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Date Joined: October 9, 2019
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Birthday: September 30, 1991
Country: Sweden
My postcrossing

About Me

I am really sorry this is very long profile. For busy people: You don't really need to read more than few first sentences and maybe just quickly move your eyes across the rest.

I am 28 years old woman from Sweden. I was born in Finland and lived in total 8 countries in Europe before I decided to stay here where I am now. I also traveled in 18, visiting each several times to see different cities and places. On my busiest year I made 15 travels to 8 different countries, but now I have calmed down and become "homebody". The countries I have lived in: SE, FI, DK, DE, AT, SK, CZ, BE, HU. And the ones I have visited so far: HR, EE, VA, IT, MT, NL, NO, PL, SI. Extra greetings for everybody whose place is listed :)

My home village has only about 200 people living here, it takes half hour to drive to shop and we are pretty much middle of nothing, but I enjoy this place much more than I did Copenhagen, Vienna and those other cities I have seen, visited and lived in.

I work as a teacher, but I have a master degree in agriculture. I graduated about a year ago but unfortunately I had harsh burn-out because of problems in personal life and all that university stress added on it. Luckily it is all behind me now and I am doing really good recovery, experiencing new things, finally living the life fully and also learning more about myself than I thought is possible.

Before my current career I worked about 10 years as a horsegroom / stable manager and that is what took me around the continent. I loved it but horse work is physically tasking and grooms get paid next to nothing so I decided that next time I take care of horses it will be my owns (although, I do help my neighbors now and then!) I dream about buying a farm and starting a small pony breeding yard, but that dream will need some years more before I can go for it.

I have two dogs. They are sisters (from different lot), Miniature American Shepherds. Now, if you think the "miniature" part means I can fit them in my hand bag... That is no. They are practically about 10 cm shorter than Australian Shepherds and I can barely lift them.The older is called Kompis ("buddy" in Swedish) and younger is Väninna ("girl friend" in Swedish)

I have tattoos (both upper arms covered) and currently trying to make up my mind about what I want to take on my skin next.

I don't believe in judging people. If you are nice to me and others, I will be nice to you. I don't care about where you come from, which (if any) gender you or your partner is, with who you live, what you believe on or what are your opinions. If you are a decent, understanding and kind human being that doesn't hate others and tries to do the best, then you are good.

I am so talkative I can go on and on about any topic all day long. I am also multilingual* which means I can not shut up in many languages. So I am trying to learn to listen now.

*Fluent in Swedish, "Scandinavian", Finnish, English. Understand and can somewhat communicate in meänkieli, Kven language, Danish and Norwegian. Understand simple Estonian, Dutch and German, and with some luck can get by if I really have to.

My life motto is: Do everything and try all so you will regret nothing once you are a grandma in rocking chair.

I sing out lout often, but so do many other people so maybe that is not weird after all.

When I get angry I start to speak with stronger accent. It happens no matter which language I am using.

I speak mixed language to my dogs, which annoys my dog sitter because she can't pronounce some of the commands.

I can't whistle :( Yes, I have tried for years. I just can't.

I have broke a bone only once and it was my little toe so I can't even brag about it, because broken little toe is kinda meh.

When I was a kid I was seriously terrified of skunks and lived in fear of ever meeting one. Nobody told me that skunks and I are not even living on same continent so chances of randomly stumbling upon one are very small if not non-existed.

My profile is messy and too long, and that tells surprisingly lot about my life style.

My hobbies

I mostly spend my free time with playing with puppies and training them to do tricks. We also do at lat least 2 hours of walks everyday and during summer months we go hiking in nature parks and the neighborhood (a long hiking route, St. Olav's path, goes through my home village so we often follow that). Additionally I do postcrossing (user name Kompis-Ninna. I recently started again with a new account after few years break), read books, write my own stories and test out new hobbies now and then. I tend to switch between interests so one day I might use all day for painting and the next I don't care it at all. That makes it really hard and frustrating project to become good with anything, but I guess so long I am having fun it is ok.

I also love to bake, but because I am only one eating... well, I try to not do baking too often. Cooking has also recently became my passion and I love to test out receipts, although it will take long time yet before I can call myself a decent cook.

I collect handcrafted wooden horses, charity tokens, and used stamps. With stamps my current mini project is to collect all Canada 150 maple leaf shaped stamps. I have Nunavut and rainbow flag ones so far.

Things I like...

I made a summary list at the end because I realized maybe not everybody wants to read a whole essay when they get partnered with me, so check that out for faster mail process.

In this part you might find some tips on what I would like to get from swaps, but I want to also say that I mostly simply love the idea of receiving surprises and I would love to get something you like so I get a chance to experience your life just a bit. Also, often I don't know I like something before somebody shows it to me :) So just take this list as a chance to get to know me better and not as a wish list! I am overall pretty easy to please. So far you follow the swap rules, you gonna get 5 no matter what you decided to send me. I don't want anybody to have stress about me.

My dogs! They are my family. Yes. I am the single woman with puppies. I know it might sound sad fate for some, but I don't really feel like I need somebody to live with beside the dogs. Maybe later in life if the right one shows up who knows.

Horses, anything related to horses or horse themed!

Hand-crafted wooden horses. I collect them and try to get one for any specific occasion (mostly my birthday and Christmas) I have right now 6 original Dala horses, one horse crafted by and artist from Skåne after a toy found from Viking crave, two wooden horses by a local hand-craft artist, and two different wooden horse candle holder (one by an artist from Stockholm and other I bought from a Norwegian artist). Hand-crafts are expensive so I prefer to get those myself, but if you know somebody crafting wooden horses and possibly shipping to Sweden, feel free to share your information with me so I can look it up!

Languages, especially Scandinavian, Germanic and Finno languages. I also find English very fascinating with all that influence from other languages making it like linguistic patchwork. I am currently working on Meänkieli as I need it for my work and I thought why to not take the chance and learn it properly.

Anything to do with folklores, traditions, fairytales, old beliefs etc.

History. I specially enjoy learning about normal people's every day life in the past, how things were different, social norms and the reasons for those and so on.

Life stories people can to tell. We all have stories. Small stories, big stories, beautiful stories, ugly stories. We all got them, but everybody got different ones. I love to listen those stories and find out how a person became the person they are now.

Reading and books. I mostly like history, folklore and linguistic books nowadays, but I do pick up anything captivating now and then from pretty much any genre. I was a huge fantasy fan during my teenager years and still hold many of those classics close to my heart.

Magnets. This might sound funny but I recently moved to live alone (with puppies) and for the first time I have own fridge... and no magnets for it. So I am on mission to find the best magnets for it.

Souvenirs, I have quite nice collection from my travels and...

Traveling. Although right now I prefer to stay home and take it easy. I have done some crazy years when I spent most of time traveling and doing small jobs here and there to cover the costs, but I got tired of that and now I am more "homebody".

Guides, information booklets, brochures etc about tourist places, nature parks, hiking routes, must to see nature wonders and so on.

Hiking. I love to be out and keep moving. I got really badly out of shape during the last couple of years as I wasn't really feeling ok and studying took all my time. I am now doing my best to get fit again and my dogs are more than happy to help with that! I often make hiking trips to nature parks or any area with good routes and some nature wonders or historical spots to see.

Pens, markers, pencils etc. Everybody needs more pens, especially me because I borrow them to my students and they are more and less active about giving them back. I also use gel pens with glitter / pretty colour for giving the kids their grades. Any kind of pens are welcome from specially pretty ones to free commercial pens so long they work!

Commercial items. You know those free stuff companies hand out to their (potential) customers? Well, I like free stuff and I care just enough to not care if I am advertising some company for free by using stuff with their logo on. So if you have a company or work somewhere where you are allowed to hand out company's commercial gifts or just have got something somewhere as we all sometimes, you can send it to me. I would just appreciate if the item is in good condition and useable somehow, and it would be super if you can also tell me what kind of company I am supporting. No shady companies, okay. (Don't worry! I don't send free commercial items to anybody unless they have listed it on their profile)

Local food, candies, treats, spices, tea etc anything edible. I am curious about different tastes and I think food tells a lot about the nation so whenever I go to new place I take a look on the local food aisle and cuisine. I also just love to explore new tastes and flavours! Especially I like anything "strange" flavoured, something new. I don't have any allergies or follow special diets so you don't need to worry about that if you are sending me something edible. For US swappers, please no more Hershey chocolate! I have got quite lot of that (I guess it is the common one everybody thinks first when sending candy?) and it is even commonly available in special candy stores here. I am sure you have lot of other sendable things there :)

Chocolate. I know I already mentioned food, snacks and candies, but chocolate is my chosen addiction. I like milk and white most (either plain or flavored with something). Dark is ok, but not something I would first pick.

Some of my favorite tasting experiences of snacks and foods that are not available in my country (aka. a big hint for anybody who has these or something similar in local groceries stories): Tirol chocolate (from Japan), Studentská chocolate (Slovakia / Czechia), Balaton snack / chocolate bars (Hungary and...?), anything matcha flavoured (Japan and...?), a chocolate thats' name I don't remember but it was small, had black-white cow printed cover and there was a joke/ text inside and I got only one from my Polish room mate because she loved those so much (Poland or Ukraine or...?), Mozart / Sissi / Bach etc. pralines (Austria), string cheese (Slovakia), goulash (Hungary), pizza in that one place in Italy I don't know what the city was called, I don't know what the restaurant was called I was just taken in and given pizza that I still dream about, and once I had this soup in Austria that I can't really recall anymore what it was made of, but it was a flower that is available only during specific time and I had never heard about it before (it might have been also partly inedible?). The best soup I ever had.

Recipes. I am on mission to learn to cook better so any kind of recipes to test out would be nice. Especially any local dishes and vegetarian options. I am omnivore myself, but I realized there aren't many good vegetarian dishes I know how to do so I am trying to look that up now. Baking recipes are nice too!

Any kind of charity tokens like for example pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness and we have here yearly majblomma (may flower) that kids sell for charity during April-May. I always buy one token when I see some and have small collection at home.

Soap bars. I don't like bottled soap, but soap bars are not that common here so it has become a bit of hobby for me to try to find the best (or strange) smelling and most beautiful soap bars.

Candles. I have light sensitive eyes and electric light sometimes hurt me so I use lot of candle light at home during winter time. Plus it is so nice to have some candles for dark and cold evenings.

Postcards / note cards / greeting cards. I don't have specific theme out of the ones I have already listed here. Tourist-y cards are always welcome as well any card you like. I prefer to have the cards written with either simple wishes or longer notes, depending on what you want to share with me. I am happy to receive blank cards too, because the postcard availability is very limited here and it takes lot of effort to find different ones (I have to drive to the city once a month or so and buy lots at once, and even so it is only one book shop and one museum that have postcards for sale) So any kind of cards I can use for postcrossing would be perfect.

Btw, when it is the big holiday time and you joined Christmas card swaps but don't actually celebrate Christmas (but rather like holiday greetings) by all means, send me a card with your holiday greetings if that suit you the best. I don't mind. I just want that we both have good time.

Stamps. I recently started to collect stamps as I realized it is really shame to throw them away with used envelopes and they are often so pretty (and I need more hobbies so why not) I only collect used ones (mint stamps only if they are not self-adhesive) and from all over the world except United States (although I don't mind receiving some of those too). My special projects are Nordic stamps (also Swedish as I don't keep mint stamps. If we are partnered for swap and you have got something from me on earlier swap, feel free to even send me back the stamps I used on mail to you so I get them in my collection), stamps with horse/equine theme, Canadian stamps (specially looking for Canada 150 years maple leaf shaped stamps), and Czech, Slovakian, Austrian, Estonian, Japanese, Polish and Dutch stamps.

My favorite colour is royal and dark blue, forest green and warm orange take the second place.

Surprises! I love to be surprised and even more I like surprises that are something the sender likes. Always happy to explore things and maybe find my new favorite thing.

Once again these are just to give you few ideas. Please do not take too much stress about what to send to me! I joined Swap bot because I want to explore things, learn new and be surprised. If I want something specific I will just go to shop to get it.

SUMMARY - THINGS I LIKE * horse themed things * Anything with any Finno / Skandinavian / Germanic language * Folklores, traditions, old beliefs. * History * Life stories * Used stamps * Local food items * Chocolate * Recipes * Blank or written note cards / postcards * Brochures about hiking routes, travel destinations or similar * magnets * Candles * pens, pencils, markers * Soap bars * Any charity tokens * Any commercial, useful freebie items from not shady companies

Things I prefer not to have...

Plastic. Plastic as material makes me cringe. I try to avoid it and prefer wood, leather, glass, metal etc. Although sometimes there isn't other possibilities and I don't mind if the thing is well done and made to be used for a long time (such as pens, key rings and so) or something easy to recycle (candy wrappers). Just no any plastic toys, crap or decorations.

"Girly things" I am more tomboy type so things like jewelry, glitter, skin care products, make up and so on doesn't really have use for me.

Religious things. I am not practicing any religion and I prefer to stay out of those (but I do respect people that have found their spiritual calling and keep it in personal level. Live and let others live)

Political topics / items / party support items etc. I have my political opinions and I am sure you have too, but let's not discuss about that. I would greatly appreciate if you don't send me any political material or anything that is for supporting specific politician or party. The only exception for this are items supporting elections and voting generally (e.g. "I voted" stickers) because democracy and the right to vote are important. I have always voted in all elections I am allowed to vote. Remember to vote, people!

I have seen some really pretty stickers but I don't have any use for those myself. You can still send me some if you are out of ideas, I can forward them to my friends. I have noticed that lot of people throw in few extra stickers, but in my case I would really love to have couple of used stamps instead if you have received something in envelope and do not want to keep stamps yourself. Also, I think it is very sweet how many of you who are also teachers like me, send me student / award stickers. No matter how much I like that global teachers unite feeling, we do not use such stickers here and so they just end up sitting on my table.

Crafting materials. I am not into crafting so anything used for that will be forwarded to friends. This includes also all paper goods that are used for journaling, notes, crafting etc. Only send those if you really don't have other good ideas. I have already got so much. Please, no more die-cuts, memo sheet, note cards, craft paper...

P.S... Swap info

///INFO/// IF YOU SEND SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF EU TO SWEDEN YOU HAVE TO MAKE CUSTOM DECLARATION! And please check what is the highest value you are allowed to send (usually it is around 50 USD) IF THERE IS NO CUSTOM DECLARATION THAT MARKS THE SENDING AS GIFT FROM PRIVATE PERSON AND HAS THE VALUE, OUR CUSTOM IS GOING TO CHARGE ME THE AMOUNT THEY ESTIMATE. I just got an invoice for "imported goods". I use lot of money to send mail and it is not nice I have to pay almost same for receiving mine. If you are unsure about what and how much you can send to Sweden or how to make the custom declaration, feel free to send me PM and we can check it together. ////

I really do live in countryside middle of back woods so the postal service is quite bit slower here than in the rest of country. That means it might take few days longer for the post to arrive to me and for my post to arrive to you.

Because of the location, the post drop offs (they are not even offices, just drop offs) are emptied between 9-13 during weekdays. If I happen to have the morning shift at work, the packet will not make it to the day's post and will be stamped for next day. Drop offs do not stamp the post so the date on stamp might be later than the date I sent ( = date I left the post at drop off). Also, the post can take longer time than 2 weeks to arrive to far away destinations. For example, postcards I have sent in postcrossing tend to take about 20 days to reach USA / Australia / parts of Asia and even up to a month or two to some far away countries.

I always honour my swaps! If you haven't received something from me as expected or I made mistake with swap, let me know and I will re-send. Just note the possible longer travel time. I also rate always on the day I receive the mail, except if I am away from home. That happens rarely nowadays, but in case I have taken longer holiday from home, I will write a note about it on top of my profile.

I send in envelope (unless it is a postcard to be send naked) if possible, because the cost of sending envelope is about three times less than the cost of sending a box of same weight. I will make sure everything is packed neatly and protected. This also applies for post sent to me! If envelope is cheaper there where you are, don't hesitate to pick up smaller / flatter things for me so you don't need to use a box :)

Please, do not use third party for sending something for me (e.g. ordering something directly from Amazon etc. to me). I don't want to pay surprise customs. If you really have to use that, contact me beforehand.

If you send with tracking, feel free to send me the tracking number in email/private message so I can track the mail in app. All the mail with tracking number will go to nearest town to be picked up from grocery shop. That is an half hour drive. Tracking the packet in app will help me to plan the weeks' grocery trip so that I can pick up the packet as soon as possible. Because of the drastically higher postage for tracked mail, I send only non-tracked.

I am open for private swaps, but I have learnt that long-term penpaling is not for me (I struggle to keep the conversation going over long time and get stressed about disappointing my penpal) so I have to say no for that.


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Hi Veera, Just a note to let you know I mailed your TGIF #170 today. Hope you have it soon😊

Canariangal78 on Oct 12, 2019:

Hej Veera! Välkommen till den här underhållande webbplatsen. Det är trevligt att se fler svenskar här. Ledsen för min dåliga grammatik, fortfarande lärande. Yuri

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Hi Veera! I'm your partner for the TGIF Weekend #167 swap, and just read your profile. It's nice to meet you and I'm looking forward to sending off your letter to you. welcome

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