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Weirdest Thing About Me

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For this swap, comment below the weirdest thing about you!

Rate a 5 if your partners comment the weirdest thing about them.


Happy swapping!


Cindymt 05/ 2/2020 #

The weirdest thing about me is that I HATE ice cream! I never liked it. My mother was excited to take me to the ice cream shop when I was younger, but I ended up not liking ice cream. When I have to eat something soft and cold (like when I got braces), I opted for applesauce. I say I like cookie dough ice cream but that is because I only eat the cookie dough. My mom says there is something wrong with me and not liking ice cream.

Starforest 05/ 2/2020 #

I used to live out of a conversion van. For probably 5 or 6 years. And I still would if I could because I liked it way better than owning a house! Definately not everyone's cup of tea. But I was perfectly happy falling asleep to the campground crickets chirping, just me and my dog, and waking up to sunshine. No yard to mow, no huge house to clean. And if I didnt like where I was at I could just pick up and leave! But now I have a little one so I bought a house on her account.

SatisHuman 05/ 3/2020 #

I have brachydactyly type D. My thumbs are short and fat. Often called club thumbs, murderer's thumbs, stub thumbs, and toe thumbs, my thumbs simply look funny. They work just like regular thumbs and I can do anything anyone else can (except hitchhike).

NRGordon 05/ 3/2020 #

I would offer three weird things about myself. There are more.

Since I was a child, I have liked small, enclosed, dark spaces. To this day, when upset or wanting to meditate, I will sit in a closet with the door closed.

I talk in my sleep. My wife has had, what she describes as, perfectly cognizant conversations with me. Good thing I have no secrets from her.

I love a good lightning storm. I sit in a big window to watch the light show. This is particularly strange given my father’s and my grandmother’s great fear of lightning. My grandmother would close us in the pantry during a thunder storm. My father would have us all sitting in the car, even in the middle of the night.

MsBellaDonna 05/ 3/2020 #

I think horseshoe crabs are the creepiest things on the planet and the stuff of nightmares. Stepping on one would scar me for life. That being said, a few years ago I found a tail from one of them on the beach. Just the tail. Surprisingly, I picked it up, brought it home and made use of it as a back-scratcher. It still freaks me out a little though.

vlhafer54 05/ 3/2020 #

I think the weirdest thing about me is I don't like to be immersed in water. I love showers and feeling squeaky clean, but don't like being in water, not swimming pools, oceans, rivers, hot tubs or even bath tubs, I just don't like the feeling of water against my skin. And I've been like that for as long as I can remember.

miran 05/ 4/2020 #

I think weirdness depends on where you live and the culture of that place. And things people would consider "weird" about me might be what I consider to be normal.

What do I think people find weird about me? It really depends where I am. For instance, I lam from the Netherlands where people are very direct and have lived and worked in Scotland for 6 years. Over there, people thought I was too direct, and put it away as a "weird Dutch" quirk. (Back in The Netherlands, I sometimes hear from others I need to be more direct.) I also have3 pet rats, a lot of people think that's weird ;)

smartymartyky 05/ 4/2020 #

I was born with a cleft lip that has been repaired. The weirdest thing is I actually formed extra teeth because of this. I have had some orthodontic work and my extra removed, so you really can not tell unless you are looking closely at my teeth, as they are not quite perfect despite the braces and such.

snailmailkaykiee 05/ 4/2020 #

The weirdest thing about me is I hate chewing ice! I am overly sensitive to the sound and texture of it, it gives me goosebumps and the chills. It’s similar to nails on chalkboard. Other things that trigger: chewing raw vegetables and using bumping my teeth on glass cups.

SatisHuman 05/ 4/2020 #

@snailmailkaykiee Sounds like you have misophonia! I have a friend who feels the same way about people chewing gum.

parakeetmails 05/ 4/2020 #

I like to believe I have an amazing gut! No, not my physical "gut" but the gut feelings I get when something will go terribly wrong. It happens so often and unfortunately I find myself doubting it more than often, but then they always come true and I feel silly for ever doubting it! I do not kid when I say it is always right!

desertrose 05/ 4/2020 #

I thought I was a vampire at a young age...yes So this happened because I was obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. My imagination led me to researching this ritual to transform myself. In the morning I was sure it had worked and stayed away from light. Took me about 20 minutes to make sure I was a moron.

Poohtat 05/ 5/2020 #

My parents have always said the way I sleep is weird about me and now my husband tells me it is scary weird. I sleep flat on my back with my arms crossed over my chest just like a person in a casket. The weird part is I sleep with my eyes half open kind of rolled up so you see the whites of my eyes. My husband tells me it creeps him out and he is constantly checking to see if I am breathing. Sometimes he will say I even say to him “yes I am alive” even though I am sleeping!

MapleRose 05/ 5/2020 #

The weirdest thing about me is how much I hate eating noises. I have to wear ear plugs whenever I eat with someone else, otherwise I get aggressive to the sounds and very uncomfortable. I learned that there is a word for it though, it's Mysophonia. So maybe it isnt THAT weird? (nah.... lol, it's still weird!)

Kimclein 05/ 5/2020 #

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would always give me vitamins. As I got older, for some reason, I thought it would be ok to break the vitamin E gel capsules because it looked “fun”. I still do it to this day and now my 3 younger siblings follow in my footsteps and always ask for a vitamin so they can bite it. Don’t worry, it’s not harmful but very weird.

Btw I’m also related to the girl that thought she was a vampire lol @desertrose

riverwatcher 05/ 5/2020 #

This isn't weird to me but some people may find it weird! I would rather be outside playing in the dirt and woods , looking at bugs than being inside...I love bees, will save a snake it it is in danger and can sit and watch bugs for hours. I have no problem picking up "creepy crawlers."

TribblesRCool 05/ 5/2020 #

The weirdest thing about me is that I love giving hugs. It was really hard for me to learn about personal space and not invading bubbles when I was a child. I will hug strangers, but I always ask first now :)

piperwashere 05/ 5/2020 #

I love rain! I'm from Washington so I find it really comforting and cozy when I hear rain outside. Although I plan to go to California for college I don't really love the sun because I very easily get sun poisoning spots after being in it for days

TribblesRCool 05/ 6/2020 #

I don’t see anything from Beccaboo... am I missing hers? Help :)

Poohtat 05/ 6/2020 #

@TribblesRCool she still has a day left to leave her comment.

NRGordon 05/ 8/2020 #

I'm confused. I still see no comment from Beccaboo but, when I look at her profile, I see that two people have rated her "5" for this swap. Is there some reason I'm not seeing it?

riverwatcher 05/ 8/2020 #

I don't see a comment from her either so I haven't rated her yet.

Starforest 05/ 8/2020 #

Lol I think maybe those people just rated everyone a 5 to be generous and they didnt check. I dont see hers either.

NRGordon 05/10/2020 #

@Starforest It looks like that. Not really fair to the rest of us.

Beccaboo 05/10/2020 #

The weirdest thing about me is that I am not afraid to have fun , I am not afraid to get down and try to do the worm but instead look like a fish out of water . I am not afraid to put a thong on over my pants and walk around in the store . I am also not afraid of embarrassing myself .

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