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Alright... I'm unsure as to why, but I bought my first bag of Crazy Bones the other day and I am ecstatic!!! I love these little $2 surprise toy bags! They're almost like American blind box toys! I got mine at Target.... hmmmm.......

My legal name is Betsy. Yes. But I go by Jane. I'm sorry for any confusion and I have changed it in swap-bot so that everything is coherently the same now. Thank you so much for asking and making sure that someone wasn't scamming my stuff!

I have a lot of conflicting, unexplainable passions... I am addicted to anything that can be made into something else to the extent that my house is in a constant state of creative chaos. I am slightly manic but very productive and have learned to live without the pills. I'm 28, and living in the wrong state because I HATE to sweat. I want to go everywhere and see everything at least twice! I work in coffee full time, love politics (and at the moment, think it's the funniest thing on TV,) adore intelligent conversation, meeting new people, writing to awesome pen pals, used bookstores, magazines, biographies, receiving anything handmade!!! and sooooo much more!

I am married to my best friend and partner in all sorts of things and we have a beautiful baby Ezra!
I think I listen to more conservative talk radio than anything.... go figure (but the 1/2 hippie in me loves everyone and feeds everyone:) she also drinks a lot of cheap sangria! (Homemade Sangria recipes are definitely welcome!)

About Me



(sorry, but I can't figure out how to do the little rating pledge thing...)

ALSO: I keep a notebook with everything I'm packaging up, sending (and the date sent,) making and waiting to receive...

I WOULD ABSOLUTELY love to do more private handmade trades! I have an obsession with collecting others' art, and I have it all over my house :) I'd like to one day open a gallery or shop and consign for my favorite creators locally :)

Sizes (due to Swap)

Almost all clothing size Medium (t-shirts, panties... etc...)

Favorite Television

House! (Hugh Laurie is sexy.... uh huh... i said it, but you were all thinking it...) Entourage is ok, Frasier, but definitely House :) ohhhhh.... and Flight of the Conchordes!!!! Alton Brown, Ace of Cakes, Everyday Italian, etc. Martha Stewart. Conan O'brien, History Channel International, local evening news, Office, Boston Legal!!!!!!, Star Trek--Next Gen,

Things I love.....

Sandwich Chan!!!! robots and monsters, tree images, gnomes, handmade things by you!, private swaps for handmade things or supplies...whatever really, those instant coffee sachets, ink pens of all kinds!!!! love the gel pens in various colors!, eclectic culture, bookstores, birds (particularly sparrows,) elephants, turquoise colored items, tattoos, sea turtles, stingrays, starfish, colored apple things, skulls, Pink Sugar Perfume Spray from Sephora, things to wear that are unusual but pretty or cute, feathered earrings,


*I just saw a Munny for the first time and I love LOVE love them!!!I would love a custom one with a tattoo (think LA Ink) style body
*I would soooo love an empty Harajuku Lovers bottle (The little girl dolls are adorable!!!)
*Any cute lettersets that I can send to my pen pals!!!
*Tiny cute stickers of skulls, kawaii animals,
* original art made by you
*original watercolor art
*blank books-with or without lines
*vinyl kawaii figures
*robot things--toys, stationary, stickers
*punk stuff-- not the hardcore stuff
*a japanese sewing magazine would be killer! (or a knitting one... i can never decide!)
*i love biographies on interesting women (I've read Alice Steinbach, Joan Anderson, Martha Stewart.... etc)
*consumables are always nice!
*a re-ment thing...I've finally figured out what they are....
*Instant coffee packets! I'd love a variety!
*gel pens gel pens gel pens....hehehe
*Fb's, Decos, Stickerbags, Goodiebags, Fsheets, etc!
*Your unwanted kawaii plushies!
*anything with the character Wan Wan on it!

Things I Do Well or Can Make E

I can knit a fierce scarf, spin a mean art yarn, make felted bowls, produce organic looking found object art, write letters to pen pals who are somewhat interesting, keep journals, make cute felties, clean like a madwoman (I can Ecosure your house if you like--I'm trained,) I will knit for you if you like--pm me about trading on this one. I'm getting pretty good at making dotees! I make and send out Fb's, decos, stickerbags, goody bags and all sorts of stuff almost every day of every week!

I also produce word maps that explore topics or questions, meant to help clarify thought. They aren't guaranteed to solve a problem, but maybe shed light on it from different angles? Or to help gain a deeper understanding of a concept. Easy for me to make, and I readily trade them for pretty much anything :) Please be prepared with concept, question, description of problem...etc.

I collect

*First and foremost, I collect things that people make or write.... love original writing pieces!
I am obsessed with obtaining others' art and the little bits of their soul and spirit that go into making something from nothing.... i guess that makes me a soul collector.... more specifically......original art by you
*large feathered earrings (i wear them one at a time, so if you have just one, send it to me!!!!)
*Primitive looking things--sculpture, stuffies, stitching....etc. I love the handmade, tea dyed stuffies!
*Just beginning to get into shabby chic and LOVING IT! *stationary of ALL kinds!!! (and especially kawaii, but really--ILOVEITALL!!!! envies, sheets, letter pads, memos, stickers....eeeeeee!!!!)
*pillowcases--preferably new and cute/pretty
*gel pens--any and all of them
*cute skull items ILOVECUTESKULLS!!!


Pastel pink, anything with kittens on it, clowns (i have an unnatural hate for clowns,) spiders (unnatural fear of spiders,) bugs in general, puppies or puppy things, Garfield, Snoopy or Penuts anything, Scooby Doo, plastic beads, the color yellow, lacy things, anything that smells like fish, tastes like fish or at one time was a fish or looks like a fish, ex boyfriends (don't mail me any of those...,) things with roses on them--the graphic, buttons.... i have a million buttons.... please don't send buttons (the kind you sew on to things....i'm putting them on everything i can think of... i'm even mailing them out. they're great, i just can't take anymore,) the matches out of all those matchboxes people are stuffing (i have a jar of them going already, and I'm trying to figure out what needs that much burning,) used stuff--i don't mind repurposing, just give me a heads up before you send it, tea (i work for a coffee shop, and while, for some reason, I still love to be sent instant coffee sachets, I don't need anymore tea,) incense--unless you made it, in which case, please don't send it in the same package with anything else.

My Hubby's Wishlist....

This was suggested by another SwapBot member, and i like it! He wishes for *Anything Star Trek *beef jerky in the Love's brand *robot toys *Star Wars anything--especially legos or models *music by William Shatner (I know, I didn't believe it either, but it does exist!) *MateVana from Teavana *new Killers music (burned copy would be awesome!) *burned copy of the new Rocco deLuca and the Burden *new Flight of the Conchordes epidsodes *used books in sci fi fiction, biographies on Leonard Nimoy or any of the other Star Trek cast members


Stepht rated for Pen Pals for a year on May 14, 2010
Comment: Hey girl! You have been a good pal :) I can't believe it's been a year already! I'm the one who has been slacking. I will send you a letter very soon! I hope you're doing well :)
Sarita rated for Surprise Box Swap--Private on Dec 27, 2009
Comment: I'm so sad to have to do this, but I haven't heard from you since August. I hope you are ok and will happily change this if I ever receive anything.
Comment: will rerate if I ever get anything.. its a shame since you are the host
kiddomerriweather rated for me n kiddo on Oct 9, 2009
Comment: I'm worried about you girlie. I hope you are alright. I will re-rate if I receive.
worldtraveler rated for Letterboxing Hitchhiker Swap on Oct 7, 2009
Comment: how did this ever get over looked?? so sorry jane, we need to catch up, girl. great hitchhiker. talk soon
Comment: Have tried really hard to contact Jane, sent PM, email, and PM's to people in other swaps with her. Will re-rate if I receive the swap. Hope everything is okay, looks like Jane hasn't been on SB for a month : /.
hollycat rated for Mini-'zine swap #2 (March) on Sep 30, 2009
preslarb rated for 30 Day I Wish Journal Swap on Sep 27, 2009
Comment: I'll be glad to change this rating when I receive your journal. The coordinator and I have tried contacting you, but have received no response.
Reds rated for US Only Journal W/a Twist 7 on Aug 27, 2009
Comment: This was a really neat, well-thought-out package o' fun stuff. Thanks. -- reds
jrsenior rated for $3 Profile Package USA only!!! on Aug 22, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much I love everything especially the cupcake lip gloss
Comment: Thanks so much :)
dolphingirl rated for Robots and Monsters on Aug 13, 2009
Comment: Super duper package, I love everything and it was all so great!!!
swappintoya rated for Swappintoya & jacksbluejane on Aug 13, 2009
Comment: Loved the items for our swap, thanks so much :)
redrose2007 rated for Got excess labelbags?????? on Aug 9, 2009
Comment: thank you. great swapper you are as usual.
Comment: 73 hearts to you!Thats how many teabags you sent-and just in time, i was down to about a dozen. thankyou
namesarefun rated for Private $3 Swap :) on Aug 6, 2009
Comment: I am feeling kinda low, I thought that the spending limit was $3, and so that is roughly what I spent. You sent me so many beautiful items, I Loved it All! The roosters, and butterflies, and flowers! But I am worried that you didn't get the same in return. Sorry.
Response: Hey!!! :) I'm a clearance shopper! Don't feel bad and don't even think twice! It's funny because I was eyeballin' a set similar to that at Michaels and then the one from you came!!! Thank you so much!!!! (and to be completely honest, the wings I already had and wasn't using.... ;)I'm happy. I hope you're good!
Comment: Thanks for the cute memos you sent along with the wonderful sticker flakes. I love everything so much. =o)
Comment: thanks so much for all the great stickers !

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driftwood on Nov 19, 2009:

Jane, what is uP? missing you badly.

sima on Oct 21, 2009:

I hope everything is ok. Last I heard you were just overwhelmed. Please LMK if you are ok.

DosLittleMonkeys on Oct 19, 2009:

I'm hoping everything's OK with you???

midsummermuse on Sep 27, 2009:

Hi!! I absolutely loved the Recycled Owl Stuffie swap you created, and I think the owl I sent to you (my partner) is super cute, so I hope you are doing okay because I am still waiting for my rating. Thanks!!!

leathomp on Sep 26, 2009:

Been trying to contact you about the "30 Day I Wish Journal". It is way overdue & still marked unsent. Please contact me & your partner ASAP.

NorthernBorder on Sep 25, 2009:

Thank you for the wonderful RAK package! I love all the stuff. Notecards, letter sheets, FBs... many thanks. Yes, I might be interested i trading wordmaps, if I knew what they are.

driftwood on Sep 3, 2009:

ah, Jane? if that is your real name??? lol. How the heck are ya? What's going on? Nothing newsworthy here. Just trying to enjoy the last days of summer. take care.

babyamy on Aug 23, 2009:

Thank you for your letter with the cute FBs. I came just back home from a trip and had totally forgotten about the letter :D It was a great surprise!

driftwood on Aug 20, 2009:

Hey, I sent you some mail and forgot the letter. oops. I am sending it out anyway. Have a good day...

mamatoallie on Aug 15, 2009:

Jane! Come join our One Hot Mama! group!!!!! You will love it!

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