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Edit 4/30/21: I am going to be taking a break off of swap-bot for a while to focus on school and summer classes. I will still rate incoming swaps when I have when I receive it, I just won't be joining new swaps.

Hi there. I am Starr, or Moon. I go by Moon online sometimes.

I am a girl-creature from Arkansas, USA. Most likely fungal in nature.

I am nearly 50/50 INFP and INTP. I am LGBT. I'm an Aquarius sun, but I think astrology is more fun than real.

I am completely new and trying to get into the swing of things on swap-bot. I have been desiring written forms of mail along with postcards etc. After looking for penpals, I thought swap-bot sounded fun.

I am also using writing letters to practice my poor handwriting. Apologies in advance.

I am broke, at the moment. My swaps most likely won't be beautiful or artistically interesting. I look for supplies at the dollar store. I like art, but I am not very talented and I'm very private about my own artistic creations. I won't be joining expensive or crafty swaps. I mostly like postcards or letter swaps. I also like email swaps.

I am a full time college student and also work a part time job. Lately, I've been a little busy. I'm also very forgetful and absent-minded. I will not let that stop me from getting swaps out on time, of course. But there will likely be periods of time where I will not be joining any swaps or logging on.


Here are some things I like:

  • Art
  • Nature / gardens / flowers
  • Folklore / superstitions / old-timey folk things
  • Toads (not frogs)
  • Cemeteries
  • Abandoned things
  • Mushrooms
  • Architecture (I like brutalism especially)
  • Traditional witchcraft (although I don't consider myself a witch) / herbalism
  • History
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Space
  • Summertime (my favorite season)
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (my favorite video game)
  • Cartoons / animation / comics / anime
  • Clowns (cute little clowns, pierrots and jesters! like this little mischievous guy)
  • Hearing you rant about an interest near and dear to your heart, even if I don't have an interest in it (I love it! it's how I bond)
  • Weather and clouds (my favorite is cumulo & cumulonimbus)

.gif of pixelated floating clouds


I'm really not that picky, honestly. :) I like it when swaps reflect on the sender. Send me what you like.

I do not like glitter. I don't use or like makeup. I don't really care for neon colors.

I am a nonreligious atheist, however, within reason, I actually don't mind Christian or religious items. In fact, I enjoy hearing peoples' theological opinions or thoughts. As long as you aren't attempting to convert me or look down on me, I have nothing against you or your beliefs.

Aside from the obvious, there is nothing innocuous you could send me that would offend me or ruin my day. I simply ask that you don't send me anything expensive or that you wouldn't mind being thrown away eventually. I prefer not to hoard and anything I receive will likely be disposed of after a while, with the exception of items I can use, such as stationery, etc. At the current time I will not join any intensive crafting swaps or groups partially for that reason, I understand how heartbreaking that could be.

Of course, if it's very special, I might keep it too. :) But I can make no promises, and I probably won't keep anything over a year.

It should be said that while everything I receive may be thrown out eventually, that does not mean I do not cherish nor enjoy the swaps I get any less than anyone else. I do appreciate what is given to me. I hope that reading that does not discourage anyone who is partnered with me; I simply have a more minimalist approach to letters, writing, and hobbies. I also have severe ADHD, and little room for organization at the moment, and any clutter I have in my house, good or bad, will effect me mentally. Thank you for understanding.


pyneapplequeen rated for Learn About a New Topic #6 on May 6, 2021
Clutzegrl rated for Far From Home Swap #4 (USA) on May 5, 2021
Comment: Thank you. Love the bears!
SETSigningOFF rated for Far From Home Swap #4 (USA) on May 5, 2021
Comment: What a beautiful waterfall! It's hard to imagine it frozen over. Thanks for sending my way. - SET
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Comment: Thank you for your comment! :)
Comment: thank you so much for the letter! Enjoy your coffee shops and libraries!
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Comment: What a fascinating topic! Thanks for sharing! Apologies for the late rate, but work has gotten the best of me recently & I fell behind.
lairka rated for Learn About a New Topic #6 on Apr 18, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the card--I'd love to visit Alberta. I was at a conference in San Francisco some years back, and when I was in the lobby with the glass elevators, all I could think was "this is where "high Anxiety' was filmed." Susan (brooklynbunch)
Comment: Thank you for the Mt. Robson PC.
Comment: ThaNKs for sharing your week with me. happy Easter and Spring :) I understand your struggle my 8 yr old is autistic good luck
jessnewson98 rated for Leave a comment #3 on Apr 10, 2021
Comment: Hey hey fellow student! Thanks for your comment! I hope your studies are going well as well! Have a lovely week :)
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Comment: thanks for sharing !
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Comment: Thanks for a great swap....see you next time. Happy Spring!
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Comment: Enjoyed hearing about your favorite flower/s!
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Comment: Thanks for the personalized comment! We made fish tacos recently - they are so delicious and so easy. Cooking is a useful skill and easily built upon. May you be well!
CraftyShana76 rated for Leave a comment #3 on Apr 5, 2021
Comment: Yes it was a good Easter. Thank you! I enjoyed the little lamb. TYVM! Hope you had a good Easter too.
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Comment: Happy Spring! Enjoy those flowers!
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Comment: Thanks for the comment! 🌼
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Comment: Hahah I do that all the time with the pictures. I wish they would auto-resize!
Response: That would be so much easier! Thank you, have a good day.

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MissNyx on Apr 7, 2021:

Leave a Comment #3: Moon is such an interesting name. So is Starr. I am also an INTP. I find it neat that you are a minimalist. I share an interest in that as well. I used to be on the extreme end of the spectrum. Now I am more laid back. I found it really helped me figure out where I was spending my money and truly consider what I wanted to let into my life. Have a lovely evening!

MissNyx on Apr 7, 2021:
CapitanSmirk on Apr 5, 2021:

Good evening!

I am an Aquarius too! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Leave a comment #3

jaimierandolph on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

Good Morning from Odessa, Texas!

I hope that you have a wonderful day!


Kairbear on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

Hi, Starr! I hope you have a fabulous day! 😊

FranciscaKarsono77 on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3 Swap Hellooo... Greetings from Australia. Hope you have a wonderful day πŸ’—β€οΈπŸ’—

Intrinzica on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

May you be happy. May you learn and grow from your challenges. May you accept yourself just as you are. May you be kind to yourself and at peace.

Love Bonnie πŸ’—

tinylans on Apr 5, 2021:

hello, moon! i hope you're doing well on your studies and your job! it seems rough to handle both of them at the same time! i hope you're having a great day, if you haven't already<3

Leave a comment #3

kayebubbly on Apr 5, 2021:

leave a comment #3

hope you have a lovely season! stay safe!

MissCocoa on Apr 4, 2021:

Hello Happy Easter

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