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About Me

I like to write letters. I recently got into fountain pens and am very excited about pens/inks/paper! I used to make mail-art/handmade postcards/ATCs. I dabbled in collage, painting, drawing and crochet, but it has been awhile. Writing has taken over!

My favorite color is orange, but blue and magenta are also nice.

I prefer zany, weird, funny, swear-y, silly things. Have a card you think is too inappropriate to send to somebody? You can send it to me! I like swearing, sarcasm, bad puns and terrible jokes.

Please, if you can, write a message (about whatever you want!) on whatever you send. It really brightens my day!

ALSO: If you have one, I would LOVE a picture of your cat! Please tell me his/her name. I want to start a "Cats of Swap-bot" photo album/glue book! (photos can be printed on regular paper or photo paper--either is fine!) Thanks thanks! And guinea pigs! I would totally be into a Guinea Pigs of Swap-bot album as well! :-D


PLEASE NO DIE-CUTS or scrapbook paper!
PLEASE NO Tiny sheets of paper! (2x3 size eg.)
please don't send these items. They go right in the bin and make me sad.

Extras from my "likes" list are MUCH appreciated!, (thank you!!!) but please don't bother with random "extras" or junky tuck-ins you're re-gifting. I will give you a heart without the extras.

--orange (the color, not the fruit), turquoise, yellow

--unused US postage stamps (esp 1970s &1980s)

-- donkeys, cats, guinea pigs and woodland creatures (fox, rabbit, squirrel, wolf, chipmunk, etc) Especially donkeys! And Guinea Pigs!!

--Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors Anything related to the Toronto Blue Jays or Toronto Raptors would be so AWESOME!! and I could not thank you enough! Anything Toronto in general would be greatly appreciated!!

--Arizona, esp. Sedona

--Don't Mess with Texas & anything related to Austin

--Canadian things (eg: beavers, maple leaves, Toronto, Roots, True North) (but no hockey...)

--anatomical stuff: brains/bones etc.

--weightlifters/body builders/fighters/muscular people
--GLOW the gorgeous ladies of wrestling

--Cirque du Soleil

--Surrealist/Modern Art

--Magic the Gathering cards

--anything related to vinyl records/lps

--music playlists/record recommendations


--Ken-ken puzzles, Crypto-quotes, Beehive, etc. (not really a fan of Sudoku though...)

--Washi tape

--Japanese cutesy stationery/stickers (food with eyes, etc.)

--Deadpool, Hulk, Captain America and the Punisher. Star Wars/Mandolorian/Grogu.

--Bojack Horseman

--Stupid jokes: for example:
Q: What game do you play with a wombat?
A: Wom.

Q: What sort of shoes do frogs wear?
A: Open-toad. (Thanks to Vickyen for that gem!)

Q: What do you call a dog that can do magic tricks?
A: A labracadabrador.

Extras from my "likes" list are MUCH appreciated!, (thank you!!!) but please don't bother with random "extras" or junky tuck-ins you're "re-gifting".

Favorite Books & Music

Find me on Goodreads:

Find me on Soundcloud:

Please Do Not Send:

Please do not send me butterfly anything. (in real life they're fine, but I really really don't like them on paper, and I hesitated even mentioning it, but it became necessary when over the course of a month EVERY SWAP I RECEIVED had a freaking butterfly on it. I had to take a stand!) I love swapbot, but getting butterfly stuff in the mail makes me want to cry..

I will not rate you down if you send me butterfly things, but I might light them on fire.

PLEASE NO BUTTERFLIES! But other insects are fine!
NO TINY SHEETS of paper, (2x3 size eg.) and
please don't send these items.


I read people's profiles and try to send them things they'd like.

I rate 5s and hearts. If I really like what you send, I'll write you a comment to thank you. I don't do drama over a missing postcard or something mailed a few days late. I try to rate the day I receive, but sometimes I get swamped. If you're missing a rating please let me know.

I click "sent" when I put the swap in my mailbox and put the flag up. (My mailman is named Jim and he is the sweetest man in the world! He likes to see all the incoming and outgoing fun!)--Update: Jim retired! :-( Now I have a rag-tag bunch of millennial mail carriers who misdeliver everything and lose our packages. I MISS JIM!


pynart2 rated for Desert Island Inks on Jun 7, 2021
Comment: Loved your letter and the different colored inks. My choices are #2, #3 then #4. Although #5 was nice. Your apt sounds like my kind of place. Sending you some extra Hearts.
pynart2 rated for FPE:INKY Note on May 27, 2021
Comment: LOVED! LOVED! your letter. I liked the ink color, very different. Looking forward to seeing you in more swaps. Thank you for all of your support.
jaimierandolph rated for 2 page Letter #2 on May 11, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the letter! You did so well with your new pen! maybe one day I will take the time to learn how to use fountain pens! hugs
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies! :D
Maddashin rated for A Note, a Quote and a Joke! on Apr 9, 2021
Comment: Hello there snd thanks for the card!
Piccolo rated for April Pen Pal of the Month - USA on Apr 8, 2021
Comment: TT! Thank you so much for the thoughtful letter and KOALA stickers!!! I loved it. We are very similar in age and we have a lot in common! I can’t wait to write you back and share my life day to day with you! You rock!!! Warmly, Jenny
Comment: Thanks for the letter and washi!
moonmold rated for 2 page Letter #1 on Mar 29, 2021
Comment: Where do I even begin without writing an essay... first of all, I loved your letter. I immediately wanted to get out a piece of pen and paper to reply, but then I remembered it's swap-bot. It made me genuinely laugh out loud almost right away. And I love your handwriting! I loved your happy-rant about pickleball... and thank you SO much for the bojack horseman stickers! I do love bojack horseman, but I haven't been able to finish it yet! I spoiled myself to death, so I know how it ends, no worries there. Thank you for making my day. ✰
jaimierandolph rated for Quotes exchange #1 on Mar 24, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the quotes! I loved all the different ink colors! Thank you for sending to me!
Kaitlynsansi rated for Penmanship Practice on Mar 19, 2021
Comment: I dont find it unfortunate that I got another from you, your'e such a lovely person!
HeatherM rated for Fountain Pen Paper Sample Swap #1 on Mar 18, 2021
Comment: Thanks TT! Loved the papers! :)
HeatherM rated for Fountain Pen and Book Lovers on Mar 12, 2021
Comment: TY TT!!! I loved reading your letter! Your manner of writing is so animated and candid, which I enjoy! From the rainbow boa story right thru to the mean girls who bullied your ten-year-old self, I felt both engaged in and encouraged to read. Thank you for the candor and reminder to my inner ten-year old that I should also β€œHang in there, kid. It’ll all be ok.” πŸ˜‰ Also, the 7-of-β€οΈβ€˜s playing cards are a fantastic bonus & I πŸ’™ the washi tape of different bears on the envie too! Mucho mahalo! πŸ€™πŸ½
USAFwife rated for Another InCoWriMo swap - Int'l on Mar 4, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the great letter. And I love the address labels! So cute! :) IF you're feeling up to more letter swaps, I just posted some for the Write On Challenge in April :)
Comment: Thank you for the nice washi selection πŸ˜„
saellys rated for Fountain Pen Pals on Mar 1, 2021
Comment: What a delightful letter, and OMG! I have been wanting to try out the Cosmo Air Light paper! Thanks so much for the sample and for coordinating a great swap!
ariestess rated for Get in the Habit #8 on May 23, 2020
Comment: What an absolutely fascinating piece. I'm curious about both Natasha and Rosita. The details gave a vivid mental image. Thanks for sharing!
ariestess rated for Get in the Habit #7 on May 23, 2020
Comment: Apologies for the late rate, as I thought I'd already done it. I really dug this piece. It felt very organic and true to life/form. Nicely done!
carol rated for Get in the Habit #6 on May 16, 2020
Comment: Wonderful work, as usual. Thanks for the bonus angel for #6. I enjoyed getting to know the other characters. What a group! Thanks for sharing!
smadronia rated for Get in the Habit #5 on May 1, 2020
Comment: Thank you! don't you love it when spellcheck thinks a name is wrong?

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Would you like to include Loki in your Catbook? :-) I can send a photo?

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Happy Birthday!

jukejan on Apr 5, 2018:

Thank you for sending bonus teen memoirs. That is the stuff that I have been doing, too!

Poftoffel on Mar 7, 2018:

I put up another two of your swap ideas ^___^

Poftoffel on Feb 27, 2018:

I put up the "Vignette Character study" swap :D

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this comp book is an abomination against god.

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Thanks for joining in our group.

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Oh, hey!

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Happy early Birthday TT! I didn't want to forget!~!

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