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Country: Germany
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About Me

Nice to meet you! :) I'm a scientist from Germany who's dabbling in art. I have many hobbies and I'm basically interested in everything. Life is more fun with that kind of attitude. XD

I (obviously) love sending and receiving mail! I love reading other peoples' profiles and thinking about what to send / draw / craft for them, and I love every single nice letter and piece of art (and decorated envelopes, I LOVE them!) I've received here!

I mainly join (and host) swaps for hand-drawn/hand-painted stuff, ATCs, postcards (handmade or store-bought), mail art, or flat items.

I'm also active on Postcrossing under the same username; see link above.

I always send and rate on time. (You don't need to send extras to "gain" a heart from me, as long as I can see some care went into your swap. When in doubt, the personal gesture matters most!) I use a public mailbox for outgoing swaps (trying to avoid the post office because of, you know, social distancing), so when I mark something sent, the stamp cancellation may show a date of one day (or in case of weekends two days) later - but since I usually send well before the due date, it should not matter one way or the other. If you have not received something from me within a reasonable timeframe, please contact me for a resend. International mail can be a bit wonky these coronavirus days but I will do my best to make it a pleasant swapping experience!

Favorite Crafts

I love drawing and painting (I use watercolor, acrylics, pencil, colored pencils, copics, pastels, charcoal, ink, fineliners, screentone... anything. My main medium is watercolor.)

I make and swap ATCs frequently, also on other sites. My cards are usually hand-painted, sometimes with small applications of patterned paper, glitter, rhinestones or other decoration. I do sometimes use stickers as a part of a picture, but I don't sticker-slap and call it a card. I like stickers and other collage elements incorporated into paintings in a way that makes sense. I also like to create my own postcards.

When it comes to my art, I enjoy botanicals, fantasy themes and manga style.

Favorite Music

Medieval, folk, folk-rock, celtic (I love bands like Faun, Alan Stivell, Blackmore's Night, Qntal, Helium Vola, Corvus Corax, Schandmaul, Loreena McKennitt, Hekate, Ataraxia, Aryeh Frankfurter, Elane, Annwn, Wolfenmond, ... It's definitely my favorite genre of music. I also like traditional music from other countries.)

I also listen to some rock, metal and classical music. I collect Domenico Scarlatti records and I love everything Ritchie Blackmore ever played.

Favorite Books

I read a lot of science-fiction and fantasy. Additionally, I should mention that I collect books of fairy-tales and mythology and I love every single one of them. And I own a lot of non-fiction as well, mostly chess books and geological/mineralogical works.

Favorite Television

Sometimes I watch soccer games. XD But that's about it. I don't even own a TV.

When it comes to series, I recently enjoyed "Altered Carbon", "Good Omens", "American Gods" and "The Queen's Gambit".

Wishlist of items I like

If you are here looking for an idea what to send to me: please keep in mind this is not a "shopping list", only a few hints about what kind of items I like! So even in a profile-based swap, you're free to send me something that's not explicitely listed, as long as you think it will suit my style and personality. Maybe with a short note why you chose this. Of course, you can also look at my Amazon and Etsy wishlists.

If you think I might really like item X and you're surprised it's not in my likes, it's probably not listed simply because I forgot or I don't know it exists. However, I'm an open-minded person and I'm on swap-bot to get to know the world. It's much more interesting to receive something I wouldn't have thought of to buy for myself. It's a wonderful feeling to open mail and see something another person has chosen (or even hand-made) carefully for me!

Also, I don't mind second-hand items, as long as they're in usable condition. (Not damaged / moldy.) In fact, I LIKE antiques. I trust you won't use this as an excuse to send junk. :)

I like all colors. My favorites are dark but intense colors like emerald green, garnet red, warm deep yellow and such. I also love earth tones, gold and silver. I prefer rich colors over pastels but I don't actually dislike any color.

  • If you send to me in a postcard or "flat mail" swap: I like all the themes I mentioned below in my ATC likes, and anything related to my hobbies and interests, also on postcards. If you don't have any of these, something touristy is also good. I prefer single-view cards. When in doubt, you can always take a look at my Postcrossing profile; it's linked above.

  • I'm always looking for science-themed postcards (mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, geology, mineralogy, space, engineering, historical technology, sundials and star clocks, ...), I collect those. (I'm not all that interested in famous persons / scientists, though! Just the science itself.)

  • I'm always interested in handmade cards, I absolutely LOVE receiving something YOU made! :)

  • I collect ATCs, so making one for me would be wonderful! I especially collect the following themes: sundials (and other old technology), chess (and other board games), music, musical instruments (esp. piano and harp), minerals, crystals and rocks, geology, science, fantasy (mermaids, fairies, ...) fairy-tales, steampunk, cyberpunk, computers. I usually prefer the hand-drawn/hand-painted type, but also like well-made collage and mixed media cards.

  • watercolor paper samples, I use a lot of it!

  • I can also always use ATC blanks.

  • scrapbooking paper, patterned paper, origami paper.

  • stickers!!! I especially love themes: science, fantasy, mermaids, fairies, magic, occult, astro theme, steampunk, vintage, nautical, ornamental, music, plants, flowers, fish, insects, birds, clocks, compass, wings, feathers, snowflakes, crystals, music, random (realistic looking) objects - actually, anything related to my interests will be appreciated! :)

  • crafts supplies. I use all crafts materials on ATCs and postcards, so, nothing too chunky please. I like die-cuts, metal charms or washi tape with themes I collect. I also like unusual shaped small rhinestones (I already have the normal round ones); tiny stickers; nail stickers; nail caviar, micro beads, fimo shapes and such - I will use nail art supplies as ATC decoration!

  • enamel dots / enamel shapes! I love them, I use them a lot, and they're not available (only as very expensive import items) where I live.

  • anything connected to science. (Especially geology, mineralogy and astronomy, but I won't complain about other scientifical stuff either. ^^)

  • anything that has to do with sundials, star-clocks, old nautical instruments, ... - I collect those! I also love old maps and star charts.

  • anything that has to do with alchemy, magic and so on. I like Tarot and runes. "Dark" stuff is also okay. (No, I don't actually BELIEVE in that kind of thing. I just like the theme!)

  • anything that has to do with chess

  • anything connected with fantasy and mythology. I really like mermaids!

  • tea! (Both loose tea and tea bags are wonderful.)

  • a nice surprise (Something you think I might like - I most likely will LOVE it!) I love receiving items I previously didn't know existed. So I'd love you to send me something that's not specifically mentioned in this list, but of which you have the feeling I might like it.

  • anything you made, I appreciate handmade things a lot!

I don't like so much

This is a list of items I don't like so much - it's not that I hate them (except the last point, LOL), it's just that I don't use them so often and these items would be simply wasted on me. If I receive something on this list, I will probably pass it to another person who will love it more. I'm aware these items are not "crappy" and that other people like them a lot!

  • souvenir magnets, I received a lot of them, and while I like them, I'm running out of places to put them

  • very chunky scrapbooking supplies (please keep in mind that I tend to use my crafts supplies on ATCs and postcards!), buttons, ribbons, brads, tags

  • yarn and other knitting supplies. I like the finished results of that craft just fine, but I personally have no aptitude for it.

  • When it comes to stickers: I don't really have a use for kiddie stickers, "inspirational quotes" and other words/texts, planner stickers, smileys and teacher/reward stickers.

  • religious items and propaganda. Postcards of churches, classical art, etc. are of course okay and very interesting, from the historical point of view. I'm just not going to be converted... And some of the stuff I've received - like "pray the gay away" pamphlets - are downright offensive. I don't deal well with hatred disguised as "morals". Never mind that I'm cis and hetero so there's not even a "religious-logical" explanation for sending me that kind of stuff unless you believe too much math does things to a girl's sexuality or something. sighs Please, just don't! Same goes for racist stuff. I'll never understand that way of thinking and tbh I don't really want to.

My favorite teas

If you're considering sending me tea: that's great. I love green, white and black tea (with or without flavor) and appreciate oolong as well. :) I don't like pure fruit teas so much. (Fruit as a flavor in a green or black tea is fine.)


A – art, ATCs, algorithms

B – botanicals, books, board games

C – chess, crystals

D – dragons, divination, drawing

E – engineering, elderflower

F – fantasy, fairy-tales, flowers, fashion design, fountain pens

G – geology, games

H – harp, handwriting, honey

I – informatics, ink

J – jewels

K – keys

L – libraries, literature, logic, labyrinths, lanterns, lute

M – minerals, mathematics, music, manga, mermaids, mythology

N – nature, navigation, nautical instruments

O – ocean, orchids

P – paper, poetry, piano, postcards, painting, photography

Q – quartz, quills

R – runes, rocks, roses

S – sundials, stars, space, steampunk, science, shadow theater

T – telescopes, tarot, technology, tidal clocks, topology

U – underwater, unicorns

V – vintage

W – watercolor

X – ?

Y – yellow

Z – zither


bettflow0017 rated for My Favorite Themes on Jul 20, 2021
Karthi rated for ESO: Profile Based Full Envie #2 on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: Wow thank you so so much for all the gorgeous things.. you are so kind .. you actually spoilt me .. I will send you a reply for sure .. thank you so much for the lovely mail it made my day ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ffinch1994 rated for Decorated Envie & Note #4 on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: What a beautiful envelope! Opening the mailbox to see your envelope was delightful - I really love the sky theme you used :) And thank you for the extra sticker sheet, that's very generous of you! Happy swapping - Alan
dawnakaulen rated for PH: Send 4 Postcards #33 on Jul 17, 2021
Comment: All great PC's- love them! Thank you for the extra's and the stamps too :)
andee73 rated for PH: 5 Postcards - 5 Partners #2 on Jul 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the botanical PC. I love fiddlehead ferns! Have you eaten them? I'm afraid to try with my multiple food allergies. Fractals ARE fascinating!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap! The ephemera is beautiful! I'll use the pages in my next album
lrm1980 rated for Decorated Envie & Note #2 on Jul 13, 2021
Comment: So beautiful! Loved pulling this envelope out of the mailbox. I love your self-made postcard, and really appreciate the thoughtful extras. Thank you so much!
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful map card, would love to visit someday. Stay safe!
Comment: Thank you so much for all the stickers and gorgeous hand-drawing postcard, it's amazing!
Comment: Thanks! Marc
laterdayze rated for Quick Handmade PC! #9 on Jul 9, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cat postcard!
LadyJo rated for PH: 5 Postcards - 5 Partners #2 on Jul 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the awesome Lighthouse postcard! It looks lovely there.
boriquaz rated for AMA: 7 minute ATC on Jul 7, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful card. it was hard right. I did mine strictly watercolor and it was hard because you couldn't get that detail you wanted. but fun still. Happy Swapping.
Response: Haha yes that was an interesting challenge XD super fun though!
Comment: Danke für deine wundervolle Schach-Postkarte:D
KristenCat rated for PH: 5 Postcards - 5 Partners #2 on Jul 6, 2021
Comment: what a cute postcard! totally perfect for me! birds and books! :)
Comment: Thank you for such a stunning postcard. Your artwork is amazing. One of my all time favourite postcards.
Comment: Ach, deine Karte ist fabelhaft!! Vielen lieben Dank für diesen feinen Swap! Hab einen tollen Sommer :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable kitties etc postcards & the extra tourist ones! Love the mapcard! And I'm really impressed by your handmade one; I paint with oils myself. Thanks again! Stay safe!
nenacolours rated for ⭐ FULL ENVELOPE #38 ⭐ on Jul 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you very much for your package! I'm surprised about the goodies inside, chocolate and tea! Thank thanks a lot!

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noname13 on Jun 19, 2021:

Danke für die Postkarten und den Tee :) Aktuell habe ich Urlaub und sitze bei der Hitze hauptsächlich mit einem Stapel Bücher und jeder Menge Tee auf meinem Balkon. Man kann ja gar nicht so schnell trinken wie man schwitzt... Alles über 25 Grad ist mir persönlich zu warm.

blubutterfly on May 14, 2021:

Thank-you for the lovely PC for the self-printed PC swap (April). What wonderful artwork, you are very talented! Plus the stamp on the back wasn't cancelled:) Thank-you also for hosting!

NRGordon on Apr 9, 2021:

Thank you for the lovely PC of the Rickmer Rickmers. My wife and I hope to get back to your beautiful country again, to see different areas... Hamburg being one. We shall be sure to visit this ship when we do.

soyprincesa2 on Apr 6, 2021:

Ricarda, I just received your 2nd postcard in the Postcard from a Destination You Love swap and it is of a street in Hamburg. Oh my gosh! It is so beautiful and I wish so bad I had seen that area. We stayed in the Movenpick hotel and walked up and down Schanzenstraße 72 and ate dinner at the Spanish restaurant Tapas y Mas. Yummy!!! Then to the docks and Speicherstadt. I love the architecture so much!!! It is such a great place! Thank you so so much!!! It made my day! Maggie soyprincesa2

CurlyTea on Oct 29, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

milamilamura on Aug 27, 2018:

Oh dear Ricarda, your mail came in today and I simply loved it! It was so sweet of you to send me that wonderful envie full of goodies and I loved those Alice in Wonderland stickers, they're perfect for my collection! This was really nice of you, I appreciate it so much! Hope we can swap together again soon. Have a wonderful week! xoxo.

katmandu on Jul 23, 2018:


Received your fun "thank you" envie today and loved all the cool stuff included! Your story was great and I love to see serendipity in action. Also, loved your painting, beautiful job!

I like Celtic music too but more on the "rock" side so I included a little image above just for fun. One of my favorite bands back in the day was Seven Nations but I haven't seen them play in a really long time!

Thanks again!

Katina ❤❤❤

KarenFife on Jul 5, 2018:

How sweet of you to send the special squirrel postcard! Oh, those adorable ears🐿❣️

CurlyTea on Oct 30, 2017:

lou on Oct 20, 2017:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

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