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QUESTION What did you like / dislike about where you grew up?


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myancey 05/24/2020 #

I disliked how cold it was. I spent two years in upstate New York and it was cold. But then I hated how hot Georgia gets. So I need to find a 70° climate somewhere.

Nevi2018 05/24/2020 #

I grew up in Blairstown, NJ Its known as the sticks. Its the Delaware Water GAP. so its beautiful filled with lots of mountains and trees and farms. buuuuutttt NO GIRL is finding herself a boyfriend/potential in Blairstown (my mother said that till she died 5 years ago). (Luckily God Made Online Dating Apps.) Another thing about NJ that I hate is that its SO FAR AWAY!! and I MISS IT!! lol

Somethings I love is more like someones....My Nieces and Nephews, Brothers and sisters-in-law. I miss my friends and my church families and just the abundance of NON Denom Churches. and Church Events. LOL

bambam 05/24/2020 #

I grew up in a little village. I loved where I grew up as most people knew my family. My uncles played for the local cricket team and my grandparents made the cricket teas, everyone loved my grandma and grandad. My grandad passed away and the amount of people who attended his funeral was heartwarming, we filled the crematorium and outside people were stood round. He was loved by many. My family were at the heart of the village and even now I'm an adult people who live there when I visit the cricket club will come up to me and ask how I am and tell me stories from when I was a little girl

I only started to dislike the village I grew up in was when I was getting bullied as my bullies lived so close by. Plus as everyone knew my family if I ever got caught doing something I shouldn't have been doing it got back to them straight away lol so that meant no drinking in the park underage with friends or kissing myboyfriend as my grandad would make jokes about it 😂

Rabbitfreedom 05/24/2020 #

I was born in New York City but moved to a small town in Western PA when I was 6. My parents thought it would be better for us to be raised in a small town. Growing up my sister and I were always the outsiders since we were not born there, plus we were told we talked funny. We stuck together and through Girl Scouts, made friends eventually although not by any means popular. Growing up, we did have the luxury of running all over town on our bikes, heading for the public swimming pool, running in and out of our friends houses because no one locked their doors. Curfew happened when it got dark enough to see the fireflies. Looking back it was a good childhood. I moved out and back to New York City the day after I graduated high school and didn't return until I was an adult. I am still an outsider and except for a few cousins, none of my family or friends live there anymore. It is still a small town, still beautiful, still boring and backwards but it will always be my hometown.

me2az50 05/24/2020 #

I am from the northwest side of Chicago. What I liked best about where I grew up was that my family (aunts, uncles and cousins) all lived with a few blocks of my house. I had this large extended family that I saw at least once a week. We were all very similar age wise so it was cool, kind of like have lots of brothers and sisters.

What I didn't like about where I grew up was that if you did something wrong, everyone in the family knew about it. And trust me they did not let you forget it.

dakotadee 05/24/2020 #

I grew up on a small farm near a small town. Farm life was fun as a kid...the corn fields was my playground. When I went to town school(was HS) wasn't accepted as my mom was from out of state. Didn't matter I was born there. One of the things I didn't like was that my bedroom wasn't heated and you had to go to the outhouse at night. Was ok during the summer but not fun during the winter.
Sibs and I were our only playmates during the summer. School starting was great as we had others to play with. As I got older, welcomed school starting as school was easier than hauling bails, ect.

CookieMomster78 05/24/2020 #

I grew up in NorCal, Lake County area, which I LIKED because it was a “big” enough area to offer diversity, yet “small” enough to be fairly safe for a wanderer like I was as a child. I loved biking and hiking to find interesting things like salamanders under logs and tulle reeds to make fans, or wild tobacco to make a fire in my tree fort (no worries, I was always Smokey-Bear responsible with the ones I started using a magnifying glass and solar power). My favorite memories are living creekside where I could pick fresh blackberries to eat still warm from the sun! YUM! I also caught a fish with my bare hands and felt pretty proud of that feat! Learned what a jumping bean really was, and how a real “potato bug” looks (which is nothing like a rolly-polly, by the way). I also believe that the Native Pomo reservations where I learned basket weaving, dance, and beading had a significant impact on what kind of a person I have become too. I still love to adventure when/where I can, and try new things that can broaden my perspective on life and peoples. More than anything, I am NEVER bored in life!!!

klover 05/24/2020 #

I was born and partially raised in Orange County California. I loved the ocean, as I have always been drawn to water. I loved having the mountains in the background, with the exception of During certain seasons, when you got up in the middle of the night, you had to turn on a light or step on a tarantula. When a light went on they scattered They would come down the fireplace opening. I find spiders GROSS and I think that is probally where my fear of spiders came from. YUCK! You also had to be careful of dark corners, as black widows liked them. Once again, YUCK! I was not a fan of the hot summers either. When I was 13, we moved to North Dakota. Initially, my first winter was a shock! So much snow and sooo cold and windy. I found in ND I really liked fall. The summers were still very hot, I didn't get away from that. After two years of living in North Dakota, my parents bought a cabin, which made the summers much more bearable and fun. Some of my favorite teenage summer memories are from summers at the cabin. As for spring, it never seemed to come. It went from winter to summer. I have also lived on the East coast, NJ and NY. For the past twenty one years I have in Minneapolis, MN. The winters are still brutal, the summers too hot, but I live here with my husband and kids, so therfore, it is home, with no complaints♡.

kazthegoose 05/25/2020 #

I like how it's so touristy; which causes this space of multiethnic, multinational folk to visit and live here. It made me want to learn their languages and about their culture.

What I dislike about it is how hot it is! A couple of days ago it was 39°C. Can you believe that?!? I was almost having a heat stroke inside my house and started seeing things out of the corner of my eye, almost hallucinating colours and stuff. Thankfully we have a fan at home at least.

kazthegoose 05/25/2020 #

I just noticed everyone mentioning location, I kind of don't want to reveal that information to everyone who may be reading this because I still am living in the same place, where I grew up. My partners can already technically see it (when we're assigned I mean) so I hope that's okay.

NRGordon 05/25/2020 #

I grew up in a small northern New England town where everyone knew everyone. In the 60’s there were still plenty of moms who didn’t work outside the home. This was good because, as kids, we could have the run of the town without our parents having to hover over us and worry constantly. This was not so good, from a kid’s viewpoint, because your parents would find out about anything and everything you did. I like to say that “Every Mom was everyone’s Mom”.

ceydaozdemir 05/25/2020 #

I grew up in a coastal Mediterranean city and what I liked about that was the sea, any day even in the winter you could go swimming. What I disliked was people trashing the water and beaches.

Kimclein 05/25/2020 #

I grew up in Miami. I like how lively and fun we are but as I’ve grew older, people are just so rude and don’t care about anything. The customer service here sucks!! There is littering everywhere, it’s disgusting. There’s always yelling and cursing in public. Everyone here is mostly around family only because making friends is very difficult. People are only friends with you to see what you can do for them and then they stop talking to you.

The only season we have is summer with the random occasion of a few cold days in February and when summer is here, you would think we would all be at the beach and doing things outdoors. Nope! It’s rains all the time because it’s hurricane season.

Sorry to disappoint anyone.

DINI2002 05/25/2020 #

I like the people in my area. They are very friendly and you could literally stop and talk to anyone. Sometimes if you ask for directions people will actually walk you to your destination. The people are nice ( of course there are exceptions) and it's quite a peaceful area.

I don't like the weather. We only get a couple of months of good weather and the rest of the year is miserable and rainy. I kinda want to move to a warmer country.

Eel9585 05/25/2020 #

QUESTION What did you like / dislike about where you grew up?

I love where I grew up, it was a safe and beautiful area where I was allowed out to visit friends and there was lots of open green areas. It was also well connected by public transport so I could get about.

However the area was still built up and I now live in the South West of England near the moor and the sea and I wish I had had those growing up.

KarenLaneWV 05/25/2020 #

I grew up first in West Virginia, which i loved; when I was 10, my family moved to Ohio, which I did not like but every summer I got to spend Memorial Day to Labor Day with my Aunt Margaret on the farm where she and my daddy and his brothers and sisters all grew up. That was my favorite time growing up! Later, we moved to Pennsylvania which was tolerable but not West Virginia!! However, I did manage to get back here where I belong!

cynaemon 05/25/2020 #

I love Fillmore, CA, the town where I grew up. Actually, I still live here, and live in the house I lived in when I was in high school. It was my grandparents house. I love how we all know each other in this town, and you can always tell who the newcomers are. We have a great antique train. Fillmore is a train town, and was founded by J.P. Fillmore, vice president of Union Pacific Railroad. I love the way people in this town do neat little things. For example, I was at IHOP one day, and a guy that I kind of knew from high school came in. He was wearing a cool ARmy shirt, and I said, "Hey, I was in the army. I need a shirt like that." He told me he had several, and he would leave one for me with one of the waiters. I know them all well. So the next time I went in, Leandro told me someone had left a shirt for me. I was telling my BFF Paula about his, and she told me nothing like that would happen where she lived. Of course, there are some negatives about living here, but on the whole I love the way everyone takes care of their 'kids.' LOL. I am not even remotely a kid anymore, but all the older people in town do take care of me. I feel very loved.

AZmom875 05/25/2020 #

I grew up in Michigan, and I really liked the trees and lakes. I didnt like the attitude that the main goal is to grow up and get a union job in a factory.

I also loved the fall leaves, and even some snow. I liked building snowmen. But I didnt like the long winters and blizzards and ice storms.

I liked fishing and the frogs.

Melovespaper 05/26/2020 #

I loved that I grew up in a city. There was always something to do.

I didn’t like the action. I didn’t like the violence of the city.

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