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about me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tracey, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and currently living in Toronto. I live in the west end of the city with my hubby, four daughters, my dog Loopy & three cats, Cynthia, Meadow & Dusty.

I love sending & receiving "snail mail". I LOVE MAIL ART! I have a great appreciation for cute, uniquely designed, pretty, colourful envelopes, letters & parcels. If you’re able to put more than one stamp on your envelope, that’s super awesome and will make my day :-) I love all kinds of stamps, they make me happy 😆

I enjoy and appreciate all types of creative art. Some of my favourite ways to express myself are through:

  • surrealist / mixed media collage
  • zines
  • handmade postcards
  • watercolour
  • flipbooks
  • art journals & glue books
  • acrylics

things I enjoy…

Not a list of demands, just some of my favourites - & surprises are great :-)

  • ❤️valentine’s day cards❤️ I love Valentine’s day cards and all are appreciated. I especially enjoy handmade (with effort) & vintage / vintage inspired “school room” valentine cards :-) My girls & I made a decorated cardboard “mailbox” to put the received cards in! 🙌🏼🤓

  • mail art - please show me your talents!

  • handmade postcards what a treat to receive a lovely creation made by you 🤗

  • handwritten letters & postcards tell me a little about yourself, your interests, your life, your thoughts, something we have in common

  • decorated envelopes with lots of stamps My favourite :-)

  • zines I’m just starting to get into them and would love to receive some to build up my collection :-) any zine is welcome - either one created by you or a random zine made by someone else (as an extra)

  • flipbooks with lots of pockets

  • small items such as paper goods/ stickers / sticker flakes in glassine envies & tiny paper bags

  • vintage card’s & paper goods (any kind)

  • vintage fabrics embroidery, needlepoint, small squares of patterned fabrics (especially small flowers), pretty handkerchiefs, embroidered patterned ribbon, interesting lace (I’m happy with even small pieces (2”x2”) of any of the above mentioned) current fabric pieces are also awesome:-)

  • interesting buttons, beads & baubles

  • wax seals

  • magazine cutouts interesting images that i can use for my collage projects

  • ephemera whimsy woodland, cottagecore, “vintage” images of forest animals, toadstools & mushrooms, acorns, pine cones, flora & fauna, botanical, birds, forest trees, mythical creatures & faerie lore, celestial theme, space & galaxy, Matryoshka dolls

  • stamps I’m crazy for stamps - I collect them and use them in my creations. New stamps and/or used stamps on or off paper / cancelled is great.Stamps from your country 1950's - 1980's stamps - AMAZING! (even damaged stamps are great, as I use them in my art)

  • handmade crocheted, cross-stiched, felted, painted, silkscreened, letter-pressed, collaged, or sewed tiny woodland animal friends & toadstools🍄

  • matchbox crafts

  • stickers vintage inspired woodland forest animals, (especially deer, fawns, foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, rabbits) toadstools & mushrooms, acorns & pinecones, crows, vintage fairytales (especially Little Red Riding Hood & Alice in Wonderland, Hansel & Gretel)

  • washi tape woodland forest animals, toadstools, botanical, sprinkles, confetti, tiny polka dots, neons & bright patterns, geometric shapes & patterns, grid, snail mail, moomin, kawaii

  • rubber stamps anything related to snail mail letterpost, "please deliver to", "handle with care", "happy mail", "snail mail", "airmail" or faux postmark stamps. Woodland forest animals (fox, deer, hedgehog, owl, raccoon, squirrel), toadstools, mushrooms, acorns, leaves, trees

  • polaroid pictures from the 1970’s /1980’s

  • vintage children's book illustrations I love them all, but especially in colour from the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s. I like to incorporate them into my art creations. I know they’re difficult to part with, quality copies are great too 🙌🏼

  • any illustration / image of Little Red Riding Hood. I collect them :-)

  • authentic vintage wrapping paper 1950’s - 1990’s - any size

  • vintage black & white photo / postcard old creepy photos of people / pets are my favourites)

  • vintage postcards that have been written on (pre 2000)

  • kawaii sticker flakes, complete letter sets (envelope + two letter sheets), memo sheets. Some of my favourites are Deery Lou, Hummingmint, Homekoro, Nyokki & Penne, Pandapple, Sweet Coron, Abauchuu, Puchi Puchi Milky & Tenorikuma. I love images such as rainbows, clouds, cuteness, candies, sweet treats, ice creams, popsicles :-) (please save Hello Kitty for someone else, I have enough 🥴)

  • candy I love candy 🍭 especially candy unavailable in Canada. Hard candies, soft candies, chewy & fruity, gooey & sweet & gummies of all kinds. Cotton candy, toffee, caramel, jelly beans, bubble gum, mentos, chiclets, licorice & lollipops.

  • favourite flavours blueberry 🫐 cherry 🍒 cotton candy 🍭 watermelon 🍉 bubble gum 🍬grape 🍇 raspberry, lime, tangerine 🍊 mango 🥭


  • handmade with effort put into them (and the swap allows)
  • all vintage
  • postcards from the 1970's / 1980’s
  • toadstools & mushrooms
  • motels
  • cemeteries & graveyards
  • abandoned places (psyche hospitals, amusement parks, ferris wheels, & towns)
  • vintage woodland themes & animals
  • fawns
  • vintage fairytales
  • botanical
  • flora & fauna
  • snails
  • crows
  • mythical creatures
  • victorian gothic
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Hansel & Gretel
  • Wes Anderson
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Bauhaus
  • cityscapes & street shots

If I’m lucky enough to receive an awesome handmade postcard from you, please feel free to send it in a clear protective sleeve so it doesn’t get damaged while travelling 💌

no thank you…

  • anything religious
  • candles/incense
  • colouring pages
  • Disney/child
  • teacher reward stickers/stickers with flags of different countries
  • free/ad postcards
  • foam cutout things / die cuts
  • napkins
  • makeup
  • earings
  • anything you wouldn’t want to receive yourself +old dirty items, wrinkled/folded/old random papers, swaps that smell like cigarettes/sloppy thrown together swaps +swaps with no thought put into them (sigh)

just an FYI...

I truly enjoy the art of swapping. I always take the time to read my partners profile and see what I can create for them & what kind of goodies they like. Even when it’s “sender’s choice “. I always try to tailor my swaps to my partner as best I can. I want my partner to be really happy when they open my mail 🙌🏼🥳 I put a lot of time and effort into my swaps. I prefer quality & thoughtfulness over quantity 🙌🏼 thanks in advance :-)

This swapper is "flake-free" - I always send my swaps out before the due date has passed and always make a trip to the post office to make sure that the correct postage is being applied to the envelope/ parcel. That being said, if you haven't received my swap way past the date, something has gone wrong in the post. Please contact me personally and let me know before leaving a poor rating


I always try and rate as soon as I receive your mail :-)

I give a heart if I think my partner has put time and effort into the swap - if they've thought about what they're sending, read my profile, chose items they know I would enjoy etc...



Comment: Thank you for the adorable bunny valentine!! so cute. Stickers are cute too!! Have a blessed day!!
Comment: Thank you for the adorable duck card! Thank you for the great stickers, too!
skinny52 rated for Christmas postcard in an envelope on Jan 29, 2023
Comment: Thank you so very much for the resend, I appreciate it very much! And such great goodies this time that I am even more curious about the first one. I will definitely let you know if it ever shows up. I'm pretty sure I'm not up to recreating the Addams Family house but I admire the skills! Happy new year to you!
Comment: Thanks for the lovely swap. Sewing envelopes is such a great idea!! I loved it all!! P.S. Glad to find likeminded people regarding 80s music haha :)
Comment: An amazing swap, thank you. I loved all the little notes you wrote to explain where everything came from. Some of the pieces I have already put aside for my new junk journal I am putting together.
chandlerguera rated for Chunk O Christmas Intl 2022 on Jan 25, 2023
Comment: Firstly, the postcard arrived in pristine condition! So happy about that. The wintery scene with purple colors is gorgeous! Love that you wrote on 100% of the postcard and added very cool stickers. I can't rate any higher but I would if I could. Thank you so much!! xo
explore rated for SSM: Winter postcard on Jan 24, 2023
Comment: Thank you for your postcard. I love your handwriting - so clear and easy to read! I had to look up the word "pariah" - it means outcast. Thank for sharing about Toronto and it weather. Happy swapping!
Comment: Wow, I think I may have died and gone to found ephemera heaven! Thank you for all the interesting ephemera and the time that you took to share it! Everything is so beautifully presented. That graffiti and library bookmark are especially cool. Being from a small town, I enjoyed this look at life in a big city.
Response: Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed a little glimpse into my life :-) This swap was quite different and I had a lot of fun gathering all the interesting items from my week 🤓
HennyPenny rated for Zine Memory Triggers #8 on Jan 22, 2023
Comment: Such a beautiful package! Excellent zine. Oh, that Amazon….and stupid doubt 🫤. Thanks for the extras! I haven’t made a tin in awhile but I will send you a snap when I make one.
Response: I’m glad you liked the packaging…I’m just learning how to sew and have to stop myself from sewing everything in sight :-) Love these zine swaps, happy you enjoyed it!
alihagerart rated for Zine Memory Triggers #8 on Jan 22, 2023
Comment: Your zine was so much fun!! The details were amazing and I can totally relate to the Jerry Springer after school routine :) Also-- amazon is not very smart hahaha. They regularly toss my packages into my recycling bin on my porch.. like, what? Thanks so much for swapping!
Response: Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed my zine 🤓 Thank you for the nice compliments! I laughed out loud when I read your comment…unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that they throw your packages in the recycling bin…hey, at least yours makes it into a “box”?! 😂 (unlike mine)
khoffmaster13 rated for Artspiration - #2 on Jan 19, 2023
Comment: I loved this out of the box idea for my three words! And thank you for the little extra goodies.
Response: You’re so welcome, I had to think about this one for a while. Happy you liked it!
Comment: My goodness, did I enjoy receiving your Tim Horton card! What a treat to find in my mailbox! You should make FABRIC POSTCARDS with your new sewing machine. They are so fun to make, and there are so many creative options.
Response: I’m glad you liked it! I try to find the most “interesting” pieces of cardboard I can 😬 Oooohhh fabric postcards…I just might have to try that :-)
Barbara rated for HMPC: Botanical love - December on Jan 14, 2023
Comment: Thank you Tracey for the beautiful personal journaling postcard. Did you know that 2023 is the year of the rabbit? You have so many techniques for me to find and your stitching turned out great! Your card will go in my art journal with one strip of washi tape so I can read it for inspiration. Someday I would like to travel in Canada.
Response: You’re so very welcome. Thank you for the nice compliments :-) So special that it’s going in your art journal 🤗
hellojett rated for AMA: Altered Postcard #6 on Jan 11, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard you made for me. I love it! Thank you also for the nice note on the back, and also for taking care to send it in a plastic sleeve. It arrived without any damage. Hope you see you in another swap!
Response: You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed what I sent :-) Hope to see you as well in the next one 🤓
Comment: Thank you very much for the lovely Christmas card, it is indeed very specially. Also thank you for all the extra’s. And it will be wonderful to come to the Netherlands with your girls. And the coin is from Thailand.
Response: You’re so welcome Annelies, I’m so glad you liked it :-) All the best in 2023 🤗
dakotadee rated for Chunk O Christmas Intl 2022 on Jan 8, 2023
Comment: Loved your letter. My cats are KiKi, age 12 to 14,(black), Angie, age 9 to 10(grey long hair) and Hopper, age 9 (black) Angie is Hopper's mom. All came to live in my backyard and soon into my home. Hopper came in at 3 months old. They all own me. lol
Response: Hi Dee, I’m glad you enjoyed my letter - thank you for letting me know a little more about your fur babies, I’m always curious of names, ages etc…I know what you mean, about being owned by the cats - lol take care :-)
luckysweetpea rated for Chunk O Christmas Intl 2022 on Jan 7, 2023
Comment: Tracey, I love the postcard you sent me, embellished with all sorts of Hair Band song titles!! I love that I'm not alone in my love for them. I hope you enjoyed the holidays! PS-I use to have a tortie cat, so I really loved the postcard. Warmly, Ginger
Response: Hi Ginger, us hair band fans have to stick together…I feel we might be a dying breed? I’m glad you enjoyed the postcard and note :-) hope to see you in another swap soon
Response: Hello Indra, you’re so welcome, glad you liked it - ummmm, YES, that would be amazing to travel to India! Maybe one day…I’ll look you up and we’ll go for chai 😉
Elliepatterson rated for Zine Memory Triggers #7 on Jan 5, 2023
Comment: Thank you for this very fine swap.
Response: Hi Ellie 👋 you’re very welcome - glad you liked it! I hope to see you again soon in another Zine swap :-)
Elliepatterson rated for Zines #36 on Jan 5, 2023
Comment: Thanx for this awesome swap. You are extremely creative and it is much appreciated. Also, gratitude for all the extras you included.
Response: Hi Ellie, you’re very welcome (again 😂) thank you for the nice compliment. I have a lot of fun creating zines! 🤓

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