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Country: India

About Me

I love things that are from or that depict other countries, because I am not able to travel there in the near future, even before covid19. I always aim to send thoughtful, sometimes handmade gifts.Hope we can be friends.

If I haven't rated you, please message me.


Favorite Music

Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Angèle(Belgium), blackpink, Aida Nikolaychuk, Bebe Rexha, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, David Archuletta, Maroon5

Favorite Books

Amitav Ghosh Susanne Collins - Mockingjay PC & Kirsten Cast - House of Night series I love CLASSICS. All of them. I also like poetry, though it takes more effort to decipher.

I like monthly what I read' swaps. I want 'Discover a new author' swaps. (maybe I'll host someday)

My likes

I love Disney, have seen a lot of its movies and I like them all, especially of the golden age.

I also love Harry Potter. Hermione is my favorite character.

I am a HUGE Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and The Mummy fan (I have every scene and many lines memorized).

I love Studio Ghibli.

I am a prehistoric nerd. Not just playing with toys, but crazy deep in the archaeology and paleontology nerd.

I also find genuine research on ancient apocalyptic civilizations very interesting. For example, ancient Egyptian civilization.

I am a weeb as well. •Attack on Titan •Yotsubato •Noragami •Ajin •Psycho Pass •Ergo Proxy •Ouran high school host club •Maid sama •Tonari no seki kun •Kamisama kiss •Monster And so many more. (I'm going to prepare a myanimelist soon)

I like Pusheen. I love Mulan. I love Pokemon (especially 1st generation).

I like Japanese quirky and cute merchandize, including stationery.

I don't have washi tapes. If you could, please introduce me to that concept.

Expectations from me

While I am not poor in my country, I am currently unemployed. Also, take into consideration that in my country, which is not a developed one like yours, there is not much variety as you are used to.

Please keep that in mind.

This will lead to me printing out custom postcards and stuff.

So 'store-bought' is often a missed luxury for me. It simply is not available, even in the most posh of stores.

So to all my hosts and partners, please be understanding of the gap between developed and developing countries.

I love crafting nonetheless. And hope, that my background will not hinder the process of a fulfilling swap.

Old is gold

I love the Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo! Pebbles is the cutest! I also love Tintin, Captain Planet, Richie Rich, and The Addams Family (color).

Powderpuff girls, Dexter's laboratory, Courage the cowardly dog, Tom and Jerry, Looney Toones, Johnny Bravo, Popeye, Samurai Jack

Kipper, Oswald, Bob the builder, Pingu, Noddy

Mr. Bean, Takeshi's castle, M.A.D.

Winnie the pooh, Mickey mouse

I've watched most of the popular Disney animated movies, especially the 2D art style ones

The Sound of music, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy,

(Will continue to add more over time)

90's specially...

Starting from Cartoon Network: Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff girls, Courage, Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Captain Planet

Moving to Pogo: Bob the builder, Pingu, Oswald, Kipper, Noddy, Mr. Bean, M.A.D., Takeshi's Castle

With movies(many from Disney): Brother bear, Mulan, Lady and the tramp, prince of Egypt, Disney princesses, Bambi, Aladdin Toy Story, Ice Age, all the early Barbie movies (which I have dolls of: Swan Lake, Rapunzel, Nutcracker, Fairytopia, Pegasus, Princess and the Pauper, to name a few. Monsters Inc. All the good stuff. :)

Of course the 90s movies like the Jurassic Park series, Mummy 1 & 2, all the spiders and reptiles movies, Home Alone series, Terminator 2. Honorable mentions - Titanic, Blair Witch.

Oh I haven't forgotten about Pokemon and Beyblade. I have sooo many tazo's which came with Cheetoz. the circular, the rectangular ones, Pokemon cards, I have them all in a decent quantity (100+)! I also have the Classic Collector's Handbook for the first 151 Pokemon. I had Beyblades too at some point.

I love the first generation Pokemon to the heart, and all those Pokemon movies too.

Moving to games: I loved the 90s computer! It's games were so fun! The most memorable are Project IGI 1 & 2. Also a Jurassic Parks game by someone official. It had fossil hunting and stuff.

Books were Nancy Drew, Hardy boys, Famous Five, Secret seven, goosebumps, boxcar children.

Did not watch Nickelodeon

90's music was amazing. I especially love Backstreet boys and Britney Spears. Honorable mention : MJ (R.I.P. legend)

Horror and Paranormal

Also like horror and paranormal movies and books. Used to be my go-to choice; now it still remains a favorite. There are too many I've seen to list. So I'll just mention - The Evil Dead and Insidious for now.

Lessons learned

People like extras.

For Deco's, some people prefer least moving gifs. Some like to see variety in the chosen images.


kelliegirl6 rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #282 on May 21, 2022
Comment: The beautiful peacock card finally arrived! Thanks for sharing your (long ago lol) weekend. Glad you got time with cute animals.
Comment: I finally received it! TYVM! The Himalayas are gorgeous!!!!
KarlaKC rated for Private Swap: Postcard 2/22/22a on May 4, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the two postcards, Hilori. I loved the Beatrix Potter themes. ❤️... Karla, 5/4/22
Comment: thank you for the cute postcard!!
Response: Welcome! Thank you for the rating.
kayler00 rated for CONFESSIONS OF A POSTCARD COLLECTOR on Mar 21, 2022
Comment: Beautiful card, Thank you! I also am on Postcrossing and have been enjoying it!
Response: Welcome! Glad you liked it! Thanks for the rating and the heart! I'm building my collection up for postcrossing, so I can send without any delay.
mb58ca rated for Hidden Words on Mar 15, 2022
Comment: Hilori, thanks for participating in the swap and for your honesty. Take care.
Response: Thank you for being an awesome host with creative swaps! It was fun. Welcome. Thanks for the rating and the heart!
hazelwitch3 rated for R&W: Read an ebook week on Mar 13, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the really interesting review of 'Basara'. I've not read any manga, although I have watched some anime so have some sense of the traditions. It looks like this series will have lots of twists and turns -- as a writer, I'm full of admiration for anyone who can sustain a long series like this! I hope you continue enjoying it.
Response: Hi! Welcome. This indeed is a long series, though there are much much longer manga series - 100+. I wonder how they manage to get so long without losing audience engagement. How cool that you are a writer! Thanks for the rating and the heart!
Comment: The ears look like maybe they’re supposed to be that way. Thank you for sharing your photos!
Response: I think so too! Maybe next time I see them, I'll get them. Welcome! Thanks for the rating and the heart.
KSENiA rated for ESG: A Shelfie! on Mar 5, 2022
Comment: Thank you for sharing
Response: Welcome! Hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for the rating and the heart!
QuinGem rated for Here's What I See on Mar 5, 2022
Comment: I'm so sorry for the delay in rating. I just found your post in the 'junkmail' folder! I really enjoyed your pictures. I like the way you have sorted your postcards.
Response: No worries. Happy you liked the photos. Thanks for the rating and the heart!
USAFwife rated for G: EMAIL Monsters on Mar 4, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the interesting email! My husband and kids have read or watched a lot of the series - not sure they finished the whole series - so I've seen some of the characters, but am not really familiar with it all. I might have a better chance keeping up now. :) Thanks for sharing!
Response: You're welcome! I have kept it as spoiler-free as I could. Thank you for the rating and the heart. I have not yet seen the latest season, but have completed the manga.
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
Response: Welcome! Thanks for the rating. Oh, thanks for the heart as well. I'm guessing it's because of the bonus photos. :)
HappyMom rated for ESG: My Favourite Photo - February on Mar 3, 2022
Comment: Loved the photos you shared - the figurines are adorable :)
Response: I wanted to get them so badly. Thanks for the rating and the heart!
Comment: I've seen those barbie movies too! My daughters loved them when they were little!
Response: Nice! I even had the dolls from all of them. :) Thank you for a fun swap, the rating and the heart!
Comment: Thanks for sharing the images to my profile page.
Response: Welcome. Thanks for the rating.
Millia rated for Here's What I See on Feb 28, 2022
Comment: Thank you for sharing your pictures 🌷 Your front door view looks so lush & lovely! I also really loved the street view you shared ✨ Everything looks so different from where I live - here in Finland everything is currently covered in snow & ice.
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely comment. You are welcome! Thanks for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Thank you for sharing! 💐
Response: Thank you for the rating and the heart! They are all famous Barbie movies I loved in my childhood.
krspellman rated for Here's What I See on Feb 27, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for your email, I love the pictures!! I will send you mine for fun :-)
Response: Welcome! I loved your email! Especially the front-porches! All the photos were fun. Thanks for the rating and the heart!
Comment: I love Cadbury chocolate and I can only imagine someone was eating the chocolate and using the book to disguise the fact. Maybe they were surprised by someone & they slammed the wrapper in the book? LOL - all the stories we can imagine for this discarded wrapper. xxMuggleMom
Response: Haha. That actually makes sense! I always thought it was such a bizarre thing to have a clean wrapper in a book and not even check before selling it! Thanks for the rating and the heart! Now I'm coming up with all sorts of scenarios.
HappyMom rated for ESG: A Shelfie! on Feb 21, 2022
Comment: What a great way to keep your books safe and dust-free! I never would have thought of that. Thanks for sharing :)
Response: Welcome! US doesn't need it as much, because there's a lot less dirt and sunlight. We are closer to the Sun and have dust, so it is kind of necessary. :) Thanks for the rating and the heart! Your shelves look so neat. Thank you for sharing.

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