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18.10.2020 O.K. I know that in some period I was bussy and later without comunication. But what was possible I resent. The 1 rating is not possible to change. So hope somebody will believe and understand. Now I will be some monath without work so a lot of time for swap-bot.

5.10.2017 I know I was bad but now I want to work on it. So I contact all persons which I had cheat and I hope I can start new period and forward all.

18.9.2015 If you want we can make a private Exchange like 20-100 full teabags. I can send you which kind you want (black, white, green, rooibos, herb and every different-I have a shop) and you can send me which kind you want and its not needed be different. Or you can send empty ones!

18.9.2015 Are you a collector of sugar, postcards, stamps, crowns, keychain, pen,.....just write me I have a lot of stuff for you.

18.09.15 I am expecially looking for tea brands like: PRADA (Milano), PRIVATE SELECTION www.interamericaproduct.com, PORTERS www.healthpak.co.nz, Lupica, Uncle lees Tea, Tazo, Yogi (USA ones), Traditional Medicinals, www.mycupoft.co.uk, www.martinellis.com Cameron Valley www.bharattea.com.my, malaysia, COMPTOIRS RICHARD www.comptoirsrichard.fr CARRINGTON TEA www.carringtontea.com USA CHAMI www.ceylonroyaltea.com USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, CHOICE www.choiceorganicteas.com USA JUST US! www.justuscoffee.com GB YAMA MOTO YAMA www.yamamotoyama.com

25.9.13 Now I am looking for some ginger tea for my husband-we have here not strong-only with little ginger......AND I IF SOMEBODY LIVE OUTSIDE EUROPE AND CAN BUY SOME TEA FOR ME (DOESNT MATTER WHICH ONE) I CAN SEND MONEY AND SOMETHINK LIKE A PRESENT FOR DO IT. OR I CAN BUY ANYTHINK HERE WHAT YOU WANT :) or if somebody drink a lot of tea and can safe some wrappers (paper or foil (good opened on back site) = bags from tea). I usualy exchange 1 empty wrapper for one teabag without wrapper (I put it to foil bag and write the kind on)....Or 2 empty one for 1 full......I KNOW I AM CRAZY BUT I REALLY LOVE MY TEABAGS COLLECTION!:) Now I am looking for teabags from Karel ÄŒapek but I saw it only on shop in Japan :( If somebody have I really want the wrappers! (empty bags)

My name is Luci. I am from Czech Republic(centrel Europe) and my first son Thomas was born on end of April 2010. And my second son was born on february 2012. So I am little in hurry:) I collect empty tea bags (wrappers) for about 13 years. I love travelling-I was 4 times in USA, Egypt, Djerba, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary ... I have a dog. His name is Scotty and he alway make me funny. I had a boyfriend for 10 years and on 7/2011 we were married. We have new house and big garden, so thats a lot of work.

enter title...



I collect teabags (I have more than 49000 different ones) and for growing up my collection I need a lot of empty ones for exchanging on meetings and during post. My favorite brands are from different countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, USA ...for example:Tazo, Celestial Seasoning, Numi,Good earth, Whitington, Art of tea,....Most popular are brands from small shops or own supermarket brands. But of course from different countries I will like them!

Other things that I love is peanut butter sweets (we dont have it in Czech). White chocolade with fruits.

I love orange colour-my bedroom, bathroom, livingroom and kitchen is in orange and white colours.

I ride bicycle. I love it during all year. In winter I love snowboard and skii. I love geocaching. Thats a great hobby for me. I love jewellery. I want paper napkin (serviette for decoupage) for my mother.I love jerky. Or some thinks for my beagle. I hope thats inaf for now...


I collect empty teabags thats mean that I will be happier with 2 empty teabags than 1 full and you can have fun with drink them :) But if you will send me full ones I prefer: Matcha, green tea or black ...I hate only chai teabags...but you can send me it and I will take it to my collection and somebody from family will drink it:)) But I like all flavours and kinds!! I have almost 50 000 different wrapper from whole world. A part of my collection (only letter A for now) you can see here http://collection.teabags.cz/


I Offer:

I love swaps.If you have some tea wrapper or empty teabags please make a private swap with me. I can offer: any make-up,sweets, cofee, handmade jewelerry,or for collectors: sugarbags, napkins, pocketcallender, coins, ciggarete packet,....or anything else-just writte me what and I will find it an buy it because I really want teabags from different countries:)

Problems with shoes

I have a big problem with my big feet. Here in Czech Republic are only about 4 special shops where can I buy some shoes in sice EUR 45 US 12. And they costs 100-200 dolars. And when I was in USA I bought about 15 pair of schoes in Payless shoes. And I am happy with them-but normaly its only for one season. So if some one from USA want make me happy please buy me some shoes :) just tell me what you want buy here or what you like and we can make an privat swap. Or I will send you money and some present for your accommodation.


I hate coffee-any kind and any flavoured thinks with coffee. I dont like purple colour...I dont like jewellery for neck. Please I dont like old candy and old choccolade! I hate ciggaretes too.


I like all what can make me happy: teabags,teabags, teabags:)).................. sweets, nice fabrics, some traditional food, ....Somethink for boys (8 and 10)


PrincessP rated for Tea For Thee # 73 on Nov 26, 2020
Comment: Thank you SO much for your great swap, when I'm not so busy with preparing for Christmas I'll get in contact about a personal swap :) I can't wait to try that large envelope of Christmas tea x
GiuliaL rated for ADVENT CHRISTMAS TEA BAGS calendar on Nov 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing tea
reauk rated for Advent calendar Day 11, 12 and 13 on Nov 21, 2020
Comment: I’m sure I will love them saving for Christmas stocking 🎄
Comment: I received your mail a couple of days ago but only today I had the chance to rate. Thank you so much for the interesting teas! I love to try Earl Grey tea from different brands so thank you so much for the ones you sent me ❤️🌷
Fuchsi rated for I LIKE BLACK TEA nr.5 on Nov 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you VERY much for the amazing package. Soo many diffrent typed of black tea... I will enjoy every single one of them and I love to discover new flavours I haven't had before. You are awesome! :) Also cool you know Dresden. Gute Reise for next month! XD
Fuchsi rated for Tea Advent Calendar Challenge #6 on Nov 14, 2020
Comment: Ah, it's soo hard to be patient and wait until christmas to open these tea bag presents! ^-^ I love it!
SannyBunny rated for Advent calendar Day 17, 18 and 19 on Nov 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you. I'm very excited <3
bethe rated for Blind Surprise #2 on Nov 10, 2020
Comment: I really appreciate the interesting items you sent! I have never used a folding vase or blooming tea. Can't wait to try. Thank you for the interesting teas and stamps too!
Response: It was my pleasure to find somethink you will like...even if it was small cheat!
kizzlets rated for Blind Surprise #2 on Nov 10, 2020
Comment: Received your happy mail today! Thank you very much for the unicorn deco tape, deer sticker sheet (which I absolutely love) and the used stamps from your country!! Thanks agaiN!
Response: It was my pleasure:D
Comment: So sorry to give you this rating Lucy, but you never sent the swap and the deadline was January 30th. I contacted you several weeks ago and you seem to have disappeared. I tracked down my envie and since the postman tried to deliver the mail 3 times (I can see that in my national postal service website) the swap was sent back to me. Here's the tracking number in case you ever come back and want to check it out (RR504923225CL). Hope you're doing fine and if you come back and want to send, I'll me more than willing to resend my envie and change your rating. UPDATE AUGUST 12, 2019: Thank you sending this swap. I know it's been several years after I've rated you but I appreciate that you sent it nonetheless. Everything is gorgeous and I can't wait to try the teas. Thank you for honoring your commitment.
Arhel rated for Lucinka and Arhel - teabag wrappings on Mar 31, 2016
Comment: Lucie, I'm sorry to leave this rating, especially in a private swap, and of course I'll change it as soon as I receive something (anything, really) from you! However, today (Mar 31) I have not yet received anything, our swap (due Feb 29) is still unsent on your dashboard, you have not logged in since Jan 19, so my PM from Feb 28 is still unread, and I have not received an answer to my e-mail from Mar 23 or my guestbook entry from Mar 24. I have done my best to contact you. You seem to simply have disappeared, and of course I hope nothing bad has happened to you! (If you ever decide to return: I know how life can be, and I'm sure we can resolve this.) Wishing you all the best!
Comment: Díky za vše :-) Každý čajík od Tebe je prostě ten NEJ!!! .-)
Comment: Thank you so much!
Comment: hey! don't worry about the delay. what matters is that it arrived!! I didn't have time to try the teas but I am really excited for them! thank you! ^^
Umdragon rated for week of tea nr.13 on Dec 29, 2015
Comment: I loved the teas you send me!!! So thoughtful <3 thanks for the special selection, I would try and expand my tea collection so we could have a private swap. A big hug from Chile!
Comment: thank you so much for the tea <3 I really loved the selection you made
Comment: Thank you, dear Lucie! Your swaps always make me happy!
Comment: I received the second one, thank tyou
Response: I replied and resend Date: Nov 14, 2015 Status: Read To: pandagigante This message is a reply. View previous message. Subject: RE: Private swap Sorry, was of course sent it...I will resent on monday or tuesday
Comment: Thanks very much and Merry Christmas
Comment: Thank you for the tea 💕

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Arhel on Mar 24, 2016:

Here too. Message from ages ago still unread; her part of our private swap apparently not sent. (Neither have I heard back about my swap arriving - however, I'll assume it arrived, because of inactivity of this swapper.) I now sent an e-mail as well, and unfortunately, I'll have to rate a 1 if I don't hear back from Lucie within the next few days. I really hope nothing bad has happened to her!

maxette on Feb 27, 2016:

here too.....an unread message? hope that everythinpg is ok...and that you have sent out the tea swap for feb.... as dea received from me, but did not even say anything....and cajiky is still waiting for her swap?? please be so kind to let us know!

veronicallama on Feb 18, 2016:

Hello, Lucile, You have two unread messages from me. I want to make sure my proper swap has reached you. Please let me know. Thanks!

viza on Dec 31, 2015:

Happy new 2016 year!!!

mariadastrouxas on Dec 15, 2014:

Hello! Join the empty Tea Bags RAK : http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/124917


MissPaula on Dec 9, 2013:

Luci, I got your package today! Thank you, I love the smurfs! The postcard cottage is beautiful with the icicles hanging. Thank you to your Mother for sewing items. Does her machine do the embroidery? The red flower is beautiful! Have a Merry Christmas! Your package was happy mail, brightened my day! = ) ♡♡♡♡♡♡

tanjch on Nov 25, 2013:

Hello! Just wondering if you received the swap i sent - it's almost a month since i sent our private swap :/

NaomiRisa on Oct 11, 2013:

hi, i can send you more empty teabags :-) message me if you are interested to swap~have a nice weekend~

tanjch on Oct 3, 2013:

Hello :) i saw you were looking for ginger tea - i can swap you a box :D Cheers

neekahbelle on Sep 30, 2013:

I love your website! Your collection is awesome and so interesting :) - Nika

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