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About Me

I am a mother of 4 and love being a Mom. I have two daughters and two sons. I love all my angels and I love being the crazy, fun Mom! I am a big kid at heart. I think I have more fun at kids events/locations than they do! I am also a foster parent. I am crazy about planning parties and I just recently opened my own business being a party planner. I especially love unusual themed parties. My kids try and challenge me every year! I am from Las Vegas originally-born and raised, but now reside in Utah. I do not like the cold, so we recently moved to a warmer part of Utah ;) I love garage and estate sales and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I am crafty and I am a huge Disney fan! I like to take pictures and I love to scrapbook. I am creative, fun, silly, sarcastic, sensitive to others and animals, a teen girl at heart and funny. I am a prop master for the theater and love being a creative part of a production team. I have always wanted to model, but I haven't been discovered yet...I did get to do a reality show a few years ago and be on Dr. Phil, but still am not rich and famous...yet!

I always send my swaps and on time (unless I pm you a specific reason), so please message me before rating a low rating-I am trying to keep a good record and I will fix the situation. !(http://i387.photobucket.com/albums/oo312/love101_065/disney-world.jpg)

Favorite Music

I like dance music (anything with a catchy beat) and music that makes me happy. I love Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Kenny G... so my taste in music varies a lot-it just depends on the day and my mood.

Favorite Books

My favorite books are anything by LaVerle Spencer and inspiring books. I also love to read magazines-star magazines like Star,Us etc. and I enjoy Disney Family Fun magazine also. I love childrens' books. It is so fun to read chapter books with my kids :) okay without them too ;) I just started reading a book to my kids that I read in 7th grade called "A Girl That Owned a City" and that has been fun! I asked a librarian to recommend a book and checked it out. I love the series so far, it is a youth read, but really good-The Hourglass Door and now I am on book 2-The Golden Spiral. Sooo good!

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies...that is hard as I like so many-Most favorite are The Other Woman, The Notebook, A Walk in the Clouds, Lake House, Money Pit, Short Circuit, Count of Monte Cristo, In Time, Skeleton Key, Legally Blond, Only You, Ever After, The Proposal, Pitch Perfect, I am Sam, Tyler Perry Madea movies (so funny) and Miss Congeniality. I like romantic comedies, some action if there is a good plot, suspense, and romances.I love Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Chris Tucker, Robert Downey Jr., and Harrison Ford !

Favorite Television

I am a HUGE Survivor fan.

I also LOVE the Big Bang Theory! Go Sheldon! Bazinga!!

I am a big fan of American's Best Dance Crew -love the Jabbawockeez.

Other than that I enjoy Friends, Heart of Dixie, Family Feud, Jeopardy, The Doctors, and My wife and kids.

Favorite Crafts

I like to scrapbook. I make trinket boxes, jewelry, and papercrafts. I love to make ATC's! I like photography. I will try just about anything though except for needlework. I am not good at it at all. I think funky quilts are awesome (just as long as someone else is making it)! I also love to color, yes in a coloring books with crayons-Crayolas are something I love to collect. I also paint a little. I would like to try zentangle, whimsey jars and FB/Decos.

My personal loves

I love Disney anything (but I am loaded up on Disney stickers) and I collect Mickey Mouse things-older classic Mickey 1930 and earlier. I love miniature things-I just think tiny things are cute. I love fun pencils with fun bright happy patterns! I also like mechanical pencils. I love little faces with no noses-like Envie here on swapbot. I love candy and sweets, especially chocolate with nuts in it, See's Candy and Jelly Belly jelly beans. I think I just like junk food in general! I do have to be careful though and only eat gluten-free-so please try not to send anything with wheat/oats/barley/malt flavoring inside as I have Celiac. I love jewelry. I love Boxers-dogs that is. I used to home-school, but as my children have gotten older it has switched more to part time. I am a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders fan. I don't like anything diet or sour or cigarette smell-too many years living around Vegas casinos I guess-lol I don't drink coffee, but I love hot cocoa and herbal tea! Dr. Pepper is also a gift from the Gods :)

My kids

My kids would love to swap as well-here are things they are interested in-

Daughter Kapreece-birthday in June. She has a disability, but is pretty high functioning-she loves anything themed with Paris. She is a big fan of Big Bang Theory, Yugioh, and Survivor. She likes Barbie movies. She collects penguins. She likes to cook and sew! She loves popcorn, chips, and peanut M & M's. She likes gum too. She likes to scrapbook and alter journals. She likes to do her nails-glue on type & polish. She enjoys arts and crafts and she does needlework-(I don't know where she gets that from-lol) She loves fuzzy socks. Her favorite color is perwinkle, indigo and purple.

Daughter Morgan-birthday in October. She LOVES horses, pegasus, killer whales (and wants to release them from captivity) and manatees. She loves music-her favorite singers are Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Depeche Mode, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Penatonex-great combo huh? She is also an aspiring fashion designer and loves to create sketches. She likes the theater and choir. She is into scrapbooking. She loves funky fashions and the 80's! She loves any kind of jewelry and accessories. She loves meeting new friends. She likes to read. She loves Phantom of the Opera. Morgan loves orange, green and yellow-but her room is decorated in Victorian light blue and cream. She loves junk food and sweets. She also collects Michael Jackson and R2D2!

Son Brendon birthday in March. He loves to invent. He is super smart and about 2 years ahead in school. His favorite hobbies are video games, Thinkgeek.com/ebay shopping, drawing, inventing things, Dungeons and Dragons and creating. He is excited about the new Marvel movies. He is not into Pokemon. He loves to think and enjoys logic puzzle books, sketch books and books by Brandon Mull (he's done with Fablehaven). His favorite things are gadgety things, carnivorous plants, ant farms, Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, science stuff and things that are on ThinkGeek.com! He likes Wachamacallits and Kit Kat candy bars and funny candy.

Son Caiden 11-birthday in October. He likes Toy Story, Despicable Me, Madagascar, Oscar the Lizard and Kermit/Muppets. He loves Mickey Mouse and most of the movies with the Pixar type animation-Monsters Inc, Bee movie, Cars, Minions, Ant Bully, Inside Out etc.. He is a chosen angel and has a disability (Down Syndrome) so he is very much Mommy's baby and overprotected. He loves Cheetos. He has diabetes type 1 and Celiac disease, so he has limits on things he can eat-I would love Gluten free recipes if anyone has any good ones for kids. He has a smile that lights up the room. He likes dinosaurs, outside toys, bubbles, marbles, strings of beads and figures. He loves to play in the water or sand, bath time, Playdoh/Moondough and I would love to get him kinetic sand. He likes to be outside and loves to swim.

My favorite crafts

Since I started Swap-bot I have become a huge fan of ATCs and have now started a collection of them! I especially love collaged ones-with neat buttons, brads, flowers etc. on them. I think I just love collages in general. I saw on google pictures some art where someone used magazine and other type pictures and put them together with a theme that looked like a collage, but they called it mosaics (that was incredible too)! I also love pictures of cool black tree silhouettes-a sunset in the back with a black tree silhouette is beautiful (even the silhouette of a palm tree with the beach sunset). I love decorated matchboxes. I love color and my favorites are indigo, brighter turquoises, watermelon red, aqua, pink, and coral. Also combinations of pink/black/white, pink/pastel orange, brown with either blue or pink and pink/grey camouflage. I also like stripes, polka dots and floral and items that have a mixture of patterns.

My wish list

I am not too picky other than things smelling like smoke. I have a very keen nose, so I notice it even if it isn't strong. I figure anything else is fine-if I can't use it-I can always swap it out again or my kids will grab it. Anything here would make me smile! :)

ATC supplies

Disney trading pins

junk food/chocolate w/ nuts

brads, buttons, embellishments, bling

stickers-(no Disney for a bit as I have a ton)

Stickeroni noodles from the bottom of the Stickeroni sticker packs-I am starting to collect those cute little guys

Cute food with eyes and a mouth-no nose-plushes, papers, stickers etc.

scrapbook supplies


decorated or altered journals

unique Crayola crayons

mini items-smaller than 1/2 inch-cute animals or things with cute faces-Disney-things for matchboxes-little bottles, food with faces, desserts, teeny Littlest Pet Shops animals, mini glass or plastic animals with cute faces, small stubby things/characters

decorated matchboxes

Bath and Body Works anything

Memo lists/notecards/papers

address labels-as a bonus with a picture

Gluten free recipes/snacks

beautiful or cute envelopes or stationary


Travel themed anything-especially Italy and Paris

Tropical/beach themes

Hand sewn items as I can barely sew a button on ;)

mini funky quilts-baby blanket size or fairy house size

FB, Decos, slams

lotions or body sprays-fruity, Twilight Woods, coconut, or fresh clean scents

Fairy house supplies

Bit o' honey candy

Dr. Pepper anything

jewelry-esp. love bracelets, long necklaces & earrings-pierced, and chains I can make long necklaces with

Sharpie markers

Jelly Belly jelly beans

fuzzy socks

anything Disney Peter Pan


Mickey Mouse things-esp. 1928-1930

kid friendly food coupons

handmade cards or envies

Michael Jackson anything-even magazine clippings, stickers, 80's things,trading cards etc.

skin care, toiletry, and/or perfume samples

Gift cards to See's candy


Favorite colors are-indigo, coral, and watermelon red

Gluten free snacks I love- Chips-Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream, Cheetos, Lays BLT flavor and Biscuit and Gravy flavor and any Fritos gummy bears-not generic though Candy-Mr. Goodbars, Almond and regular Snickers, Reese's pb cups, Almond Joy, Andes mints and peanut M & M's Green mint gel candy-like fruit slices, but minty...ok I like the fruit slice ones too ;)

Flaking Frustrations-









MCGalaxy rated for Pick 3 Swap - September USA only on Mar 5, 2017
Comment: I'm so sorry for the delay in rating. Last weekend in cleaning the storage room we found a bag of mail and your swap was in it. Thanks for going over and beyond what was required for this swap. And Gabby loved the princess stickers. Thanks so much for thinking of her I just found another package for this swap where u included Doc fabric and stickers amongst other things this was in a tote bag of items from just before we moved last year. I guess that was the original package. Thanks so much. I can't sew to save my life but my daughter just grabbed the fabric and used it to tuck her dolls in anyway. Thanks so much for a great package.
candybeads rated for Stickerific Swap #2 on Sep 20, 2015
Comment: Thank you very much
aprilhite012 rated for Stickerific Swap #2 on Sep 7, 2015
Comment: so luved the stickers thanks so much
Comment: Thanks for everything!
Chinita rated for 10 Items of ORANGE (6 X 9 envie) on Sep 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for all the fun extras!
Response: I am glad you liked it-I am so bummed though-I found a bag the other day of two other orange things that I had bought for the swap and I forgot to put them in. Maybe I'll still send them :)
owl rated for Flip Flop or sandels ATC USA only on Sep 15, 2013
Comment: Love the ribbon flip flop. Extra flip flops are so cute. Dolls size shoes. Thank you
Response: The small flip flops are actually erasers :)
nanatam rated for Flip Flop or sandels ATC USA only on Sep 6, 2013
Juliagolia87 rated for Pick My Theme Whimsy Jar on Sep 2, 2013
Comment: I love everything thank you so much! I emptied the jar and have it on my desk each trip i go on i will put something in the jar i love it!
Response: So glad you are happy with it!
orange0208 rated for 25 loose stickers #7 on Aug 23, 2013
Comment: thank you for the stickers and stamps on envelope :) have a great day xD
countrygal78 rated for Stuff a Handbag full of fun on Aug 22, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the nice swap! Good job! Have a blessed day.
Popsicle rated for 25 loose stickers #7 on Aug 18, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the nice stickers. :)
Cathleya rated for LS♥: Letter Set Swap - July on Aug 17, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the sets and extra Sanrio sheets. I liked the one with the ice creams, very nice :)
amarama911 rated for CHOOSE TEN SWAP (USA/CANADA) on Aug 14, 2013
AZmom875 rated for 10 Items of PURPLE ( 6 X 9 envie) on Aug 9, 2013
Comment: I loved all the items. Esp the gum and the atc card. The papers are very unique and I will try to use them soon. Thanks for all of it. My teenage daughter will probably steal the bracelet.
nativegan rated for Stickers scavenger hunt on Aug 6, 2013
Comment: Thanks!!
misscorbeau rated for 25 loose stickers #6 on Aug 5, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the fun things!
newsong rated for 25 loose stickers #6 on Aug 5, 2013
Comment: Hi there! Thanks for the awesome stickers, especially the ventricular one and the stickers you picked from Aussie! =) My husband and I loved everything! =)
Icygrl7 rated for 25 loose stickers #6 on Jul 26, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the extras! I did enjoy the elephant sticker he was very cute.
Comment: It's a lovely ATC, Cyndi...you perfectly captured the spare, peaceful beauty I associate with Japan (except for Tokyo and certain other large cities!). Thanks for a wonderful series of swaps!
pc51870 rated for 10 Items of GREEN ( 6 X 9 envie) on Jul 18, 2013
Comment: thanks for awesome package!!

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Moni on Jun 21, 2013:

I received the pick 2 tag, thanks for sending :)

myrcury on Mar 27, 2012:

thanks again for angeling the homeschool swap, it was really kind of you!

art3osb on Jan 28, 2012:

Love your profile!

Nekozet on Dec 8, 2011:

Thank you, Santa!! Have opened my Advent Christmas Countdown of Surprises from you! I had planned to message you daily as I opened, but time got away. Thanks for so many wonderful gooies for ME! Lotsa teal and tea! Even a tea necklace - wow!! Yes, I love the Hello Kitty stickies! Been coating my lips with nerds for the past several days ;p Stickers (love 'em!), markers, cute frame, dream catcher, ribbon, coupon and again I love the darling cat-sitting card - thank you so much for all your kindness and attention to my loves!!! Merry Christmas!

blessedtwox on Sep 13, 2011:

sorry it took me so long to thank you, but I wanted to give a whole-hearted thanks for angeling the twilight saga scavenger hunt swap even though I said you didn't have to. I love all the different neat papers (I'm a sucker for those) and the stickers, which I'm also a sucker for. Anyways, thank you for being a good, thoughtful host and overall person. God Bless!

akmoose68 on Mar 30, 2011:

Oh my goodness, Cyndi, where do I even start? I can't believe all the awesomeness that you sent the whole family! I loved that you angeled almost every one of my flaked swaps - what a sweetheart, and what a lot of time and love you put into everything...

I agree that the frog was a perfect choice for the amigurumi because he will always remind me of our first swap :D. The birthday package was fantastic - love the ribbon, book, stamp, and of course the birthday cake - yum, yum!! The cute little cupcake planner will help me keep track of my swaps, too.

The "No Spending Swap" had so many great little things in it! The Disney pen and the ladybug pencil sharpener rock, and I can definitely use the gift cards for my crafts - you sent some really cute ones, and I can't wait to make stuff with them! And of course I love the Snoopy things that you sprinkled throughout the box...

Ryan was so excited to receive something - he's never gotten anything before! He's going to store his game discs in the DiscGear - he often takes his games next door to play with his best friend, so that will be perfect (and of course the Reese's were a huge hit)!

Savannah loves her llama (he's on the llama shelf with her others getting to know the gang), and was tickled with the watermelon goodies!! She was smiling ear to ear!

You are so very wonderful - a beautiful, thoughtful person that made our whole day with your package! We were all in the car when I picked up the mail and we opened it right then and there and had a super time seeing everone's surprises!! And my husband has found a new favorite candy bar with the Dove - lol!

I can't wait to reciprocate - I have a few little things for you and the girls already, but you set the bar pretty high... But that's awesome - I love to search for fabulous things that will bring you all a smile, and I certainly LOVED opening your terrific package!! A million hearts and hugs, Cyndi - I adore you!! ♥♥♥

Linda52156 on Mar 28, 2011:

Thank you so much for the wonderful stuff in the envelope, and thank you for sending Tiffany something you made her day.

StupidEyed on Aug 1, 2010:

Thank you for being an angel for the girly diva swap. I got the package earlier in the week. And I love everything! :) It was well worth it.

bunnicakes on Jun 29, 2010:

I got the Bambi ATC a day or so after the package. It was so amazing!! I put it with my other Bambi items on the shelf and it looks great!! Thank you so much!

akmoose68 on Jun 29, 2010:

Cyndi - LOVE the adorable Stitch ATC - how very sweet! :D Thank you so much ♥

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