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tentmari on Jun 10, 2019:

2017 Profile Hello #7

Hello from Texas! In reading over your profile I see we have several things in common. I LOVE cats (all sizes) and sea creatures. I plan to check out the link for the Monterey Bay Aquarium you have on your profile because I really enjoy visiting aquariums but don't often have the opportunity to go. I hope you are enjoying a nice spring. Have a great dewy! ☺

Daycie on Jun 9, 2019:

2019 Profile Hello #7

πŸ₯€πŸ΅οΈπŸŒΈJust like you I also love plants alot. Yours look so nice! I have one cactus with flowers as well. I also have two other plants but don't know the name of them hihi. I also really love flowers and garden plants. I hope to have a garden in the future. Now I only have a small balcony. Have a nice day! 🌡🌻🌼

Joeanniee on Jun 8, 2019:

2019 Profile Hello #7

Greetings from Brooklyn NY!

Hope all is well! I love visiting aquariums when I go to new cities and countries. Last year, I went to COEX aquarium in Seoul, Korea and it was amazing!

AlfiahKhaier on Jun 7, 2019:

2019 Profile Hello #7

Hello greeting From Indonesia !

How are you there?

We have rainy season here and now It's night in my country.. I hope tomorrow will be better from today.. Have a nice day


jaimierandolph on Jun 7, 2019:

2019 Profile Hello #7

Good morning from the USA! I hope this little message finds you doing well and in the best of spirits! I hope that you have a wonderful day! Hugs-

bblue on May 14, 2019:

Thank you for everything you sent for the "Random flat envie" tag!

kokoloc on May 8, 2019:

Thank you for taking your time to send me the RAK: Papercraft Scraps. I was so excited to receive mail from Israel! I love the postage. :)

Lonestarchild on May 6, 2019:

Thank you for the paper pieces RAK. (The envie was nearly destroyed -- it had come open. There was only a couple of small pieces of paper in it. Am not sure if things went missing from there.)

Fabriqueen on Apr 24, 2019:

2019 Profile Hello #2

Hi Sivan, I hope this finds you happy and well. I see we have a lot of the same likes especially cats. We have one cat named Sugar. She is 13 years old. I clicked on the cams and spent way too much time there. It is mesmerizing. Thanks for that link! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane

annim on Apr 23, 2019:

2019 Profile Hello #2


I also love cats and cacti. :) I hope you had a lovely Easter break. Ours was very busy but nice. Minna

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