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About Me

I'm an introvert and I love all kinds of time to myself, especially alone time with cats around :)

I am an ally to any and every disadvantaged, marginalized, oppressed peoples and groups from all over the world. Please consider me a safe person to speak to and private messages with me to be safe spaces.

Love for all ♥

Requests & Guidelines


Be as YOU as you want to be, as creative as you'll allow yourself to be. I don't want to hinder anyone's creativity, so I don't have many guidelines on what should or should not be sent to me, but there are some minor things.. the most important is that you put effort into your swap and own the hell out of it so I have something beautiful to show off and love.

If you're in a swap with me where you're sending a postcard, feel free to pick the size, medium, handmade, store-bought, in or out of an envelope.. whatever you wish (assuming the swap doesn't have restrictions against it), same thing applies to greeting cards, I especially like the ones that you can seal and write the address on the back of it, completely ignoring the need for an envelope.


Please don't send me things that involve religion, hyper-politics (I don't mind some, as I am a social justice warrior myself and a very free-thinker and believe that all people and animals are equal, despite what the world's most powerful people attempt to make us believe. We all deserve equality, equity, fairness, love and support and no one deserves to go without or be left behind, regardless of where they came from, their class, race, sex, gender, ability/disability, education, their name or their class), anything promoting hatred, hate-speech, prejudice, discrimination, anything demeaning or derogatory.

For recipes, please avoid sending me anything that requires meat to be a main focus, if meat can be left out or replaced, that's fine. However, carmine (and any of it's other forms of a different name: cochineal, cochineal extract, crimson lake or carmine lake, natural red 4, C.I. 75470, E120 or carminic acid) and gelatin/gelatine should also be avoided as I have allergies to not only meat but some pretty severe ones to carmine and gelatin/gelatine.

I am a vegetarian, but I eat vegan close to 100% of the time, as I am finding out that I'm reacting to eggs and dairy. I also have issues with soy and gluten, but recipes that include those things are fine as alternatives are easy to find. This is a great link for ingredients to steer clear of for vegetarians and vegans.

While I am not a Christian, I used to have tied with Judaism, and when sending me certain things, I can appreciate the architecture of ancient religious temples, but only from an architecture standpoint - if that is the goal, feel free to send along.

Please don't send me anything involving Game of Thrones.


If you are sending me any kind of mail swap, please consider putting stamps on it instead of the "postage paid" labels that the post office prints out. I love seeing my swaps arrive with stamps all over them, much more visually appealing and collectible. If stamps aren't possible, it's not a big deal, it's only a preference and won't change how I rate you.

Please Keep in Mind

The Fun of Deadlines and Postmarks

I will sometimes do my swaps at home or at work, especially during my overnight shifts since I have some down time, and I can often send my flat-mail from work because there is a mail box right outside of the main entrance of the site I am at most often and when at home, there is a mailbox at the end of the road and many post offices between where I work and where I live, so I have many opportunities to mail my swaps well before the deadlines, and I'm not anticipating anything throwing a wrench into my life and causing me to send something late, but if that time ever comes, I will definitely communicate that to my partners.

For swaps with tight/short deadlines or for swaps that take lots of time, effort and detail, however, I may finish and ship before the deadline or the date of the deadline, so please keep this in mind as the postmark may not reflect when I put the swap into the mailbox or handed it over to the post office depending on their pickup time for the day, which also applies for deadlines that fall on Fridays, weekends and statutory holidays, because if post after the daily pickup time on the date of the deadline, the swap will not be travelling until the next business day, which could be a day after or a whole weekend and even a long weekend after I posted it, that is why I take digital pictures whenever I send my swaps out; the pictures I take have a permanent time-stamp and date-stamp which is accessible through the properties menu of the image file and are pictures of the swap itself, the packaging with visible addresses and my username and the swap name, any receipts from sending larger packages, myself depositing the swap into a mailbox and the mailbox itself, just in case. I will also send a message to you if I send something on the deadline date.

My Swaps to You

I’ve never had this happen and I hope that it never does, but I’m seeing it happen a lot on here lately that upon receiving swaps there is sometimes postage owed. Should I ever have to send anything larger than a letter, I go to a post office to have it measured and weighted (and convince them to put stamps on it rather than a boring postage-paid sticker.. it doesn’t always work) and I always fill out a customs form (if you’re international for me) for swaps marked as GIFT, as that is exactly what I am sending to you and I mark the value as low. If for some reason you ever receive a swap from me that has postage owing, please contact me, show me what I you had to pay and I will gladly reimburse you for whatever you paid. Here is hoping that I never run into that problem

I want my swap partners to be happy and I will not flake, I enjoy putting effort into something that someone else is going to receive and I get just as excited while I'm waiting to hear if my swap arrived to you because I hope you will like it as much as I loved making/creating/writing it.

If you don't receive your swap from me within 4-8 weeks (depending on which part of the globe you're on), please reach out to me and I will definitely arrange to resend. I take pride in the swaps I do and I know how disappointing it can be to be waiting and waiting and nothing comes, that feeling sucks, especially when you've put in so much effort for the swap you did for your partner. You deserve to receive something just as much as any other hard-working swapper does. My goal is to keep my score at a 5 and keep my partners happy.

Your Swaps to Me

As I said before, be as creative as you want, assuming the swap you're involved with me doesn't have restrictions.

If you find you have a hard time picking things from my profile for certain swaps, feel free to message me and we can work something out. Sometimes the things I like aren't always available or they're expensive where you live or if having to order them online (if it's your only option) and shipping would take too long and put you over the deadline or even too expensive, I get that. If you reach out to me, I'm sure that there are other things you can send to me that I can easily re-gift for other swaps or people in my life.

If you need extra time for whatever reason like hard-to-find profile/swap items, life getting in the way, emergencies, illness, etc, please message me to let me know that you'll be sending your swap out a little late so I can expect that. I will not rate you down for sending a swap late under circumstances like that as there are things beyond our control and things happen when they happen - we are not as in control of our lives as we would like to believe. As long as I receive a swap from you and you clearly put effort into it, I will not rate you down.

If we arrange for you to do a resend to me because I didn't receive something after an expected period of time (depending on how far away you live from me), I will not rate you down. If it turns out that you sent me a re-send as arranged and I receive it and I end up receiving your initial package, I will absolutely let you know and I will send you a package to make up for receiving both (this happened to me for one of the first swaps I did years ago. I received a resend less than two weeks after it was sent and then two months later I received the first one and the postmark showed it was sent before the deadline of the swap, so I sent her a package to make up for both arriving to me).

If your swap deserves a 5, then it deserves a 5, even if it's late/resent and we've been in contact about it. I hate giving out 3s and 1s, so I don't unless absolutely necessary.

The Postal Unpredictability

Keep in mind that postal services can be horrible, Canada Post especially. Some postcards that I've sent to Russia have taken 3 months to arrive.


(Hints to Use for Surprise Profile Swaps)

  • Hockey cards
  • Baseball cards
  • Montreal Expos memorabilia (including game tickets)
  • New York Islanders memorabilia (including game tickets)
  • Cat things
  • Cat toys
  • Friendship books (I have none of these at the moment)
  • Tea (individually wrapped, loose, or bags wrapped in handmade sleeves.. doesn't matter to me!)
  • Coffee
  • Bento boxes and accessories
  • Miniature and Regular-Sized Tea Sets
  • Coins
  • Stamps (used or mint, international or domestic)
  • Tea tins/canisters
  • Tea infusers
  • Corks from various alcohol bottles
  • Foods and drinks that are not available where I live
  • Arts, crafts and planner/journaling supplies
  • Stationery and other letter writing accessories
  • Custom items that say my name: Victoria, nickname: Vicky or TGIF or Vic and my last name since I'm often called by that more than my first name considering my job and it's something that men seem to like to do and I'm around them constantly (you'll have to ask for my last name if you're not a swap partner)
  • Custom items that say my niece's name: Calleigh
  • Custom items that say my nephew's name: Austyn
  • Custom items that say my siter's name: Katarina (not Katrina.. it's a mistake that happens often, but there is an extra A in there)
  • Rubber and acrylic stamps
  • Unique attachments that I can put on my duty belt for work.. even better if they're something custom made that doesn't exist or cannot be found or bought
  • Postcards of any kind, any shape
  • Swap-bot information cards or stickers
  • Postcrossing and/or Postcard United information stickers
  • Firefighter themed things. My boyfriend’s badge number is 3404


(Hints to Use for Surprise Profile Swaps)

  • Anything religious (including angels or cherubs.. unless the angels or cherubs are related to Valentine's Day)
  • Anything promoting political extremism, hate speech, intolerance, prejudice and discrimination of any kind
  • Recipes involving meat where the meat cannot be replaced (including carmine and gelatin - both of which I'm allergic to), gluten, highly-processed foods and soy

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Where I can, I reuse many materials like envelopes, wrapping paper, bags and anything else that is suitable to reuse for packaged swaps but I don’t reuse items that are overly worn or damaged.

I don’t mind if my partners do the same by reusing materials, I’m sure the planet would love you for it too. :)

Where Do I Get My Stationery?

I've been asked where I buy my stationery and I get it from La Papierre! If you decide to subscribe, mention my full name (if you PM me, I will tell you), Victoria F aka agirlnamedfriday or Victoria F in Elgin, Ontario, or even Victoria F - [email protected], you and I will both receive free stationery :D


jessnewson98 rated for Postcards - Focus On: Women #2 on Sep 20, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much! I love the postcard!!! Also, your postcard sounds wicked as heck!!
Comment: Thanks You're hot in Canada? Try being in North Carolina!
Comment: Thank you so very much awesome pc
Comment: Merci beaucoup pour votre carte postale. Amitiés Elise
Response: Vous êtes les bienvenus! Espérons que nous nous croisons à nouveau dans le monde des swap-bot. :)
zurdoswifey rated for Tea Grabbie! - Canada/US on Sep 9, 2019
Comment: Thank you soooo much for a very lovely package of goodies... and omg this strawberry tea infuser is to die for ...LOVE IT!!! Everything was absolutely lovely
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad you liked everything :)
Comment: thanks for the star wars postcard!
Response: You're welcome :)
Comment: great card..and thanks for checking my profile/preferences too
Response: No problem! I tried to ensure it was well protected too :)
Comment: Thank you for the super nice star wars postcard!! It's so cool!!
Response: You're welcome :)
Comment: Thank you so much for your postcard! I love watching The Handmaid's Tale and I really need to read Margaret Atwood's books.
Response: The book is a little different, as the TV series is meant to be set in a time and place we're familiar with, but it's not far off and very good! There is apparently a second book coming out too that I've been hearing whispering about. Her books are great!
Comment: Definitely ready for cooler drier weather!!! Thanks for the pc!
Response: You're welcome :)
ch23 rated for Motels, Hotels, Inns on Sep 6, 2019
Comment: Great card of the Prince George Hotel. Thanks!
Response: You're welcome!
Comment: Thank you for the great Star Wars card. I just watched Solo a week ago! Finally.
Response: I still haven't seen it! I just haven't been able to make the time... for months. I'll have to force someone to sit down with me on one of my next days off to watch it. Haha
Comment: Got your postcard VF. How cool that it's the Kingston sign. We were there last month and passed that sign at least 6 times. Lots of people were taking photos. It's also really cool to meet another person who knows about Keri Smith. I just picked up a Wreck This Journal in a Little Free Library. It's already about 1/4 wrecked so it makes it easier to go ahead and wreck this one. First thing I did was step on a page with my dusty running shoes. :) And one final comment, your life sounds very hygge cosy to me. :)
Response: It's a relatively new thing to the city, it wasn't there at all while I was growing up, but they're popping up in other larger cities, so Kingston probably felt it was the thing to do haha.
loverofpostcards rated for Motels, Hotels, Inns on Sep 5, 2019
Comment: Thanks for great postcard and information.
Response: You're welcome :)
Marykstaveness rated for Motels, Hotels, Inns on Sep 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome :)
Comment: Thanks for the postcard! There's so much more Star Wars than I even know. I've seen the movies but not the animated stuff or books.
Response: The set has 100 postcards.. and just of the women in the series! All are animated/drawn and many of the characters are in the movies, but some characters are in the books. I have to admit I haven't read many of the books though.
Comment: Hello Victoria, Thanks for the cool postcard of Kingston penitentiary. I do go to Kingston occasionally for work, I must visit the museum next time! So funny about the drivers haha!! All the best ;)
Response: I still haven't had a full tour of the prison itself. I would love to see the old women's prison down the road be turned into something interesting like that now that Queen's University had sold it. Only time will tell. :)
Comment: Thank you for the postcard. The weather has been terribly hot down here...
Response: You're welcome! It has been hot here too, but fall is coming soon, thankfully. I'm always so glad to see the leaves start changing colours - relief!
Hyshu rated for Thank You Note Card Swap #4 on Aug 25, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for all the great cards!. Thank you for all the full stickers sheets! What thyroid issues do you have? My son has hyperthyroid issue called Graves disease. Congrats on your boyfriend losing 105lbs! Thank you for joining my swap!
Response: I'm glad you like everything :D. I have Hypothyroidism, so it's the complete opposite of your son's condition. Both are terrible.. my thyroid went back and forth between hyper and hypo for years and settled on this, so it's been a learning experience, that's for sure. Hope to see you in future swaps :)
maxbenleo rated for SF: A postcard of a city on Aug 23, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your lovely card! Hope you have a great weekend ☀️
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you like it. I hope your weekend was good too :)

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