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Date Joined: August 6, 2020
Last Online: November 4, 2020
Birthday: June 23
Country: Canada

About Me

PLEASE NOTE: As of October 1st, 2020: Montreal Canada is back in the red zone and on limited lockdown for Covid-19. What this means: We are allowed to go out to do essential things, but I will be limiting my trips due to having two people in my house who are at high risk. So when I finish this round of swaps, I will likely be joining mostly those that I know are one stamp only so I can just put them in the mailbox and/or only going to the post office once per week.. I don't know if it will affect mail times more than they are already affected but I suspect yes.

10/17/20: I have updated my profile with more likes/dislikes and so on. But honestly, so long as it's not specifically in my dislikes, which is very short, I wouldn't stress too much about it.

10/25/20: It has come to my attention that there seems to be a few swaps sent by me in the second half of September which have yet to arrive. For that matter I am also waiting to receive swaps from that same time period. I do not know if these are lost or just moving amazingly slow. But if you receive a swap from me for this time period, please rate so I know you've gotten it. And if you haven't, feel free to let me know and I'll happily work out a time in which to resend. Thanks! :)

10/31/20: So on Friday I got 21 pieces of mail in my box (and on the shelf outside it because it wouldn't all fit!). Two personal, one Etsy order, 4 swaps returned TO me for unknown reasons (although one was so water damaged I'm amazed it made it back) and 14 swaps, some certainly dating from mid/late September. I check my mail each and every day, so clearly there's was a backlog somewhere with in-coming and possibly out-going mail. I love receiving the swaps and really appreciating the contents and I work long hours all weekend, so it's going to take me a couple of days to properly go through them all and rate them, but rest assured I will. And if you are waiting on a swap from me for that time period, I suspect you may now be receiving it soon as that is the mail that seemed to be missing. I will however resend anything that doesn't arrive within this next week, so do let me know and/or I will contact you if I don't see a rating. Thanks and take care! :)

I am married and mom to two adult children, one still living at home. I work part-time and am caregiver to my mother-in-law who lives with us. My body tells me I'm getting older but my mind insists I'm still young which makes for some interesting situations at times. I love reading, writing, music and dancing. I like baking, crafting, watching TV, relaxing computer games and surfing the net.

Favorite Music

Technically anything that I can dance to works for me but I am an old school rocker at heart. Yes, I had the Harley Davidson tees, plaid shirts and skin tight jeans back in the '80s. But I do listen to 80s pop, 60s and 70s rock 'n roll and old school rap as well. As for more modern music, Imagine Dragons is incredible.

Favorite Books

Too many to mention by name. I have read a lot of the classics over the years and Austen and Dickens are both favorites. Everyone should read Terry Pratchett at some point in their lives, he's just too good to miss. Agatha Christie will always hold a special place in my heart for introducing me to mystery novels. Little Women was the first book to ever make me cry. Nowadays I read mostly romance (especially historical) and mysteries (especially cozies).

Favorite Television

Favorite Movies and TV:

I don't watch many movies, but when I do it's generally comedy. Other than that I have seen all the MCU and loved them.

As for TV I mostly watch non-scripted shows. Things from Travel Channel, true crime, documentaries on Netflix and shows about history. I loved Modern Family.

Favorite Crafts

Not exactly a traditional "craft" but I like to bake elaborate desserts. I've had a few culinary disasters, but most turn out well.

For actual crafts: Cross-stitch, Scrapbooking, Junk Journals and Making Collages.

I also enjoy writing, whether it's letters or stories.

I am debating with myself whether I want to try ATCs, card making or tag making. I may still jump in on this at some point.


I collect postcards, coins, stamps and Funko pops.


-I particularly like if you send a note/letter with the swap, so if you are pressed for something "extra" just send a nice little letter. I don't base hearts on extras at all, so no worries.

-Anything that can be used for scrapbooking/junk journals: But especially things which are a little larger/easier to handle.

-Animals: Especially cats, elephants, bears and rabbits.

-Birds: Especially owls and cardinals.

-Colors: Anything bright/vibrant, especially purples, pinks, blues, greens or metallic.

-Ephemera: Most, but especially vintage and/or ad related.

-Memo pad sheets: Either small and designed that can be used for scrapbook/journal or large enough to write more than a couple of lines.

-Stamps: Cancelled or not, from any country.

-Stickers: All, but nothing too childish. Pages of small ones that can be used as accents are also good. Especially animals and fantasy themed stickers. Sheets or loose, does not matter.

-Stationery/Cards: Happy to receive any/all. I think handmade things are lovely.

-Postcards: Preferred if they are written on and stamped. Especially of the "touristy" type, but all are welcome. Animals, quotes and retro/vintage are also very good. Honestly, any postcard you think is nice is good.

-Tea: A preference for black teas (Earl Grey, English Breakfast), mint tea or fruit flavored teas. Nothing that tastes like flowers please or green tea.

-Coffee/Hot Chocolate: Happy to receive either in pretty much any flavor.

-"Strange Things": If you have something that is a little odd, quirky, might offend another swapper, I am probably a good candidate to send it to.


Okay, if you take the time to send something I am unlikely to say I don't like it. I am happy to receive things that aren't exactly what's on the list above because I do believe it's the thought that counts. With that said though, please nothing overtly religious (except if a religious site on a postcard or Christmas stuff). And please no candy/sweets, there are two people in my house who can't eat it.

A note about glitter: I don't mind it on cards, stickers and so on. But please, no loose glitter! Now granted, I place the blame squarely on me and the cat, but there was a loose glitter incident with a swap that resulted in me needing to use a sticky roller on him and we'd prefer not to repeat the process, thanks!

A note about stickers: Please don't intentionally go out and buy me teacher/reward stickers. I do however have three people in my family who are teachers and I asked if they could use them and they said sure. So if you have some hanging around from another swap or whatever and want to get rid of them in a sticker swap, feel free to send them to me and they will be passed along and put to good use.


I am a visual, tactile person. I like to be able to hold and examine something. I am not the craftiest person, but I am interested in ATCs, pocket letters and flipbooks. If anyone would like to send me an example, even of a quite simple one (like one pocket basically) or maybe one you weren't quite thrilled with, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!


As stated in my About Me, I do have Mum living with me. She is quite isolated (especially now) and doesn't use computers without my help. She enjoys online shopping for things with me though and loves picking out gifts and things, we just have only so many people to send things to. Some of the likes above correspond to hers as well. She used to paint but is not steady enough anymore which is one of the reasons doing scrapbooks, junk journals and collages with me is good and rewarding for her as they are more forgiving and help to keep her mind and co-ordination active.

It's still my account, I will still be in charge of and responsible for all swaps, but just know that you are also making an elderly lady very happy by being able to shop for you and enjoying the things you send.

One more thing, anything at all with a cat on it (that meets all other swap requirements) will get an automatic heart :)

Thanks for reading my profile and have a wonderful day! :)


AlisonKingWriter rated for Variety Pack #6 on Mar 3, 2021
Comment: You seem to have a lot of 1's and havent been on since Nov, so I hope everything is okay. I will absolutely take this rating off/change it if I get a reply to my message from December. Hope you're okay! <3
danatropicana rated for How happy is your mail? #2 on Feb 24, 2021
Comment: Hate to do this but I feel bad every time I check for updates and see the temporary suspension. What is a temporary suspension? Anyhow, best wishes to you if you ever read this!
lilsiyh rated for Decorate an Envie with a flat gift on Feb 12, 2021
Krystal2424 rated for Paranormal Pen Pals #2 on Jan 18, 2021
Comment: Never received. From the profile it looks like I wonโ€™t be receiving this swap.
Satorii rated for CS: Send a suprise #1 on Jan 17, 2021
Comment: never received anything and didn't receive a response to my message and have just seen that they have been partially suspended
Comment: Never received anything, contacter user several times. Meanwhile user is also suspended...
Comment: I hate to rate you a 1 but this is the 2nd swap that you didn't send me anything. If you ever come back and do send, I will re-rate.
Comment: I am sorry, I still did not get your mail.
lovenita rated for www.listverse.com list of lists on Jan 1, 2021
Comment: I never received this swap, but will rerate if I get it.
MahoganyMoon rated for Christmas card on Dec 28, 2020
Comment: I am sorry, but I did not get the card. If I will get it, I will rerate. I hope you are okay!!
Comment: I will change this rating if you send the email. Sorry to have leave a 1.
Comment: If you send this swap, I'll be happy to re-rate.
Poohtat rated for Happy Mail #5 on Dec 17, 2020
Comment: I will change my rating if I receive anything.
nanadiana rated for Give Thanks on Dec 10, 2020
Comment: Will rerate if I receive something.
Comment: Hey Tatum hope youโ€™re ok? Happy to rerate at a later date. Bit worried about you x

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I am still waiting on a rating for senders choice oct. Please rate

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Drachenfrau on Dec 1, 2020:

Angeled the Corona -letter I hosted to your partner. I hope everything is ok with you!

noname13 on Nov 29, 2020:

Angeled today to your partner for "CPG: Early Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ global #2"

lou on Nov 22, 2020:

Hi Tatum, hope all is well with you - please check your private messages here and your email account connected to your SB account, thanks!

Drachenfrau on Nov 9, 2020:

Can you please read and answer my messages! It is very frustrating! Thank you!

Drachenfrau on Nov 3, 2020:

Can you please rate me for the Library Lovers E-Prompt #15-swap! Sent you my swap on October 27th and you read it. Sent you this message via pm, but you didn't read it, although you we're online. :-(

Rainydancer on Oct 25, 2020:

Welcome to Sunshine swaps!

BlueberryLady on Sep 19, 2020:

Welcome to Beginner's Crafting Group

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Thanks so much for joining my Spill it Sister swap! I'm starting to get excited! This is one of my favorite swaps that I have done!!!

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