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About Me

UPDATED MAY 6, 2022 -- Note: this section is boring and is mainly content about my participation on SB and some rambling about address formatting -- feel free to skip to "about me" unless anything here looks relevant.

My old account is benevolentghost -- I cannot access it and was hoping to merge it with this one, but recently learned that admins don't read site email and need to be contacted on their personal Facebook accounts. As such, this obnoxious section will likely remain on my profile forever. In the past few years, I have gotten my mental health in check and gotten better at communication, so I'm excited to be swapping again.

So far, Damilola is the only person I was able to contact about making up 1's. She has received my swap and will update when she finishes reading. That will bring me to 300 fives, 2 threes, 3 ones. I hope to eventually get in touch with the others, especially zindelo. Unfortunately, these ratings are several years old. My cumulative rating would now be approximately 4.95 and I join swaps accordingly -- if I overlooked your rating limit without asking first, it was a mistake and you don't need to feel bad dropping me.

arthur cockatrice

For people in the US!

You may notice that I format your address differently than how you've supplied it. I enter everything into USPS Zip Code Lookup. I highly recommend putting in your own address, getting the correct formatting regarding which parts to abbreviate, and updating your info. USPS is federally run. Your mail will probably get to you fine even if it's written in a nonstandard way, but it is probably best to give a federal agency the fewest places to make an error possible.

(I leave out my own zip code +4 and do the same for others with apartment numbers, because from my very limited understanding, this can and does change without warning). But if you're curious, it's 7051 at least of right now.

For people not in the US with very different address conventions!

SB occasionally messes up my address in a way that is easily fixable for domestic mail, but may not be easy for some countries. "Apt 3xx" should either be its own line, or on the same line as the one previous that ends with "Ave."

I always look up the correct way to format addresses for a country and may message you to make sure my rendering is correct. In case you can't tell, I get very anxious about this stuff and it not being done "right" and my mail falling into the abyss.


Hosting Style, Ratings, etc

I will always angel swaps I host. If you are partnered with me for something I'm not hosting and don't receive anything/aren't happy with what you receive, please let me know and I'll resend. I always rate within 3 days of receiving, and I expect participants in swaps I'm hosting to rate as well -- not the second they receive something, but you shouldn't have a piece of mail for more than a week or two without at least letting the person know you got it.

I am an active host. That means that I might message you if something seems up. I am not rude in these messages, but I sure have gotten a lot of rude replies back (though the vast majority aren't!). I understand as well as anyone else that life happens and I'm not a stickler about anything as long as there's communication. Literally just a response like, "Oh, sorry, I'm running a couple days late but sending today" is all I'm looking for, so I know you'll actually be sending. This isn't the Inquisition. If you can't handle a straightforward exchange like that, my swaps may not be for you.

I know that the number of swaps I'm hosting looks absolutely insane. I host a series at regular 2-week intervals, with swaps posted a few months out. I'm generally not in a ton of swaps at once.

If you're sending me something artistic, please take a picture in case it gets lost in the mail! Lost art makes me sad. If you are participating in one of my artistic swaps but we aren't partnered, I still would love to see a picture of what you made as well. I just think it's neat seeing all of the variations on a theme!

Check out the group I run with my BFF feverfawn!!! Monsters, Myths, & Legends -- US ATC Swappers!. We're now doing type 1, 2, and 3 swaps, not just ATC's :)




My name is Lisa. I'm 34 and and I live in Chicago with my partner of 8 years. I am interested in education, philosophy, languages, and cognitive science.

I have a love/hate relationship with my city. I welcome photos of your city, stuff related to public transit, boring facts about density and urban planning, etc etc.

I'm into tarot, astrology, and LHP. I'm a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon, Leo ascendant. My chart is very Virgo-heavy with a lot of second house placements.

I am pretty crazy with things like charts, statistics, logical proofs, etc. I don't know how else to explain it. You may find this annoying but I cannot turn it off, especially if I am excited about something. Just tell me I'm confusing you or kindly ask me to shut up if it's annoying!

I love folk tales, mythology, and legends. I'm very inspired by cryptids, monsters, large birds that do not conceal that they are dinosaurs, and the graphics from the SNES classic Super Ghouls N Ghosts.

I make friendship bracelets, ATCs, zines, and cassette tapes. I have not been able to keep up with pen pal letters lately, so if you are expecting one from me -- please be patient. I'm slowly getting caught up.



A - ATCs, aliens and UFOs, animals (pretty much all!), ambience, astrology, absurdity, Art Bell, Atatürk

B - birds, beluga whales, bookbinding

C - cryptids, conspiracy theories, cuttlefish, cultures, coins (foreign), cooking, collage, Cold War (history), cognitive science

D - demons, devils, Daruma dolls, dinosaurs, dystopian themes, dissociatives, Darumaka

E - ecology, experimental music, esotericism

F - Furby, forests, folk tales, folk art, friendship bracelets, flowers, floral patterns

G - guinea pigs, goldenrod (color), ghosts, garden gnomes, gnosticism

H - Halloween (especially vintage, like Beistle), Hoopa

I -

J -

K - kawaii, king penguins (especially the chicks)

L - languages, linguistics, Lifetime movies, left hand path, Landorus

M - mushrooms, marabou storks, mythology, maroon (color), mix tapes (cassettes), monsters, media theory/analysis, meditation, maneki neko

N - New Age, nutcrackers, notecards

O - Ottoman Empire, occult

P - Pokemon (including Pokemon Go), pastel colors, playing cards, philosophy, postcards, public transit (train or bus tickets!), paranormal experiences, psychedelica, psychology

Q - Qabalah

R - reading (especially non-fiction), rats, Russian language

S - Shy Guys, South & Central Asia, stamps (used and unused), especially foreign) Super Nintendo, shortwave, stickers/sticker flakes, shoebills

(P.S. - my sticker stock is very low. As long as they aren't reward/planner/kiddie stickers, I'm happy to accept anything -- flakes, partial sheets, bent or imperfect sheets, etc. As long as the stickers themselves are clean/usable and it isn't harboring bugs or something, I'm happy to receive it! Feel free to mix and match for flat items even if the swap specifies 1 flat sheet only)

T - tea, teal (color), theremin, tongue drum, Turkic culture, Turkish language, Taoism, tarot, talk radio, Trevenant

U - urban photography, used books, Urdu

V - video games, volunteering

W - washi tape, writing systems

X -

Y - Yoshi

Z - zines, zentangle, zeybek dance

Music: Old but still accurate last.fm, video game music, slowcore, shoegaze, industrial, noise

Movies: I Stand Alone, August Underground's Mordum, V/H/S, Spirited Away, Lifetime movies, documentaries, YouTube stuff like university lectures and ambience videos

Books: Marshall McLuhan, critical theory, Homo Ludens, SPK: Turn Illness into a Weapon, The Divided Self, psychology, philosophy, media theory, cultural anthropology, short story anthologies, science fiction, Neil Sanders. Here is my Goodreads.



I don't want to receive religious materials meant to proselytize, convert, or influence. I am open to holiday greetings from any religion. I like to discuss religion and politics, but not debate them.

I legitimately don't care if something you send smells like cigarette smoke, is scented, or if your pets invade your craft area. No allergies. I'm really lucky that I don't get migraines or go into anaphylactic shock if exposed to smoke -- I'd probably die just from breathing the polluted air when I open my window! Not sure how everyone else is managing.

I see a lot of people mention here that they do not want to receive what I can only describe as "crap." If you are just going to send me total crap, I don't think I can convince you not to. You probably didn't even read my profile.



I always enjoy private swaps, if I have time for them. Don't be shy to contact me about one! Photography, zines, ATCs, art in general, tapes, etc. I love themed stuff. I will pretty much always say yes to anything related to devils/demons/demonology or Nintendo. I also collect drawings of Art Bell and stuff like lanyards, pins, etc for places I haven't worked at. I do mix and match these items because I think it is funny, so don't send me anything you wouldn't be comfortable with me displaying in public.


Btw -- add my partner and I on Pokemon Go! We send gifts and the digital postcard feature is really cool.

  • Me: 5301 3376 5281

  • bf: 7637 3042 2189

Shoot me a message with your username if you add!


cassie3001 rated for Pokemon on a Postcard on May 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! I love it! You drew a beautiful Jirachi!
Response: I am so glad you liked the Jirachi! Thank you for the heart :)
Comment: Your owl made me laugh. I just did a decorated envie for a swap and drew a Mr. Meeseeks so it reminded me of that. That cat postcard is the best thing I've ever seen. He's going to take all your money, and you'll thank him. Your ATCs were super cute! I love seeing people's art. I'm going to take the gremlin card to work to show the IT guys, because I have the cursed computer luck. I really appreciate everything in here. P.S. were did you get that washi tape?!
Response: I'm so relieved you liked the owl! I practiced several times (in pencil) on notebook paper, then proceeded to draw one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life. 😭 I hope the IT guys like the gremlin! I don't remember all the washi I sent, but the ghost Pokemon type is from GearCrafts on Etsy. They have sooooo much cute ghost type stuff. Hope you and yours are well and thank you for such a kind rating! :)
UndergroundReader rated for Tarot Summer: June (US) on May 21, 2022
Comment: Great swap. Very thoughtful, detailed reading. Obvious that a lot of care has gone into this reading and swap. I really appreciated the time and attention my partner put into the presentation and willingness to follow up.
Response: I'm so glad that the care was obvious! This one was particularly challenging, but definitely very interesting. I'm looking forward to talking to you a bit more when you have had the chance to read it over a few times, and I'll respond to you soon. Thanks for the heart! :)
explore rated for Kirby (+ friends) on a Postcard on May 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you for your hand-drawn Kirby and Waddle Dee. Good effort.
Response: Thanks for the rating. Hey, at least I can say I tried!
ultracinematik rated for Ruin My Week Notecard #2 on May 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the overview of the Herero and Namaqua genocide. Colonization, concentration camps, seizing land/property - sounds about right for a genocide. I appreciate that you sent the exact goodies I mentioned liking! So kind of you! Great swap. Thanks for ruining my week.
Response: I was honestly pretty shocked to find out that medical experimentation was happening that early in camps. I really enjoyed learning a bit more about the colonization of Africa, definitely a blind spot for me and I'm glad you found it interesting. Glad you liked the goodies too; you made my life easier by picking them! Haha. Thank you for the heart :)
Comment: Sorry for the late rating, life got busier than expected and time slipped by quickly. Thank for the great penquin pics!! The chubby fuzzy ones are so cute!
Response: No worries, and thanks for the heart! King penguin chicks always cheer me up, so I'm glad they did the same for you!
Response: Glad everything arrived ok! Hope you like it! :)
ultracinematik rated for Ruin My Week Notecard #1 on May 13, 2022
Comment: Sorry to hear about the 66% increase in crime in Chicago! I don't know the percentage, but it has certainly increased here too and has gotten a lot closer than it had been. Scary stuff. Thank you for the great PCs! Space manatee! Cute cat! 💌
Response: Yeah, it seems like it's getting crazy everywhere lately! I'm just very big into statistics, lol. I am glad you like the extras. You have no idea how many times I practiced drawing the wing on that shuttle with it always looking wrong until I just decided, "You know what, I'm just going to draw some lines in the somewhat correct place, the human mind is a beautiful thing and will fill in what it's supposed to be " sounds like it came close enough!
Comment: I loved your ghost stories, I think we have energy of a certain type too- sort of the way you can feel if a house or building is empty or not when you walk into it.
Response: Thank you for the heart! Yes, I think it's similar to that... I wish I understood it a bit more. There are definitely rational explanations for its occurrence when people are alive, but it's a bit more difficult to construct theories (though not impossible, they just can't really be tested) when they're not. There's a transpersonal element to it, I think. Sorry for the rant! I hadn't thought about these experiences in a while.
feverfawn rated for AtB: Blackout Poetry Postcard on May 9, 2022
Comment: The blackout poetry postcard is sooo good! The poem itself, the way you designed it, and the cute psyduck drawn on the back with the psyduck haikus!! I love it all so much. Thank you for another great swap! (I think this will have us caught up now...until the next time SB decides to be funny and partner us up again LOL)
Response: Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! I wish I kept the notepad file with the haikus because those really struck at a moment of inspiration lol. Now I can't remember them at all.
feverfawn rated for MM&L: Alien ATC #1 on May 7, 2022
Comment: I love the Czill alien card - he is so cute!! And the background was very pretty, worked so well with the alien you did a great job! Thanks for the great ATC, happy to have you as a partner on this one too :)
Response: You will get tired of getting partnered with me soon I promise lol
derakisu rated for Mario Bad Guy ATC on May 6, 2022
Comment: I really love your Clubba ATC ! A great addition to my collection. ^_^ It always impresses me how much detailing can be achieved with cut and collages papers. The background is nice too, I recognise bubble wrap print but are are the red lines from...? Thank you for such a fun swap.
Response: I'm so glad you like him! Collaging with cut up paper is one of my favorite ways to create. As for the background, I unfortunately don't know -- I won it as part of a RAK that included a lot of really cool ATC backgrounds from @jjhere. I'd love to get more paints etc so I can make similar!
Comment: These 2 ATCs are so so good, you really did a great job! I must admit I didn't know the full myth behind Osiris & Isis (I really gotta do some more reading!) but these ATCs have given me a glimpse into the story of these two and it's really interesting! Ancient Egyptians were truly WILD ~ I'm so glad you were my partner on this swap!! :)
Response: I'm glad you were my partner, too! A nice surprise for a swap in this series. Unfortunately it does appear that the Egyptians were often h*rny on main
Comment: You took big time super happy fun mail to the next level. Actually you blew right past next level and went completely off the charts on the super happy fun scale!!! As always you are an amazing swapper and send the best and coolest stuff! The postcards and washi are all amazing, I love the cute variety of memo sheets and notecards, the handmade little envelopes are adorable, the zine you made!! And I can't forget the amazing assortment of foreign stamps they are so cool can't wait to add to my stamp album!!! OH and the cryptid polaroids from my wishlist! Like...I could go on & on & on but I'll stop before this rating gets too long. A+ swap I am amazed!! You are a true swap-bot champion and I will tell everyone who will listen! :) Heh. Till next time my friend!
Response: I am so glad you liked everything! I noticed you didn't mention the very special ATC I sent, but maybe it's because it overshadowed everything else. I also know I sent you a sample of washi you bought for me but I noticed it wasn't in your collection so I hope that wasn't weird! Yay more private swaps soon pls!
dancingtiger rated for AtB Doodle a Day For a Week on May 4, 2022
Comment: great doodling. I love how you blended the prompts- very creative.
Response: I was so nervous to send this one! I'm really glad you liked it :) hopefully I get my own copy of "how to draw hands" soon
Comment: Thank you for the ATC! I love the card :) and the scrap book paper is grate :)
Response: I'm glad Anubis made it there safely and that you like him! And the scrapbook paper! Thank you for the heart :)
Laurluv23 rated for ATC #7 Snail Art on May 2, 2022
Comment: Pretty cool, thanks!
Response: I'm so glad you liked them! I had a lot of fun with them, thanks for the heart :)
Cindiva rated for Bird ATC Swap #25 USA Only on May 2, 2022
Comment: Thanks for lovely atc and the background on the shoebill, especially your own variety!
Response: Thank you for rating! Glad you liked Gary :)
squince rated for Zazzle/Store Printed Postcard (USA) on May 2, 2022
Comment: Too funny! Love the gnome drawing too!
Response: I'm glad you liked it! :) I hope you are you today!
Comment: Thanks for the fuzzy penguin profile deco!
Response: Thank you for the kind rating! I'm glad you liked the kings!

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rsj244 on May 20, 2022:

Thank you so much for the nice surprise in my mailbox today. I absolutely LOVE this postcard and really loved the mushroom drawing :) Thank you again for thinking of me!!!

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rsj244 on May 10, 2022:

Hope you're having a good week! :)

chimerix on May 8, 2022:

Thank you so much for the Godzilla PCs and stamps. The pcs are so great! I may have to get a full set for my DH. Love them. Aloha

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Russian atc I made when I couldn’t sleep tonight!

nancylee on Apr 28, 2022:

Profile Deco Swap - World Penguin Day

feverfawn on Apr 27, 2022:

Thank you for the David Icke dream PC - I am feeling like me & feeling free ;)

mysmashbooklife on Apr 25, 2022:

This is for the swap: Profile Deco Swap - World Penguin Day

Penguin Penguin Penguin Penguin

Have a nice day!

DollyDotBoo on Apr 24, 2022:

Profile Deco Swap - World Penguin Day

feverfawn on Apr 23, 2022:

Thank u for being a friend...traveled down the road & back again...ur heart is true, ur a pal and a confidant...

lefroggy on Apr 22, 2022:

Thank you, I added you back 🥰

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