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My Dad recently passed away and I am no longer using his Walnut Circle address. Please let me know if I have it listed in one of my groups. Thanks very much.

Not easily offended,

My goal is to hopefully get an insight into who you are and
to send you spot on swaps that make you smile! In a perfect swapping world, we are all kind and charitable..... Flaking is not in my DNA, so please message me if something goes amiss...... My favorite Artista Camilla D'errico

I love lowbrow art, big eyed girls and surrealism. I enjoy Postcard Penpals

I am very grateful for all your time and effort and $$ put into swaps for me!!

Thanks to all my Partners for such thoughtful swaps!!

Trying a new craft? Send it to me! I love to reward people for their effort, not just for skill or talent. If you've got heart, I'll give you a heart!

I promise to rate! Please, do rate me.....it is a polite acknowledgment. Almost like flaking if you don't. To complete the swapping experience you need to follow thru to the end!

Favorite Crafts

You don't have to spend your money on me! I love little bits from your stash- LOVE doll images.

I love weird clowns and Circus themes!

Would love Alice in Wonderland or Marie Antoinette images......

I love handmade. I have not mastered any type of needle craft...I dabble, but, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, lacemaking, felting, sewing, anything like that I LOVE but am not so good at! Love redwork!

But, I excel in glue! Anything I can glue is good. Maybe this explains my love of all things paper!

I LOVE Mail Art! Love it! If you get mail from me and it has one of those = ( post office labels...I apologize! Sometimes the cranky postal workers do not want to take the time to select stamps for me! I try to use interesting postage when I can. I LOVE anything Airmail or mail related, love our Ernie or swap-bot swag!

I also love the look of hand carved stamps. I have not done this yet but I now own one made by kayler00 and I hope soon to create my own.
If you send me a postcard or a letter, I would love to see random stampings on it that you have carved! I love the look!

I love rubber stamping

  • card making

  • all kinds of paper crafts

  • scrap booking

  • doll making

  • paperdolls

Vintage, whimsical, needlework, furniture upcycling, recycling, found object art, jewelry making, photography, decoupage, cutesy stuff, architecture inspired everything, silk ribbon art, antique, victorian,stuff with buttons, I like it all! I like all kinds of paper for crafting, yes, even (clean) candy bar wrappers, cigarette packages and torn up magazines! I love sparkly, bling bling, girly stuff. Love Princess and Queen things, shoes, purses, fashion.... I collect vintage rhinestone jewelry. (Actually, I 'Collect' a lot of stuff) = )

I would LOVE mail from France, Finland, England and Germany!!

I always love Holiday stuff even Christmas in July!

I like Tim Holtz and all the altered stuff. I am just starting to collect things I can use for altered style crafting. I like the odd and unusual but I don't have much of it. I love all things Steampunk!!
I like felt food. Amazing work! I love felt and have a good selection of it but my experience has been limited to Christmas ornaments pretty much. I am going to try something new. I also have the tools for felting but have not made anything. I have now received some lovely felties from the talented kiddomerriweather-Suzanne! Love!

I love die cuts and would love words or phrases from a Cricut or Cuttlebug. Sized for cards, postcards or ATC's

Favorite Books

I confess to being a book hoarder. I can't help it, I LOVE BOOKS! I love to collect dictionaries! I also like textbooks, coffee table books, graphics stuff,advertising,1930's children's books, illustrated kids books and well, just about any book. I'm not sure I have ever met a book I did not like.

More about me.....

I love Jesus and

I love all old things.
I like monsters with stitches, cartoon monkeys and ALL Robots! I like the 'Tooth' stuff.....I just received some Kawaii woodland, Lil red ridinghood and I love it!

  • I love collage

  • Decorated envies

  • Anything YOU make

  • Unusual Postcards

    I don't really draw and I would like to receive some hand drawn ATC's or PC's!

I am a horse (owned 23 of them in my life so far) lover, love animals. Mother of 1 grown son and 1 daughter. And, one cute cat,17 yr. old Mr. Hunter. A tuxedo cat. RIP 2018 I live in sunny California in the 'Wine" Country......in the San Francisco Bay Area! I am patriotic thru and thru, love God and my Country.

I like anything in black and white, Broadway, all musicals, old movies.

I am like a magpie,I am attracted to sparkly stuff. I like rag dolls, cloth dolls, sock dolls, LOVE sock monkeys (how is it I do not own one?!). Well, now I do! Thanks to Hushpadwitch, I have my very own Sock Monkey to play with! I like whimsical, altered and primitive dolls. I love things crocheted with thread. I don't crochet with thread, but I love doilies and trims. I do like the stuffies and little kawaii stuff knitted or crocheted with yarn. I love redwork embroidery. I like all kinds of tools and art supplies, found objects, things I can use to craft with. I like tattoo themed stuff (old school, Ed Hardy, portraits, modern art, all kinds!)

I love letters. Fonts. Alphabets. Calligraphy. Fancy handwriting. Fountain pens. Typography.

  • I love Zebras and Zebra print

  • I love fairies-vintage fairies, flower fairies pixies,brownies, and kewpies.

More about me.....

I come across amazing things. I also collect a lot of....well, let's call it stuff. I save things knowing someday there will be a use for it. I know I have things You probably need right now. Ask me to swap. I welcome one on one private swaps. Ask me, I like private swaps and might have something you are looking for!

I like vintage sewing and quilting stuff.

I am an Ebay maniac. Yes! I am a Treasure Hunter!

More likeys

I love shabby chic....I love vintage western images. I like Pirates-arrrgghhh...

I would LOVE Postcards or anything with Jetoy Choo Choo Cat.

I like patterns. For envies, dolls, anything! I would love patterns you make of any kind. I would love blueprint scraps or patent pictures. Anything Steampunk.

Likes and Dislikes

I love PINK! I love all things Paris......... I like sweet stuff, fancy stuff, plain stuff, OOAK stuff, I like Tim Burton characters,I am very eclectic in my tastes. Even kind of macabre or dark......Just not vulgar stuff. Easy going, easy to please, I say 'Everyone is an artist'...........I will be appreciative of whatever you send, knowing you put your heart into it! I love all genres of artistic expression. I love to see other peoples style of art, their uniqueness. I mainly give away the things I make but keep work by others.

Dislikes: I don't like mean spirited people so please be kinder than necessary and remember everyone is going thru something.

Like to receive: Most anything you want to send, I love ATC's, postcards and pre-1970 vintage themed anything. I am really laid back and can find a use for almost anything!
I always welcome ephemera, esp. vintage.

My sewing skills are marginal and I would love anything sewn by you! I have received a fabric PC and it is beautiful! I do not have a stuffie or plushie, I'd like to see how you make them....

For PC Swaps>>>> I LOVE HANDMADE! I like all PC's, esp. odd or unique, unusual, or photos you have taken!! I want to see your art!! I'm just sayin'- Don't be afraid to send me your handmade PC's.......I also appreciate store bought, any theme-Local to where you are, travel cards, Vintage and odd or unusual are my favorite. Surreal Art, advertising, Hollywood. Paris, London, black and whites. Marvel Comics, Doctor WHO (Matt Smith is my guy), funny, cartoon, kids PC's are OK with me.  I love it when you rubber stamp it or doodle or dress it up with stickers! I love MailArt decorated envelopes and handmade envies, too! I have to say a special Thanks to those of you who picked up on my Love of Zebras! I now have a collection of Zebra PC's and I would love to add to it! Please send me your Zebras! = )

I Love Labels ...... I like junk journal, smashing stuff. Everything for altered Art and mixed media.

The List goes on....

Teesha Moore creator of Zettiology

**I love Zetti! ** Totally fabulous!!
My personality is multi-faceted and I am VERY eclectic in my tastes. I like music from country to classical, the only music I don't care for is the irreverent rap that disrespects women. I enjoy the History channel and Hallmark and everything in between .

Just an observation....

Regarding HEARTS: I have noticed that in about 1 out of every 4 swaps people do not give a heart. Particularly, some will never ever give a ♥ for a PC....... I personally think, especially with postcards, it may be difficult to make it 'extra special' in some peoples eyes, (Semantics here... an extra special 'package' for the literalists) but, many times...... If a person read my profile>heart.....tried to make it profile specific>heart......sent with care and a personal touch>heart........added a nice note, greeting, comment>heart........tried to send something nice within the boundaries of their own ability.....heart. It is noticeable at times that people are sloppy,rushed and obviously just trying to get the swap out at the last minute. God forbid I should do that to you. If I do, I don't deserve your heart.... I just want to be generous with hearts, assuming the sender did put effort into the swap. I will never withhold a heart or rate down because it is not my 'style'.
Additionally, I would not rate down a 'beginning' artist who is trying to find their way.....I will appreciate the uniqueness in us all and cheer you on for using your creative gift! I fully believe that even a postcard can have qualities that make it 'extra special'....Not only the handmade but store bought with a sincere message is extra special to me!

Also, should I be having a very painful day and your mail arrives serendipitously to me, brightening my day, making me smile or laugh or feel loved, well, that is worthy of a heart to me! I do understand, people have their own criteria for what is deserving of a heart.......and extras do not equal a heart. I have put my best into swaps (always read profiles and try to fit the swap to your likes) then not received a heart, so I have assumed the receiver did not recognize my efforts or they just have their own subjective criteria for a heart, which I did not meet. I misunderstood what they might enjoy. I really do try to be thoughtful when creating and sending. I put on my kindness hat when rating you and hope you will do the same.

I guess what I am saying is that I look for a reason to Give a heart rather than a reason to withhold one! My goal is to make my partner happy to receive things they can use or enjoy! I recently had the thought that because of my health, the day may come that my handwriting is no longer beautiful and my glue may seep, and my paper cuts may be jagged. Those who know me will still understand that I create from the heart and every project is a labor of love and often physically painful. My swapping is therapy for me, I derive such joy from it. I truly hope I can bring you some joy also. ♥ Down off my soapbox now ............. = )


thecolorofinfinity rated for POSTCARD of LISTS #9 on Mar 28, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the card! Your goals are wonderful ones and I wish you the best of luck in them.
Comment: Thanks so much!!! I love it!!!
Response: Yay! Thanks for the rating! = )
JuneRosebud rated for Art Collab #55 add postage on Mar 17, 2020
Comment: Nice post card & thank you for the journal cards, as well=)
Response: Thank you, my frequent partner, for the rating! Enjoy! ♥
bb2 rated for CF - 9th Birthday Card Swap on Mar 17, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the fun swap. Those vintage/antique paper images are awesome! I especially enjoyed reading the household tips. Some are quite funny. I'm so glad you joined the CF group. God bless.
Response: Thanks so much for the rating. ♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it. I agree they can be humorous, esp the ones that talk about being a housewife!
watercolorgirl rated for HD/HP Pass and Paste #93 on Mar 17, 2020
Comment: What a nice saying you added to this post card. I plan to put my thinking cap on now to see what I could add. Happy swapping.
Response: When I don't know what to do a Quote usually works for me! Thanks for the rating! ♥
carol rated for HD/HP Pass and Paste #92 on Mar 13, 2020
Comment: What an adorable card! I love your little guy! I hope I can come up with something as good to finish this off. Thanks for the note. It is hot here, but I love that. I get cold at anything below 70 and I'll be putting on a sweater at that temperature!
Response: Thanks! Ha-Ha, my friends in AZ and FL are the worst.They get cold if it's not in the 80's on up. I like it right around 80, I think that's perfect.
Comment: Thanks for being in this swap. I see I didnt rate you. I either really didnt get it, which can happen. But I know you are a good swapper.
Response: Oh you are so sweet! Thanks so much! ♥♥♥
tcornell rated for Art Collab #53 add postage on Mar 7, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for the postcards. I look forward to adding to your card as well :)
Response: You are welcome! I didn't expect to start one so it will be a bonus!
Allegrae rated for Art Collab #52 Add postage on Feb 19, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the great card and extras! Will play & then send it home.
Response: Awesome! Have fun, thx again for a nice and swift rating!
MamaD rated for Art Collab #51 Add postage on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! And I LOVE the diecuts!! Thank you so very much!!!
Response: This is a fun swap isn't it? I'm always happy to share and I just got new dies! Thx for the rating! = )
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable card and all the extras. I love everything. I'd love to do a private swap with you sometime. :) Happy Valentine's Day.
Response: Sweet. Thanks for the lovely and prompt rating! ♥
24Donna rated for CF: Mail Art-Valentine's Day on Feb 10, 2020
Comment: Miss Paula, beautiful card! I love it! You’re very talented! The die cuts thank you! Wonderful swap! The cat book is pretty good, I’m enjoying it! Are you enjoying it? Have a blessed day and God bless you
Response: Thank you for the wonderful rating! The book is an easy read, I'm liking it. God Bless you and yours!
Comment: Thank you Paula for the beautiful valentine card - love the watercolors. And I'm so excited to use the mermaid and seahorses in my ocean journal - they are perfect and what fun to watercolor them (yours is beautiful) and thank you for all the heart cut outs:)
Response: Yippee! So glad I could put together a swap you would enjoy! Thanks for the love-ly rating! = ) ♥
Comment: Thank you so much for the pretty Valentine's Day card and the cute die cuts. I love the drawing on the front of the card, So talented!!
Response: Thanks so much, You are so kind! This was definitely out of my comfort zone. I love glue and paper, drawing is a real challenge. = )
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful handmade Valentine! The bird is so adorable! Thank you for all the extra goodie too! I am so lucky to have you as my partner!
Response: Awww, sweet. I like swapping with you, too! Thanks for the lovely rating! = ) ♥
Comment: Thank you so much I love the handmade card
Response: Wonderful! Thanks so much for the rating, I'm glad you like it! = ) ♥
Comment: Thank you for your very beautiful Valentine’s Day card. I love the enclosed goodies as well.
Response: Thank you for rating so promptly! I'm glad you enjoyed the swap. = )
Comment: Love the pockets you made, love the paper you picked! So cute! Thank you for all the fun tuck ins too!
Response: Cool. There's always extra pressure when the Host is your partner, lol. Glad you like them! = ) Fun swap, thanks for hosting!
csksml rated for Just Randomness Giveaway #7 on Jan 28, 2020
Comment: Good luck organizing all of that stuff, and my condolences for your parents. I hope the rest of your 2020 is great :)
Response: Thank you! It's a huge job......
wolfeagle rated for HD/HP Pass and Paste #71 on Jan 25, 2020
Comment: What a lovely start to this postcard. I look forward to adding to it. I'm a fan of mermaids myself.;D
Response: Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. = )

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rarjones on Mar 11, 2020:

Wishing you Birthday Blessings this month! Hope you have a wonderful day:) Hugs - Rose

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JuneRosebud on Mar 1, 2020:

Thanks for working on my Gentleman Fish Collab Pos=)t Card; I like how he turned out

MamaD on Feb 29, 2020:

Received my first art collab postcard back today! Thanks for working on it!!

rarjones on Feb 3, 2020:

Welcome to the CF Group! Looking forward to swapping with you and getting to know you better:)

glennasgarden on Feb 3, 2020:

Welcome to the CF group :)

LadyJo on Feb 2, 2020:

Welcome, to the CF group! We are glad to have you come aboard! Look forward to learning to know you!

BeckyG56 on Feb 2, 2020:

Welcome to the Christian Friends group, you will fit right in! I look forward to swapping with you!

Earlgurl on Jan 26, 2020:

Hi! Thank you SO MUCH for the gorgeous Angel's that you placed on my profile as well as the sweet message. I really needed to see that today!! <3 <3 <3.

OrigamiGrace on Jan 21, 2020:

Thank you so much for the sweet Valentine PC!!

Mimi7 on Dec 13, 2019:

Thanks for the lovely kitty on the bird art collab I love it. :)

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