085 on May 14, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much for these two little decos, I love the hand painted covers on both! Your gold and silver entry turned out really cool too!
Response: You are welcome. I really like the decos from lrm1980 and wyrdfae too. Nice covers. Thank you for the kind words about my gold & silver glue art entry.
Comment: Thanks for the garden deco. Love your Zen frog!
Response: Thanks so much for mentioning the zine and my page. I definitely had fun drawing that frog scene. :)
joppagirl rated for One Deco 5/2022 on May 9, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the Bike deco!
Response: I hope you have fun with Doro S's deco.
samsstuff rated for AAA: ATC Trading #329037 on May 7, 2022
Comment: Thank you! I especially like the Janis Joplin one!
Response: I agree about the Janis Joplin groovy ATC. Thanks for rating me. :)
Comment: I received the two cute mini decos today! Thanks so much for sending. I really like these little books- it seems they have a better chance of actually arriving home someday than the big ones do! Thanks for hosting these swaps too!
Response: I like this size too. I find it easier to fill a page and get them moving along. I enjoyed doing the arbor day faux postage page in Hollybear's faux postage deco and the mini envelope page in Apelser's snail mail deco. Thanks for you continued participation in these ICM swaps. :) And thanks for the really nice comment you left for the Old-Fashioned Jobs deco.
Comment: Thank you for sharing the moon deco with the charm!
Response: You're very welcome. I really like Sonya's decos. Thanks for the heart. :)
lrm1980 rated for ATC-Sized Deco #330262 USA/CAN on May 1, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sending the sweet purple and pink deco. I love how it is bound together with the brad.
Response: Enjoy Fujimoto's theme 💜 👘🌸
Mistyinltown rated for CPG Move Any Deco 13 - Global on May 1, 2022
Comment: This is a beautiful Deco! Thank you!
Response: I agree. I like a nice bird theme. 🐦🐓🦜🦚
teejlc rated for Artistic Decos 4/2022 on Apr 29, 2022
Comment: This is such a pretty deco! I already have an idea for what I’m going to add. Thanks for sending!
Response: I agree, joppagirl's Vintage People deco is pretty. She used nice paper to construct the booklet. Thanks for the heart teejlc, I had fun coming up with my superman page.
samsstuff rated for Mini Zine: Your Hometown #328079 on Apr 26, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the little zine and the link to Flickr!
Response: You're welcome samsstuff and thank you for the rating and the heart. :)
Comment: thank you
Response: You're welcome for the Glue art monster deco and the Trees deco. I look forward to their return someday, then I'll get to see your entries in each of the tiny decos. .
hazelwitch3 rated for SPCP - April Photo Shoot on Apr 23, 2022
Comment: Great idea to photograph the animal sculptures! I particularly like the beaver but enjoyed all of them.
Response: Me too, the beaver is my favourite. I love the paws.

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teejlc on May 13, 2022:

The extra deco you sent came today and I am so glad that you made the "mistake" with this swap! The book is so well made and fun. I have never heard of a knocker-upper before either, and I will admit my mind went elsewhere when you mentioned it in your note, haha! Thanks so much for this fun book.

9O96O on May 5, 2022:

Fantastic Barbara. So glad the seagull made it safe and sound and that you like the results. 🤗

Barbara on May 5, 2022:

Your resend came and that sea gull is so much nicer looking then the ones I see at Goleta beaxh. Thank you! Have a crafty day Rome!

MuggleMom on Apr 22, 2022:

Thank you for the winter and snowflake deco's from forum tag!



Shelleynwillow on Mar 7, 2022:

Thank you so much for the chihuahua deco swap I love it ❤️

9O96O on Feb 28, 2022:

Mugglemom, I love that goldfish gif. :D

MuggleMom on Feb 28, 2022:

Rec'd the deco and now I can't wait to decorate - I have so many fun ideas!



Deco Book Tag

Hell0Z0mbie on Feb 1, 2022:

Thanks so much for the plant deco and tiny deco! I love the way you made the tiny one, that will be a lot of fun to decorate! :)

mariewilliams810 on Jan 31, 2022:

Thank you for returning my food deco!

wolfeagle on Dec 31, 2021:


Wishing you a fantastic 2022!

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