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About me :)

Emma, 30, from Scotland.

I live with my partner and 2 cats (Esme and Igor) and enjoy wild swimming, weight lifting, yoga, singing, reading, upcycling/some craft type things, cooking/baking, pen-palling, gardening and wandering in the woods. I have some mental health issues so a lot of my life is focused around trying to keep myself on an even keel and trying to find new ways to navigate the bumps life throws up. That said, I'm a mostly positive (if sarcastic) person. I try to live Tabitha Brown's phrase of - ''have a good day, but honey - if you can't? Don't you dare go messing up anybody elses.''

I collect view postcards - at the moment there are view cards of some specific US states/places I'm looking for - so if you can help me out with ;

-Mount Shasta, House on the Rock, Africatown (or other freedom towns), Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, N Carolina, N Dakota, S Carolina (I also collect rare countries so if you or someone you know may want to swap from somewhere exciting for a postcard from Scotland) let me know!

Ratings / etc ;

I have a '3' rating which was unfairly received (seeing as I was the swap host I'm pretty sure I met my own requirements!).

I've also had members take issue with the fact that most of my swaps are older - all I can say is that this site isn't my life (oh, hey, it totally WAS a huge part of my life for a couple of years! But it isn't now.) - sometimes I leave for a while, intentionally or otherwise. BUT before I leave I always complete my swaps and make sure I rate. I have a lot of priorities above ''being active on Swap-bot'' just for the sake of being active here and I don't see why anyone would want people to feel forced to participate to please other people when they have things going on that need their focus more or simply aren't enjoying the site at that moment in time. Things come and go in life.

In terms of swapping, I'm happy to swap with newbies on a they-send-first basis. I'm open to private swaps in general :)

I always try to tailor the swap as much as I can, even in senders choice swaps. I want to make people happy with my swaps.

I rate as soon as I receive and have time to soak in the swap. I won't be bullied or guilted into giving hearts. I do like when my swaps get a heart and knowing that I made the package/envelope extra special for my partner, but I'll never demand to know why you didn't give me one. Right now, with covid, I know that the mail is screwed up everywhere so I'll be patient waiting for your swap, don't worry. I hope you can extend the same patience to me (and other swappers).

I've had too much stuff go missing in the mail before (and it's expensive to send re-send after re-send) so now I'm going to mainly stick to smaller swaps or within the UK / Europe for bigger ones. I take photo proof when I send, too, in case any issues come up - if I'm sending to you and you'd like me to send you this photo proof, feel free to message me with your e-mail address :)


A - Andrea Dworkin, ATC's of themes I like or blank ATC's.

B - Books, Button Poetry/spoken word, popping boba tea.

C - Caramel, cats, cryptids, cinnamon buns, curios,Cards Against Humanity, Catan, corked jars/vials/bottles etc, Christmas, Charmed, candles, cat toys, camping.

D - Doctor Who, Derren Brown, dahlias, Dobbie (from Harry Potter), Dwight Schrute, perfume sampler bottles - especially by DamonKitty on Etsy (seriously, go order yourself some, they're brilliant! I recommend Wholock, Goblin and Pirates Punch!)

E -

F - Funko Pop figures,

G - Gerberas, the Greatest Showman, gardening (this is my first year growing things - edible and decorative and lovely smelling, all sorts :) )

H - Harry Potter, hair masks, Hunger Games, hatboxes, Hallowe'en, hand/cuticle cream, hand-drawn/painted/made things.

I -

J -

K - Korean skin care.

L - Lined letter paper/lined letter sets, Leslie Knope, lemon balm.

M - Marvel,meditation, Mark Corrigan.

N - Necklaces, notebooks.

O -

P - Polymer clay, poetry, perfumes, pendants, super thin pens, postcards of rare countries or with a cryptid/true crime/mystery theme or connection, Penn and Teller, Prague, pillow mists/de-stress sprays or roll ons.

Q - Quotes (motivational / inspirational ones that can go up in my weight/yoga area or in my mental health toolkit especially!).

R - Rats, recipes.

S - Socks, scarves, spoken word poetry, Studio Ghibli, Scrabble, Smashbooking, Schitts Creek, the Scottish Highlands, sunflowers, seeds for my garden, skincare, stimming stuff - the kind of things advertised for those with autism to stim with - (I find they're often great for anxiety), snacks we don't have here in the UK.

T - Toffee, Terry Pratchett, tabletop games, tulips, True Crime, The Office, Tabitha Brown.

U - Urban legends, unsolved mysteries.

V -

W - Washi tape, wild swimming, weight lifting, wellness/self improvement /mental health stuff.

X -

Y - Yoga and anything that would look nice / be useful in an at home yoga-area.

Z - Zines.


I'm allergic to calamine.

Liquorice - eugh.

I don't want religious stuff - especially not stuff aimed at converting / saving me.

I do not want propaganda / stuff about hard right OR hard left ideologies.

I have a fear of whales (especially killer whales) and I'm not so keen on dolphins.

AMAZON - boycott Amazon! Make sure Jeff Bezos is the first against the wall when the revolution comes. I'd rather never be sent anything from Amazon because every time another £/$ is put into that piece of human garbage's pocket, a kitten somewhere in the world dies (not to mention an Amazon worker passes out from fatigue).

It's amazing to me that I have to say this, but I've seen people swapping GOLLYWOGS on this site - I don't want anything with a gollywog on it. Unbelievable.

I absolutely hate drag / Ru Paul type stuff. Just as I don't want anything gollywog because they're disgusting caricatures of black people, I don't want anything to do with men parodying / mocking women.

To help me keep track of tags


Profile Surprise PIB tag from @cutesygirlnai from July 2015

Happy Mail Tag International - from @Chocopan on July 30 2020.

TAGS I OWE / SENT (but not arrived) ;

Happy Mail Tag International - to @52901m on July 30 2020 - SENT July 31 2020



Stargazer008 rated for Tiny European Swap #9 on Aug 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely envelope. Oh I really liked the wax seal and royal stamp collection! Looking inside ...whoop simply wonderful! Thank you so much. And now have sunny weekend.
Response: Ah, I'm so glad it arrived and you liked it :) stay safe x
KathaLuna rated for Share your Country #2 on Jul 28, 2020
Comment: Emma ~ As you know I was super happy to recieve mail from my favorite country! The letter arrived super fast and was beautifully made (love the flowers and that I now have a little piece of Scotland in my flat haha). Now, I just need to find out where I can find haggis in Germany to try the reciep. Anyway, thank you for the fun SWAP!
Response: Hey :) thank you for rating quickly! I'm really glad you liked everything. I should be sending the extra envelope I promised out later today or tomorrow at the latest, so there's more Scottish joy on its way to you. <3 update : second envelope sent! Hope you love it.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely parcel and love the candles and sorry for late rating had a lot to deal with
soccer8s rated for Sweet! This isn't a bill PC INT on Oct 29, 2018
Comment: Gorgeous Edinburgh card
Comment: Hi Emma. This really was snail mail. A week to travel about 20 miles!! Thanks for the card.
Response: Would you believe that a card got from Kenya (via India, mistakenly) to me quicker? :p I hope you like it anyway.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard (:
MelbourneGirl rated for Send a Postcard #1 on Oct 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful Edinburgh postcard. We love it! It brings back many beautiful memories when we were there.
Response: So glad to have helped stir up some good memories :)
Comment: Thank you for the great Portobello card :) sounds like a lovely place to visit! :)
judee0624 rated for Where You Live (PC) - October 2018 on Oct 14, 2018
Comment: Hi Emma. We have been to Edinburgh and loved it.
cerealgirl rated for junk journal supplies - purple on Oct 5, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the purple goodness! :) <3
Comment: Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much for the gorgeous "Outlander-ish" postcard! I love it a whole lot! The stamps are lovely, too! Where did you get that amazing axe sticker, by the way? When I saw the sticker, I immediately loved it! Yes, "Round The Twist" is amazing and I recently rewatched an episode or two, it's still incredible. Again, thank you so so much for the postcard! I hope you have a great week!
Response: I'm so glad I picked correctly!I was excited when I scanned your profile and realised I had a good one for you :) the 'sticker' I just printed from online and glued on ;)
Comment: Love the postcard and the stamps.
Comment: I love this castle! Thank you.
Holliander rated for Emzycal and Holliander Private on Aug 1, 2015
Comment: Received your package. What a treat!
Response: Thanks so much for the 5 and the heart! You were a pleasure to swap with! <3
Nevermore rated for Nevermore and Emzycal private swap on Jun 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much! I loved this swap.
Response: :D you're so welcome x
Comment: Definitely worth the wait, thanks for my package :)
Response: Oh my gosh, Lauren - it arrived so fast! I'm really thrilled you liked the package. I did my best on it =) you are the most patient, sweet person. Thank you!
Comment: that was so lovely, thanks!!!
Response: You're very welcome! :D x
Comment: Thanks for my lovely letter, i can't eat the sweet because it has gelatin in but i'm going to give it to my boyfriend and keep the hot chocolate all to myself! I hope my letter to you arrives soon! xo
Response: You're very welcome =) I hope your boyfriend enjoys the sweet and you enjoy the rest x
Comment: Thank you for all my goodies! The poem and quote were both very true and thought provoking. Hazelnut is my favorite flavor for hot chocolate as well :)
Response: Excellent! :) I'm glad it arrived and that you liked everything. Thanks for the rating and the heart =)

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JossieAyame on Aug 13, 2020:

Thank you so much for the seeds for the "Quick, I need" tag :D

bblue on Oct 9, 2018:

Thanks for the tea you sent for the "Quick..I Need" tag!

cutesygirlynai on Sep 3, 2015:

hey, i haven't given up on your tag. i am feeling much better now and getting the rest of my swaps done before i leave so i will definitely have your tag sent asap. x

cutesygirlynai on Jul 29, 2015:

yay! i can get you something sent in the next few days :D by this weekend, actually. i have some penpal stuff/letter sets i can pass on to you. :) are you looking for penpals at the moment? i could include a letter? x

cutesygirlynai on Jul 29, 2015:

hi, sorry i have lots of unread messages. did you send to your tag partner? did she receive your tag?

Loonstruck on Jul 8, 2015:

Thank you for the lovely note! It certainly brightened up this dreary rainy day!

sassafrass on Jun 29, 2015:

Thank you so much for the wonderful goodies you sent me for the 7 Wishes tag! Love everything! <3

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