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Hey there! :)

Baby Groot

I'm Megan (or Meg) - nice to "meet" you! I'm a south jersey INFP who is trying to make it through med school, one stressful day at a time. However, I'd like to think of it more as "Superhero Training Camp" because if doctors aren't the closest things to superheroes, I don't know what is! There is not much room for creativity and imagination in medicine however - not as a student anyways, so the need to find other creative outlets is always present.

I am madly in love with an English gent from Devon who swept me off my feet from the very first moment we met. From his kind eyes to his always laughing smile, I couldn't be more in love. This guy is just...yeesh. For all you hopeless romantics out there, imagine every Lifetime + ABCfamily cheesy romcom you've ever seen with a British male protagonist and smush them all together into one man, and it's him. And I am that American girl who's always studying for one thing or another when their paths finally cross serendipitously. (Can you tell I grew up watching too many cheesy movies?) :) It's like The Holiday meets Princess Diaries...I am just waiting for him to admit he's a prince. ;)

*I added a link to My Listia account above, not because i'm trying to promote buying things from me, but because I'm still a newbie on swapbot! Thus, I don't have many ratings yet. Hopefully, by seeing my reviews as a seller on Listia, you will have confidence that I always send what I am supposed to, and I would never flake. If a problem ever arises (postage due, didn't receive swap, etc), please don't hesitate to message me, and I have zero problem sending an envelope to cover the postage you had to pay or re-sending a swap if it was never received. Hopefully nothing goes wrong, but if it does, not to worry! We can fix it! :)

My Artsy Doings

In what little free time I have, I love to create. Anything. Everything. I grew up in a house with a mom who could easily be classified as a borderline hoarder - but I like to think of our home as a treasure trove. There are scraps of just about any material you can think of somewhere in the house, with recycled materials and broken bits of things that can be re-purposed into whatever your imagination can create!

My favorite thing is to find a way to make things people buy all the time for absurd prices. For instance, if I see a piece of jewelry on sale for say, $50 at a brand name store, first - I'll laugh. Second, I'll inspect it thoroughly to figure out how it was put together, and what it would take to make it myself. Then I do. My most recent "re-invention" is a (non-bubble) poly mailer. I ship things, but not often enough to buy a bulk amount of 100. And I thought it was ridiculous that all the pretty designer poly mailers consisted of about 20ish different patterns that EVERYONE uses - aka: none are very unique. So I figured out a way to make my own since trying to google a DIY tutorial comes up with NOTHING!

Anyways, haha, I digress! So I love to "re-invent" things. I also am a henna artist of sorts. (Another art I was tired of paying for someone else to do for me!) I use traditional methods and the fundamentals behind henna designs to create unique pieces of art that are more unconventional. Other than drawing on people's skin, I am always doodling new designs onto anything I can whenever I'm not studying. I've recently been into keeping blank ACEO/ATCs around for whenever inspiration strikes. Those are my form of ACEO/ATC, and I love sharing them! :)

What else...I am also a singer + musician. I haven't played in years, but I can play piano. Most days, I'll just pull out my uke though. I'm OK at both, but only learned to play the uke so I didn't have to wait on buddies with guitars anymore if I wanted/needed accompaniment. I am really mostly a singer though. My specialty? Love songs. The sadder, the more lovely + raw it sounds in my opinion.

Singing Life Away

Thus, my childhood nickname "megsongbird" (and also my last name starts with "song...." hehe) I am always singing. Like....always...even when I don't realize it. Or whistling/humming if I'm shy around someone. I just can't stop really! I'm one of those people who believe that music really can make a difference in someone's life. And I could talk about that forever....but I'll spare you. ;)

The last art I use as a creative release that I think is important enough to mention here is writing. I love words. I love the power that finding the perfect words to describe EXACTLY how you are feeling/what you are describing has. It is the art that, if not written, you cannot see. Yet still, it exists. It's the transformation of single ordinary words into sentences...phrases...quotes that are extraordinary enough to be able to change a person's life. I think of it as a superpower (can you tell yet I'm a huge superhero nerd?), And with great power comes great responsibility, right? Use it negatively, and you can literally make someone feel so terrible that they end their life. But weave it beautifully enough, and you can inspire the fallen to rise up; the hopeless to look up again. You could bring someone back to life. Words...they are incredible and more powerful than most individuals care to realize. So yes - I write. And I spread hope. By whatever means I can. That is my passion in life, and at the root of every decision/choice I make.

I linked my writing Instagram up above. My writing is either the post itself, or a deeper explanation of the thought in the caption. Starting from the first post, it follows my journey from the end of 2016, when I was at my lowest point, until the present. It's just my little thoughts. :)

Now...from what I see looking at other accounts as examples...some likes + dislikes are in order!

Things I Dig

  • FOOD (Sorry, I'm getting hungry trying to finish this...haha): any type - I love everything except ginger (unless with sushi). I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so if it can give me a cavity - I'm all for it! I like trying unusual foods from different countries too!

  • cool PVC decals/stickers (kawaii/popculture/anything)

  • paper art - you name it, I love it. (origami, stationary, scrapbooking, bullet journaling, bookmarks, stencils, etc)

  • weird/unique/awkward things

  • ink pads/stamps

  • henna cones/tattoos (non-permanent!)

  • fiction books (magical/fantasy like Harry Potter) + self-help/improvement books, books that make you think or gives you a different perspective. Bonus points if it makes you cry.

  • anything Harry Potter series related :D

  • guitar pics

  • fun factoids/unusual recipes/your "little tricks" for life!

  • creative cards/envelopes (that will survive through the mail as I mail cards frequently)

  • mail art

  • black fine tipped ink pens for drawing (wait - is this my Christmas list??)

  • mixtapes (cd/usb) of someones favorite music or their own music

  • snail mail

  • "earthy" style jewelry - nothing flashy; silver toned > gold toned if it ever comes up

  • poetry, thoughts, long hand-written letters, anything you want to tell an anonymous ear that will never judge - I love understanding what makes a person who they are. I want to hear your story. (Especially love life stories since I'm a hopeless romantic!) :P

  • ACEO/ATCs or any piece of art someone's created (it's the best gift!)

  • Cats/pugs/sloths/"special" animals (those ones that bump into things a lot or do dumb things hahaha - I'm going to have a special animal farm one day...:') )

  • anything funny (humor is how I am able to function as a human bean. I love it all, anything witty, sarcastic, twisted, "inappropriate", puns, weird, awkward - all types welcome!)

  • cool sunglasses/little accessories (I LOVE miniature anythings!! You have nooo idea how much I wanted to see a Borrower when I was a little girl...cough I still do cough)

  • anything MMA related! (I practice a bit of BJJ + Judo)

  • pens/colored pencils/paint (anything colorful!)

  • handmade anything

  • favorite color is GREEN, but really anything earth/natural colored, then every other color, and THEN pink.

  • flowers/peace signs/hippie stuff

  • girl/woman empowering stuff!

  • anything superhero related

Super Meg

  • mortal kombat, pokemon, DBZ, attack on titan, familyguy

  • tea bags > coffee > water > mud (why you'd send me mud? i'm not sure. please don't send me mud...)

  • honestly, anything someone sends me, I'll love. You could send me a rock, and if you give me some deeper meaning/story behind it, I'll cherish it forever. Imagination + creativity are all that's needed to make me happy. Surprises are the best!!! :D


Things I Don't Dig

*pink, super girly girl stuff - flowers and little cute things are fine, but i'd prefer not receiving entire envelopes/packages that looks like someone spilled peptobismol all over it! (though I am all for girl power + am definitely a hopeless romantic so anything lovey dovey or "Beyonce-esque" is fine! ;) )

Pink Throwup

  • Dark chocolate that's TOO dark...(aka those fancy kinds that are like 70% cocoa)
  • ginger flavored things
  • drugs
  • negativity
  • I don't know what else. I'll add if I ever get something I'd prefer not to, but i'm pretty easy-going!


Comment: Absolutely gorgeous!
Comment: Thank you for the love on my instagram page.
dodie rated for 4 Handmade Envelopes on Apr 23, 2018
Comment: You enveloppe are very nice and colored, but we usually doing this kind of swap to get enveloppe to ship a penpal letter or a swap. As the swap didn't specifice what is the minimum and I'm certainly not a police of the swap-bot (you will see... some are LOL). I just want you to know. You're envelope are well done and super pretty :) I will use them in future flipbook.
Zander rated for Happy Mail-April 2018 on Apr 21, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the Happy Mail
Milamom rated for Happy Mail-April 2018 on Apr 17, 2018
Comment: Lovely swap and SO very creatively packaged. I love everything!
Comment: Thank you fop sharing. That was fun! I so can relate to sweating after show thing, and you're pink with pink is awful.
PrettyPeacock rated for 4 Handmade Envelopes on Apr 13, 2018
Comment: I'm so tired today and got home and opened your envelope, then another and another and another and then another and found your most amazing surprise and laughed my ass off. I still didn't know what swap it was for but recognized your name because I just mailed you some washi tape a couple days ago. But I couldn't stop laughing so I called my mum and told her about it then found the tiny little note about what swap it was and laughed even harder. YOU ARE THE BEST. I truly haven't laughed that hard in a while. I hope your Devon man keeps sweeping you off your feet. Hugs ~ Bre P.S. how the hell do you write that small. LOL
Response: Hi! :) So I was actually super excited to send yours because I thrive on humor, and that one I thought was hilarious too! I thought to myself, she's either gonna love this or hate this....but I love it so.....i'm sending it! Hahaha :P And I have no idea how I write that small...sometimes I even amaze myself! I'm glad I could give you a good, hearty laugh! :) That's the best gift to give me thinks! :P And regarding my Devon man, I haven't touched the floor yet! :) :) :) Have a wonderful day!!
ulosteet rated for 50 Of My Favorite Songs on Apr 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your song list, Meg! I love that you included "Only Hope" by Mandy Moore. I haven't heard that song in years, but I love watching her on "This Is Us" these days.
Response: That song is one of those songs my mind defaults to and sings when I just feel like singing and not thinking - it's so odd! I can't shake it! Haha I'm glad you appreciate it! :)
Comment: Wow your drawing style is so amazing! What a beautiful ATC! And the drawing on the envelope was really beautiful as well. You are super talented. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!
Response: I'm happy you liked it!! :) Thanks!!! :D Have a lovely day!
Comment: I really like how you did the inside of the card. Thank you so much.
Comment: Fun list
ahren rated for Build your ratings now!!!!! on Apr 7, 2018
Comment: Sorry I'm late!!
Response: No worries! :)
Comment: Your answer to #94 made me laugh and laugh. So did some of the others! I enjoyed reading your answers. Cheers!
Response: Just looked back at it - hahaha - glad I could give ya a few chuckles! Cheers! :)
Comment: I love your creativity on this swap. Your ATC is awesome, and you wrote your message in really creativity way! And when I opened the envelope of extras, I could only smile and laugh! Just perfect little something from the healer to another one. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish I could give you more than one heart. <3 <3 <3
Comment: Thank you for sharing your answers, loved reading them! We'll meet on Mars then, hopefully sometime soon :D Best wishes
Response: Let's be Martian neighbors! :D <3
Comment: Happy SPRING! See ya on Instagram! xx
Comment: Thank you so much for your comments and likes :)
Comment: Got it. Tfs...

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videolady2150 on Apr 3, 2018:

I forget to mention that this is for build your ratings

videolady2150 on Apr 3, 2018:

I really enjoyed reading your profile. I commend you on continuing your education in medicine. I didn’t get a college degree until well into my forties and did so online. I will look at your writings as I am very interested. God Bless you and always smile!

Xtina4always on Apr 2, 2018:

Meg I know school is hard but you’re truly being a superhero making it through med school! You got this girl! Keep on going!

kellengreen on Apr 2, 2018:

Hi Megan!!

I love your profileeeee!!! Hop ewe can be friends and get som swap going on!!

I read this and thought of you:


This sounds so much like a doctor don't you think??

Have a great week!!

Your Build your ratings pal!

papertreasures17 on Apr 1, 2018:

Hi! I am your partner for the Build Your Ratings Now swap. WOW! What an awesome profile page!! You are so talented and have such a wide variety of interests. I am jealous that you can play the piano and like Harry Potter - never could get into the series myself, but I realize Potter fans have their own lingo!!! I also feel that writing is becoming a lost art. How special it is to see someone's written words just for you. Nice to meet you!

Lucine on Apr 1, 2018:

“Hey, little fighter, soon things will be brighter.”

for the "Build your ratings now!!!!!" swap.

Katiebrb on Apr 1, 2018:

I read this and liked it. "Hope is a song in a weary throat."

Katie. for the Build your ratings now swap

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