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30 year old part time nanny( former preschool teacher but laid off ) and I'm also a Child Development Student.. I also run my etsy shop selling kawaii and amigurumi .( trying to get into special education ) living in L.A.


mail takes longer to go out to other countries. I often use an independently owned post office . The postmark may be a few days after especially if sent on the weekend.

I have 4 rescue dogs. A pitt bull mix, a jackshund, chihuahua and black lab.

I love kawaii, anything having to do with Asian and Japanese culture, Eastern Teachings and religions, Anthropology crafting amigurumi. I love trading postcards and kawaii especially

I LOVE learning about other cultures .. I have been very lucky to have grown up and still reside in L.A. One of the most diverse cities in the world.. I recently travelled to Dublin and Boston. it was my first time in Europe and on the East Coast. The travelling bug has bit me badly and I plan to keep going everywhere I can until I am unable too.

I have respect for all opinions and beliefs as long as they are not mean hearted or unkind. or pushed down my throat .We are all human and as Rodney King said

"Let's Just all get Along "

RATINGS Before giving me a 1 or 3 I would appreciate a message or email letting me know so we can work things out. If you are going to sign up for a swap please rate. It takes 5 seconds

I like to give hearts for especially beautiful postcards or people who seem to just take the extra time in a swap.. and actually take the time to read my profile

Sorry no private swaps at this time

Favorite Music

Garbage, 80s, Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Irish Rock, Madonna, billy Idol, Rasputina, Azam Ali,placbo, flogging molly, beth Ditto, anything outta London, Ayu, J Rock, Russian rap, ladyhawke and yes I lately have become fond of Lady Gaga

Favorite Movies

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Adam Sandler ,Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, cheesy horror, George Romero, Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman,Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford movies, slumdog millionaire, bollywood, Argento,Baz Luhrman,

Favorite Television

Reno 9-11, Simpsons,Law and Order, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Melrose place I Love Lucy, Wondershowsen, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, House, the tudors, Californication, Big Love,National Geographic and History Channel too I also like Francine Dancer, but she is only on L.A. public access.

Favorite Crafts

Amigurumi sewing, scrapbooking/paper art, jewelry, painting, decoden, matchbox art making candles and tarts and i guess photography

What I like to swap/Wishlist

POSTCARDS FAVES cemetaries,cheese,seafood and asian are my wierd collection but I also love

cultural dress ,local festivals, mosques,european architecture and churches, castles, famous landmarks, beaches,nightviews vintage, diecut or odd shaped, glitter (LOVE!!) recipe, maps

But I do like the usual touristy postcards .

I am starting a State flower postcard collection

so far I have California and Arizona as of March 19, 2012

I usually sign up for naked postcard swaps, cause I feel they are more personal,but sometimes I do sign up for ones in an envelope.. Either way is fine :)


kawaii items ( read below for kawaii dislikes/likes)


souvenirs from your country

amigurumi supplies and patterns

cute kawaii plushes

Rockabilly, retro, fabric, hair accessories, jewelry etc..( I dress rockabilly style pretty much on a daily basis)

deco or washi tape

tokidoki items

embellishments ( Jolee's,other companies,glitter,buttons, ribbon, rick rack,gems,cute rubber stamps,etc)

Kawaii, Japanese . Asian or Sanrio themed Fabric

tea bags

Buddhist/Hindu related items ( my favorite goddesses are Laxshmi and saraswati )

Anything Kitsch or 50's

Anything Hello Kitty

weiner dog/dachshund items

mini skeins of handspun yarn

dog treats ( I have 4 very hungry doggies)

Japanese incense ( prefer floral musky but any is fine cause they all smell good to me)

Yankee Candles or any candles or tarts of any size ( for my Mom)

Dia de los Muertos ( day of the dead ) related or Mexicana

Socks US size 9 in cute designs

anything with the Eiffel tower or leaning tower of Pisa

weird flavors of chapstick ( I actually bought cheezits once lol )

Hand of Fatima or Evil Eye stuff

Favorite Animals : Anything cute and fuzzy .. I LOVE animals in general so no worries on what to send me. just not too big on bugs ( I love spiders and grasshoppers though)

Frida Kahlo , Yoshitomo Nara or Mark Ryden anything

Skulls, Gothic, ,COFFINS!!! cemetaries the macabre I love halloween year round

anything Irish or Clovers ( st patricks day any time of year is cool)

anything Russian esp. matryoskas ( nesting dolls)

kokeshi or geishas

I collect souvenir dolls from all over the world. They usually end up in thrift stores or goodwill. I love different cultures ( as you can read above) but I also find they are a great teaching tool for my students.

Vintage glass glitter...

I started collectingpressed pennies ( I am a subway ride away from the ones in hollywood if that interests anyone ) and would love more from other parts of the US and Canada


so my Mom has this thing for Virgin Marys from around the world. She got a virgin mary kokeshi from Japan for Mothers day 2011 . She loves anything depicting mary in another culture besides America. Like for example the black madonna, or the Guadalupe. Even a free flier, or prayer card.

What I don't like to get

Christian/bible/Jesus/born again

I hate rude spammy or back handed remarksand comments posted anywhere on my profile or ratings. Remember profiles are public

boyish/masculine items

sports related items EXCEPT NOTRE DAME

diddl , galupy and diddlina, pekkle, spottie dottie, goringo, monokoro boo banana man green tea man, afro ken ,tire dog, san x duck, san x frog,barbie, Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, veggietales, bob the builder. wiggles, barney kids Hannah montana, cartoons basically .....

bootleg hello kitty and kawaii items

low quality dirty or used items

burnt cds ( I use an ipod)

brads ( no use for them)

Americana ( except if it's for a fourth of July swap )

Country ( roosters and barns etc) I like the country though but you can't send that in an envelope :/

non kawaii stationery (unless its part of a swap )

kiwi or cinnamon flavored

items smelling of smoke ( I am very sensitive to the smell )

Any stuff like Sylvia Brown or new age stuff ( I do like crystal balls though)

Drug/Marijuana related 420 etc..

pixar or disney ( I live by disneyland so its not hard to get )

Twilight... I am an Anne Rice fan and ALWAYS will be

reward stickers


Fairies and dragons .. just not my thing

People who just put a 5 and no comment. Especially if you put effort into that swap.

favorite colors

black , red, blues, pink mostly dark colors

kawaii likes/dislikes


food with faces burgers and junk food poop baby animals pandas
nyan nyanko skulls ghosts witches
kawaii girls chihuahuas poodles weiner dogs and most real dogs either real or drawn (BLACK DOGS ESPECIALLY) deer
wierd object like mr poo or pill chan hamsters cherries,strawberries, fruit real pictures of food lolita like with ribbons etc Jungle/wild animals.. Elephants, tigers, lions

Hello Kitty or any character dressed as a rooster or a capricorn ( goat) those are my zodiac signs AND ANYTHING WITH HOTCAKES OR BURGERS !

Fairy tales

pirates ( hard theme to find I know)


dim sum

san x q lia crux ,mindwave youmec, kamio, lemon co

sticker sacks/flake stickers loose or full sacks

lettersets loose or full

loose memos

mini memo pads and big memo pad

Hello Kitty ( especially regional)

kawaii/fruitsy jewelry

sticker sheets ( sanrio OR kawaii )


deco tape ( all sizes)

Sanrio : Sugarbunnies, pandapple, little twin stars, my melody, hello kitty, deery lou, queenie lou, sugar cream puff, keroppi, pochacco, chococat, kuromi , keroppi, pom pom purin cherina cherine ,

diecut memopads or memosheets

kawaii wooden pencils ( unsharpened please)

iwako erasers/asian erasers ( especially food )

sanrio erasers



i.e. green tea man, peanut star, junkyard dogs, goringo afroken

Sanrio : Batz maru, pekkle, shinkansen spottie dottie, pickles the frog,cinnamonroll baby coco

bootleg fake stuff i.e. hello kitty is purple or fake hannari tofu

real people ( pretty much every stationery set I have like this the people look creepily happy like in a mentos commercial)

bent stationery ( if its a letterset please don't fold in half since I collect them)

old school 90s korean stuff i.e. morning glory, babu, mashimaro , lovely white. I just have too much of this stuff and because I had easy access to it and grew out of them

letterpads (unless specified in a swap for lettersheets that is ok just don't need a whole pad cause I have lots)

sanrio wooden pencils ( i have easy access to them )

Prefer not to get:

rilakumma... I have soooooo much and can get it with one subway ride

sentimental circus

I will never rate down if I don't get all my likes. I understand I am lucky to have access to a lot more kawaii than most people. I WILL rate down if it is a kawaii swap and you send me bootleg items or items that are NOT kawaii and from hallmark or target or diddl or disney


I eat a pretty healthy diet .I try to eat non gmo dairy and meat and natural/organic. Basically food that has not been messed with or pumped with gosh knows what. Unless you have a Trader Joe's, stuff is expensive so I don't expect anything.

Some things I like are

kind bars

tea ( java republic camomile ! can't get it here )

Cadbury Roses

70% or higher dark chocolate

pop chips

Starbucks via ( my one weakness)


Comment: Thank you for the awesome package..i love everything so much!
Comment: Thanks for all the clover and rainbow themed memos! I love the little envie you used as well. =)
Response: you are so welcome!
Antimi rated for East of Here Postcard Swap on Oct 9, 2012
Comment: Thank you very much for your card. The nightview of the downtown Boston skyline looks amazing. I also really liked the cute little stickers you put on the backside. Sounds like had a great time! I'd like to visit Boston someday as well. Thanks again and have a great day! :)
Response: Thanks so much for the heart ! It really is a great town and actually quite affordable. And the airport staff is so nice which is not too common lol! I hope to go back to Europe myself and hopefully Germany
Jan rated for Three Postcards in an Envelope (j) on Oct 2, 2012
Comment: Oh what to do? The postcards are fabulous but the postmark is four days after the deadline! I decided to split the difference and give you a five but no heart. I really love the Santa Barbara Zoo and Hollywood cards - thanks so much. :)
Response: I am glad you like the cards but I think a simple thanks would have been enough. I sent out on the weekend and use a small independently owned post office. It is by my school and convienient Mail has to be picked up and sorted somewhere else and you are international.
VaGrammy66 rated for Your Part Of The World PC Swap on Aug 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the Hollywood postcard! That's neat that you get to see the actors!
momoko rated for Your Part Of The World PC Swap on Aug 19, 2012
Comment: Thanks! The surfing dog is cute!
Carolien25 rated for Multi-View Postcard Swap on Aug 18, 2012
Comment: Received your lovely card!! And thanks so much for the nice kawaii extra's!! :)
Comment: Thanks for the lovely postcards. Love the Surf'sUp with the dog on the board. Happy swapping,Linda
cathlud rated for Three Postcards in an Envelope (d) on Aug 3, 2012
Comment: Thank you for three very interesting postcards. They are all very nice. Thank you also for the stickers. My boys said "Thank you very much". We watched some of the Stanley Cup final series, but we were cheering for the Devils.
Comment: Thanks for the lovely postcard. I love the Disneyland Resort. I did not have that one. It will add nicely to my collection. Happy swapping,Linda
Melraek rated for I❤K: June Mini Memos on Jul 11, 2012
Comment: thank you!!
tiggerkitn25 rated for I❤K: June Mini Memos on Jul 9, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the memos and stickers! =)
Comment: lol I can't go either >.<
sanae rated for I❤K: May Kawaii 4x6 Memos on Jun 23, 2012
Comment: Thank you for kawaii swaps.
venzo2b rated for Mapcards in an envelope #2 on Jun 17, 2012
Comment: Thank you very much for the great postcards ! They are all great :-) A big heart for you !! I wish you the best.
adoluxia rated for I❤K: May Kawaii 4x6 Memos on Jun 12, 2012
Comment: SO CUTE~! i really do love kawaii girls and they can be hard to find sometimes. thank you for the cute designs! your card was really pretty too(the asian lanterns).
susieq11 rated for Three Postcards in an Envelope #27 on Jun 9, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the awesome postcards and extra goodies! What a great mail day for me!!! So glad we were able to swap!!!! : )
pahunt925 rated for USA Store Bought Postcards! on May 5, 2012
Comment: I love this card! Thank you very much.
kdj42160 rated for USA Store Bought Postcards! on May 1, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard. There is a lovely little town in Tiger, GA like Solvang, CA.
Response: so glad you liked it :) Thanks so much for the heart. My neighbors parents are from Argentina and they even have a little Solvang like town there too lol!
TwinMom rated for USA Store Bought Postcards! on May 1, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard.

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