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About Me

26/11/20: We are still in 2. lockdown. Post offices are open! We are able to receive, I just get mail in bulks again. (9 days nothing and then suddenly a stuffed p.o. box).

November: Mail seems to slow down again. You have not been rated by me? Then I have not received your item! I always rate the same day as I receive them!!

We open our p.o. Box at the weekend and then I rate all mail in one go.

are you missing mail from me? Them please send me a message!!

Thank you.

last time rated and received: November 24th

just to be clear: #blacklivesmatter

Hello :)

I will delete this sooner or later, but here we are:

So: All swaps I host are senders choice. They have to be, because I spend a lot of time in hospital. All envelopes are prepared, have a date on it and need just to be addressed. This is for the worst case. When I am fresh :) then I do not use this envelopes and make personal ones. I had do learn this the hard way. So please be not upset, when from time to time there is no personal attach to it.

And second: I love to make my envelopes out of magazine pages, catalogues or calendars. This is my happy place. Listening tto Audiobooks and make them. If you do not like these envelopes, then please tell me beforehand, I will use a regular then. This is not about the money. It is about my happy place and my tiny-step-a-day for the environment.

Favorite Crafts

  • MailArt. I love it.

  • Journaling - colourful and playful :), full of childrensbooks-illustrations, postcards and fun quotes on the left side, on the right side I journal what comes to mind :) (so not so much vintage perfection, more "oh, there is another dino-page" haha)

  • Collage

  • Origami

  • handmade stickers

  • Everything with paper :)

What I like.

  • early mornings

  • dinosaurs

  • yellow. apple green. blue.

  • but to be honest: yellow :)

  • Paper bombs a la @stephiedee

  • crisp air

  • used postage stamps. or mint.

  • kindness

  • richard scarry

  • Dick Bruna

  • classic Paddington Bear. from darkest Peru :)

  • little soft spot for Moonins, Peanuts.

  • honeybees and bumblebees

  • Flow, MaVie, TheGuardian, Hygge, ..

  • learning Dutch

  • office stickers: dots, arrows,labels,.

  • fun page flags

  • ladybugs

  • hedgehog a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g :)

  • umbrella & raindrops.

  • Totoro with his umbrella :)

  • quentin blake

  • Carley Harper

  • illustrations (children books, flow,..)

  • Mailart. Happy mail.

  • Dennisons (-ish) labels

  • Avid reader here :)

  • Jane Austen. Jasper Fforde. Terry Pratchett. Thomas Bernhard.

  • thoughtfulness

  • random envelopes. lucky dip (bags).

  • BBC 4 extra

  • cabin pressure. the lemon is in play :)

  • therefore: all things lemon.

  • whales. otters. whales. beavers. :)

  • You have the perfect vegan recipe?Tuck it in :) :)

  • neon

  • Comic strips.

  • rubber stamps. clear stamps. metal dies.

  • mini-zines

  • Themed Happy mail (think themes like: old telephones, music tapes, yellow, moomins,...)

  • And I seem to be the one person, you can send tiny tiny stickers, notebooks and pencils to :) :) :)

and finally...

Do I have dislikes? Yes, of course I have. Will I list them? No.

I have met wonderful people here at swap-bot. They were carefuI with their swaps and put so much effort in them. I was happy all day long because of their thoughtfulness and kindness, although the swap might not be exactly my taste.

For me swap-bot is about thoughtfulness and inspiration, about humour, kindness and art. I maybe am more into dinosaurs and less into fairies. But if you put a little winged fairy on a dinosaurs' shoulders on your mailart: this fairy would be the most treasured fairy on the planet.

To be honest: there is no chance I would appreciate a swap which is against people (how they look like, whom they love, where they live,..) or animals. But anything put together with respect, care and humour is very much appreciated.

Please send just kidfriendly things. That would be really nice :)

At the moment...

WTA: IFM March20 - not sent yet (India)

CPG wishlist April: one came back, sent again 8.5.(to keahirada)

Sunshine: Postcard tag 25.5.PinappeTarts

CPG wishlist September: noname13 & 16.9 & 16.9

MAke a wish September: dartha, anicka & 30.9

Angel WIYM: 20.11.

CPG wishlist October: 24.10 & 24.10.

If you are my swap partner and are a collector of teatags or empty teabags, please let me know. I tuck as many in our swap as I can. or we could do a private swap. I am always open for a swap for other leightweight things like used stamps (preferred) or airmail labels, stickers or your favourite vegan reecipe :)


dally rated for LDEM - Lucky Dip Global # 2 Bonus on Nov 26, 2020
Comment: What a wonderful collection of goodies. I love the piggybank, I will definitely put him in my gluebook! Thank you so much for checking out my youtube! I haven't posted in awhile because I've been super busy with work and renovating our house, but I hope to post soon. <3
Comment: Thank you! I can't wait to open it up! <3 AL
Comment: Thank you, can't wait to open!
Comment: Fun collection of alphabet items...Thanks!
chelle523 rated for LDEM - Lucky Dip Global # 2 Bonus on Nov 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much!!! I just love what you sent! I'll love using the planner goodies and stencils and wow - a black pug postcard! I never find those! I owe you a letter, so I will be writing soon! Take care :)
Comment: Thank you for your envelope. Cant wait to open!
Comment: Thank you so much! It's going to be so much fun opening these:)
Comment: ho ho ho! Lovely festive envie, cannot wait to open this one up, thank you so much for sending it out to me.
Comment: Arrived today:) Look forward to open it :)
Comment: Thank you. Waiting to open.
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderfully decoretad stuffed envelope. No. 22 in my very own and extremely unique advent calendar it is.. Can't wait to find out what's inside. Take care!
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful Christmas envelope. Can't wait to open it!
Comment: Thanks so much - looking forward to opening next month!! Thanks for swapping!
Comment: Thank you for the envelope for this swap, I like your style of decorating an envelope, It's minimal but thought out. So very much like my own style.
Comment: Thank you, I received your Christmas countdown swap letter. I love the cool postage stamp you used & the brown paper envelope is great too!
Comment: Thank you for your envelope, i cant wait to open it!!
Comment: Thank you. Waiting to open.
Comment: Many thanks for the terrific variety of stamped images. Hard to select favorites, but the Stamp Out Hate, Snoopy, and the trumpet playing squirrel are among them. A special thank you for the transit tickets - fantastic!
Comment: Thank you so much for your beautifully decorated Christmas Countdown swap, I can't wait to open it!! Yours is the fourth that I will be opening in December :D
Comment: Took me a long time to realise Grossbritannien was Great Britain, doh! Thank you for this lovely little bit of post. Can't wait to open it.

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Lucrezia on Nov 21, 2020:

Thank you so much for the Lucky Dip Europe #2, that reached me today, during a stressful time. You are so kind :))

LiliLuv on Nov 11, 2020:

Thank you for the fun bonus mail that reached me today for Lucky Dip Europe #2! What a lovely surprise to find in my mailbox on an otherwise stressful Wednesday. 😊 Hope you are keeping well! ❤️

susieq11 on Oct 23, 2020:

Thanks so much for the September Make A Wish goodies! I love the fun envelope! And your note is great. I think I can mostly (sort of!?) decipher the story! You went to the beach in the Netherlands, sun to rain to storms!? Had to fix the camper on the way home?! Well, most of all I hope you had a fun and safe trip!!!! Ha ha! I love the postcards! The lemurs are really cute! And that really wide washi is nice! Hope October has been good to you!!! Sending good wishes your way! xoxo

Zefaniya on Oct 15, 2020:

Thank you for the CPG holiday wish...you’re too sweet!

Lucrezia on Oct 10, 2020:

Thank you so much for the lucky dip Global 1, bonus mail!!! Love it. And what a great envelope that you made! :)) Thanks a lot.

anicka22 on Oct 7, 2020:

Thank you for the lovend make a wish happy mail! You really cheered me up on this dark and rainy day

kiddomerriweather on Oct 5, 2020:

Thank you for the September CPG wish. I love everything. It's all so colorful and fun! =D

HippieChick on Oct 3, 2020:

Third time was the charm! Thank you for the April wishes for MAW! I really appreciate you thinking of me and being so persistent to get it to me.

chelle523 on Sep 27, 2020:

Thank you so much for the bonus envie for the LDEM swap - that's so kind of you!!! My recovery went very well and I am feeling great - and I became a grandma on September 21st!!!! Milo Oliver is healthy and gorgeous and doing well. Thanks again! :)

dartha on Sep 23, 2020:

Make A Wish - September Thank you so much for all the fun goodies :) Can't wait to play with them in my journal and the card and post cards too. Thank you so much, darla

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