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I Want Hearts the Honest Way

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Last day to signup/drop:January 7, 2008
Date items must be sent by:February 1, 2008
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This swap was inspired by a swap that I found completely unfair. A swap that awarded hearts for doing absolutely nothing...

So, since we all love hearts I thought I'd set up a heart inspired swap. For this swap you'll send your partner a 6X9 envelope stuffed with heart themed goodies. Anything goes as long as it has hearts on it or is heart shaped. Minimum of $5.00 but no cap on the maximum. Swap as you would liked to be swapped to.

International swappers are welcome. Newbies with a full profile are also welcome please message me before joining though if you do not message me you will be banned. Absolutely no one with a mention in the questionable swappers forum, no one with a rating of under 4.7, and no one with no-sends in the past two months. I will be banning after the swap closes so please do not be afraid to join if you see someone iffy is a part of this swap, they will be removed. Also, if you have information about a swapper that has signed up and you think I should know about it, please message me with your concerns.


KnittingCateling 12/ 3/2007 #


CraftyDez 12/ 3/2007 #

I saw the thread over in the forums and just had to join yours. I'm fairly new around these parts, but have started seeing some shady stuff going on. Thank you so much for helping to keep swap-bot fun and honest.

thatzghetto 12/ 3/2007 #

Glad to have you CraftyDez, and all the other good swappers that have joined too. Sometimes we just have to fight to make swap-bot a fun and fair place for everyone.

katyism 12/ 3/2007 #

This'll be a great way to amass goodies for all those upcoming Valentines swaps, too :)

lisajhoney 12/ 3/2007 #

I'm joining this REAL swap and I love heart stuff:)

gabbrgrl 12/ 3/2007 #

saw the thread in the forums... so i had to join to show my support - but i love heart themed stuff too!!!

Skyfire 12/ 3/2007 #

I am joining in suport too!! I hope we can make this a BIG Swap!! Lets see if we can get this in the top 10 swaps!! To show how much we support real swaps not cheater swaps!

magicjessnrach 12/ 3/2007 #

I will support this :)

thatzghetto 12/ 3/2007 #

The lowest swap in the Top 10 has 39 participants and closes tomorrow. We;re at 22 right now! I think we can do it girls/guys!

seacheles 12/ 3/2007 #

Fun and ethical too! I love it! : ) Thanks for creating this honest swap!

luvcatzzz 12/ 3/2007 #

ok. i'm in! i'll be caught up by then! :-D

CajunLady 12/ 3/2007 #

I'm here for the support too! And that is the perfect time of the year for this swap!!!

CelestialFreak 12/ 3/2007 #

THANK YOU! I agree, those other swaps for hearts are completely dishonest! I've maintained keeping my score good, so why should we let others cheapen it with fake scores!

CayleighTheShell 12/ 3/2007 #

Bravo. Thank you for making this swap. I wasn't going to join but now I see that the sign up date doesn't close till Jan. 7th. So I can definitely join cause I can do it after the holidays. :D

Contadine 12/ 3/2007 #

Rock on! I heart hearts!

stacirose 12/ 3/2007 #

I'm not a heart kinda grrl, but I think this is a great line from your swap: Swap as you would liked to be swapped to.

Have fun everyone! :)

zigg13pra 12/ 3/2007 #

I joined and LOOK we are at number 10!!!

Kelli 12/ 3/2007 #

What a great swap!

shopandbid 12/ 3/2007 #

WOW 47 sign ups and it hasn't even been listed for 24 hrs yet. LONG LIVE THE HEARTS!

vernzap 12/ 3/2007 #

Wonderful idea!

zigg13pra 12/ 3/2007 #

It's still the number 1 most recent and is number 6 in the top 10! Good job everyone!

spinjenny 12/ 4/2007 #

I can't join yet as I don't know when I will get my 2 1s removed, but I just want to say I think this swap is a great idea!

Baccarita 12/ 4/2007 #

this is a great swap! :) want to join!

boatbird 12/ 4/2007 #

fner fner gonna get me some shopping done- love it :))

TheLisaBeast 12/ 4/2007 #

After seeing that tacky-arse freebie-heart swap... then seeing YOU hosting this one, I HAD to sign up. You sent me such a wonderful package in the tag games... I trust you to be an amazing, trustworthy host.

TryshaH81 12/ 4/2007 #

Wow #3 in the Top Swaps!!! Way To GO Ladies! I look forward to this swap esp with all the great swappers who have joined! Awesome Swapping!!!

jessica 12/ 4/2007 #

Imma joining. Only cuz it's fun shopping for little things my kids can't steal from me. :D Pathetic I know. besides I am tired of seeing the same valentines things & hopefully this will bring in new. :D

heide 12/ 4/2007 #

Come on, how could I NOT join this?? :)

winemakerssister 12/ 4/2007 #

I don't do a lot of open swaps, but had to sign up and support this. Terrific idea... let's earn our hearts the right way!

CajunLady 12/ 5/2007 #

damn this swap moved up overnight!

Skyfire 12/ 5/2007 #

I think the other swap has been deleated. I cant find it at all.!!

CelestialFreak 12/ 6/2007 #

Kudos on the instant success of this swap! And that other one is gone! Wow!

daffyd1963 12/ 6/2007 #

wanted to show my support besides hearts are fun should be a great swap and we are getting our hearts the honest way . It's great that this swap is not only in the top 10 but in the top two.

AnkeArnold 12/ 6/2007 #

Wonderful approach on this subject :)

I'll gladly join, this will be a wonderful swap.

shopandbid 12/ 6/2007 #

I think for me this is going to be the best swap for me to put together since joining Swap-bot

towenby 12/ 7/2007 #

I too am here to support you and your great idea!

szreader 12/ 9/2007 #

I'm standin' by ya!

jannikinz 12/11/2007 #

I know that the bot chooses partners...fingers crossed for me...I want TheLisaBeast...oooh, I so know what I'm going to send.

TerryF 12/12/2007 #

I cannot join (will be out of the country for a lot of January) but certainly support this swap and hope you all have fun with this!

Hagit 12/13/2007 #

Such a great idea! :-)

pahasiga 12/14/2007 #

And then we should take a picture of all the hearts we got and put them on our profile information... or does anyone have a better idea about how to make them showing on one's profile? ;)

occasiongb6557 12/15/2007 #

Oh I would love to join this one. Freedom to choose anything heart related sounds like so much fun!!!!

Rillaith 12/17/2007 #

Not much of a hearts person, but then, you'd be surprised what other things you can do with them. Here for the support too :)

Actually, that's just made me think of a perfect theme for an ATC swap...! :)

gabbrgrl 12/21/2007 #

so sad - i have to drop from this swap because I'll be moving cross-country in Jan!

eor1122 12/29/2007 #

I <3 hearts! This is going to be fun.

sweetcandylove 01/ 3/2008 #

i already bought loads of heart stuff for this swap! i'm excited to send my swap out! :)

blythesnob 01/ 3/2008 #

is this an international swap or just for us residents???

blythesnob 01/ 3/2008 #

oh! silly me- i re-read the top again. international. got it. thanks!!!

kraftytanya 01/ 3/2008 #

Hi everyone i am very new so if i mess up please do not yell at me i have plenty of hearts ready to go cheers Tanya xxx

jennyknitstoo 01/ 7/2008 #

I can't wait to get my partner, I already have everything put together...and am ready to send...SO fun!

katrina 01/ 9/2008 #

BellaEnchanted your package was sent today!

msteacher 01/10/2008 #

For my swap partner, I have updated my profile a little. Really and truly, I have enjoyed anything that anyone has ever sent me through swap-bot. I am totally easy to please. I just don't know what else to put in the profile!

motes 01/14/2008 #

TeaNi--your package went out today! I really hope you like it!

Artistic 01/14/2008 #

A heart-themed package is en route to my partner. Enjoy!

ColourfulDaze 01/15/2008 #

My package went postal to my partner today :)

earthnk 01/15/2008 #

Msteacher~ 3rd time was the charm:) click n ship has left the building on it's way to you AND YUP that IS your new address per the USPS:)


jenniferyellowhat 01/16/2008 #

Pearlie - your parcel is also on the way. I hope you enjoy opening it!

vanillavagabond 01/16/2008 #

My package will be going out on Monday. Can't get to the PO before then. Can't wait to see what everyone sends out. This is a lot of fun. So glad I joined Swap Bot. You girls are the best!!!

jannikinz 01/17/2008 #

MOM2ABBY - your package is now on it's way to you.

msteacher 01/18/2008 #

Erin, your package will be be going out on Monday, providing I don't get another blizzard!


starrycat 01/21/2008 #

Ohnayam, your pkg is on it's way to you! I hope you like everything!

kairon13 01/22/2008 #

Occasiongb6557, your parcel is on its way - I do hope you like it!

Adolpha 01/26/2008 #

Julieb I mailed your package this morning. Hope it arrives safely. Enjoy! @->---

jessica 01/29/2008 #

I'll be mailing my package out Friday. With me being so sick I cannot go outside. I just seem to get worse when I go outside.

AnkeArnold 02/ 1/2008 #

Christina, your package is on its way from Germany.

tamipal6 02/ 1/2008 #

magicjessnrach: Yours is on it's way!!!

Cupcakecalamity 02/ 1/2008 #

brighteyes1028 your package is on its way! I was the last person in line before they shut the doors to the post office! I hope you enjoy! :)

vanillavagabond 02/ 2/2008 #

Sorry, forgot to note this one as shipped. OOPs


TheLisaBeast 02/ 2/2008 #

I'm SO happy! My partner already received my swap and seemed to REALLY enoy it! Brings a HUGE smile to my face... like I really accomplished something grandiose!

jannikinz 02/ 4/2008 #

Mine was mailed on the 17th in the U.S.(18th in Aust).. the package still has not arrived. I will give it another week, then will organise to re-send. I have an uneasy feeling about this one.

jannikinz 02/13/2008 #

Have decided to do a re-send on Monday (Aust time)..also I think this will be the last official swap I do...except for forum only swaps... or special 1x1's.. it's just too darned ridiculous.

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