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Country: United States
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About Me

** I'll be gone until October 10th on vacation. Thanks! **

Hi! I enjoy doing all sorts of crafts, from paper projects to stuffies. I'm in an ATC phase right now, with an occasional profile based or private swap thrown in!

I have two fantastic teenage kids (a boy and a girl - perfect!), and have been married to my high school sweetheart for more than 20 years. We currently have 1 cat (Tiki), 3 dogs (Cocoa, Rocky and Ruger) and a rabbit (Bon Bon), as well as fish and stickbugs, but have had most sorts of animals as part of our family, from scorpions to hedgehogs, bearded dragons to hamsters, parakeets to a freshwater stingray. We just love animals ♥ My daughter is in her second year of college and lives about 15 minutes away, so we miss having her at home, but still get to see her fairly often! :D

We love living in Alaska, and a trip to Disney World every year or two keeps us sane (it's the darkness, not the cold that drives you batty)! We are taking my mom this September for her very first trip. She will be 77 and I know she's going to have an awesome time!! :D.

Favorite Books

I like mysteries, suspense, crime dramas, etc, with my favorites being Lisa Jackson, Iris Johansen, JA Jance and definitely Kay Hooper (paranormal mystery/crime drama).

I love the Twilight Saga, Ted Dekker, and Scott Westerfeld (all of which my daughter introduced me to)! I really hope Stephenie Meyer decides to finish Midnight Sun! ** I actually considered taking this part out of my profile because of the anti-Twilighters out there, but decided that would be really childish and would let the haters win. If you don't wish to swap with me because our book tastes don't match, I certainly won't hold it against you...

I enjoy getting ideas from craft magazines and books, and learning new techniques through them. I also love the abundance of ideas and tutorials on the net and am grateful for the sharing atmosphere of the crafting community!!

Favorite Television

I enjoy The Walking Dead, Dexter, Being Human (both versions), Once Upon A Time, Chopped, Top Chef, professional (and high school) football and lots of HG Channel and Food Network shows (although I don't really like cooking all that much - I mostly enjoy the "challenges"). I passively watch (listen to?) a lot of History Channel and UFC as I craft and my husband watches...

Favorite Crafts

I like a lot of different crafts, and seem to go through stages. I have really enjoyed scrapbooking, making envies, working with polymer clay (making animals and covering altoid tins, etc), jewelry making of all sorts, beading (from pony bead keychains to seed bead ornaments and jewelry), altered purses, jump and rubber ring jewelry, rubber stamping, coloring (mostly with Sharpies, but also colored pencils), shrinky dinks (bracelets, earrings, necklaces), gift card jewelry and keychains, altered bottle caps, etc, etc.

** Since joining Swap-bot I have learned to make ATCs, matchboxes, inchies, twinchies and skinnys, and would someday love to learn to knit or crochet. I enjoy zentangling, but am in the very early stages of learning, so they are still very rough. **

♥ Love making stuffies/plushies - way too cute!! ♥

I just like to make stuff!!

My Favorite Things...

I love ALL colors, with maybe a slight preference for blues, pinks and purples. I like pink/brown combos, green & purple together, black & white, and stripes of all kinds. But I also love black, white and gray, so really, anything!

I like a wide variety of themes, from nature to skulls, cupcakes to Skelanimals, Invader Zim (GIR) and Emily the Strange to snowmen!

I really appreciate and enjoy receiving a well done piece with a vintage theme, but I just don't seem to have the knack a lot of people have to put it all together and make it look great!

I adore (in no particular order) CATS, bunnies, DOGS, giraffes, POLAR BEARS, zebras, LIONS, meerkats, PENGUINS, squirrels, MOOSE, pandas, LLAMAS, seahorses, HEDGEHOGS, as well as most other animals, and cute/cutesy things in general.

I love the whole woodland theme, covering all the precious animals as well as the mushrooms, gnomes, trees, etc.

I like Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Stitch, and Hoops & Yoyo (they're a Hallmark brand), TokiDoki and Momiji!

I always like doing paper crafts so love brads, ribbons, interesting backgrounds, cute buttons, charms, and other embellishments for such. :D

I like chocolate (milk a little more than dark, and I don't really care for white) but NOT nuts or coconut (allergies)!

My initials are AYM, and my birthstone is turquoise.

I don't drink any flavored drinks (including coffee, tea, soda, cocoa, etc) - I'm pretty much a water drinker, so fairly boring there... ♫

And I love to try new things so please feel free to broaden my horizons!!

I really like to send out personal packages that will hopefully make my partner smile. :D My main focus is to do a quality swap that I would love to receive, hopefully profile based to let my partner know it was made just for them! I seriously appreciate and cherish anything that I receive that I can tell was done with care and thought put into it.


I promise that I absolutely will NOT flake on you, so if you haven't received anything within a week to ten days of when it shows I've mailed something, p.l.e.a.s.e. send me a message.

I do live in Alaska, and sometimes the mail to and from here can be a little bit slower than within the lower 48. If you send me something via Media Mail, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to arrive here, so please don't think I forgot to rate you - it probably just hasn't reached me yet :D. Of course if it's been longer than that, feel free to shoot me a message (or earlier if you just want to be sure). So please contact me - I would resend something if needed of course.

I rate and give hearts based on the initial swap, not extras. Not that I don't love extras (and I enjoy sending them if I have something I think will put a smile on my partner's face), but I will give a heart for a thoughtful, well done swap with no extras, so please don't feel you have to send any.

Thanks so much!!

The fantastic people here on Swap-bot FAR outweigh the flakers - I love you guys!


urquhart rated for Altered Text ATC #10---BLACK on Sep 1, 2012
Comment: Alisha: Thanks for the re-send. Your ATC was awesome! Wish I could have seen the original . . . I will be sure to keep you posted if it turns up. Thanks again - Judy
Response: So glad this one made it. I really hope the original finds it way there someday - I think you would very much enjoy the extras I had in there! And if you want to see the original, I posted it on my Flickr page for you! :D. Thanks for the rating - glad all worked out.
jj9jj rated for Altered Text GROW ATC Swap on Aug 16, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the Altered Text ATC and especially for the BCA ATC. It WILL have a special place in my collection!
Response: You're welcome, and I'm glad the butterfly found a good home. Thanks so much for the rating and I hope we get the chance to swap again! 💙
racheledj rated for Altered Text GROW ATC Swap on Aug 8, 2012
Comment: (clicks the heart check-box to give you multiple hearts, except it doesn't work that way, oh well.) I was SO confused when I got a random postcard and I couldn't figure cus I hadn't joined any naked postcard swaps. XD But then I sorted through the other mail and found the other postcard which had the swap name on it, and the envie with the ATC in it! THANKS SO MUCH! (PS you have pretty handwriting!) We do indeed have many coyotes around here. I live about 10 minutes east of Tacoma/40 minutes south of Seattle, and its a small city, but lots of open fields and little patches of woods. So there are a lot of coyote, though no wolves! "My" zoo in Tacoma has 2 polar bears that are so much fun to watch play-fighting with each other. :) The wolves bookmark is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful photo of their amazing gaze! And I'm sorry about your summer! It seems the rest of the US is having a drought, except for you guys in alaska, and us here in western Washington! Coldest/wettest summer in years! (though I'm sure yours is a bit colder and wetter than ours...) The ATC is cute! I love that you used a dictionary for your "grow" subject. and the made in Alaska stamp on the back is a perfect touch. THANKS!
Response: Thanks, Rachel, for the sweet rating and comments! If I lived anywhere else, it'd probably be where you are, even though there are warmer places. :D. I'm glad you liked the ATC - I had fun making it! Can't wait to swap again - hugs! 😊
Comment: You are known as "the lady in Alaska" the boys asked where's the package from, I said Alaska! They said oh boy let's open it!!! We love every little thing, the pig with hag on his back is sooo cute!! Thank you
Response: I have the best time swapping with you! I've done more private swaps with you than anybody else, and they are always so much fun! Say hi to the boys for me - hope everyone is feeling well and enjoying the last little bit of summer! 🐷
jj9jj rated for Altered Text ATC #11---ZENTANGLE on Jul 24, 2012
Comment: I LOVE the Zentangled Altered Text ATC you made for me! No to mention the extra music goodies! Sorry for the delay in rating. I just got back from vacation and had mountain of mail (and laundry!!)
Response: Thanks so much - you're sweet - my zentangling is definitely a work in progress! :D Hugs!
Comment: OMG! I loved, loved, loved this swap! It was definitely above and beyond! Loved the dominoes, the Gir pendant, and so much more! I was impressed and thrilled one of the nicest swaps in awhile! Thank you! :-)
Response: You're so welcome - I love hearing that a swap I sent put a smile on someone's face - that's what it's all about! :D It was fun to put together - hope we get to swap again in the future! ♥
JBolech rated for Altered Text ATC #10---BLACK on Jul 19, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the great ATC!
Response: You're welcome - I enjoy swapping with you! :D
ktdragonfly rated for Profile based ATC on Jul 17, 2012
Comment: What a GREAT little package you sent me! Thank you so much! Love the card, and the additional stamps, puppy and dragonflies really put a smile on my face! Thank you!
Response: I'm so very glad you liked it - I really enjoy profile based swaps, and yours is filled out nicely, so that helps! :D Thanks so much for the sweet rating - HUGS! ♥
Comment: Love, Love everything...you just sent so many interesting items...Thank you and many, many hearts...
Response: I'm glad you liked the things I sent - that was a fun swap to put together! A little different than the kind I usually do - thank you for the nice rating!
luv2kraft rated for Cat ATC on Jul 11, 2012
Comment: It is a cute kitty! thanks
Response: Thank so very much - hope to swap again sometime! ♥
lsmahutchin rated for Altered Text ATC #9----BROWN on Jul 3, 2012
Comment: Awesome ATC! Love, love, love it!
Response: Thanks, Laura - it's always nice to find a fellow moose lover - lol! I've enjoyed our swaps so far, and look forward to more! :D
Comment: Oh my, what a beautiful B&W ATC and it's a fairy!! I cannot thank you enough as it is beautiful and goes right up on my studio wall when I have my favorites! And the Peter Pan. . . what can I say but thank you and it goes into my Peter Pan collection!!! Thank you so very, very much. . . wish I could give you more hearts!!
Response: Oh, Gloria, you're always so sweet - thank you. I have enjoyed trying to create different fairy ATCs for you, and your generous comments certainly make it easier! You're a wonderful swap partner! ♥
Comment: What a wonderful Halloween atc---Thank you so much. I love it. And thank you for the great extras--I will be using them in my Halloween crafting this year.
Response: You're so welcome, and thank you for the sweet rating. I like Halloween a lot too, so I enjoy getting to make stuff year round! Smiles! :D
dorsetdumpling rated for ATC color series - brown! on Jun 29, 2012
Comment: How could I not adore your brown 'Ollie' ATC! Thank you so much - definitely brought a smile to my face
Response: That is so nice to hear - that's what it's all about! :D Ollie is such a cutie I made a photocopy of the ATC to keep in my collection (is that weird?)! Thanks for sharing him, and for the rating!!
JBolech rated for Altered Text ATC #9----BROWN on Jun 27, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the great ATC! Mmmmm chocolate :) I love it!!
Response: Ha, ha, thanks for the nice comment - I've enjoyed swapping with you! I'd been looking for a perfect time to use that chocolate chip brad!
Cocoa rated for Teddy Bear ATC's - May on Jun 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the creative Teddy Bear ATC! I like the embellishments you added :)
Response: Thank you, Cocoa! Teddy bears are awfully fun to work with... ♥
Comment: Wowie Alisha!!! We do meet again! What a fantastic swap package this is!!! I f'kin LOVE the ATC!!! You did a VERY good job on it, we need ATC makers like you in this series to show people the ropes!! I really can't say thanks enough for ALL the wonderful things you sent! I LOVE everything!!! Which sticker did you want to see on my car? You have a lot of things I like and I thank you for spoiling me today!
Response: Aww, you're so sweet! I'm glad you liked it! I had been saving that skeleton image since last Halloween for just the right occasion, and I thought it was perfect for you - ha, ha! It was from a candy bar wrapper our local hospital had made. :D The Alaska skeleton fish sticker is actually sold up here as a car decal, but of course I'm just kidding about putting on your car! I just thought it was cute and reminded me of you! :D Thanks again for hosting this series, and I look forward to getting you as a partner again! Big Hugs!! ♥
EvilBlackSheep rated for ATC color series - brown! on Jun 20, 2012
Comment: Super pretty ATC, thanks a lot. Also loved that video game extra paper :D
Response: Thank you so much for the kind words and rating - I really love this series! See you again, I'm sure! ♥
Comment: Wow, what a great little package you sent! Your ATC is awesome, I like the background striping you did through the words. And I am in love with the Asian papers you sent, as well as the international stamps, you can bet I will make good use of it! Thank you very much!
Response: You're so welcome - I'm glad you liked it; I liked the way that one turned out as well. Very uncluttrered compared to my usual style - lol! I'm so glad you think you can use the extras - those stamps were my brother's from when he attended college overseas thirty plus years ago... :D Smiles!! ♥
sleepingrover2010 rated for ATC color series - pink! on Jun 17, 2012
Comment: Hello Alisha, Thank you for the lovely pink ATC you created for me. You did a great job of using just the right amount of pink things on this ATC. This ATC will be a great addition to my Color Series. Thank you also for the wonderful collection of cardstock you sent along. I will definitely be able to use it. Barb sleepingrover2010
Response: Thank you, Barb - that's sweet of you! I appreciate the kind words. Big Hugs! ♥

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RyeRye on Dec 18, 2013:

Rocktopus on Jan 25, 2013:

I hope you're doing ok. It's been awhile since we've talked

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racheledj on Aug 8, 2012:

ok. I probably should have just commented here instead of writing such a LONG rating for the ATC swap! Oh well! I'm glad swap-bot didn't cut it short or anything! There isn't any sort of word/letter limit for those I suppose! yay! Anyways! Thanks again, Mrs. Alaskan Moose!

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Tinker60 on Jul 2, 2012:

Alisha. . . Thank you so very much for the wonderful fairy B&W ATC and the Peter Pan ATC! I cannot believe you were so thoughtful and both will go into my collections. . . one to the fairy collection on my studio wall and Peter Pan to my PP collection ` wonderful welcome additions to both collections!!! Thanks so very much ~~ Gloria

inkedwithelegance on Jun 25, 2012:

My mailbox was sooooo happy on saturday with 5 cards from you.. =o) Then I come home today to find a wooden card! How awesome =o) I have one for you all set to go tomorrow =o) I miss you and sorry I have been so non present! Love ya! I see that person saying thank you for the Cherry blossom card <------ and I can only imagine.. your work is awesome! Christine

agonysdecay on Jun 20, 2012:

You really are a sweetheart! You sound like such a kind person:) I wish I lived in Alaska!! I've never been there and I wish I was there now rather than here in this godawful heat:( Everything you sent was very much me! Ya never know, I may put it on my car:P I was actually wondering where you got the skelly. I was like, wow she cut that guy out good, lol. PS, your ATCs are the only ones I've kept:P Oh and btw, your handwriting rocks!

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