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Favorite Crafts

I've been making modern macrame jewelry for 20+ years. I use cotton cord, hemp yarn, satin ribbon, gems, semi-precious stones, crystals, glass beads, acrylic beads, wood beads, metal beads, bells, charms, and a variety of pendants. My goal is to create something modern, not an echo of the 60s and 70s.

I've been painting with watercolors for 15+ years with a large focus on making the real look like a dream. Most of my work is influenced by photographs from the Hubble Telescope, various types of landscape and scenery, as well as macro photographs of flowers.

Currently my focus is quilting. I'm a fourth generation quilter, and my previous work as a jewelry designer and maker shows up in my quilts. I don't shy away from prints or bold colors, both of which I love. I sew my quilts by machine and quilt by hand. Sizes of my work vary from coasters to twin size quilts. My goal is to never use the same pattern twice.

Favorite Books

Dune series by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson.

The House of the Stag by Kage Baker

The Age of Misrule trilogy, Dark Ages trilogy, Kingdom of the Serpent trilogy by Mark Chadbourn

Sword Dancer series by Jennifer Roberson

A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy by Sarah J Maas

Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

The Castings trilogy by Pamel Freeman

All the Dragon Age novels and comic books by various authors

All the Firefly comic books by various authors and artists

The Ring by Daniel Keys Moran

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Saga of the Seven Suns by Kevin J Anderson

The Martian by Andy Weir

There are other books, but I don't have them on my bookshelves due to having only rented them from the library.

Favorite Music

The short version is anything but country, ska, Christian rock, Christian music (except for the singing monks and I can't remember what it's called), and most rap.

I have over 4k songs on my computer's music library. There's jazz, hip hop, some rap, R&B, bluegrass, big band, heavy metal, death metal, rock 'n' roll, soundtracks, indie, and so much more. A lot more.

About Me

I'm a woman in her 30s, permanently disabled, Progressive Democrat, activist and peaceful/non-violent protester, politically active, inter-sectional feminist, very INTP, gamer, science lover, fairy collector, writer, painter, quilter, and jewelry designer/maker. That's the short version. For details you'll need to ask questions.

My main focus right now is quilting, and as such I'm happy to receive quilting patterns, paper-piecing templates, and quilt fabric scraps. Quilt fabric is cotton or a cotton blend, doesn't stretch, and is often marked as "quilting fabric" at the fabric store. Scraps need to be at least 1" x 1"; any smaller and I can't use them.

I have asthma and therefore can't receive anything that is tainted by cigarette smoke. The smell makes me gag and often sets off an asthma attack.

I have Celiac Disease. If the item contains gluten I can't use/consume it.

I'm also allergic to caffeine. I can have chocolate; I'd have to eat at least a pound of 97% dark chocolate to get any effect from the caffeine. My favorite chocolate is 87% dark and gluten-free. I cannot consume tea, and a lot of herbal teas have ingredients that conflict with my seizure medication. I have to be very careful about what I eat and drink.

What I prefer are things I can use. Picture frames, things I can use in my quilting (fabric scraps, thread, etc), jewelry making supplies (namely beads of any material, included bones and teeth so long as they're drilled), small bags to store things, tins or little boxes for storage/display, fancy paper (I like writing using a fountain pen and sometimes calligraphy pens), watercolors or things I can use in my watercolor paintings (metallic, matte, pearlescent, iridescent, aka different kinds of paint finishes), and stuff I can display. A lot of paintings and photographs I've seen often influence what I create, and having that reference to play with is always nice.

I practice witchcraft, and have been doing so since I was nine. I didn't know it had a name for it until many years later, and came out of the "broom closet" when I was 16. I've been practicing for 25 years now, studied/apprenticed under an Elder until he passed away in 2015. I walk the Crooked Path, my Elder named me a seer and water witch, and I'm dedicated to Cernunnos. He's also known as Herne, Lord of the Wild Hunt, and in more modern terms he is also known as the Green Man and Holly King. What I practice has been an oral tradition passed down from generation to generation going back many centuries. I practice alone, use tarot, and because of my epilepsy and seizure medication I have vivid lucid dreams. Many of these dreams have helped me a great deal.

I have no children, but I do have two cats and my husband. I think all three qualify as children. My husband and I have no intention of having children, and I went so far to prevent this that I had a tubal ligation and endometrial ablation. I do, however, have five nephews that fix the rare momentary "baby itch".

My two cats are my joy, and seeing them happy and entertained is extremely fulfilling. They love bird watching and now that they have a catio (enclosed patio that will basically belong to them) I'll be able to provide them with some "TV". Bird seed, bird houses, and things that attract birds will be great. Cat toys and other cat things are always welcome. One of my cats loves smacking bells and chasing strings, the other loves rough play and running around at odd hours.

Small note: on July 11, 2017 my home burned. We have renters insurance (I 100% recommend getting renters insurance), and they've been taking great care of us. On August 3rd, 2017 we moved into a new rental house. It's beautiful, outside the city limits, quiet, and nearly "middle of nowhere". I look forward to decorating it.

Update: my sewing/crafting room is nearly finished! It's the master bedroom and over twice the size of my previous workroom. my previous one was roughly 8 ft x 10 ft but the furniture made it more like 6 ft x 8 ft. When the room is finished I'll participate in more 3-D swaps.

In November 2016 I had wrist surgery to repair a ligament tear that had occurred 5+ years earlier. The pain is nearly gone, but if I work my wrist too much it shows in my work. I also have tremors in my hands due to nerve and muscle damage caused by over 20 years of epilepsy. I apologize if my handwriting is a little messy or if things I've colored aren't all that great. It's a lot of work and keeps my wrist flexible, but I have a habit of doing too much.

What I Like

Jewel tones, bold and bright colors. Think peacocks and hummingbirds. Oh, and I love those two birds.

Leopard print/pattern. My favorite big cat is the snow leopard followed closely thereafter by the clouded leopard.

I love snakes, butterflies, dragonflies, and other colorful creatures.

Fairies and old fairy lore. I especially love Brian Froud's fairy artworks.

My two cats would love cat toys that are actual cat toys. They're happy with a ball of paper, but cat-safe toys made for cats are extra special.

Flowers. My favorites are lilies, daisies, lilacs, and sunflowers.

Wind chimes are awesome. I had a healthy collection of wind chimes but in July 2017 I lost them all to a fire. I would greatly love and appreciate new wind chimes. Bone, wood, glass, metal, I love them all.

SCIENCE IS LIFE! Outer space stuff is super bonus yes, but science in general makes me super happy. Things related to science, learning science things, that sort of thing makes my day. I watch Bill Nye Saves the World and several other science shows.

Puns, jokes, bad jokes, etc.

I love Dragon Age. It has saved me life, helped me learn how to interact with people and socialize, improved my confidence and self-esteem, and so many other positive things. My favorite characters is Alistair. I write a lot of Dragon Age fanfiction too. If you're interested in reading any of it let me know. I'll direct you to where I have it posted online.

I also play Witcher 3. I never played the other games because I didn't know about them until got the third game. Geralt gives me life.

Old Scottish lore. My family is from Scotland. I have several books with general Celtic lore, but most of it is focused on Ireland...and I'm not Irish. I'd like more Scottish stuff.

Lightning and volcanoes, preferably together, but separate is perfectly fine.

I love postcards! I'm on Post Crossing, and it's been a blast. Not entirely sure I would call myself a collector, but I do love receiving them. I bought a picture album to store them in.

Science fiction is a great love of mine. Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, Farscape, Battlestar Gallactica (the new one), and a lot of others.

I would love to have some really unique coffee mugs/tea cups. I do drink some herbal teas, mostly ginger or fruity, but a house fire in July 2017 destroyed a large portion of my mugs and cups. I would really like to replace them.

Learning the stories, myths, and legends of other cultures and countries is something I love. Feel free to share these with me in swaps!

Boxes. I have a lot of scrap fabric from quilting, gel pens, jewelry and jewelry making supplies, etc. I would love a decorated box...but no glitter. I loathe glitter (see "What I Don't Like"); the only excepting is glitter gel pens. For a long time I made theme decorated boxes from cigar boxes, but I haven't done that in a very long time. I may get back into it.

I have a sweet tooth like no other and love trying all sorts of candy and dried fruits. Keep in mind I'm allergic to caffeine and I have Celiac Disease (I can't have anything containing gluten). I can have dark chocolate and will need to eat over a pound of 97% dark chocolate for the caffeine to affect me. I don't like root beer flavored candy, green apple flavored candy, watermelon flavored candy, or black licorice. My favorite US candy are peach rings. My favorite candy ever is from Japan, but I can't remember the name. Send me candy from your region of the world, or even dried fruit. Unusual, new, traditional, whatever. I save the really neat wrappers and put them in a special box for these unique items.

What I Don't Like

Glitter is evil. I hate glitter. I loathe glitter. Glitter must burn and forever be removed from existence.

Fabrics and prints that can be easily associated with "grandma" because ugh, super old fashioned. Not even valid enough to be called vintage. Bleh.

Zebra print. Please...don't.

I really don't like spiders. At all. Blame the three black widows that bit me, the large number of brown recluse in my area, the jumping spiders that make me scream. I see more spiders in a month here in Oregon than most Aussies see in a year.

Fairies with butterfly wings. They annoy me and I don't know why. I do love butterflies though.

I have very sensitive skin. Don't send me skin products. Ever. There's a fair chance I'll develop a rash. Yes, very annoying.

Religious stuff, especially Christian. Practice whatever religion you want, I don't care. Just don't force it on me or send it to me. I have very negative experiences with Christianity. No, I'm not giving you details. You don't need them. Keep religion to yourself.

Pro-White/White Power/Nazi/Neo-Nazi/Alt-Right stuff. Just don't. I don't support President Trump, or as I refer to him, President Cheeto and Agent Orange. Anything related to supporting him will be returned or burned.

Scrapbooking. I think it's awesome, yes, but I don't do it at all. All scrapbooking things are given to one of my sisters because she's really into it.

Anime/Otaku. I can't watch most animated shows because of my epilepsy. The last time I watched one was Star Wars' animated series, and not even ten minutes into the episode I had a seizure.

Candles and incense. I practice witchcraft, yes, but I don't play with fire. I recently experienced my second house fire (first one was when I was 9 years old) and I live in a fire-prone region. Plus I have asthma and artificially scented stuff can really mess me up. Naturally scented candles would make for nice decoration, but they won't be lit. Incense is just a really big no.


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