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Spoiler Alert!!

09/21/19 Tropical Storm Imeda kicked Houston's ass! Our only sorting facility in Houston (biggest in the country I read) collapsed on Thursday!! I had a few swaps out in the mail the previous day. If someone, Halloween envies, AMMM:Grab n Go! & sadly puzzle collaboration, doesn't get their swap, please let me know. I'm afraid they might not have made it out before building collapsing 😟. I will resend... Ugh!!!

07/26/19 Headed to San Fran to catch a cruise to Alaska. If I owe anyone a rating, promise I'll rate as soon as I return on August 20th. I should be able to get ALL my swaps out prior to leaving. If I dont, I will contact partner(s). Thanks all! Summer is ending soon! Enjoy!!!

06/18/18 Headed out of the country to Ukraine for 3 weeks starting June 25th. If I owe anyone a rating, I'll catch up as soon as I get home! Art on!

01/22/2018 Just wanted to let everyone expecting a swap from me this past week up until today, it may be a few days late. Last week Houston shut down due to "ice" conditions! I'm serious! We can handle water here in Houston just not frozen water! 🤤I mailed everything out on time but might take a bit longer to have gotten out of Houston. I will resend if they don't show up... plz. just let me know prior to rating down.

9/2/17 Eeeeeeee spared by Harvey by the grace of God! Just wanted to let anyone that I may owe a rating to that it might be a few more days. Our neighborhood hasn't been cleaned of any household debris yet. Promise to rate as soon as possible. Not sure postman has even tried to deliver mail.

5/2/17 just wanted to let y'all know if I owe you a rating or a swap, I'll be returning home soon. My mom recently passed away after a long 10 year battle with Alzheimers. She is now resting peacefully in beautiful Colorado.

1/25/15 I'm back! Went cruising on the 18th & just got back today ;) I'm picking up my mail tomorrow so promise to rate all swaps that I receive. Sorry for worrying anyone... I hate that feeling of having a lost swap :/

7/27/14 I'm baaack but... headed out tomorrow until Aug 9th to NM to help my sister with my mom who has alzheiemers :( I should be able to get all my swaps out even if on the last day due.

7/17/14 I'm headed out of the country tomorrow on vacay for the next 10 days, so, I hope if you get me as a partner, you don't mind me mailing 1 or 2 days late. I believe I'm only in one swap where this might be the case. I will rate anything I receive as soon as I get home. Thanks y'all!

I pretty much put pictures of all my swaps on Flickr so just a heads up! If you want to be surprised, don't look :p

About Me

I've been married for 21 years to a wonderfully crazy man. We have two kids, a 21 y.o. son & a 20 y.o. daughter. We have 4 muttly dogs, 2 nutty hairless cats, a 90 lbs. plus tortoises & 3 macaws, Picassa, a blue & gold. Lucy, a green wing & our newest, Franko. A harliquin.

I'm addicted to making cards, inchies & ATC's. I've swapped at the old PCMB, afa, ISC & Splitcoaststampers. I love collecting little stuff such as bizzare charms, old skelton keys, doll heads, nuts & washers, watch parts & cogs... really anything old & rusted makes me happy ;)

Favorite Music

My favorite music would probably be classic rock...I am old ;) I especially like Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Commadores, Chicago, Jimmy Buffet, Santana, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash, Nickelback, Seether, Los Lonely Boys... anybody remember the Bay City Rollers? I use to love them. I like head banging music, punk, reggae, country, & grunge. Hmmm, guess I love it all.

Favorite Books

I love reading John Sandford, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, James Patterson, Sue Grafton, Patricia Cornwell, Janet Evanovich, Steven King & so trying to read Sturgis Larsson's books.

Favorite Movies

I think my all time fave movie would have to be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Wizard of Oz or Overboard. Now have to add, Game of Thrones & of course the new Star Trek movies.

Favorite Television

I watch Fox News. I get a kick out of the Big Bang Theory & saddened they took #[email protected]? My Dad Said off the air, Person of Interest, Bones, Criminal Minds... I love the original Star Trek, Bewitched, Frazier & Jack Bauer in 24. Loving the new marvel TV series', the Arrow & Flash.....

Favorite Crafts

I love paper crafts! I USE to do a lot of atc swaps but have recently started doing mail art trades & since being on swap-bot, fallen in love with zines. I'm still learning tho :) I love vintage anything, grunge & especially Steampunk! I pick up old rusty nuts, washers, pieces of metal, things that others would consider junk! I also love inchies & got quite the collection going. Did I mention Tim Holtz? Or that distressed look? It is absolutely awesome! Old Skelton keys? LOVE them!!!

Postcards: Ok. Had to add this since lately I've been making a lot of pc's. I prefer homemade but if it has to be store bought, I'd love non touristy cards, sent naked with cool stamps.

Colors - I like reds, browns, burnt oranges & blacks mostly but ALL colors are great! Bling is awesome... But not necessarily "loose" glitter.

Likes & dislikes I think I'm fairly easy. As long as some thought is put into your project, I'd be grateful. I really don't like cigarette smoke smelly things... and thought I just might have to add, no childish or baby things, reward stickers or kawii. My kids are teenagers now so I have no use for such things anymore :[ Everything else is all good :)

I'm a paper hoarder (really!) so please no extras needed there, unless of course, it's cool emphera with bizzare images on it such as doll heads...


I will almost always have my items ready to mail as soon as I get my partners snail mail addy's so if you don't receive something from me, please let me know. I'll rant, rave and call the postal service a few names then, re-do. I will NEVER flake!! I will also ALWAYS rate as soon as I receive your item(s) otherwise, it'll get mixed in with all my other "stuff", lol! One more thing, please put the name of the swap somewhere, either behind the card itself or in any correspondence. I'm a swap addict & am usually doing quite a few swaps SO, it makes it much more easier & faster to rate if I have that info... but if you forget, promise you, I'm not anal! Love you for it!


Flakrs/NonRaters Wall of Shame

Dang it that I have to put this in here! Sad day!


ReaderChris for 6x6 Journal Pages, September - not sure if she ever even received them. SO sad to have to put this here & will gladly remove it if ever I hear either way from her.

mortuaary for 25 Places I'd Like To Visit In My Lifetime

AppleRidge for Wreck this Composition Book #2


12/24/13 kimjoyous21 for Themed Inchie Bag #1- Account is suspended :/

12/14/13 ReaderChris for Thanksgiving is for......? 6x6 journal pages. Rated a 1:( - pynart2 angeled

Kimbeewa for Alice In Wonderland ATC Series #1- Alice

MyPoohBear60 for POSTCARD - 4th of July - USA only

RamonaBlue for 2013 Minizine Project - June

BioHazard for Grungy Mousetrap Note Clip, rated a 1

Twinning, multi profiler, flaker AND non-rater for Blank Halloween Junk Journal - USA Only


Frickenjazzed rated for SG - Mini Pocket Letter APC on Nov 17, 2019
Comment: I LOVE how each card is from a different deck and each has its own theme. Even the one with the funny stamp is awesome. I really love how you added the 'oy' to the 'J' on the jack card. Thank you so much!
tentmari rated for Chunk O Cardboard - September 2019 on Nov 12, 2019
Comment: Your "chunk" must have taken the long way here. It just arrived a few days ago even though it is postmarked 26 Sept 2019. Maybe it wanted to return to Singapore. 😋 Thanks for sharing it wirh me!
ktk8 rated for PNS: Pass and Paste Postcard – 15 on Nov 12, 2019
Comment: WoW very very interesting postcard to work on..... faces faces.... thanks too for the extras....always fun...... many hearts!
Rbrstmpr rated for M-an-E Group: Envie Advent #2 on Nov 8, 2019
Comment: Yowza Batgirl, you've knocked my socks off! The #14 flowers on the mailing envelope were SO clever. Woo Hoo. And then each individual envelope is better than the next. Love them all but especially #18 with all the different papers added to the pretty paper bag.
Wykyd rated for ATC RRR Categories on Nov 5, 2019
Comment: Love this card!!! And thank you for the extra goodies... Love that you saw that I'm not easily offended... It has already gone into my personal junk journal!
Comment: Loved the paper you used on the mailing envelope. Spotted the #14 right away. Woo Hoo!! Thanks for all the different sized envelopes and for all the extras with the #14 stamped on them too. You're a real peach!!
tlemon4 rated for Envie Advent on Nov 4, 2019
Comment: OMG!! I loved the p/c & stamp! Thank you so much the postcard, it is going on display in my craft room.The stamp will get used for sure, in fact I am going to try it out this afternoon.I am saving the beautiful wrapped presents for their assigned day.:):)Thank you so much for everything it is so appreciated. I hope to swap again. Hugs Tammy
Comment: Thank you for your postcard and sharing your secret weapon with me.
Eulegirl rated for Chunk O Cardboard - October 2019 on Oct 29, 2019
Comment: I love it!! Angry Orchard is tasty, and this tree is going in my office.
Eulegirl rated for Calendar page envelope on Oct 27, 2019
Comment: Thanks! I love them all!!
phillaine rated for USA Puzzle Collaboration #6 on Oct 25, 2019
Comment: What a delightful puzzle piece! It's absolutely adorable. I like how it has a little pocket/tuck-in, too. Thank you for all the care you put into this for me. It's going to be a perfect cornerstone for my puzzle. ♥
Comment: thanks so much
Comment: AhhhI love this!!! Everything in here is awesome!! you certainly made my day with this awesome envelope decorated perfectly for the season.. and all these amazing goodies tucked inside!! xx Gabi
elflady rated for SG - Senders Choice Skinny on Oct 22, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for the wonderful skinny. I love the creativity of the card. Thanks also for the extras. elflady
iamdawt rated for TIMs: Cat & Mouse Inchies on Oct 21, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the darling cat and mouse Inchies! The extra ones were such a nice surprise.They're so sweet and I can't wait to tuck them into my collection. What a fun swap!
Comment: Thanks so much. I am enjoying our cooler weather too. Of course, today, it soared back up again. Hope you have a wonderful fall and Halloween as well! Love the new stamps!
Lady rated for Mystery supply swap, star on Oct 19, 2019
Comment: I got this before I got the "mystery supply", imagine my confusion! Nice job.
Response: Lol! Thanks for the rating
Comment: Gorgeous!
saturnsrings rated for Fun Halloween Envies on Oct 4, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the envies I love them and got really excited when there was a smaller envelope in each one that was so cute! I'll have to try geocaching around here, that's a great idea!
Response: Lol! Cool! I'm glad you got them! I just sent out a resend yesterday so enjoy! Thank you for your patience. Our mail isnt quite "normal" but glad to know my wasn't destroyed!! Happy fall & Halloween!!🎃
artchild rated for VTHS: Send 2 #2 on Oct 4, 2019
Comment: Received your package a while ago. Thank you for a fun assortment of things to play with!

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kittyhahahotbot on Oct 24, 2019:


kittyhahahotbot on Oct 23, 2019:

Oh my gosh! You are a total thoughtful, brilliant doll! Your postcard is just gorguss! You should of seen the perplexed look on my face when opening the mail box and in the dark recesses thinking I was seeing a life size like stamp. LOLOLOL. Was I having a turn on, tune in, drop out moment? lololol Ok now you wanna hear what I thought after I processed the enlarged stamps? And I promise I did not read the postcard. I thought of Willy Wonka. So help me I kid you not. I was trying to remember a movie or song where everything was made bigger. SO HELP ME! Isnt THAT SCARY??????????? MUst be some sort of a sign. lololololol These stamps are so beautiful! And you used a pumpkin stamp too. I loved that set! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then you mention Veruca!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO. Spooky. lol

wolfeagle on Sep 26, 2019:

Thank you for the postcard for the AMA: Mystery Supply swap. I love what you've done.

YooperHill on Jul 29, 2019:

Love the muffler on your Mystery Supply Swap, Yo! Tag! Glad it all worked out for you. Thank you.

kittyhahahotbot on May 19, 2019:

kittyhahahotbot on May 19, 2019:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for my magnificent birthday book! REinvented paper just trips my trigger AND thank you for the lovely charms! So thoughtful! P.s I'll try not to be a ass; I always brake for donkeys. lolololololol

djcamp04 on May 6, 2019:

Number 1 resend going out today. I hope the original shows up one day!

angelgram on Apr 12, 2019:


for the hand made postcard for my Birthday with the giant 6 of ♡'s playing card embellished with colorful layers of quotes, human sketches, words and calendar. Enjoyed your note on the flip side with heart postage. So sweet of you to make this for me.


kittyhahahotbot on Mar 18, 2019:

Hi my name is Rusty barbie. I'm a new line theyre trying out. lololololol You just got it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats like 10 days! I remembered Goldie Hawn from Rowan & Martins laugh-in with her bikini and "graffiti" all over her body which was the spring board for Birthday Barbie.lolol A little sum-sum different. YOure so welcome.

kittyhahahotbot on Mar 3, 2019:

Lemme be the first. lol

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