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I'm in my early thirties. I've been married for over 10 years. We have a daughter and son. I'm a Christian. I absolutely love to read, and I like to write. I graduated with a B.A. in English and one minor in Business and another minor in Italian. Parlo un po' di italiano. I currently am a stay-at-home wife, but I do freelance editing and I'm rediscovering my passion for writing. I'm not that great with cooking, but I like to bake. I love to watch anime. I'm obsessed with tigers and other wild cats. One day I'm going to pet a tiger (most likely a cub). And I've finally reached my dream of visiting Italy!!!

Favorite Music

I like all sorts of music, except for hard rock or any music where you can't understand the lyrics because they're screaming. I listen to some country music. I enjoy classical. I listen to alternative and pop and Christian music. And the list goes on.

Favorite Books

I'm a voracious reader. Some of my favorites include the following: The Hunger Games trilogy, Mortal Instruments series, Tiger's Curse (Colleen Houck) series, Clockwork series, Les Miserables, Narnia series, Harry Potter series, Interview with a Vampire series (Memnoch the Devil in particular), the Sookie Stackhouse series, Dante's Inferno and Purgatorio, works by Shakespeare, Left Behind series, the Vampire Diaries series, The Host by Stephenie Meyer, works by Edgar Allan Poe, Inkworld trilogy, and Pride and Prejudice.

Some of my favorite YA authors are Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare, Philip Pullman, Richelle Mead, Kelley Armstrong, Meg Cabot, P.C. Cast, Garth Nix, Rick Riordan, L.J. Smith, Ellen Schreiber, Alyson Noel, and Claudia Gray.

Favorite Movies

The 10th Kingdom, Newsies, Harry Potter series, Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Walk to Remember, P.S. I Love You, Casper, Ever After, Mulan, other various Disney movies, While You Were Sleeping, Pitch Black, Princess Bride, How to Train Your Dragon, and Meet Joe Black...

Favorite Television

I have a lot of favorite shows, some that I watch with my husband and others on my own.

My favorite shows that no longer air on television: HOUSE, Futurama, Fringe (I love Joshua Jackson!) Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Dark Angel, Joan of Arcadia, Lost, Numb3rs, Sliders, Firefly, Psych, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, and Jackie Chan Adventures.

My favorite anime: Kamisama Kiss, Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club, Karin, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Kodocha, Trigun, Love Hina, Death Note, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and My Bride is a Mermaid. I'm sure I'll add to this list as I watch more anime.

Favorite Crafts

I'm new to making crafts. I'd love to have some favorites, but for now I'll just say what I'd like to learn to do. I want to learn how to knit and crochet things like scarves, hats, booties, and blankets. I want to learn how to quilt, but first I need to learn how to sew. Ideally, I'd like to learn how to sew clothing. I have done some paper crafts, but I want to learn different kinds. I'd also like to do scrapbooking.

The Other Side of Me

Even though I love the written word, I also like numbers. I take care of the budget at home. I also like to find great deals and coupons. I love to save money so that my family can have extra to travel and do other things we enjoy.

Likes/Wish List

  • I would especially love anything tiger or wild cat related (pictures, stuffies, knick knacks...)
  • Colors pink and green (if clothing, also black, red, blue, and brown)
  • Candles (apple cinnamon is my favorite)
  • Chocolate!! I prefer milk chocolate.
  • Candy
  • Fuzzy slipper socks (American 7 1/2)
  • Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings
  • Italy and Japan
  • Fiction books, poetry
  • Anime related things
  • Bookmarks
  • Pen pals
  • Cute pens
  • Homemade items (ex. knitted scarf or hat)
  • Crafts
  • Puzzles (Sudoku, crosswords, etc - I love to challenge my brain, so any puzzle will do.)
  • Key chains
  • Peanut butter
  • English breakfast tea, other black teas, green teas
  • Anything baking related
  • Lip gloss
  • My astrological sign Leo or Chinese Tiger
  • Waterfalls
  • Supernatural
  • Stickers are cool, but I'm only collecting anime stickers at the moment
  • my daughter likes princesses, outer space, books, barbies, Minecraft, ponies, cats, cheetahs, Legos, art crafts, Pokemon
  • my son likes cars, trains, Legos, Pokemon, Minecraft, roller coasters


  • Colors yellow and orange
  • Soaps and scented items
  • Very strong scents (bad for allergies)
  • Real flowers (I like them, but bad for allergies)
  • Birds
  • Floral print, polka dots, and stripes
  • Fruity teas
  • Things that smell like smoke
  • Nonfiction books (except Marley and Me and Eat, Pray, Love - so far)
  • Makeup
  • Pineapple
  • Bugs, insects, spiders, etc.
  • Violence, guns, war
  • SpongeBob

If you haven't heard from me..

If I haven't rated you, just send me a message and I'll definitely get back to you.


BusyB rated for CPG Ugly/Weird/Unloved PC #6 - US on Mar 11, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the retro funny postcard and the giggle! Welcome back to swap-bot. Hope all is well and have a great day.
sleepingrover2010 rated for Haiku for You on May 2, 2021
Comment: Hi Candace, Thank you for the beautiful Haiku you created for my Profile page. The Haiku you wrote paints a great picture of what you wrote. I enjoyed reading this poem each time I visited my Profile and had time to read . I sorry I have taken so much time to rate you, but I will be honest that I forgot about this poem on my Profile. I have continued to have problems with swaps that are mailed. Mail in and out of Colorado Springs continues to be slow. It applies to mail coming in and mail going out. I realize that this swap didn’t come in the mail, but when I swap, I always inform my partners as I may swap with you again. I enjoyed being your partner. I hope we get to swap again. Happy Swapping! Barb sleepingrover2010
Comment: LOL, this is certainly an ...interesting pc:) Thanks for the chuckle!
Loosefolia rated for Haiku for You on Apr 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely haiku! <3
AnitaHames rated for Haiku for You on Apr 9, 2021
Comment: I love the haiku! So nice! Thank you.
arimails rated for Haiku for You on Aug 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you <3
Comment: Haha thanks so much Candace, LOVE the mermaid you drew, and the hot tattoo guy
JurassicParkerPage rated for Haiku for You on Aug 17, 2020
Comment: beautiful! Thank you!
PooKwin73 rated for Haiku for You on Aug 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the sweet haiku! What a peaceful little image that gave me :)
Poftoffel rated for Just Write #10 - Poem on Jun 14, 2017
Comment: I love reading new kinds of poetry (well, new to me anyway :D) and this was very cool! You get into a sort of flow while reading and the returning cup of coffee ties everything so neatly together. Thank you for sharing this with me, I am inspired :-)
Response: Thank you for the heart, kind words, and for reading my poem :D
Comment: the poem on this card was so very moving it brought a tear to my eye i absolutely love love love it thank you so much
Response: I'm glad you liked it. You're welcome. And thank you for the heart. :)
metammi123 rated for Randon PC International on May 25, 2017
Comment: if only it really was a sunny day ... Raining here today ... Thank you for the though of sun
Response: Thank you for the heart. I hope it gets sunny there for you soon.
renmagpie rated for Seven times seven poem on May 22, 2017
Comment: Candace, I really enjoyed this poem, especially because I feel like you had a bit of an interesting challenge in the book and sentence you had to work with! Thank you for sharing this and keep on writing. xo
Response: Thank you. I had fun with it.
marclively rated for Wild Animal PC Swap #2 on May 20, 2017
Comment: Candace, thanks for the snail mail!!
Response: Thank you for the heart. :)
m3i5 rated for Randon PC International on May 18, 2017
Comment: Hi Candace, Thanks for your Rome postcard with stickers.
nmlacagno rated for Postcard Trading #2 on May 18, 2017
Comment: thank you!
Comment: I LOVED your poem! I'm also envious of your travels!
Response: Thank you for the heart. :) I'm glad you liked my poem.
delonewolf rated for Easy Postcard Swap US #11 on May 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you Candace!
Poftoffel rated for Just Write #9 - Poem on May 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you for sharing your poetry! I'm so sorry about your brothers divorce, divorce is a terrible thing that tears up families in more than one way. Your poem is very beautiful and reflects on that in a sad and subtle way. And I really like the happier poem too, it reminds me of when springs starts and you can sort of smell it in the air! All those exciting not-quite-smells on the breeze...the birds must know where it comes from!
Response: Thank you for your kind words and the heart. :)

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arimails on Apr 8, 2021:

Haiku For you

Thank for joining :)

Hello my dear friend// Let's make today a good one// Lots of love to send

Naeco on Apr 6, 2021:

Haiku for You!

God never leaves you. He is the source of all love, Forgiveness, and hope.

alt text

WavesofJoy on Apr 6, 2021:

Haiku For You swap

Hello, Candace! This is my very first haiku, hope you like it.

Haiku name: Dew Drops

Beads of water race

To the tip of leaves and stop

For a while, then drop.

We have a lot of common interests, so hope we meet again.

-Hilori :)

twileteyes on Aug 12, 2020:

Sorry for posting twice! The preview showed it would post correctly when I added the br tags..it lied!

Haiku for You Swap

Elusive balance,

Bright sunlight, cooling water:

Resilient orchid.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

twileteyes on Aug 12, 2020:

Haiku for You Swap

Elusive balance, Bright sunlight, cooling water: Resilient orchid.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Shion on Aug 7, 2020:

Haiku For You Swap

The sun is rising

People are playing around

The sun must sleep now

I hope your having a fun day and the your summer is going great!

JurassicParkerPage on Aug 6, 2020:

For Haiku for You swap

Sunrise misses you

It can't wish you good morning

When the skies are grey

  • Best wishes and happy swapping!
LauraAust on Mar 10, 2014:

Freeatlast on Feb 29, 2012:

Hi Candace, I was your partner for the Poetry Swap # 8. The poem that you sent to me really touched me. It is wonderful to see two young people dedicated to making a marriage work. I feel very fortunate because I have a wonderful daughter in law (her and my son have been married since they were 18) and they are in love as much or more than when they got married. As a result I have three beautiful grandchildren. Congratulations on your soon to come new addition....I wish you much joy - you will find the true meaning of love as soon as you hold your little one for the first time.

Chris (freeatlast)

glendas on Dec 11, 2011:

hiya I am glendas from swapbot and for some reason I cant use the google,dont know what is going on with it but I am here. loving your blog.I also am a follower of your blog too.thank you love Glendas.

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