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Date Joined: April 15, 2009
Last Online: September 11, 2018
Birthday: November 3, 1985
Country: United States
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I reuse packaging and envelopes! (I miss that badge!)

Jesus Fish


I always send my swaps and I usually send very early on in the swap. If you do not get a swap from me, please contact me so we can make a game plan. Please contact me before rating a 1!

I always rate the swaps I receive when I receive them. If you have sent me an item and I haven't rated it, please get in touch with me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~IMPORTANT~~~~~~ I am allergic to lobster and wool. So if I am in any craft swaps or food swaps with you, **please keep these allergies in mind.**

I have been doing Weight Watchers for almost a year. I am just getting back into swapping recipes. If you're sending a recipe and you know the weight watchers points plus values for each serving, please include it! If you know the nutritional information, please include it!

I got married in August 2008 to my soul mate and the man of my dreams. We have 5 furbabies, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Sidka is a mini american eskimo, Jo Jo is a rat terrier, Ginny is a DSH Tortie, Pooka is a DSH calico, Phineas is a DSH Tiger cat. **Since this was originally written, we have lost a cat and a dog. :'( Ginny was hit by a car, and Jo Jo lost her battle with Pancreatitis.

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I like to read almost anything I can get my hands on. Sometimes I write, I have to be in the mood for it. I use the internet a lot of the time. (What can I say, I'm a domestic house goddess!) I love making new friends near and far.

My favorite color is purple. I also like turquoise blue colors (my wedding colors were a light pool blue). Cream colors are nice too. I really like chocolate brown and chocolate combos that are "in" right now, like teal and brown, purple and brown, etc.

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I live in Maine, so I've got it all: beaches, coast lines and the ocean; lakes, streams and rivers; Mountains, gorgeous state parks and back roads. The only thing we're missing is large cities and I'm okay with that.

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I'm a huge NASCAR fan. My favorite driver is Kyle Busch.

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I love chocolate.

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Bucket List

These are just a few of the things that are on my bucket list. Some of these things are also on my husbands list. The list is in no particular order.

  • Take a long term vacation to Alaska.
  • Teach in the Alaskan Bush
  • Have my own classroom
  • Be an inspiration for a student (CHECK)
  • Be a mommy
  • Go to Niagara Falls again and go to the top of the Skylon tower this time.
  • Get my Masters Degree
  • Make a quilt
  • Learn to Crochet (CHECK)
  • Help DH start his own business
  • Write a children's book and have it published
  • Travel around the US with a camper in tow
  • Visit all of the Continental USA
  • Teach my husband how to cook
  • Find or have someone make a wedding band that curves the same way as my engagement ring
  • Visit the Sequoya National Forest

I have a soft heart for cats and dogs. I can't resist puppy eyes!

Random Facts About Me I like gummy bears, I don't like gummy worms (unless they're in dirt pudding). I've met Aaron Shust. I'm a teacher. I love all things purple. My favorite drink is water with lemon. I like cooking and baking. My mom was the best cook ever. I am married. I want children, but I don't have any yet. I like the calm of a drive in the country. I love ice cream. I don't watch TV a lot. I like crafting. I live in th house I grew up in. I really like Jelly Belly Jelly beans, they're the only kind of jelly beans I actually like. I love lady bugs. I worked at an all girls summer camp the same summer I met my husband. I love Italian food. I love the Maine coast. I have 4 nieces and nephews. I'm a college graduate. I support Mental Health Research. My favorite kind of chocolate is Lindt's White Chocolate and Coconut bar. I get motion sickness easily. I prefer wearing flip flops. I hate it when people don't use their blinker. I don't consume alcohol or caffeine (except for when I eat chocolate). I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. I have two crab apple trees in my back yard in memory of my parents. I like going to craft fairs with my husband. One of my favorite movies is Fireproof.

I love opening the mailbox and seeing a package or mail that is NOT bills or junk mail! I generally just love snail mail, so I'm willing to swap most things, give me ideas and I'll go from there!!

Wish Llist

  • Retractable fabric tape measures
  • blank recipe cards
  • I received some of the new Sharpie pens in a swap and I am addicted to them--I would love more!!
  • deer antlers and/or bully sticks for my doggies (but no rawhides please!)
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Pens (no sparkle pens please) I especially love RSVP pens
  • recipes
  • acrylic yarn (I'm allergic to animal fibers) such as Caron Simply Soft Yarn and cotton yarn
  • Crochet patterns
  • Crochet Hooks

Favorite Crafts

I love to crochet. I taught myself in the Fall of 2011. I am on Ravelry! Find me if you'd like, MrsD08.

I love, love, love to cook, is that considered a craft?

I'm attracted to Mandalas and when I'm stressed it helps me to color them.

I love scrap booking and I sometimes enjoy a little card making too. I like using recycled goods in crafts. I'm really into the idea of swapping recipe scrap book pages, but have yet to try it!

What I can offer

What I can Send you

  • Maine Postcards
  • New England Postcards
  • Countless Recipes
  • Crocheted dish cloths
  • Blank (uncolored) mandalas or colored mandalas
  • Pull tab tops (just let me know 2 weeks before hand and I'll collect them from my husband's Coca~Cola cans)
  • profile surprises

What I Collect

I love cooking and I love sharing recipes. Before my mother passed away, I asked her to get me a recipe box and to fill it with index cards of all my favorite recipes growing up. I use this weekly, it's such a dear item to me. If we ever were to have a house fire (hubs is a volunteer firefighter!) I'd grab that recipe box first thing!

name for image

As a teacher, I constantly have a tight budget. I would love to swap teaching/classroom supplies with other teachers. Stickers, funky paper clips, memo pads, etc. just shoot me an idea!

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I like anything Maine or Alaska. I am a Mainer, so that's obvious. Something about Alaska has always intrigued me, I'm not sure what or why.

name for image

name for image

My husband collects Coca~Cola (Coke) things. Eventually, when we have our new house built, I would love to have a Coke themed kitchen!

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I don't have many dislikes.

I prefer items come from a non-smoking home, or do not smell strongly of cigarette smoke or perfumes. Certain smells can trigger a headache for me.

I'm allergic to shell fish and wool. If you're sending me a recipe it would be nice if it didn't contain shell fish as an ingredient because I wouldn't make the recipe. If you're doing a crafty swap with me, please be aware I am allergic to wool. I get hives when it makes contact with my skin! Yuck!

If you're in a recipe swap with me that includes sending beverages, please do not send alcoholic recipes. Both my husband and I do not drink!

Big beads/big jewelry are a turn off.

I don't like licorice or licorice flavored items.

The only nuts I like are peanuts and almonds, all others are no nos.

I don't care for ATCs, Inchies, Kawaii or Dotee Dolls. (Sorry!)

I don't care for the colors hot pink (soft pinks are nice), yellow and some shades of orange (think hunter orange=no!).

I don't care for bugs or insects of any kind. Especially live! Except I like pretty butterflies (not cutesy ones), lady bugs and dragonflies.

I HATE Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon! If you send me something Tony Stewart or Jeff Gordon related I will most likely re-gift it or trash it! (Probably trash it!! lol)

I hated typing this because I feel like I'm being rude!

Teach Me

I want to learn how to quilt.

I would also like to learn how to make handmade envelopes! (check! Thanks @Funkhoup !)

Making beads with sculpey or polymer clay.

How to crochet Amigurumis.

I can teach you:

  • the basics of crochet
  • how to crochet a scarf
  • how to make crochet dish cloths
  • scrap booking
  • card making
  • how to hand sew
  • how to make no sew fleece blankets
  • how to make herbal rice packs
  • how to create doggy bandannas
  • how to make friendship bracelets
  • how to make your own grocery bags
  • how to use a mac (!!)


This section is for Flakers and Non-Raters that I've encountered.

*Note: I recently received a 1. I sent the swap and I'm not sure what happened...I have no explanation! I'm working on getting my rating back up, although it will never be perfect again. :(

@Skirts -this person is now partially suspended and has 8 ones, who knows how many no sends in all.

@Twerlz -lists name as "First Last" and PO Box info as "PO Box +++". Beware!!

@postalmomma -Flaked on my Handmade Handbags Swap. I am angeling for her partner. Later, she told me her mother passed away and the swap seemed insignificant. I understand the pain of losing a mother, I lost mine almost 2 years ago and my husband lost his almost 4 years ago. But, I feel that when you sign up for a swap you sign up for a commitment and if something happens, like all commitments in life, you need to let people know what's going on. A simple PM to her partner could have saved time, trouble and her ratings.


Comment: Sorry for the late rating. Got the squares and have added to them. Thanks
Response: Thanks for rating!
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thanks for rating! I appreciate that you hosted the swaps!!
Response: Thanks for the rating and the heart! I'm glad the second bunch made it to you safely!
Comment: Got your swap. Thanks.
Response: Thanks for rating!
Comment: Got the daughter's...will add to them tonight. I've added some safety pins for you. Thanks for joining!
Response: Thanks for the rating AND the safety pins! I have been in town a couple times now and keep forgetting to pick some up, woops. Oh well. Thanks again!
Response: Thanks for rating!
junior88 rated for Crochet or Knit a Dishcloth! on Aug 5, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the pretty dishcloth. Love the flower. Your husband has good taste
Response: Thanks for the rating!
rekesha rated for Crochet or Knit a Dishcloth! on Aug 4, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the dishcloth!
Response: Thanks for the rating!
suepier rated for State map postcards on Jul 25, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great map postcard.
Response: Thank you for rating and for the heart!
loungeact rated for Single view postcard #1 on Jul 18, 2013
Comment: Thank you Samantha!
Response: Thanks for rating and for the heart!
blessedtwox rated for Scentsy Swap on Jul 16, 2013
Comment: I'm sorry, I hate to rate a 1 but its been a month, and I still haven received anything. I sent you a couple messages, but haven't gotten a response. Will change if I receive. UPDATE7/16/13: I received the scentsy bars, thank you so much, they smell lovely, thank you!
Response: 7/6 I did send this, way back when. I'm willing to re-send. Waiting for a response from blessedtwox. 7/10 I re-sent this swap. Waiting to hear from blessedtwox again. 7/17--Thanks for re-rating!
darzy30 rated for Multiview postcard #1 on Jul 16, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the pretty blueberry multiview! My husband works on a farm, so we get lots of fresh fruit and veggies.
Response: Thanks for rating and for the heart!
Grapefruit7625 rated for State map postcards on Jul 15, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the pc.
Response: Thanks for rating!
Ajijic rated for State map postcards on Jul 13, 2013
Comment: Your map card arrived today. It is lovely. Thanks!
Response: Thanks for the rating!
Comment: Hi Samantha! Great colors! Love it:0) Merry Christmas. Teri
Comment: Thank you for the squares.
princessblueberry rated for Meatless Recipes! on Nov 6, 2011
Comment: Thank You!
Herbalmama rated for Fall Favorites Recipes on Nov 1, 2011
Comment: Thanks for all the recipes.. You went above and beyond.
DownsideUp rated for Meatless Recipes! on Oct 29, 2011
Comment: These are awesome!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to make them.
jgazin13 rated for Fall Favorites Recipes on Oct 28, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much! The recipes look amazing!! I can't wait to try them! :)

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widelo123 on Nov 12, 2011:

I know both our Nascar divers aren't going to win the championship this year(Kyle Busch or Jeff Gordon) But please don't let Jimmy Johnson win. He's won enough already, let someone else win. He has so much money, Oh well so don't Kyle and Jeff. I would love if the sport went back 15 years or so. It was so much fun for the fans and I enjoyed going to Loudon.

3stairs on Oct 26, 2011:

I saw your comment on the monthly dishcloth (orange or brown) swap and wanted to give you a hearty HUZZAH for learning crochet! :D

karmadi on Sep 27, 2011:

I absolutely love your profile! It's so detailed and fun to look at :) It's nice to see one that's really filled out and not just a couple sentences lol

knellershappycampers on Dec 18, 2010:

PS: Any scent for the Scentsy Swap... ever! :-)

knellershappycampers on Dec 18, 2010:

We're doing a Scentsy Swap if you are interested! :-) http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/79451

Kimmakesstuff on Jul 26, 2010:

Hi! I also Joined the "I'm a Blogger Follow Me Swap" ! I also linked you on my blog. I just can't seem to comment on your blog :-( Greetings from Holland! Kim

cbpoole on Mar 29, 2010:

I was thinking about you, just thought I would drop by and say hello! I hope you have a great week! :)

YooperHill on Feb 9, 2010:

Thank you for the Crock Pot Lasagna recipe! Can't wait to try it!

cbpoole on Jan 11, 2010:

Hey dear..I hope you are ok! You haven't been online in a couple of days!

tyingknots on Nov 30, 2009:

Thank you so much for the yarn you sent me for the WTA Yarn-a-holics group.... I love the colors and cant wait to use it :) !!

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