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November 2017 UPDATE (look for *** as additions):

I don't always get to my email, so prefer using the messaging here on Swap-bot.

I use the rating system as a way to let you know the package came. If you have not been rated, I did not receive your swap. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SWAP-BOT ID & the group even for WTA's.

Rating swaps is very important to know that what was sent was received. We are all at different levels and so its not a popularity contest. What is important is to send on time, have fun and do your best.

Also, I try to recycle. So if I cannot use what I receive, I loved the moment when the package was opened, and think it is loving to pass it along if I cannot use it and hope you will too. It is silly to hold onto anything if it is not a correct fit...that goes for people, memories, and things. IMO.

***I make up the package or envelope as soon as partners are assigned. However, I only go to the PO once a week. Now that the holidays are near, it gets crowded there, so once a week is enough. The day they mark it sent might be different because of times mail goes out.

About Me

I am retired, living in a small mountain valley town in southern California. I garden and & quilt. I consider myself an eco-feminist, so much of what I do in life is environmentally focused. Friends gifted me with lots of fabric, so I shop from my closet first before purchasing more. I use, drink or eat what I grow first from herb gardens and a sq ft garden system for veggies, plus strawberries.

Audiobooks help me multi-task and relax, so I welcome suggestions for new authors or titles. I practice peaceful living and enjoy the healing components that one receives here in Swap-bot.

My 2 grown Sons live in MN with Spouses & their growing Children. I stay in touch as much as possible through the phone, texting, Facetime and the mail service. Of course, I send them lots of things that came from learning here on S-B.

I used to live on a small farm, and raised German Shepherds off leash for search & rescue. Now my partner & I live with a B&W Cat and a Red-Eared Slider Turtle. There is also a small Labyrinth around backyard trees which gets a lot of use.

***I am taking a huge step this month and getting a small tattoo behind my left ear that is an adaptation of the Sicilian Trinacria, with 3 Dragon feet, 3 Crescent Moons and a Full Moon in the center. It is black, white and red. My hair is cut shorter on the left so it will show. More on that later.

I am not a member of organized religion, yet am quite spiritual & have a contemplative practice.

I was raised in a Strega family, and in other words, among people with strong opinions & strong voices. I learned about magick through experience not books. It was about being in nature, seeing and feeling the seasons, watching Moon phases, working with herbs, being comfortable with animals and the Elements. It was about paying attention to surroundings and what was in my heart.

I believe in Goddess and know I am not SheWho. That means honoring free will in people and other beings who come to eat or drink in my gardens. I know that everyone is on a path and it is theirs not mine to walk.

I know we are time limited here in this incarnation and are wise to seek out our own lessons or know that anything unfinished means we come back to another life to work them out.

I was raised in an Existentialist environment and find that those values are ones I still practice.It is defined: Existentialism is a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom & choice. It is the view that humans define their own meaning in life, trying to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational universe. It focuses on the question of human existence, & the feeling that there is no purpose or explanation at the core of existence and hence to find meaning in life is by embracing existence.

I grew up believing in magick of the Moon phases, legends of fairies, and folklore of my heritage as well as those told wherever I live. I believe in the Fae, Vampires, Were-beasts and life ever-lasting.

I am an Ordained Dianic Priestess and served my community for over 13 years as a Ritualist, Teacher and Organizer. During that time, I officiated over 36 weddings, numerous hand-fastings, baby blessings, last rites, & priestessing 1st, 2nd & 3rd degrees for women on a committed personal journey. I spoke at countless seminars / conferences, was on TV, Radio and interviewed for Newspapers. I led protests for environmental issues, and was actually a notable for the Police (meaning if something went wrong in the Pagan community, they followed up with me). My life was threatened. I was intimidated. And yet, the community grew to over 600. I published a pagan paper for public readership. The fun part of it all was the rituals. I miss those most of all in my retirement. I miss seeing the transformation that took place, the drumming, singing and the faces of women as they discovered their personal power and joy for being alive.

I host swaps for A LITTLE WITCHY and some of them are like experiencing advanced work. I am loving to share what I know about Spirituality, and hope to do so for as long as I can.

Likes / Cannot Use

  1. I like B&W Tuxedo Cats. I prefer the long-hair male. Their personality is fierce, funny and loyal.

  2. I enjoy feeding Birds & have 2 water sources outside for them

  3. Audiobooks read by James Marshter, Ian Glen, Roy Dotrice, Scott Brick, Jim Dale, and Christopher Lee. I will either listen or go onto something else depending upon the reader. I would love more reading suggestions.

  4. 100% cotton that is for quilting not crafts (there is a big difference) Over the years, I have been given estate fabrics through friends. Some that were not cotton, were passed along

  5. Bergamot in Earl Gray Tea

  6. I like the herbs grown in my garden (mint, lavender, yarrow, rue, dill, basil, bee balm, sage, rosemary, artemesia, cilantro, lemon verbena)

  7. Fresh Ground Dark coffee first thing in the morning

  8. Action and sci fi movies

  9. MY FAVORITE HIGH HOLY DAY IS HALLOWS, so I welcome anything associated with it

  10. There are fairy houses and villages outside under trees and vines; and inside by my North door entrance for protection.

  11. I prefer sugar rather than any substitutes in what I eat. A lot of sugar substitutes turn to alcohol in my stomach because I experience delayed emptying of up to 6 hours. Yah, I know. Bummer.


  1. Oregano

  2. Nasty people

  3. Pushy people who try to convert me to their political or religious beliefs

  4. I don't wear jewelry of any kind any more. While I don't dislike it, I just cannot use it.

  5. I no longer burn anything indoors nor outside, except for candles. If you send something other than candles (to burn), I will pass it along in another swap

  6. With delayed emptying of my stomach (gastroparesis) from 4-6 hours, I cannot eat nuts, seeds, or fresh fruit and veggies.

Wish List

  1. Light prints on white, white tone on tone 100% quilting cotton, any cuts or sizes

  2. Good hand or foot creams

  3. Affirmations

  4. Dark Chocolate with sugar and not artificial sweeteners, nor stevia, etc. I love Hersheys with Almonds and Butterfingers.

  5. House sox with grippers

  6. Patchouli soaps

  7. Children's Books from other Countries

  8. Baseball-style hats with unique text or graphics

  9. Cardinals on anything. I really miss seeing them as they do not fly West of the Rockies.


Comment: Absolutely Beautiful! And I LOVE BELLS!
Response: Thank you dear friend
MrsAlderman rated for Magical Tidbits(mini destash) on Nov 16, 2017
Comment: thank you for the destash package! the art on the cards is beautiful
Response: Thanks for hosting, for rating and for the heart
Comment: Looking forward to trying the tofu recipe out on the kids. The Money Jar spell has come at a much needed time. Thank you.
Response: Money is like energy, it comes and goes but is really always with us. Thanks for rating and for the heart
lovetherain rated for NOV. Magickal Stocking Stuffer on Nov 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you! I love the wrapping! I took a quick peak inside the box. I've now squirreled it away on a high shelf so I won't be tempted to open it. I hope I can be good and wait til Yule!
Response: You are funny. Thanks for rating and for the heart. Hope your Solstice is wonderful
Comment: Such a pretty envie, Thanks so much! Thanks also for all the extraโ€™s! Have a great weekend! Groetjes Barbara
Response: glad you like it
Poftoffel rated for MLF: Local MLF swap on Nov 7, 2017
Comment: This was very interesting! I've always been fascinated by Native Americans and their wisdom and stories. I learned many new things from your story, thanks so much for sharing!
Response: Glad you got it and found it interesting. Thanks for rating and for the heart
Comment: Thank you for the fairy card.
Response: They are my favorites...glad you liked it and thanks for rating & the heart
lynnerfb rated for Kitchen Crafting on Oct 30, 2017
Comment: Wow Thank you. Wish for a new apron and my partner makes me one! Love it thank you.
Response: I still think they are the hardest thing to make. I used my apron for the pattern (it hangs on a knob all the time because I forget it until I am done...)thanks for rating and for the heart.
FairyThyme rated for Electronic Moon Swap on Oct 26, 2017
Response: Whew. I was really worried. Many, many thanks for rating and for the heart. You are a lovely spirited being. I really appreciate it. Oh, I see you re-visited this swap and removed the heart. I wonder why.
kfaye rated for Winter Queen Wreath (crown) on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: It's a beautiful headband! I will happily wear it :) Thank you for the handy gift tags also <3
Response: You are so sweet! Thank you for rating and for the heart.
daisyd90 rated for TSP Crockpot Cauldron Recipe on Oct 23, 2017
Comment: The recipes sound delicious!
Response: I am loving my crockpot this season and trying anything without meat. Thanks for rating and for the heart.
Starwatcher rated for Reading Log - 3rd Quarter on Oct 20, 2017
Comment: I enjoyed reading your summaries of the books you read. I was a fan of the Dresden files most of last year but got a little sick of Harry's attitude during some of the tales. He is an interesting character though, and I will probably finish reading/listening to the series. Thank you for the paper goodies you included.
Response: I lost interest in them and may not return. There are so many lovely stories out there. Thanks for rating and for the heart
user7007 rated for Magick Mail #6 on Oct 20, 2017
Comment: I am blown away! What an amazing package! You have spoiled me! So many enchanting, whimsical goodies!!
Response: so glad you like them! Thanks for rating and for the heart
Comment: I am making cookies!!!!! Thank you!
Response: We just loved them here, so I hope they turn out to be something you like as well. Thank you for rating and for the heart.
Comment: Nicki, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful book. Seriously, this made my day. xoxoxo
Response: I love those tales and enjoy comparing them from around the world. Glad it made you smile. Thanks for rating and for the heart.
Comment: Oh my goodness! I don't even know where to start going through this packet! I'll be playing in this box for days! Thank you so much!
Response: Bwaahhhaaaaa. Thanks for rating and for the heart
Comment: I always light up when I see your return address on my mail. THANK YOU.
Response: Ditto. It is a joy to see your name as well. Thanks for rating and for the heart.
lynnerfb rated for October Magickal Stocking Stuffer on Oct 12, 2017
Comment: got your gift today it helps with all the gray drizzle ! I just pray the Goddess is taking care of you and you are away from the fires,I know some of our friends may not be.
Response: Far enough from the fires, so thanks. The smoke might reach us soon enough. Thanks for rating and for the heart
VASaint rated for Magick Mail #4 on Oct 3, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies, Nickie! :)
Response: Hope it adds to your personal magickal crafting. Thanks for rating and the heart.
krspellman rated for Reading Log - 3rd Quarter on Sep 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your reading log! I've never thought to look up audio books on youtube, I'm definitely going to look into that. I am inspired by your choices as well!
Response: Thanks. I joined the 4th quarter group and find it inspirational to get the logs from others as well. I have discovered many new books I would have not found on my own.

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njstauter on Nov 6, 2017:

This is a pic of the tattoo I am getting behind my left ear. They are Dragon Feet. Colors are for Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Moons are Waxing & Waning Crescents, Full and Umbresie (Moon covered by clouds)

bjmonroe on Nov 1, 2017:

Moominbrooke on Oct 25, 2017:

Just for fun! :0)

PrairieKittin on Oct 17, 2017:

Thank you so much for the Little Witchy WTA package! I feel so spoiled! :-D

piratejimbob87 on Oct 15, 2017:

September WTA Harvest Month (TNW)
Thank you for the lovely goodies, can't wait to put them to use :)

Best wishes, Leanne

motherpie on Oct 13, 2017:

im so glad you got my little package of love (i am finally seeing this) i reached out to everyone who hadn't gotten a package and asked for addresses, in hopes i can re-send things i missed when we had my family-drama..perhaps that will remove the suspension? i have a feeling it happens with a lower rating/certain amount of negatives. i miss swapping so very much, and especially miss my witchy-friends and magic mail. again im just glad you liked everything, and i think of you often x

whytewillow on Oct 8, 2017:

NJ, you rock sister friend. Love, love, love my samhain mug rug. Can't thank you enough, it's beautiful!!! Made my week. Had a tooth pulled, was feeling poopie. You made me smile. Bug hugs, hearts and flowers. ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜˜

camelsamba on Oct 3, 2017:

(((Hugs))) for your harrowing weekend. Take care of yourself!

njstauter on Sep 18, 2017:

knitterofhats on Aug 23, 2017:

Thanks for signing up for my St. Nicholas' Day Swap!

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