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///I would love to see more Europe swaps here! I am already hosting few, but if any of my fellow Europeans have swap ideas but do not want to be a host, let me know and I will check if I can host it :)

///If I am your partner for several swaps at once, absolutely feel free to send everything in one packet/envelope instead of separated mail! Just make sure you write down which swaps are included so I can rate accordingly. You can use the money saved for more swaps :)

///Want a private swap? Just send me PM and we can see if we get a deal. I can offer various things from Sweden but also certain things from neighboring countries. See my likes list for things I would like to receive :)

I am really sorry this is very long profile. For busy people: You don't really need to read more than few first sentences and maybe just quickly move your eyes across the rest.

I am 28 years old woman from Sweden. I was born in Finland and lived in total 8 countries in Europe before I decided to stay here where I am now. I also traveled in 18, visiting each several times to see different cities and places. On my busiest year I made 15 travels to 8 different countries, but now I have calmed down and become "homebody". The countries I have lived in: SE, FI, DK, DE, AT, SK, CZ, BE, HU. And the ones I have visited so far: HR, EE, VA, IT, MT, NL, NO, PL, SI. Extra greetings for everybody whose place is listed :)

My home village has only about 200 people living here, it takes half hour to drive to shop and we are pretty much middle of nothing, but I enjoy this place much more than I did Copenhagen, Vienna and those other cities I have seen, visited and lived in.

I work as a teacher, but I have a master degree in agriculture. I graduated about a year ago but unfortunately I had harsh burn-out because of problems in personal life and all that university stress added on it. Luckily it is all behind me now and I am doing really good recovery, experiencing new things, finally living the life fully and also learning more about myself than I thought is possible.

Before my current career I worked about 10 years as a horsegroom / stable manager and that is what took me around the continent. I loved it but horse work is physically tasking and grooms get paid next to nothing so I decided that next time I take care of horses it will be my owns (although, I do help my neighbors now and then!) I dream about buying a farm and starting a small pony breeding yard, but that dream will need some years more before I can go for it.

I have two dogs. They are sisters (from different lot), Miniature American Shepherds. Now, if you think the "miniature" part means I can fit them in my hand bag... That is no. They are practically about 10 cm shorter than Australian Shepherds and they don't like to be in the bag.The older is called Kompis ("buddy" in Swedish) and younger is Väninna ("girl friend" in Swedish)

I have tattoos (both upper arms covered) and currently trying to make up my mind about what I want to take on my skin next.

I don't believe in judging people. If you are nice to me and others, I will be nice to you. I don't care about where you come from, which (if any) gender you or your partner is, with who you live, what you believe on or what are your opinions. If you are a decent, understanding and kind human being that doesn't hate others and tries to do the best, then you are good.

I am so talkative I can go on and on about any topic all day long. I am also multilingual* which means I can not shut up in many languages. So I am trying to learn to listen now.

*Fluent in Swedish, "Scandinavian", Finnish, English. Understand and can somewhat communicate in meänkieli, Kven language, Danish and Norwegian. Understand simple Estonian, Dutch and German, and with some luck can get by if I really have to, and for the special extra I know few selected phrases in Polish. Thanks to my old roommates who were more than happy to teach me their language (but only those selected phrases and nothing more.) I learnt the languages when I was living in countries where they are the local languages (except English. That I learnt in Germany. Yes, I did have German accent for a long time). Sadly it has been years since I used some of them so I have forgot a lot, but you may still write in any language I listed. May it be a reminder for me to keep up my skills :)

My life motto is: Do everything and try all so you will regret nothing once you are a grandma in rocking chair.

I sing out lout often, but so do many other people so maybe that is not weird after all.

When I get angry I start to speak with stronger accent. It happens no matter which language I am using.

I speak mixed language to my dogs, which annoys my dog sitter because she can't pronounce some of the commands.

I can't whistle :( Yes, I have tried for years. I just can't.

I have broke a bone only once and it was my little toe so I can't even brag about it, because broken little toe is kinda meh.

When I was a kid I was seriously terrified of skunks and lived in fear of ever meeting one. Nobody told me that skunks and I are not even living on same continent so chances of randomly stumbling upon one are very small if not non-existed.

My profile is messy and too long, and that tells surprisingly lot about my life style.

My hobbies

I mostly spend my free time with playing with puppies and training them to do tricks. We also do at least 2 hours of walks everyday and during summer months we go hiking in nature parks and the neighborhood (a long hiking route, St. Olav's path, goes through my home village so we often follow that). Additionally I do postcrossing (user name Kompis-Ninna. I recently started again with a new account after few years break), read books, write my own stories and test out new hobbies now and then. I tend to switch between interests so one day I might use all day for painting and the next I don't care it at all. That makes it really hard and frustrating project to become good with anything, but I guess so long I am having fun it is ok.

I also love to bake, but because I am only one eating... well, I try to not do baking too often. Cooking has also recently became my passion and I love to test out receipts, although it will take long time yet before I can call myself a decent cook.

I collect handcrafted wooden horses, charity tokens, and used stamps. With stamps my current mini project is to collect all Canada 150 maple leaf shaped stamps. I have Nunavut and rainbow flag ones so far.

Things I like...

These are the things I would like to receive in item swaps, but it is not an order list. Just a wish list.

  • Horses, anything related to horses or horse themed!

  • Language material (brochures, magnets, cards, booklets etc.) Especially Scandinavian, Germanic and Finno languages. I also find English very fascinating with all that influence from other languages making it like linguistic patchwork.

  • Anything about etymology or grammar - my two passions :) Can be about any language but note that it would be cool if it was written in a language I can read. It can be also something you wrote if you are a fellow grammar / etymology lover too!

  • Anything to do with folklores, traditions, fairytales, old beliefs etc.

  • History stuff. I specially enjoy learning about normal people's every day life in the past, how things were different, social norms and the reasons for those and so on.

  • Life stories people can to tell. We all have stories. Small stories, big stories, beautiful stories, ugly stories. Write down some of your best memories or events that made you what you are.

  • Photos of your area, holiday trip, pets etc. Remember to add bit of story about what the photo is about.

  • If you are a writer, I really enjoy reading self made poets and stories (even fanfiction so long it is not the smuttest smut you have ever seen). I am also willing to review text so let me know if you want a (nice) critical comment on your work.

  • bookmarks. But not those free paper ones, I got lot of those already.

  • Magnets. I especially like magnets with funny text (in any language tho you might have to explain the joke) and magnets made in wood or metal or glass.

  • Souvenirs (key chains, magnets, pens, pins...)

  • Guides, information booklets, brochures etc about tourist places, nature parks, hiking routes, must to see nature wonders and so on.

  • Written review of place you have visited! (any kind of place you feel worth to review)

  • Pens, markers, pencils etc. Any kind of pens are welcome from specially pretty ones to free commercial pens so long they work!

  • Commercial items. You know those free stuff companies hand out to their (potential) customers? Well, I like free stuff and I care just enough to not care if I am advertising some company for free by using stuff with their logo on. So if you have a company or work somewhere where you are allowed to hand out company's commercial gifts or just have got something somewhere as we all sometimes, you can send it to me. I would just appreciate if the item is in good condition and useable somehow, and it would be super if you can also tell me what kind of company I am supporting. No shady companies, okay.

  • Local food, candies, treats, spices, tea etc anything edible. I am curious about different tastes and I think food tells a lot about the nation so whenever I go to new place I take a look on the local food aisle and cuisine. I also just love to explore new tastes and flavours! Especially I like anything "strange" flavoured, something new. I don't have any allergies or follow special diets so you don't need to worry about that if you are sending me something edible. For US swappers, please no more Hershey chocolate! I have got quite lot of that (I guess it is the common one everybody thinks first when sending candy?) and it is even commonly available in special candy stores here. I am sure you have lot of other sendable things there :)

  • Chocolate. I know I already mentioned food, snacks and candies, but chocolate is my chosen addiction. I like milk and white most (either plain or flavored with something). Dark is ok, but not something I would first pick.

Some of my favorite tasting experiences of snacks and foods that are not available in my country (aka. a big hint for anybody who has these or something similar in local groceries stories): Tirol chocolate (from Japan), Studentská chocolate (Slovakia / Czechia), Balaton snack / chocolate bars (Hungary), Balisto snack bars, anything matcha flavoured (Japan and...?), a chocolate thats' name I don't remember but it was small, had black-white cow printed cover and there was a joke/ text inside and I got only one from my Polish room mate because she loved those so much (Poland or Ukraine or...?), Mozart / Sissi / Bach etc. pralines (Austria), string cheese (Slovakia), goulash (Hungary), pizza in that one place in Italy I don't know what the city was called, I don't know what the restaurant was called I was just taken in and given pizza that I still dream about, and once I had this soup in Austria that I can't really recall anymore what it was made of, but it was a flower that is available only during specific time and I had never heard about it before (it might have been also partly inedible?). The best soup I ever had.

  • Recipes. I am on mission to learn to cook better so any kind of recipes to test out would be nice. Especially any local dishes and vegetarian options. I am omnivore myself, but I realized there aren't many good vegetarian dishes I know how to do so I am trying to look that up now. Baking recipes are nice too!

  • Any kind of charity tokens like for example pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness and we have here yearly majblomma (may flower) that kids sell for charity during April-May. I always buy one token when I see some and have small collection at home.

  • Soap bars.

  • Candles.

  • Postcards / note cards / greeting cards. I don't have specific theme out of the ones I have already listed here.

I prefer postcards in envelope because I collect stamps, but if it is more expensive for you then it is absolutely not big deal to have the card sent naked.

  • Art prints with animal or nature themes or about the countries I have lived / visited (see the list earlier). Please send these in envelope because I like to have small art prints framed and on my wall but the travel sometimes destroy cards.

  • Postage stamps. I prefer used ones, but I am also interested on mini-sheets, souvenir sheets and mint stamps that are not self-adhesive.

I collect especially Nordic, Japanese, Canadian (special project: Canada 150 years stamps), Slovakian, Czech, Austrian, Estonian, Polish and Dutch stamps, and also horse / equine themed, EU themed and Europa / Sepac / Norden stamps. Otherwise I like nature (flowers!), history and animal (birds!) themes, but I welcome other stamps too. Newer US stamps are only ones I don't really collect. You can send them on paper (carefully cut the stamp off envelope/card with bit of margins around it) and I will fix the rest.

  • Tea. I like licorice, matcha, vanilla, fruit, caramel and sweet flavours a lot, but also want to try different flavour mix and explore tastes. I drink tea with a milk so ones suitable for that would be great.

  • Comics. Like from the day's newspaper.

  • Word plays, puns, crossword, riddles etc. In any language I listed earlier, thought I do like puns even when they are explained to me and why to not have a nice challenge of "find word" in language I don't know?

  • DIY things. I like to test out if I can manage to do something and learn new things at same.

  • My dogs are Miniature American Shepherds (aka. mini Aussie) The breed is not too common here so anything with or about "minies" would be nice too. Mine are born in Sweden, but their mother and father's parents are from America. Please, no pics of dogs that has tail or ears docked or cropped! That is illegal here and it pains me to see it done!

  • Washi tape. I don't really use it, but I have grown to like the different designs so I am collecting samples for fun. I only need about 5 cm long piece, depending on the style and theme, so you don't need to send long samples!

  • Surprises... Send me something you like! Just take a look on my dislikes too... Otherwise, I love to explore things and try something I have never tried before.

  • I am all okay with handmade things! It is cool to see what kind of stuff people can come up with bit of creativity and skills.

HOX! Suomalaiset: Ruotsista saa tiettyjä Suomi-tuotteita, mutta varsinkin näitä mulla on ikävä: Halvan salmiakki/lakritsi, Pandan suklaa, kaikki keksit (ruotsalaiset ei osaa tehdä keksejä) ja sitten kaikenlaiset turisti Suomi krääsät / kivat maisema- ja kaupunkikortit / sanomalehtileikkeet jne. joita voin näyttää mun oppilaille (oon suomenkielenopettaja). Muumi-kortit on kans kivoja, mutta mä tykkään eniten niistä "oikeista" Tove Janssonin töistä, ei TV-piirretty versioista. Sitten vielä sellaisia vintage-tyylisiä matkailumainoskortteja oon yrittänyt löytää kans.


  • Paper used for crafting / journaling or any random piece of paper, memo sheets, die-cuts and so on. Please don't send any of these. I have got so much already and have no use for it. All of these are just going straight to recycling, so please keep them to send for somebody who will appreciate them. I am starting to get tired of receiving paper pieces I do nothing with.

  • Stickers. I am fine with some good quality stickers, though I have no use for them myself so they will be handed to next one.

  • Plastic things unless they are something to be used for longer time or / and suitable for re-cycling afterwards

  • Jewelry, glitter, skin care products, make up

  • Religious things.

  • Political topics / election items / party support items etc.

  • Decorations. I have expensive taste and want to keep my house decorations simple, so no any decorations other than what I have mentioned.

  • I am not really big fan of "artificial" type of candies like Nerds, popping candy etc. and chewing gum.

P.S... Swap info

Remember to fill up custom declaration if you send anything bigger from outside EU!!!! I have got few invoices from our customs :( Also if the address is printed on custom declaration, please mark with big letters that it is a gift from private person and also write the addresses again on the envelope just like you would do with any other mail.. Seems like people working at border can't bother reading small text all the time and address printed on custom declaration looks exactly like the type of mail you get from online shops. I have had this problem especially with mail from States so please if possible make sure to check this.

The post can take longer time than 2 weeks to arrive to far away destinations. For example, postcards I have sent in postcrossing tend to take about 20 days to reach USA / Australia / parts of Asia and even up to a month or two to some far away countries.

I always honour my swaps! If you haven't received something from me as expected or I made mistake with swap, let me know and I will re-send. Just note the possible longer travel time. I also rate always on the day I receive the mail, except if I am away from home. If you haven't been rated after few weeks, feel free to contact me. I am still a human and might have made mistake.

Please, do not use third party for sending something for me (e.g. ordering something directly from Amazon etc. to me). I don't want to pay surprise customs. If you really have to use that, contact me beforehand.

If you send with tracking, feel free to send me the tracking number in email/private message so I can track the mail in app. Because of the drastically higher postage for tracked mail, I send only non-tracked unless it is re-send.

I am open for private swaps, but I have learnt that long-term penpaling is not for me (I struggle to keep the conversation going over long time and get stressed about disappointing my penpal) so I have to say no for that.


LiliLuv rated for Lots of postcards (Europe) on Mar 26, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the Emil postcard! I love it! Those stories are just so comforting to me. Maybe I should listen to some now, it has been a while. :) I hope you are well and stay healthy!
MarieS rated for 10 used post stamp#124✿♥‿♥✿ on Mar 26, 2020
Comment: thanks a lot!
Stargazer008 rated for EML: When was the last time.... on Mar 21, 2020
Comment: Wow that was quick! Thank you so much for sharing all the bits and pieces from your life. I really enjoyed reading your letter. And now have a nice weekend & take care.
Cubby2295 rated for Tiny European Swap #4 on Mar 20, 2020
Comment: Pretty thanks! I love washi tapes!
HelloSunshine rated for ☆ FULL ENVELOPE #21 ☆ on Mar 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you so so much I loved everything in the envelope
Icrum rated for Just a postcard #2 (Europe) on Mar 17, 2020
Comment: Such a cute Postcard, so wholesome! Loved the stamps too ^w^
dorcii rated for ABC Snacks - U V W 🥞 on Mar 17, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the chocolate - I also sent white chocolate for my partner! :D
cadel rated for Europe Postcards #2 on Mar 15, 2020
Comment: Thank so much for your postcard and the beautiful stamps.
Comment: Thank you I love the stamps!
Stargazer008 rated for EML: Postcard with a Prompt #17 on Mar 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you of the old picture of Sundvall. Your mountain experience sounds challenging. I have to admit I am rather a seaside person, my highest point was the table mountain and I took the cable car ;).
Stargazer008 rated for Just a postcard (Europe) on Mar 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the cute postcard of Birger and pretty stamps. And now have a wonderful weekend.
Comment: Thank you very much for your wonderful selection of stamps.
Comment: Thank you for the pretty German postcard. I hope you get to go back soon and enjoy further.
mickiecheryl rated for Europe Postcards #2 on Mar 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful postcard - it looks really serene.
Nehalennia rated for Medium European Swap #2 on Mar 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for your great swap. I love everything you sent me. 100 ❤️❤️❤️ for you x
Comment: Kiitos kovasti kaikesta kirjeessä! 😄 Innolla testaan kohta teetä ja piirakkaa.
Siljec94 rated for Cup of tea and a choccy #1 on Feb 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the swap. I never tried this chocolate before, it was very tasty. I didn't try the tea yet but I am sure it's great :)
Comment: Thank you for the Christmas card and note.
deesides rated for Europe Postcards on Feb 26, 2020
Comment: Kiitos kauniista kortista! Söpöjä postimerkkejäkin <3
Comment: Tack så mycket för dem fina frimärkena!

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