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About Me

2/3/2018 UPDATE: For those of you who don't already know, I was just released from the hospital after complications with my Ulcerative Colitis. Even though I've just been part of e-swaps, I was still unable to complete them while I was sick. I'm so sorry. I'm working on making them up now. Thank you all for your patience on this matter. :) Light, love & peace!

A girl, a girl with a pen and a piece of paper.

I am a photographer, an artist (specifically a painter), a writer, and an eternal student at heart. My interests are music. art. driving without a destination. the city life. intellectuals. messy hair. coffee & herb. traveling. chinese food in bed. sunsets. star-gazing on warm nights. real love. meeting interesting people. photography. movie nights. psychology. the sound of a piano. philosophy. the beat generation. spirituality. I never want to forget a single thing, experience, moment, or feeling, and because of this, I am constantly documenting (whether in film, paint, lead, or journals).

Favorite Music

I LOVE music!...and I probably listen to more techno than a gay bar (but normal is just so boring, huh?)...so, here starts the list at Jefferson Airplane. Bob Dylan. Ben Harper. Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Simon & Garfunkel. The Mamas and the Papas. The Youngbloods. Wolfmother. The Byrds. Donovan. Janis Joplin. Franz Ferdinand. Sly & the Family Stone. Steppenwolf. The Troggs. Strawberry Alarm Clock. Regina Spektor. Weezer. Bush. Queens of the Stone Age. Anita Ward. Pearl Jam. The Beatles. Bill Withers. Queen. Blink 182. Bon Jovi. Kansas. Tenacious D. Bruce Springsteen. Captain & Tenille. The Cars. Coldplay. Mika. Collective Soul. Pink Floyd David Bowie. Def Leppard. Demitri Martin (not really music ~ but funny as hell!). The Doobie Brothers. The Doors. Falco. The Fray. Gavin DeGraw. The Fugees. The Fire Theft (especially #09...Larry). Jimi Hendrix. John Mayer. KC and the Sunshine Band. The Killers. The Knack. The Lemon Pipers. The Kinks. Low Millions. Melissa Etheridge. The Monkees. Poison. Nirvana. The Prodigy. The Posies. Puddle of Mud. Sarah McLachlan. Seal. Six Pence None the Richer. Elton John. Simple Minds. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Tonic. DHT. War. Buckcherry. Yes. The Who. and I think I'll stop the list at...last, but most definitely not least...U2.

Favorite Books

Oh, where to begin with my love affair with literature? Howl (and really anything written by ginsberg), on the road, ping, the electric kool-aid acid tests, Salinger, girl interrupted, rucksack revolution, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, the bell jar, an unquiet mind, the skeptic's dictionary, the slaughterhouse five, night, babylon, the third wave, goodnight moon, ken kesey's spit in the ocean and other journals, the dharma bums, blood of the wig, the satan seller, the iliad and odyssey, edgar allen poe, hawthorne, mark twain (except for the prince and the pauper - lame.), to kill a mockingbird, of mice and men (depressing), shakespeare's comedies, anything dr. seuss, metaphysics by david hamlyn, death of a salesman, 12 angry jurors, meditations by rene descartes, the theory of consciousness, the andy warhol diaries, Confessions of a Synthetic Starfucker- the Unexpurgated Memoirs of a Celebrity Hairpiece, and all, yes ALL, of the Harry Potter books!

Favorite Movies

XX/YY, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the devil and daniel johnston, The royal tennenbaums, fight club, a clockwork orange, I heart huckabees, everything is illuminated, art school confidential, the red door, alice and wonderland, lost in translation, cry baby, american psycho, dazed and confused, speak, a door in the floor, girl, the virgin suicides, american beauty, se7en, memento, the rocky horror picture show, rent, thunderstruck, stoned, clerks, chasing amy, kissing jessica stein, the life aquatic, reality bites, party monster, donnie darko, the secretary, the dead poet's society, the matrix trilogy, Paprika, the science of sleep, superbad, babel, high art, knocked up, juno, children of men, brick, brokeback mountain, moulin rouge, pride and prejudice, the constant gardener, my summer of love, broken flowers, 21 grams, the pianist, session 9, wonderland, shopgirl --- and more to come!

Favorite Television

Television will rot the mind. That being said, I LOVE Bob's Burgers, the X-Files, the Mighty Boosh, Rick & Morty, Black Mirror, Grace & Frankie, and Pushing Daisies. I also like the office, the big bang theory, arrested development, better off ted, black books, reno 911, seinfeld, friends, saturday night live, the soup, and sex and the city (my guilty pleasure)...also, I've realized lately that I watch more anime than is healthy for an average person, and HERE are some of my current favorites: cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell, bleach, samurai champloo, rurouni kenshin, and gantz.

Favorite Crafts

I am a painter, but enjoy working with oil pastels, graphite, charcoals, and almost any other medium! I've also gotten into collecting pretty fabrics, sewing little softies with them (uber cute!), drawing, doing penpal letters (and artful extras), I'm interested in origami (and good at it if the directions are simple enough), I'm big on ATCs and inchies, I can knit scarves and nothing else)...basically, give me art or give me death! If you're curious about my artwork, I would encourage you to check out my deviantart account (I could always use feedback on there!)

Score Some Hearts

I usually try to send some extras just because. If you want to throw in extra goodies specifically for hearts, here are some things that WILL put you on my favorite people list:

  • foreign chocolate & teas
  • teeth (especially human, but animals still loved!)
  • animal bones or skulls
  • feathers
  • crystals & gemstones
  • random locks of hair
  • well preserved animal claws or talons
  • polaroids & photobooth pictures
  • other people's art journals
  • sonnets of sorts
  • pictures with no explaination
  • old diaries & journals
  • homeless tarot cards
  • a piece of yourself
  • an object of great importance to you
  • confessions (anonymous are fine)
  • old glass medicine bottles/ small colored bottles
  • fossils
  • old medical instruments
  • oddities of any sort
  • anything mummified
  • creepy artwork
  • Harry Potter (especially House Slytherin)
  • bellydancing hip scarves (yes please!)
  • my etsy wishlist @ www.etsy.com/people/Helena8664/favorites/items-i-love


belly dancing. sunset colored combos. grilled cheese. fat animals. knitting. ravens. fairy tales. anime. original artwork. the woods. kawaii. true love. teeth. bumble bees & honey bees. pretty old bottles. sunflowers. strawberries. whales. tiny acorns. alice in wonderland. chocolate. camping. bones. pizza. pigeons, seagulls, or pelicans. allen ginsberg. unique business cards. modern day hippies. tarot. love notes. national geographic. baking. bubble baths. nature. thai food. thunderstorms. tomato soup. snail mail. penpals. nintendo. surprises. human hair. felt. whimsy. bugs. clay. snails. rubber stamps. clovers. rocks. gypsies. stars. the night life. cake. brown paper bags. beauty in death. tarot. tattoos.

Pending Swaps

Okay, this section is for swaps that either I need to send out, or that I have not yet recieved. It's just a good way for me to keep track of my swaps....and for you (if you've not recieved your stuff from me yet)!



Swaps I've Been Flaked On

I understand that sometimes life gets in the way of what should be ideal situations, and I HATE giving poor ratings....so, if anyone fulfills their swap duties (even late), I will gladly rate you then! :) And of course, anyone who is willing to angel these swaps would be greatly appreciated!

My Favorite Swappers

This section is dedicated to all of the swappers who have truly gone above and beyond (either with a swap, or who angeled a swap that I didn't get sent)...this is the special people section:

  • Maryn Gier (MonkeysInk) gave me the BEST one-day swap package (and the best suprise I've received thus far) thanks Maryn :)
  • Linda Russell (madtatter7) gave me the coolest pink & black ATC...but also added an awesome techno CD, just because! thanks Linda :)
  • Mona Broomfield (sunshinesuperman) sent me a wonderful sunflower ATC, but a whole lot of additional goodies! It really made my day! thanks Mona! :)
  • Wendy Walser (Uribouwawa) sent me a super cute (and new technique idea) ATC for the bug/ insect ATC swap...but added beautiful stationary and amazing Japanese stickers! thanks Wendy :)
  • Kathleen Garces (imaventriloquist) gave me a wonderful booklet (that she obviously worked hard on) for the list, letter, and little suprise swap...and she added a ton of fun bonuses! thanks Kathleen :)
  • Lisette sent me the most beautiful wonderfully cute inchies EVER! thanks Lisette :)
  • Jan Gilson (1940Grannie) went way above and beyond on a simple owl swap, to include a bunch of my japanese favorites...thanks Jan :)
  • Kajsab angeled (YEARS LATER, might I add) 3 x 3 ATCs that I was flaked on thanks kajsab!

what I pledged


lovetherain rated for Witchy Questions (February) on Feb 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your answers. I completely agree with how negative talking and thinking manifests into a spell of sorts, and is hard to overcome. You are extremely brave for breaking out of it, and being able to heal and move on.
bombardiette rated for Witchy Questions (February) on Feb 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing your answers to this. I really enjoyed reading them - and your thoughts. xo
ElectricHare rated for ESG: Seven days of food on Feb 13, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well soon.
Comment: So sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad you’ve managed to find some happiness in it. x
Inez rated for ESG: Seven days of food on Feb 7, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Hope you feel better!
Comment: Sorry you had such a rough month. Hope Feb is better for you
NoriMai rated for Witchy Questions (January) on Feb 7, 2018
Comment: Love the way you set up your questions and were very detailed! I had fun reading your responses :)
Jjean rated for ESG: Let me recommend a book #27 on Feb 6, 2018
Comment: Very interesting review - hope you get better soon.
melsanchez rated for ESG: Let me recommend a book #27 on Feb 6, 2018
Comment: Thak you for the fast reply!!
Response: You're welcome. I was glad I could clear up any issues. :) Thank you so much for your understanding.
elkalsa rated for ESG: Let me recommend a book #27 on Feb 6, 2018
nikkihc rated for Fun 2018 Email Swap #2 on Feb 5, 2018
Comment: This was such a fun email! Really loved the donut stationary (made me crave for them actually lol). Would love to hear the stories of the cool people you've got locks of hair from. Also, good luck with the goals this year! 😊
Funkyrunt rated for Fun 2018 Email Swap #2 on Feb 5, 2018
PatrycjaBakiera rated for Fun 2018 Email Swap #2 on Feb 5, 2018
Comment: Thanks for a lovely e-mail☺
Comment: Great smile ♡
Comment: Me too! Google & Wikipedia access, & I won't be bored for days! Cute virtual stationery! Saw that after a long time!
Scrapinitblue rated for Where I live email swap on Jan 30, 2018
Comment: I'm glad you have supportive family to help you out! I hope the time passes fast for you to get back on your feet!
ariestess rated for Witchy Questions (January) on Jan 22, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing!

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njstauter on Feb 6, 2018:

Be the love you seek in the world

mermaidery on Aug 30, 2017:

Oh man.. I.. I burp get to send you some ATCs. I wanted to host my own, but.. it's ... it's just too much work for me and I have burp things to do that don't require me giving a Fck, Morty. This. this is going to be a good time, Morty. I get to color and sht.

justme2905 on Aug 4, 2017:

Thank you for joining my 1st swap here on swap-bot. (Pinterest flower swap)

Pei04 on Jul 23, 2017:

Thanks for all the lovely tea bags I got from you! Wish you a wonderful week <3 /Pei04

KSENiA on Jun 21, 2017:

ESG: Spread some Art! profile decoration

Hello, how are you? I have so many favorite art works from different periods and different artists. It's really hard for me to choose only one... I always loved Art Nouveau, I find it sublimely gorgeous and extremely decadent. And I always adored Aubrey Beardsley. My mother had Le Morte d'Arthur by Thomas Malory with his illustrations. I used to copy them a lot when I was in High School.

This is my favorite drawing of his:

The Climax , 1893 (It depicts a scene from Oscar Wilde's play Salome)

willowsmarika on Jun 20, 2017:

Hey Helena!

So, I thought I go with a little different thing here and share with you one of my absolute favorite statues, or series of statues more like. I just think everyone should see these, they are just so, so beautiful and like, I really, really want one :( I hope you like them too! Also, here's a link to an article about them.

Swap: ESG: Spread some Art!

From: willowsmarika

LadyMalchav on Jun 18, 2017:

starry night

Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh

mixedfx on Apr 29, 2017:

For the Star Trek Profile Deco swap :) Hope you like!

Star Trek Profile Deco Star Trek Profile Deco Star Trek Profile Deco Star Trek Profile Deco Star Trek Profile Deco Star Trek Profile Deco

LadyMalchav on Apr 29, 2017:





bluecrayons on Apr 10, 2017:

hi helena. im here to plant some flowers on your profile. please rate. thanks :-)

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