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Updated Oct 14, 2021

What to write

If you are stuck about what to write on the back of the postcard, or the note you're sending me, here are some questions that might inspire you:

  • Tell me a little about a great trip (local or abroad) you've had.
  • What are the best 2 or 3 things about where you live?
  • What are you currently watching/streaming? (Movies, TV)
  • Do you have other hobbies? What are the pros and cons of that hobby?
  • What was your first job?
  • What is your least favourite job you've ever had?
  • Pick something from this Icebreaker List.


❣️🖌️❣️✂️ ❣️✒️🎨✒️❣️✒️✂️🖌️🎨✒️🎨✂️

I'm always searching for creative ideas and inspiration.

In mid-life I started to lose my hearing and now I'm profoundly HOH. I lip-face read. I do not know sign language. I've started the process of getting a cochlear implant.

Personality style: ISFP - Adventurer

Married. Childless by choice.

I'm in the youth stage of old age.

rSmith - PO Box 31013 WILLOWWEST - Guelph, Ontario - N1H 8K1 - Canada ---- Surprise me with a (flat lettermail) mail-art item, I'll mail you one of mine. International welcome.

My hope is to brighten someone's day with what I send.

I agree with a swapper who wrote:

"When I open my happy mail, I see such special art! Every single piece of art is different, unique and beautiful! Never will I ever see two of the same design. Thank u all for trading!!"

I love the creative motivation that I get from Swap-Bot swaps.

And the meaningful comments are a big reward!

🤗 ABC List - Things I find interesting

  • Handmade is what I like because it's unique and personal. There's a greater feeling of camaraderie and community when sharing something we've made. It's a means of supporting and encouraging play, mindfulness, creativity, originality, and authenticity.


The extra I'd really like is a bit of correspondence❤️. I'd love to know a little about what you have sent to me.



I put a return address label on everything I send out.

If you haven't received a card within a month of my send date, please let me know.

I keep a photo-log of my outgoing swap items--front, back, and at the mailbox.

If the postal equipment damages my card, let me know. I'll send you a photo of the card as it looked before I mailed it.

I will resend if my swap doesn't arrive.

Sending and receiving mail, including global, during January 2021 have been approximately 15 days on average for me.

📩Re-sends sent to:

2020 Re-sends


Happy to report that no re-sends were needed for the first 5 months, January to May 2021.

  • User1664 - My HMPC Tag altered ad postcard didn't make it. Re-sent June 20. The re-send arrived, July 19. 👍

  • Asert25 - My teal lilypads for AMA: Monochromatic Mail Art - May didn't make it. She was kind to accept the photo of the postcard that I snapped before mailing it. Since the pressure was off, it made it easier to create a new teal HMPC. Re-send mailed June 19. Asert25 got the resend on July 9. July 16--after floating around the post offices for 2 months, the lilypads PC came back to me. It was marked undeliverable. But it is so nice that my return address label worked. 👍

  • AmookIslandCreations - September 14 - the Go-Round zine for swap #3 didn't get to Amook Island. I remembered that I had scanned the original zine before mailing it and could print up a copy to keep the round going. Re-send arrived Sept 28th.

Canada Post Service Alerts

Postcrossing Postal Monitor: Ongoing mail suspensions

My Swap Hosting Style

If you join one of my swaps here's what you should know about my hosting style:


If you haven't received a postcard around the one month mark, let me know. I will send out a nudge message.

If I have had to send more than one nudge message to a member, I may "ban" from future swaps.

Blank comments

Please, no blank comments. When rating please comment on the card received. Let's make our partners feel like their projects matter. If you have a hard time thinking about what to write, this example might help you: Thank you for {describe the item}. It brightened my day...Thank you for the Van Gogh sunflower postcard. It brightened my day.

As a host, I read the comments each participant receives. I really appreciate reading a little description of the item you receive. I get to live vicariously through you, and by describing it we get confirmation that you received your partner's item.

Rating booster or "Leave a Comment" swaps are red flags.


I check to see that everyone is rated and will add a "Finished" stamp to the Discussion section when all postcards are sent, received, and rated.


Please give your partner 4-6 weeks after the sent date, then send them a message if you haven't received the swap. Give your partner some time to respond to your message (2-5 days) before posting the "1". You can change the "1" later when the item is received. PM me to let me know you posted the "1" and have not heard from your partner and I will angel the swap.

To all who join my swaps and rate promptly and with a nice note...

Thank you

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Brunzygma rated for ATCET: Foil relief on Oct 20, 2021
Comment: Oh. My. Word. This is an absolute work of art. I don’t like it, I LOVE IT!!! This is exceptional artistry. Thank you
Response: OMG thank you for loving my ATC! I was really pleased with how it turned out too. Your feedback inspires me to make more of these.
Comment: I love that you used a photo of the woods by your house, for this swap! The PO did some "creative carving" of the image, but most of it was ok. On one of my daily, 3 mile walks, in Wisconsin, during deer hunting season. A hunter stopped me to show me a coyote, he had shot. He said, on one of my earlier hikes, he had seen the coyote following me. Come to find out it was pretty sick. Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Eeeek. Being stalked is unnerving. I wonder if that's happened to me and I didn't realize it. Thankfully there have been no reports in my area (or province) of attacks on humans, but there have been attacks on dogs. Can't help but admire their beauty though. I'd probably feel different if one got too close. 😨 Thank you so much for the heart, I'm so glad you like my photograph (with the glued on coywolf).🤗
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely postcard! I love how the image makes you look twice, and penguins are cool.
Response: It had a long 2 month journey. I'm relieved that it didn't get lost in the mail because I was really pleased when I stumbled upon that page in an old National Geographic magazine I had in my stash. I knew it would make a good postcard. :) I'm so glad you like the cool effect.
Saba rated for Hand-Carved Zine on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: The doggos are so cute. Great job!
Response: Thank you Saba! 🤗
Saba rated for ZMACS: Hand Carved Zine on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: Your zine is lovely. I’m always impressed with carved text - that is not one of my string suits. Thank you!
Response: I'm so glad you like the Christmas zine. I carved those letters way back in the 90s out of Nasco Safety Kut and I'm still using the set to this day. I'm so glad I took the time to make a full set (capitals, lower case and numbers). I don't think I'd have the patience, enthusiasm, or the steady hand that I had back then.
Writercat rated for HMPC: Sender's Choice Postcard on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: Hi Rome! Thanks very much for your hand painted card of the wheat field! It's great! Yes, definitely looks like around here with all the farmers' fields. Cathy
Response: Thanks for the heart Cathy. I enjoyed painting the wheat scene.
Angie rated for Hand-Carved Zine on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: I love your zine! Yeah, the photo paper worked great. Such great stamps!! Thank you very much.
Response: Thank you Angie! 🤗
BigSockTramp rated for ZMACS: Hand Carved Zine on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: Thanks! Woof!
Response: :D
user3370 rated for Hand-Carved Zine on Oct 17, 2021
Comment: Love your dog carvings! Thanks for the cute zine :)
Response: You're very welcome. It was a fun zine to make.
dvmac rated for ZMACS: Hand Carved Zine on Oct 16, 2021
Comment: Hi Rome. Simply outstanding. I love how you captured not only the appearance, but personalities of your doggos. Thank you!
Response: Oh shucks (blushing) thank you for the nice feedback Dave. :)
pat5036 rated for Hand-Carved Zine on Oct 15, 2021
Comment: Lots of nice dog carvings. Thanks!
Response: It was a fun zine to put together. :)
ace81620 rated for ZMACS: Hand Carved Zine on Oct 15, 2021
Comment: Lovely dog carvings!! Beautiful zine. Thanks!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked "Dogs Unleashed". :)
Comment: Thanx for a fun pc!! Glad you are enjoying this swap series!! Your kitchen view sounds lovely!
Response: It was a fun set of questions. Thanks for hosting the swap OG!
riftvegan rated for SPCP: Sender's Choice #322109 on Oct 9, 2021
Comment: Aw, this is a great pic! It reminds me of past trips... just stopping along the way to admire the scenery! :) Thank you!
Response: Thanks so much for the heart. I hope the PC arrived relatively flat. I had to glue it to cardstock to make it heavier weight. I left it in my hot car for about 10 minutes and it curled up. I did my best to flatten it before putting it in the mailbox. I'm so glad you like my Algonquin Park photo. It was a magnificent tree top view and turned out to be a great camping week.
user6937 rated for SPCP: Shadow Self Portrait on Oct 7, 2021
Comment: Such a clear shot of you and your special flower!
Response: Indeed, a very special flower. 😊
Minivandreams rated for AAA: Sender's Choice #321180 on Oct 6, 2021
Comment: I love the ATC you made. I have been wanting to try gelli printing but haven't yet. Is it easy to do?
Response: It's an easy process but I haven't developed a good sense of format yet, but I keep plugging away at it. I liked the citrus colours of the print I used for this card. Thanks so much for the heart.
Comment: I am so very sorry. I did receive your lovely mini notebook. It is so pretty. Thank you so much.
Response: Yeah! So happy that you got it. :) And I'm glad that you like it. Thanks for the heart! It was a fun swap. If our host posts another one, I'll join. :)
OrganizedHere rated for AAA: Sender's Choice #322028 on Oct 3, 2021
Comment: Hi, Rome. That is so nice that you made a special atc just for me. Your colors are great and the envelope is very artistic. Very creative design on the atc. Your markers are so nice and bright!
Response: I'm so glad you like what I made for you. I'm really happy with my markers. I heard about them from another swap-botter. I liked her ATC and asked about the brand. They are Bianyo Dual Tip Art Markers,
turnsoleluna rated for AAA: Circles on Sep 29, 2021
Comment: Lovely circle themed ATC Rome. The colours you chose are really nice as well. It feels orbital and celestial. Thank you for hosting :) Hope we may trade again.
Response: Thank you for the great feedback. The colours were inspired by a project I saw in Somerset Studio. And thanks for the heart!
AmookIslandCreations rated for Zine Go round #3 on Sep 28, 2021
Comment: Thanks sending me the copy of this swap. This is an imaginative one! Shelley is going to love it when she gets it back! Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Thank gosh the replica got to you. I've still got my fingers crossed that Shelley will eventually get the original. I'm really liking this collaborative zine swap.

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jeka396 on Sep 13, 2021:

Thanks so much for Angeling the swap “cut and paste pc #317013”. I loved the flower image you used!

samjowers on Aug 6, 2021:

Thank you for letting me know where my zine is!!

user1664 on Jul 19, 2021:

Thank you for the handmade postcard from the forum tag. Love the colors of the landscape you drew. It looks very serene. Much appreciated!

thebragal on May 31, 2021:

Thank you for the angel ATC. It did brighten my day!

papercraft70 on May 17, 2021:

Hello! I received your HPCTag today. Love the effect of markers and alcohol on the art. Thank you. -Hamiza

OrigamiGrace on May 13, 2021:

Thanks much for the zine from Zeen tag!! Glad you like my IG:) Lotta spoilers there!

9O96O on May 6, 2021:

@tcornell thank you so much for taking time out to let me know that you got the book review zine. Wishing you all the best.

tcornell on May 6, 2021:

Love your zeen for the Zeen Tag in the PF's! ♥♥♥ Thanks a bunch!

9O96O on Apr 15, 2021:

Thank you so much @denisemichelle for letting me know that my Handmade PC Tag arrived and that you like it. I was really happy with how it turned out. I'm so pleased you like it.

denisemichelle on Apr 14, 2021:

What a BEAUTIFUL postcard- I would not have guessed that it was handmade, it looks so professional. I really, really, REALLY love it! Thank you so much! (Handmade PC forum tag)

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