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About Me

Hello everyone. I am married, a mom to three adult children, and grand-mom to six grandsons. I previously swapped on Yahoo Groups however those have been in decline for several years. I belong to a few FB pocket letter and altered art groups and have swapped there. I'm trying to swap more on Swap-Bot, but if my schedule doesn't allow me to be fully engaged in a level 3 swap, I don't sign up for it. I'm limiting myself to signing up to just a few swaps at a time and placing others on a watch list until my current is at least mailed but ultimately mailed, received, and rated. I get kind of antsy with waiting on my swaps to be received and rated.

I really can't participate in heavy international swaps anymore. USPS postage for this type of swap is outrageous. International flats, greeting cards and postcards are still on though.

I know life happens, and I know there are sometimes problems with the mail service. I promise to never rate a 1 to someone without communicating first.

I do not flake on people and I will always rate. I feel non rating or taking an excessive amount of time to rate is just as bad as totally flaking.

Be kind,

Have fun,

Happy Swapping.


Favorite Music

I'm pretty opened to all music.

I'm an 80s lady, so I always revert back to 80s pop and hair bands.

I also like music from the 60s, because my parents jammed to some of the best music of that time. Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Motown.

I also love country music, because well I'm a country gal. Old school country as well as the new stuff.

I really never grasped 90s music except I will listen to some Goo Goo Dolls, Alanis Morrisette, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains.

I am also opened to some of the newer alternative groups.

Basically if it's not screaming at me and has as a good beat, I am game. I really love music. I can go from Bach and Gregorian Chant, to metal banging Iron Maiden at the drop of a hat. Add a little bit of whining Hank Sr., Jennings, and Cash, and well that pretty much sums me up.

Some favorite groups:

Pink Floyd

AC/DC--Like old school with Bon Scott may he RIP. Favorite songs: Sin City, The Jack, Go Down.

Van Halen


Fleetwood Mac and their lady Stevie Nicks. Love me some Stevie.


Dave Matthews Band

Red Hot Chilli Peppers


The Cure

Kings of Leon

Dropkick Murphys

The High Kings

Appalachia Rising (listen quite a bit while creating/arting)

Some favorite singers:

Stevie Nicks

Tom Petty




Vonda Shepard (good creating tunes)

Eva Cassidy

Annie Lennox

Sheryl Crow

Patty Griffin

Janis Joplin


Etta James

Mighty Sam McClain (listen to "When the Hurt is Over" and you'll become a fan too)

BB King

Eric Clapton

Audrey Assad

Sarah Kroger

Blake Shelton

Alan Jackson

George Straight

Kenny Chesney

Garth Brooks

Eric Church

Jason Aldean





Favorite Books

What can I say. I love books. I have my Kindle, but there is something about holding a book in your hand, flipping through its pages. While I do love fiction (no chick fiction please), I am currently working my way through the Western Canon and 1001 books to read before you die. I'm not sure that I will ever accomplish that.

I love the True Crime genre and I dearly love Detective Fiction.

I'm a short story and novella junkie. I usually read a Gothic short story a day during the month of October to bring in the Halloween spirit.

Favorite Movies

I don't really watch a lot of movies. I would rather be reading or making something. When I do watch a movie it usually gravitates to the drama genre. I actually get bored watching movies sometimes.

I am also a seasonal viewer of movies during the holiday season. I love the countdown to Halloween movies, and I really love the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

Favorite Television

I don't really watch a lot of TV, but I did love the Sopranos, Bones, SOA, Downton Abbey, and the GIlmore Girls.

I have a membership to both Amazon Prime and Netflix. I'm catching up on some series when I have time.

I'm currently catching up on American Horror Story and Call the Midwife.

Favorite Crafts

I love anything to do with repurposing items into something new. I love to paint, tear apart, etc.

Papercrafts hold my interest as well. I don't really scrapbook. however I use all of the supplies to make cards, altered art, collage, junk journals, ATCs. I love to die cut using either my Silhouette Cameo, or Big Shot Plus dies.

Woodcrafts, nothing more pleasing than using your power tools to make a knock off table, shelf, etc. I like the smell of saw dust :)

I knit and crochet. I can sew somewhat, but I don't consider myself a seamstress. I'm working on increasing my sewing skills. I want to sew clothing from a pattern.

I consider gardening a craft. I love to design a new garden space. I also make a ton of whimsical garden art by repurposing thrift store finds.

I also make homemade soaps, toiletries, and perfumes.


Decorating for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Autumn.

Baking confections. Trying out a new recipe.

Scrapbook paper and embellishments


Old books

Blank greeting cards

Catholic icons, art, and spirituality

Ribbons and trim

Hens and roosters (I currently have 9 hens and 3 ducks, they are the new family pets)

Cardinal birds

Shabby chick, industrial farmhouse, vintage

Blues and greens, the colors of fall aren't too bad either.

Tea- I like both herbal and nonherbal. My favorite non herbal is English breakfast. I'm also a huge fan of bergamot. I like teas that have cinnamon and other spicy notes. My favorite nighttime tea is a blend of peppermint and lavender. If anyone would ever like to swap loose tea I could make you a herbal blend with some of the herbs I grow and harvest each growing season.

Coffee- Please do not send me decaf. I don't understand the concept and to me it tastes horribly flat. I'm opened to most flavored coffees. I trust your choices.

Chocolate, the more the merrie, but please no coconut or maple

Candy- I confess I am a junkie. My favorites are gummies and laffy taffy. No banana flavored please.

Playing cards and game pieces

Journaling and planner supplies (pens, markers, stickers, disc-bound discs, bookmarks, paper clips, rubber stamps, ink pads, dividers, dashboards)

Postage stamps and postcards

Eclectic fibers, hand dyed fibers, non synthetic fibers.

Fabric flowers

Die cuts

Art supplies, acrylics, alcohol inks, rubber stamps, etc.

Dried herbs, lavender and mints are my favorites.



Kiddie stickers or teacher stickers.

Anything sugar-free.

Do not send anything related to politics or social movements. This has nothing to do with any particular political or social movement or leaning, I'm just exhausted by it all.

I am a Catholic Christian. That said, I am open to learning about other religions, and do so on my own quite frequently, but I would rather not receive something that mocks my faith or the Christian God. I would never do that to someone of a different faith. Again, be kind.

Private Swaps

I am always open to private swaps.

I would love to privately swap new art techniques, especially those that you are afraid to try in open swaps. If that is you hit me up, I'm always opened for new techniques.

Other art techniques I would love to privately swap:

Inchies, Twinchies, and Moos Altered Dominos, puzzle pieces, poker chips ATC & Coins Handmade PC (open to pretty much all themes) Mixed media journal spreads instead of sending an entire journal book (although I don't mind sending an entire book, it can be costly though. Zetti inspired (I'm new to this technique)

I would like to try my hand at a zine. So if you are new to zines and would like a newbie swap partner hit me up.

I'm always open to handmade cards. I've been a card maker for two decades.


LadyRisa rated for One Deco Book - November on Nov 20, 2018
Comment: You’re deco arrived today! So it’s not lost! It just took a scenic route. It’s a beautiful book. I look forward to adding to it.
bjansen rated for Halloween Card Swap #8 on Nov 7, 2018
Comment: Loved it :)
USAFwife rated for Thanksgiving Card Swap #4 on Nov 6, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for the nice card and the note! I hope you have a wonderful family reunion this month! I used to cook Thanksgiving dinner with my mom every year, and I think about her every year when I make dinner for our family & miss her. :) Good memories! :)
lawchick rated for Thanksgiving Card Swap #3 on Nov 4, 2018
Comment: I really like the card you sent and especially the note inside. Thank you so much. Enjoy your holiday with your son!
mags142 rated for Halloween Card Swap #5 on Nov 2, 2018
Comment: Hello Kelly! Thank you for your Halloween card! I have yet to take a walk in the woods but you made it sound so beautiful I put that on my to-do list! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween, I worked but I dressed up in a witch wig wearing all black so that was fun!
Response: You’re welcome. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween as well.
jenlovespsu rated for Thanksgiving Card Swap #2 on Oct 30, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the card and goodies! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Response: You're welcome. I thought it was cool that I was teamed up with you for two different card swaps. Happy Thanksgiving.
dandeliongirl rated for Halloween Card Swap #7 on Oct 29, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the card!
Response: Thank you. I’m glad you liked the card and envelope. I was worried if you received it since it was several days since you had signed into Swap-bit. Happy Thanksgiving.
katmandu rated for Thanksgiving Card Swap #1 on Oct 27, 2018
Comment: I love watercolors so I really love this card! And I especially love, love, love how you decorated the envie! It's awesome that your son is moving closer to you, especially since holidays are all about family! When we were younger we used to play football and soccer after eating Thanksgiving dinner, but as we got older (and more infirm!!) we also started doing afternoon and evening movies! Thank you!
Response: Thank you! I’m glad you liked the card and envelope.
jenlovespsu rated for Halloween Card Swap #6 on Oct 19, 2018
Comment: Thank you! Happy Halloween! :)
Response: You're very welcome. Happy Halloween!
TIDBITOLOGIST54 rated for Halloween Black cat ATC on Oct 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautifully created Black cat ATCs!!!! The images are great and the textures on the ATCS are just wonderful. I love the small envelopes and the lovely card you sent. I too love this time of the year. Thank you so much! xxoo
Response: You're very welcome. So glad that you liked everything.
nadithings rated for Coffee Heaven # 1 on Oct 15, 2018
Comment: wow! you're so generous to give me Starbucks coffee!! and we don't have fall season and thanksgiving here so the decos is really something cool for me! thank u soo much for everything and I really appreciate it! sincerely Nadi
Response: Yay!! You received your package. I was so worried!. You're welcome. I'm glad everything arrived safely, and you liked the package.
Lazydaisy0104 rated for Halloween Black cat ATC on Oct 7, 2018
Comment: Oh. My. Goodness!! You are amazing!!! I love these so much. Thank you 😱💞
Response: So glad that you liked the swap. ATCs are so much fun. I've been looking at the different themed swaps on here of late and I'm absolutely amazed at all the wonderful and creative ideas. I just wish that people would post photos of the ATCs that they send. I love looking at other's art.
thelocalman rated for Coffee Heaven # 1 on Oct 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful coffee, postcards and notecard! I tried the hazelnut one and loved it, will save the starbucks ones for special cases haha. I found your note very interesting. It's really cool that you have stamp passports in your state and National Park, it's good for such national treasures to be promoted and visited. I like the postcards and it looks very beautiful where you live, would love to someday visit ^^ I also googled the Serpent Mound and found it very interesting, specially that there were cultures on the continent 2000 years BC! I just love ancient history. As far as Bulgarian traditions,we have a couple but I will tell you about one that is in some way close to Halloween. We call them Kukeri and they are local men that dress in a very interesting way with traditional masks and costumes and they scare away the the evil spirits. You can google them so you can see their very beautiful costumes and are pretty colorful haha. Thanks again for this awesome swap <3
Response: You're very welcome. I'm glad you liked your package. I looked up Kukeri. Very, very interesting. The masks and costumes are amazing. Isn't it funny that every single culture has traditions concerning evil spirits? I've always found each tradition fascinating.
MyRetroSoul rated for Halloween Postcard Swap on Oct 5, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard and for sharing with me your Halloween tradition. It really is a magical time of the year.
Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you liked the postcard. I thought it was an awesome vintage print. I would love to come across an original. I think it would add something to a Halloween themed ATC or other mixed media project. Hope you have a magical Halloween.
sunshinesuperman rated for Halloween Card Swap #4 on Oct 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the cool card. I love the envie and all the witches! Awesome! Hugs, Mona
Response: Hi Mona. You're very welcome. I'm glad the card arrived safely and unscathed. I'm glad that you liked the card and envie. Happy Halloween.
Bhindblueeyes rated for Tea Swappity Swap on Oct 1, 2018
Comment: There just are not enough hearts in the world (or at least on swap-bot) for this!! I was blown away because I was expecting 5-6 teabags in an envie, and I got an entire parcel of goodies!!! I know I can put this treasure to use, and I thank you so very much! I started working on yours before the weekend :) I hope you will be just as excited when you receive mine. Thank you again so much for really studying my profile and nailing it! :)
Response: You are very welcome, and I'm so glad you are pleased with the package. I had a great time putting items together. When I came across those old photo slides I knew those had to be sent to you because of your upcoming race. It's so funny, because I've had those in my stash for at least 15 years now. I never could force myself to use them in a project because I dearly love NYC too. I hope the other items result into some fabulous projects.
Jade43 rated for newbie welcome October on Nov 13, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the postcards and the socks. They're really lovely!
Response: You are very welcome. I'm glad you liked them.
VerreShana rated for FAST Swap - get/improve ratings! on Nov 7, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the lovely cards and beautiful colored enveloppes. All the best.
Response: You are very welcome. I'm glad you liked them.
Katana rated for newbie welcome October on Nov 2, 2016
Comment: Thanks Kelly! I'm looking forward to using the yarn and new pattern.
Response: You are very welcome. Hope you have fun with that yarn.
laurarc rated for FAST Swap - get/improve ratings! on Nov 2, 2016
Comment: Awesome set of lovely notecards, thanks very much
Response: You are very welcome. So glad you liked them.

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