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Wife to 1 and mom of 3 boys. Grew up mostly in New Mexico, went to Rice University in Houston, spent a few years in Maryland, currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Favorite Music

Right now my favorite artist is Carrie Newcomer. I enjoy mellow, acoustic, female singer-songwriters. Other genres I like are folk, celtic, world music (esp instrumental), acoustic, mellow jazz, and kid-friendly silly songs!

Favorite Crafts

I started with ATCs in summer 2008 and then branched into postcards - I'm not the first to say it, but the larger canvas of a postcard appeals to me! I like to make fabric / needlework PCs and ATCs, or collage-y style postcards.

I dabble in colored pencil drawings - I mostly draw botanical and entomological subjects (flowers and insects) from photos. I also like block printing (linocut, although usually not on actual linoleum).

I always appreciate your own drawing or painting on an ATC or postcard! And no matter how you make it, I appreciate a note about how you made your creation, what you were thinking of, etc. The creative process fascinates me.

Favorite Colors and Themes

  • I'm a blues and greens kind of gal! My least favorite colors to work with are 'muddy' colors, like drab browns and yellows and such. I admire people who can make them work!

  • I like botanicals and nature-inspired items, or abstract/geometric/swirly stuff.

  • unusual animals, such as zebras, okapi, pangolins, even intriguing arthropods (giraffe weevil, colorful beetles and bugs, sea life, etc). The less well known, the better. [granted, zebras are charismatic megafauna, but I make an exception for them!] Live snakes in my immediate proximity (such as pets) make me shudder a little bit, but I'm okay with them in art.

  • fish

  • interestingly shaped leaves (like bloodroot - have you seen a bloodroot leaf? very cool! or gingko? also cool!),

  • maps and postage stamps

  • Also appreciate black-and-white (or limited color) illustrations from old science or other textbooks. I've collected quite a pile of them from the free shelf at my public library!

Favorite Books

My favorite book is Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. My favorite authors are Madeleine L'Engle and Dorothy Sayers. My favorite books are mysteries, especially when they incorporate an interest of mine (cooking, needlework, etc) without it being too forced. I recently learned about the term "cozy mysteries" and that pretty much sums up the kind I like (not too much gore or sleaze). Inspector Henry Tibbetts (Patricia Moyes) and Maisie Dobbs (Jacqueline Winspear) are two great series in this vein.

And I've been reading quite a bit of young adult fiction to keep ahead of my boys or find books they might enjoy. Recent favorites include The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins; Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool. Our whole family enjoyed The Wilderking Trilogy by Jonathan Rogers - great especially for boys! Others: Mysterious Benedict Society (I liked the first one the most), The Wednesday Wars, Flipped, Madeleine L'Engle, J. K. Rowling, Blue Balliet, Elise Broach.


This will probably never be relevant, since I mostly swap ATCs and postcards, but I'm allergic to avocados and shrimp. And naproxen (aka Aleve) - so don't send me any OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs! :^)

Swap Specific

For postcards: I ADORE handmade postcards!! But if you don't make your own, I also like maps, native plants or animals, quirky local sites, artsy stuff.

For tea swaps: my favorites are flavored white or green teas. Also like herbal or rooibos and chai mixes. Black tea tends to be too dark/bitter for me, but my husband likes most of those. And this may sound a bit whiny, but I consider a bag of ordinary Lipton to be the tea-swap-equivalent of 'sticker slapping' (representing little time or effort).

For recipe swaps, I have recipe boxes for 3x5 and 4x6 cards, and a file folder for 8.5x11 paper. So I'm flexible on formats. I love to cook from fresh & seasonal ingredients, and I like ethnic recipes and "food with flavors" (interesting spices). And chocolate - I loves me some chocolate!

Source that Quote!

Be brave. Be truly brave. I mean, don’t get carried away. Stay out of the Dog Park. And don’t run with knives. And, for crying out loud, don’t cry out loud. You’ll upset the bears, which are emotionally fragile animals that are already very uncomfortable with themselves.

Today is street cleaning day. Please remain calm.


Beat rated for Candy Mail Art on Nov 16, 2017
Comment: Wow💖
Comment: Love the Postcard, and LOVE Nat King Cole!
bbsporty rated for HMPC: Altered Postcard #5 on Nov 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the awesome altered pc!
rngstgstll rated for HCSI: Halloweenie PC (USA) on Nov 3, 2017
Comment: This card really brightened my day -- what a talented family member :) I am still exploring ink of various sorts. Inktober was a fun hashtag on Twitter -- some fantastic variations. I am thinking about taking an inking course at the local community college's comic art program!
jukejan rated for HMPC: Put a "Map" on it on Oct 31, 2017
Comment: Great job on the background and the vintage subject matter! Love the blurb about her costume on the message side as well. Thanks.
jukejan rated for Nature Inspired PC on Oct 31, 2017
Comment: I like what you came up with your soft floral painting. It reminds me of strawberry time!
RockyBeach rated for 1 + 1 October on Oct 26, 2017
Comment: The kitten has landed! Thank you. I love the background, how did you made it? I never tried skateboarding myself. No, unfortunately I never saw an aurora myself. As a hint: the cats nearly fell of the card, maybe use a different glue next time.
Response: Oh no, sorry about the cats - glad they made it! I get nervous about using mod podge over paint (have had too many smears), but I have a feeling that might have been acrylic paint or block printing ink so it probably would have been safe. Anyway, the background was from my last frenzy of gelatin plate prints - the fuzzy white is from some novelty yarn, and the red is from something like a mesh produce bag.
georgiafae rated for Halloween PostCard on Oct 26, 2017
Comment: Great postcard-that will have to go up in my Poe Shrine. I'm glad you told me it was a Manx black cat or I would have thought the tail got lost in the mail! Thanks for sharing-Happy Halloween!
dvmac rated for ZMACS Aug: sketchy minizine on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: OMGosh I just discovered that I never rated you for your charming zine! I'm sorry! Has your son settled on a school? best wishes from your red-faced coordinator.
Response: Early decision deadline is tomorrow! But he's not 100% sure he wants to commit so might wait for standard decision... [sigh - i think he's making it more stressful than it need be, but it's not my decision so..........]
Coco26 rated for CC: Sender's Choice September 2017 on Oct 15, 2017
Comment: Tee, hee! Love it! The images from those older science books are wonderful -- so much more appealing than modern photos. I read Kipling's Just So stories when very young, memorized his poetry in school & devoured his essays on India when I lived there. I read The Man Who Would be King so long ago that my memory of it is poor. Maybe time for a re-read, eh? Thanks for a good mail day.
njstauter rated for Reading Log - 3rd Quarter on Oct 11, 2017
Comment: I am looking forward to reading what you sent and appreciate that you use audiobooks too! Thank you!
luluvision rated for 1 + 1 September on Oct 7, 2017
Comment: Ooh! Sorry for the late rating! I spaced on this! I laughed when you wrote about the skeleton farting the moon! It's great! :-) Thank you!
Response: glad someone appreciates my lame humor :^)
Comment: Awesome PC, thank you!
Comment: I love the postcard and wow you got a lot printed on that small space. Loved hearing about your travels.
nc27614 rated for HMPC: Sender's Choice PC-Sept on Sep 26, 2017
Comment: Love the horse on Chinese/Vietnamese paper! Sweet "block printing"...something I've never tried! Thanks. See ya at the mail box.
wolfeagle rated for TPS: Mail Art - September 2017 on Sep 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much.
kygirl rated for Random PC International #9 on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: I have never been to Italy but I have a half sister whose husband is Italian so they go there. I would love to go one day!
boriquaz rated for Mostly Red on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful Postcard, I adore it! I don't follow football much let alone Rutgers, only thing i know is when there is a game steer clear because the traffic us ugh lol. it's literally down the street from me. Happy Swapping!
Response: Planning your errands around game time: sounds like Ann Arbor! :^)
Babsmomof5 rated for Random PC International #9 on Sep 15, 2017
Comment: How sweet of you to send me the gorgeous oc from Shaghai! We didn't get a chance to visit there, but hope to one day!

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jukejan on Nov 14, 2017:

Got the second Nature Inspired PC and gelli background is really great! You went over and beyond, thanks!

wolfeagle on Sep 7, 2017:


Thank you for working on my Collaboration PC, with the ship cruising down the road. I love it.

DaisyNY on Jul 27, 2017:

Hi Tricia,

Here's the finished Collaboration (#41 for you). I added shading, an outline and some words.

Lady on Jul 14, 2017:

Thanks for a package of goodies, and the most excellent pig & sheep parasite envelope. love it! I think this was an RAK? ...but let me know if I have missed rating you on anything. thank you image

midwestkiwi on Apr 26, 2017:

I want to thank you again for Kiwi PC you sent way back last April. I use it as the cover for my PC collection book. I was actually checking to make sure I'd rated before thanking you again (that would have been awkward) and I noticed it was unhearted. (Still more awkward). So ,<3, <3, <3....

Jafferty on Apr 13, 2017:

Thank you for sending your book reading log. I just read a few pages and am so excited to see that you read much of what I like, so I'm glad to be able to spend some time finding some new books and series. Thank you!

wolfeagle on Jan 9, 2017:

Thank you for the red and green Kandinsky circles. I love it.

bbsporty on Nov 27, 2016:

Thank you so much for the awesome extra turkey postcard you sent me! Love the song even if it is a little dark.

wolfeagle on Oct 31, 2016:


reader44ever on Sep 9, 2016:

Tricia! Thank you so much for the postcard you sent! It makes me so, so happy to learn that your boys enjoy the bookmarks I sent. I am especially and positively thrilled that each one liked a different one of the three!!! And I am very happy that you like the bookmark I sent for you, too. :-)

Thank you for sharing this news with me! You really made my day! :-)

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