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things I will buy... some day...

Oh, hello! :)



Before I start, I wanted to give an update about me being less active lately: I am expecting a baby! Our little family will grow around the time of New Year and I am so happy about it....
It came a bit unexpected because after many years of disappointments hubby and I finally gave up the idea of a send child. And BAM! It happened! O_O
This second pregnancy is way more arduous than my first one. I still suffer from constant nausea and am very exhausted. At home we have a lot to do now and I have barely time for any crafts.
I will see how much time I will have for that with the new family member... :)

I am 37 and a mom of a 4 year-old boy - the joy of my life. Me and my wonderful husband have a cute little house in a small village in southern Germany. Here we live with our silly cat Emmy. We adopted her from an animal shelter when she was one year old. She was terrified about little children when she moved in. But our son is so in love with her, he cozened her with treats - her weakness! Now she is very relaxed when he is around her - she even searches for him when she is hungry. He is the guy with the mouth-watering food.

Our neighborhood is very nice. In summer we meet with our neighbours and make great BBQs. And it is absolutely normal that there are more kids in your garden, than you have together with your husband.

I like my small garden and I love to make trips with my family!

I am a bit nerdy. My husband, at least, says that. I love playing video games (RPGs & Adventures) but I have nearly no time for that anymore since I have a kid. And I like everything video game related.

Luckily my babyboy likes crafting as much as I do. He creates so cute washi-tape-cards. :D And he is using my cuttlebug like a pro!

Favorite Crafts

For years sewing was my favorite! Since I am a mom I have nearly no time - and nerves - for it. But thanks to the lovely @mgallardo68 I am back in sewing again! If you are interested in a private sewing swap, feel free to write me a message! :)

After the birth of my son I started with paper crafts and I LOVE it! I make mini albums for my whole family. It is something that I can do for just five minutes after breakfast or for two houres in the middle of the night. :)
I am completely into ATC-making right now and I try to work on my watercolour painting skills.

In 2016 I discovered PocketLetters and had a lot of fun whith it. But since you have to pay a fee on the official PL-website, I am not a part of the community anymore.

But I try to do a lot of different DIY projects. I am a real self-made-woman.

Favorite Books

Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams wrote the books of my youth. I grew up with their fantasy novels.
I read all books from Christopher Moore. He has kind of a dirty imagination and the language he uses is very... adult... :D
I also like Science-Fiction and Crime Thrillers.

Favorite Movies

Definitely Horror movies! My favorite one is Shaune of the dead. And the classic Night of the living dead.

But I like not only zombie movies.

I like most Disney movies, especially the classics. My favorite is Robin Hood - so cute!!!


Besides familytime I love my 4 Cs:

Cats - Crafting - Coffee - Cupcakes


I love bright colors. Gold - more than silver. And glitter...

Dots - more than stripes.

I have a good amount of washi-tape and I love to use it for album decoration or for postcards.

I had lots of fun making Pocket Letters and would like to swap some again.

Flip-Books and mini-Flip-Books.

For my mini albums (I make about 15 every christmas for my family and friends) I use a lot of embellishments. I make them from scraps - I can use every small piece of paper for it.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. I can`t throw things away! This is the reason why I need so much space for my crafting hobby.

I am a craftster and I appreciate it when I get self made stuff from others. I think that it worths a lot when people invest their precious time to create something individual.

not my cup of tea...

Sports. The nearest that I come to sports is by playing videogames...

I am not a planer-girl. I had planers years ago but now I don`t use one.

Dark colors and dark chocolate - and I also don`t like spicy chocolate.

would love to receive...


♥ bright colored stuff

♥ embellishments

♥ dotty stuff

♥ tropical prints

♥ stickers (if I don`t use them, my son will!)

♥ everything golden

♥ all about video games - especially the old ones from the 80s and 90s

♥ Art déco

♥ stamps (clear or rubber - not postage stamps)

♥ cutting dies for my Cuttlebug

♥ embellishments for mini albums

♥ tiny pieces of paper - I use every small bit of paper to make embellishments (and if you have any paperscraps you don`t like, send it as well: my son loves to use his little scissors and cut paper into smithereens)

hints for the Christmas calendar swaps:

♥ all my likes from my profile :)

♥ Christmas decoration made of wood (or other natural materials) or metall (no pottery, please)

♥ small fairy-lights

♥ I like Santas, reindeers, Jul, winter wonderland, Jesus... I am open to nearly everything

♥ handmade Christmas decorations and ornaments

♥ Christmas colours for me are red, green, golden, creme, brown, teal, pile and even pink - the only no-nos for me are silver and blue.

♥ handlotion (the only kind of lotion I would be super happy about!)

would not be too happy with...


◔̯◔ cosmetics and lotions (other than handlotion)

◔̯◔ food with wheat

◔̯◔ dirty stuff (really....)


Wooper rated for G-Nerds: Game-ATC A-Z - “K” on Jul 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you for this ATC! I have never heard of this game, this swap-series is so fun since I get to know a lot of new stuff I've never heard of! :)
Emro rated for G-Nerds: Game-ATC A-Z - “L” on Jun 21, 2019
Comment: Auch diese ATC finde ich echt gut gelungen und ein sehr interessantes Motiv. Vielen Dank für die tolle Post! ☺ Ich hab damals auch noch die alten Spiele mit dem "Block und Stift" Prinzip kennen gelernt. Das hatte ich bis zu deiner Erinnerung schon komplett vergessen. Hab mich auch des Öfteren elendig verlaufen und bin in der Hinsicht echt dankbar für moderne Spiele. lol
Emro rated for G-Nerds: Game-ATC A-Z - “J” on Jun 21, 2019
Comment: Erstmal herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinen Neuigkeiten! 🎉 Zum Swap: Auch wenn du mit dem Endergebnis vielleicht nicht sooo zufrieden Bist, finde ich, dass es dir trotzdem echt gut gelungen ist. Jack ist irgendwie echt nicht gruselig und das Spiel klingt klasse. Nicht-gruselige Spiele sind mir auch heute noch die Liebsten. haha.
Comment: Thank you for such a fantastic mini pocket letter. If you ever fancy carrying on the letters, may be we could set up a private swap?
Comment: I love my filthy fly poster on my wall. What a fun graphic. I may have to do July as a e swap, as we settle in and I dig out my stash from moving, but by August this will be a mail art swap.
brumby3 rated for IPC: Happy Mail Flipbook on Jun 3, 2019
Comment: Hi Romy, I received your amazing package today! I am so touched by the effort you put into this swap. Especially since the package was very personalised to my Profile likes. The flipbook you made me is so beautiful! I love it so much! And you added awesome goodies inside too. I am really amazed that you remembered the flipbooks I made you, I am very touched by that! I loved your detailed letter - I hope you are feeling much better now. And wow, a lot of rain! It is now winter here in Australia and where I live it is pretty cold now, but very little rain (actually have had many cold sunny days). I love all the extra goodies you sent me, I was so excited when I saw them! The little hand sanitizer is SO pretty, I have never seen anything like it before! And everything else is just amazing. Thank you SO SO much! I truly appreciate everything you have sent to me. Happy swapping!! Annabelle xoxoxo
Response: Yeah! :D I am so happy that you like everything! I was hoping to have you a my send-to-partner one day, so I could give you something in return for your amazing double-flip-book-mail. :) Oh, and the hand sanitizer has indeed a nice smell! I saw it after I brought your mail to the PO...
tristitia rated for IPC: Inspiration Kit on Jun 2, 2019
Comment: Wow, Romy! This package is amazing! So much fun to go through everything - and I love it all! I keep looking though and finding new things! All the magazine images, book pages, stickers, the book stamp - and I really love the way you decorated the envelope! Thank you, thank you!
Response: I thought I could be a bit crazy with the content because you like mixed media art. :D Thank you for your rating!
Omiranda11 rated for NH: Spring ATC on May 26, 2019
Comment: What a beautiful interpretation of Spring in an ATC. This looks amazing! I love it.
Response: Thank you! :) It was so great to work on this piece...
satinification rated for Bundle of mystery on May 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you for so many great items! I am sure they will be useful. I love the combination of black and gold. Looks really beautiful. I already have an idea for a project with these shiny paper scraps ;) Thank you, once again & happy swapping!
Response: That`s great! Have fun with the items and thank you for your rating and the lovely comment!
anicka22 rated for Bundle of mystery on May 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the black with gold themed mail
Response: You are welcome! Thanks for the rating... :)
onthesnap22 rated for G-Nerds: Game-ATC A-Z - “H” on Apr 26, 2019
Comment: I LOVE this atc!!! my son and daughter both played Halo, but learning the story was so cool. Thanks so much for that. Love the water coloring <3
Response: Thank you so much! It was great to make this ATC - it was my first try to make a galactic background with watercolors. :D
Wooper rated for G-Nerds: Game-ATC A-Z - “I” on Apr 24, 2019
Comment: Another great ATC ♡ I love your watercolour-cards :) I havent played the game so it was great hearing about it! And the necklace you made is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing :3
Response: Thank you! This is one of those games you have to play as a kid, to love it as an adult. :D The pixely graphic makes it hard for younger players to find it even playable... :)
Wooper rated for G-Nerds: Game-ATC A-Z - “G” on Apr 24, 2019
Comment: I love this goat ATC :D I have been watching streams of the game and it indeed is quite a silly and I agree, it's not a game I'd personally buy or be interested at. (And you mentioned Divinity Original Sin 2, I loved playing it with multiplayer ♡ )
Response: hihihihi.... This game is infamous! :D I loved to watch the videos of the "react channel" on youtube. And D:OS2 is an awesome game! I play it mostly in singleplayer but am doing a run with a friend right now. But the game is very dark. A bit too dark at some points - especially with the pet pal talent! Did you med the little bear cub and talked to him? My goodness.... That was one of the darkest moments of the game for me! :( The first D:OS was super silly at parts but it was not such depressing...
jacianne rated for IPC: Mini Pocket Letter - Any Theme on Apr 16, 2019
Comment: i got your package,,i love it...i even id a youtube video to show off my stuff that you sent! thank you so much
Response: This is so cool! I never saw my stuff in a youtube-video! Amazing! And I can`t stop smiling because you are so happy with what I sent.... That absolutely makes my day!!! Thank you! :D
user6937 rated for Oceana: Senders choice on Apr 12, 2019
Comment: A swordfish! I think this might be the only ATC I have with one on it - another great piece of art, thank you :)
Response: This was the perfect chance to use those stamps for the first time. I like this style and the seacreatures look quite pretty. Thank you for your rating and the heart! :)
user6937 rated for Oceana: Seahorse on Apr 11, 2019
Comment: What a great drawing/colouring of the seahorse - just beautiful. Thank you for always sending the best artwork!
Response: Thank you for this rating! :) I was sweating while I draw this seahorse... Watercolors are so... unpredictable sometimes. :D
Manurnakey rated for G-Nerds: Game-ATC A-Z - “F” on Apr 8, 2019
Comment: My son and husband play Fallout! And now my daughter is playing Fallout 76 with them. I've heard them say similar things about the game not really being like the original Fallout(s). Thank you so much for the awesome Nuka Cola ATC and the extras :)
Response: Aaaawwww... It is so amazing that you have a gamer family! I think Fallout 76 can be a hugh fun when you can play it with friends or friendly unknown gamers. But for now I will stick to the older games. And to Divinity: Original Sins 2! XD Thank you for the rating and your comment!
piratecaptainmo rated for NH: Scrappy Circles - INT on Apr 8, 2019
Comment: Thank you for all the lovely circles! They'll be a lovely addition to my swap bot scrap book!
Response: Wonderful! :D Thank you for rating me with a heart... :)
caf1988 rated for BMAG - Scrappy Circles - INT on Apr 7, 2019
Comment: Love the circles you made! Like you, I'm totally going to be making more of them! Thank you for the other goodies as well! The little "gnomey" fire fighter made me smile 😃.
Response: Thank you! This swap was such an eye-opener for me! Now I know exactly what to do with paper scraps... :D The gnomey fire fighter is called "Löschzwerg", what can be translated as "extinguish-dwarf". XD It`s from a beer mixed with some sort of soda. Suepr fresh and delicious!
Bhindblueeyes rated for Ghost Story on Apr 1, 2019
Comment: I have your story in hand! The 5 and heart are for its presentation alone - you've gone above and beyond! I will read the story tonight when I'm alone and in the dark!!! :) Thank you so much!!!
Response: Have lots of fun with it! I hope your blood runs cold! A little bit... :D Thank you so much for your rating!

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user6937 on Oct 4, 2019:

Congratulations, Romy! Nothing better than a new baby :)

phillaine on Sep 10, 2019:

to Profile-Based Swaps!

sassafrass on Aug 28, 2019:

Congratulations on your little one on the way! Wishing you all the best ❤️

mgallardo68 on Aug 24, 2019:

Much love dear Rommy! I hope 'everything' is going great and as expected!!

Hell0Z0mbie on Aug 11, 2019:

Thanks so much for your comment. That means a lot to me! <3

ChrisAnne on Jun 8, 2019:

Thought I would share these with you too. Thanks for the encouragement about this swap!

ChrisAnne on Jun 8, 2019:

Thought I would share these with you too. Thanks for the encouragement about this swap!

Cgscdy on Jun 3, 2019:

Happy National Adopt A Cat Month!

CurlyTea on May 14, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

Whippet on Apr 2, 2019:

Hello my friend Remy, you have sent to me a Treasure. Thank you for the personal watercolor picture you painted for me. You made me feel special to receive artwork from you. I will carefully keep your artwork in my art clear sleeved sheets binder, my collection of artwork. Hope you enjoy a Happy April! - Kathy

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