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Birthday: April 21
Country: United States
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About Me

As of today, 10/20/2017, I have put a halt on my swap-bot swapping, except for electronic swaps because there has been a decrease on income in the household. I'm still following through on my recent thrift store swap. I'm working on finding that perfect find.

If you're on Twitter I just joined in Nov 2015.

Twitter Name is: AngelGurrrrrl (5 R's)

Do you want to follow me

I just joined Instagram 6/29/2016. My ig name is...


8-28-2017 I recently discovered kindness rocks. Found my first one a couple of weeks ago, so now I paint, hide and find rocks with my boys. What a fun addiction.

Spoiler Alert-----If I owe you a pocket letter then you do not want to browse at my pocket letter link because I add my pocket letter to my photobucket account as soon as I get it done. You have been warned. Lol.

Updated rate and flaker section on 10-20-2017

Waiting on rates

Waiting on swap item

@SheWolf for 9 facts abut me pocket letter-Finally contacted me on 2/19/17 if she sends I'll change to a 3. July 26th-still nothing. The rate change offer no longer stands. It's been almost 2 yrs since the swap was created. I gave her a chance and me giving her a chance to send has expired.


  • Priority mail, small box, $5.80; medium box, $12.35; large box, $16.85.

  • Priority mail, regular envelope, $5.60; legal envelope, $5.75; padded envelope, $5.95.

  • Delivery confirmation will be free on packages, including priority mail and parcel post, rather than being an extra charge.


Profile update=8/28/2017

Hello, My name is Angel (age 44). Married 22 yrs to Kevin and we have three boys---Brad (21)---Samuel (13)---Oliver (7) We have a cat (Zebra) and a hamster (Calvin) Daisy my cat passed away on 12/10/2016 R.I.P. My beautiful cat. I miss you

  • family photos at the bottom of my profile


  • Jodi Picoult,

  • Nicholas Sparks,

  • Melanie Sue Bowles,

  • Cleo Coyles.

-------->My genres are mystery, romance but not too mooshy, scary, non-fiction, biographies (people/celebrities, animals-stories like Marley And Me or books with true short stories of many animals, ghost/paranormal), fiction, novels.








  • stickers

😍😘💜Things I LOVE💜

I like to receive


  • OWLS
  • monkeys
  • ladybugs
  • cheetahs
  • leopards
  • animal print items (tiger, zebra, giraffe, cheetah, etc)

SCENTS of any form

  • lilacs
  • baby powder
  • coconut
  • oranges
  • clean scents like linen, ocean, fresh rain
  • I especially love all scents of natural essential oils for my diffusers


  • turquoise/peacock (seriously, I love all blues)
  • purple
  • neon green
  • orange
  • red


  • orange
  • peach,
  • blue raspberry or any flavor as long as it isn't on my dislikes list below.

FOOD: sweets

  • chocolate
  • orange flavored items
  • cream Cadbury eggs
  • taffy [homemade from local business. Our ice cream and candy store have them and they have some unique flavors. So delic].
  • peanutbutter and chocolate together is my total weakness.

Sweets Are SWEET🍫 🍬🍭🍩🍪🍦 Lol😘😊


  • Fall accessory scarfs
  • snowmen
  • ornaments any are cool but I'm trying to collect Smores ornaments. I found some at Menard's one year and they are so cute
  • stickers
  • patriotic stuff (I actually love red, white and blue items all year through)
  • Rudolph and Frosty stuff (I love the two shows)
  • cadbury creme eggs


  • 100% Natural essential oils

  • Robin Williams DVD's (So I do not get duplicates here are the ones I own):

1.Man of the Year

2.Patch Adams

3.What Dreams May Come

4.License To Wed

5.The Best of Times


7.Jamanji received by @tigerlilly327 in profile/Sept (2014) swap in the group: Thriftstore Finds

  1. Night at the museum-battle of the smithsonian

  2. Mrs. Doubtfire

  3. Good morning vietnam

  4. Popeye

  5. Hook

  6. Flubber

  • spoon rings (size 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10) or any spoon or fork jewelry.
  • coffee theme items for kitchen
  • sock monkeys
  • purses
  • books

    1. mystery
    2. romance
    3. biograohies
    4. non-fiction
    5. novels
    6. picky on series
    7. paranormal
    8. scary/horror
  • address labels with

my address


"swap-bot addict"

Angel R Thompson


  • peace signs
  • tye dye stuff
  • animal print
  • stickers
  • card stock
  • pens with colored ink
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • washi/deco tape. Full roll or samples. The tape with designs and colors other than gray or black are cool. Any size. Any sample amount.
  • Items with the KEEP CALM quote
  • hearts
  • stars
  • minions (little yellow creatures from Despicable Me)
  • mounted rubber stamps (the wooden ones) and ink pads
  • paper punch shapes


  • lilacs
  • sunflowers
  • daisies
  • petunias


  • taking pictures with my Nikon coolpix L120

Thrift Store wants-ISO-

  • Fall accessory scarves
  • spoon rings (size 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10) or any spoon or fork jewelry.
  • Robin Williams DVD's or Blu-Rays (I'm so sad he has went to heaven) (So I do not get duplicates here are the ones I own):

Man of the Year

Patch Adams

What Dreams May Come

License To Wed

The Best of Times


Jamanji received by @tigerlilly327 in profile/Sept (2014) swap in the group: Thriftstore Finds

Night at the museum-battle of the smithsonian

Mrs. Doubtfire

Good morning vietnam




  • coffee theme for my kitchen. (Right now I have a clock, 4 little wall plagues and a mat not a rug in front of the kitchen sink).
  • animal print items
  • ring watches
  • Cool purses. Nice size but not huge.
  • Peace sign items or tye dyed (tye dye can be the dye, white items that I can dye, Size L in womans shirts, etc.)
  • dvd'S, 3D DVD's or blu-ray
  • yard decorations
  • horses but please, no knick knacks
  • tigers but please, no knick knacks
  • peacocks anything. Even peacock feathers
  • mounted rubber stamps (the wooden ones) and ink pads
  • paper punch shapes
  • Surprise me! I enjoy thrifting

         Thank you so so much!
-  dislikes listed below



I don't like....PLEASE do not send Thank you!


  • peppermint
  • coconut
  • cherry

SCENTS I can't stand

  • vanilla
  • pine
  • lavendar
  • roses (Unless they are natural essential oils.)

FOOD I think taste gross

  • tea ( I like iced tea but not hot tea too much) Please, no tea bags
  • instant coffee. Please, no coffee unless it is a bag or can for my coffee maker or K-cups for my Keurig. Lol. Just kidding. That would make my month though😉I don't drink instant coffee even if it is the only coffee available. I'd rather drink water.
  • white chocolate
  • coconut
  • pecan nuts
  • almond nuts

BOOKS I don't like to read. I find them boring.

  • Twilight
  • Harry Potter
  • Stephan King
  • fantasy
  • sci-fi
  • historic fiction
  • Christian


MISC I don't care for

  • religious items
  • fairies
  • gothic
  • skulls
  • I do not knit, crochet or sew
  • atc's
  • Kawaii

  • liars
  • drama
  • flakers
  • spiders
  • ocean & sharks and ships- swimming in an ocean terrifies me because I'm afraid I'll be attacked by a shark. Going on a ship does not interest me at all because then I think of the Titanic or the stories I have heard of someone disappearing from their ship cruise. It is a mystery how that happens. No thank you. I think I'll pass on going on a cruise ship EVER.
  • late sends-if you're going to be late sending, please message me and let me know, otherwise, I will rate a 3 because you did not communicate with me and let me know. Even if it is just going to be sent a few days late I'd like to know, please. If I get your envelope and I realize it was sent late, and I got no message from you saying so, then you most likely will get a rate of 3 because you did not communicate. However, I might feel like giving you a 5 but no heart and get a comment about it being late. It really depends on the day and if I'm in a good or bad mood on the day I received it. Most likely it will be a 3 though. Communication is very important to me. I hope you understand?. So, please just take a few minutes and send me a message stating that it will be send late and a reason. Thank you.


I love all kinds of postcards except please,

Please....No to.....

  • religious

  • gothic

  • people that are naked or barely wearing clothes

  • bugs of any kind except ladybugs: I love ladybugs

  • spiders

I'll list my favorites, but I'm open to lots of varieties for my collection and if it turns out that I do not like it then I can use it in a swap if I know they will enjoy it.

I like to join postcards swaps where they are stamped and written on or blank and stuck in an envelope.

STORE BOUGHT-I like naked and stamped or unused and put in an envelope. I have bought mine from stores, ebay, garage sales/thrift stores, however I can find them.

HANDMADE-photo or cloth are the only kind I have seen, so those are my favorite, but I'm open to receiving any type of handmade.

My favorites are....

  • funny

  • horses

  • pegasus

  • cartoon

  • tigers

  • mountains

  • waterfalls

  • hot air balloons

  • celebrities

  • animals (include sea creature, four or two legged or wings, etc)

  • postcards from zoo, museum, Disney World, etc....place you visited

  • nature

  • postcards with a city or state written on it

  • landmarks: examples are statue of Liberty, Niagra Falls, Eiffel Tower, etc...touristry. Can be any landmark at all

  • patriotic

  • Christmas

  • Halloween

  • other countries-Any countries

  • Swap-bot

  • colorful

  • free ads

  • rainbows

  • peacocks

You do not have to send me a favorite because I do like many different themes so the favorite list is just if you need help and not sure what to send me. All that I ask is do not send me something from my No list. Thank you!

I 💜 Swap-bot

Hello 👋🏼

Here is how I added my photos if you don't know how and you want to decorate your profile.

instructions on adding photos (for members if the need help)

  • ! [image] (http://www.brothersandsisters.co.uk/blog/wp-content/hi-5.png)

  • copy and paste this into your comment section, just leave out the spaces so after ! and before [image] do a backspace and same for the other space.

  • you have to start the markdown with a ! exclamation point and put the word image in brackets [image] and the image URL between these things ( )

  • to find a photo, go to google type in what you want and browse images.

  • right click an image and it says copy image URL or image GIF you can do gif if its a moving pic. so copy that, bring it to your profile for a trial run (make sure it looks good and fits the space for comment section. you can delete it after. If you wanna share that image w/ many after you get it typed/pasted in just click copy and that way you dont have to enter all the stuff over


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~










  • spoon rings (size 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10) or any spoon or fork jewelry. New OR Used)
  • Robin Williams DVD's

Man of the Year

Patch Adams

What Dreams May Come

License To Wed

The Best of Times


Jamanji received by @tigerlilly327 in profile/Sept (2014) swap in the group: Thriftstore Finds

Night at the museum-battle of the smithsonian

Mrs. Doubtfire

Good morning vietnam




  • photos from anywhere taken by you. USA or International:)
  • Smores Christmas ornaments-I'm trying to collect them all so I can eventually have a smores tree:)
  • address labels that say...

swap-bot addict

Angel R Thompson



with my address

(picture with the peace sign, horse or tiger please)

  • stickers (sheets or loose)

  • box tops to help the schools out that my boys go to

  • blank post cards

  • mounted rubber stamps (the wooden ones) and ink pads

  • paper punch stamps

  • anything from my LIKE list (things I love) or Thrift Store list

📬📦 Swapping

International cost too much plus it takes longer to receive items so I only do flat envelope swaps. I do U.S.A. swaps of any kind. Thanks for understanding



I thought it would be helpful to post the swap-bot rating rules on my profile.

What are the rating criteria?

There are only three different rating criteria:

  1. I got my stuff and it met posted swap requirements (5 points)

  2. I got my stuff, but it didn't meet the posted swap requirements (3 points)

  3. I never got anything (1 point).

Keep in mind that you are NOT rating your partners on whether or not you liked what you received, only on if it met the requirements of the swap. The fun thing about swaps is that you never know what you are going to get, and that means that sometimes you may not be thrilled with what you receive. Also, remember that everyone (including the person you are rating) can see who you are and what ratings and comments you gave. It is important to rate participants honestly, but it is also good to be kind even if you have to give someone the lowest rating.


jeufr27 rated for Visit me on instagram on Dec 17, 2017
Comment: Thanks for visiting my instagram!
Response: Thank you. ❤ appreciated. I enjoyed visiting my swap partners Instagram.
katjl rated for Visit me on instagram on Dec 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your kind words.😊
Response: Thank you. ❤ appreciated.
angdiane rated for Visit me on instagram on Dec 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the love :)
Response: Thank you
FunsizeSteph rated for Visit me on instagram on Dec 16, 2017
Response: Thank you for rating and for the ❤,.
brooklynbunch rated for Christmas book read review on Dec 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the review! Happy holidays! Susan (brooklynbunch)
Response: Merry Christmas🎄
libertylithium rated for Visit me on instagram on Nov 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you for all of your nice comments! :)
Response: Thanks for rating.
SherylKay rated for TF ~ A scarf for the Fall! on Nov 22, 2017
Comment: What a pretty scarf Thank you so much I will look forward to wearing it hugs Sheryl-Kay
Response: You're welcome
Jjean rated for Pinterest - Painted Rocks on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for sharing a great board.....enjoyed viewing & will try a few of them...... :)
Response: You're welcome and thank you.
mermaidery rated for Visit me on instagram on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: Thanks for stopping by!
Response: You're welcome. I enjoyed looking.
smartin85 rated for Visit me on instagram on Nov 14, 2017
Response: Thank you smartin85
rarjones rated for Pinterest - Painted Rocks on Nov 13, 2017
Comment: thank you for sharing
Response: 💟
HappyMom rated for Visit me on instagram on Nov 11, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for all the 'likes' and comments :) I love seeing everyone's photos - Yours are fantastic too.
Response: You are welcome. I love seeing them too. Thanks for checking mine out.
vickysounio rated for Pinterest - Painted Rocks on Nov 10, 2017
Comment: I found you :) Thanks for sharing!
Response: 💟
Amylord rated for Reading Challenge 2017-October on Nov 8, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the review! Sorry I haven't read it yet, but I will do it this weekend. :)
susieq40 rated for TF: World Smile Day on Nov 1, 2017
Comment: I love it, it did make me smile,, getting that time of the year to keep that neck covered and warm...you did great. Thanks
Response: Thank you. I love looking at the scarves. I had to join the TF scarf swap. Couldn't resist.
Comment: Got your PC, I lived in Ga and we visited Ala. several times. We even had the opportunity to pick some cotton, which is not an easy job by hand, the hulls are hard & can cut your hand, But we did have fun. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. bearnbabs
Response: So glad to hear you got. I was worried it got lost in mail so I was going to message you today and let you know I was sending another until I saw you rated me. Thank you for the rate and heart.
isabellasnow rated for CHWH ~ Cute Keychain Swap! on Sep 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks, Angel, for TWO keychains! My granddaughter loves Angry Birds so I'm sending that one to her for her backpack.
Response: Thank you
Gabrielle rated for Postcard: National Parks on Aug 31, 2017
Comment: Beautiful bear! And yes, I have been to Tennessee, fairly often when we lived in Houston. We used to go north via the Natchez Trace when going to visit my parents in MD. If you haven't ever driven the Trace, I think you would find it very interesting, that is if you like things like living history demonstrations, and a scenic drive with no trucks allowed. Happy swapping!
Response: Thank you ❤️
tigerlilly0709 rated for Zoo Pocket Letter-9 pockets on Feb 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you it's great :)
Response: Thank you very much
luleemik rated for TF: Have a Heart on Jan 29, 2017
Comment: Cute selection of "hearts". I'm sure I'll use them in future projects:)
Response: Thank you

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lou on Oct 10, 2020:

please merge profiles!

CurlyTea on Apr 22, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

Jjean on Dec 16, 2017:

Merry Christmas and Thank You for sharing your Christmas Book Review.....

bjmonroe on Nov 23, 2017:

flowerchild on May 13, 2016:

Thank you for the GREAT package you sent for the PPU:April WTA!!!

anrtist on Feb 12, 2016:

sweetpea22 on Feb 4, 2016:

Hi Angel~ I received the stationery sets today! Thank you so much :o))

art3osb on Jan 12, 2016:

jlburke3 on Jan 11, 2016:

Hi, Angel! My name is Julia and I'm your partner for the "Leave a Comment and Pic On Your Profile" swap. I hope you had a great holiday season and the new year is off to a great start. I love the photos of your cats! I'm living away from home for a year and I miss my cats so much. I also love all kinds of postcards. I put a list of favorites on my profile, but like you I enjoy mostly any kind of postcard I get! And lastly, I love Jumanji! I saw it when I was a kid and my family always says so many lines from the movie haha. Take care and happy swapping!


swap4fun on Jan 10, 2016:

Leave a comment and a pic on your profile

Hi Angel,

Wow! You really have a great profile. I never seen a profile with personal pictures on it, that is so cool. We like some of the same things. I really do love cats but I can't have any cause my oldest son is allergic to them. I'm always telling him when he gets married and moves away, I will be getting one. (: I also love Robin Williams movies. He was one of my very favorite Actors. My favorite movie is Bicentennial Man. I named my third son Andrew cause I love that movie so much.

I hope you enjoy the images I picked for you. Thanks for swapping! From your swap partner. Sophie

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