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About Me

3/12/17- PLEASE NOTE: i am getting off swapbot for a while- i have NEVER met a group of nicer people nor have i ever met a group of NASTIER people- ungrateful, rude, and oh so critical- well, enough is enough- i am a human and you would NEVER think to talk or treat someone the way several of you have treated others here on swapbot. SHAME ON YOU! all my swaps are out- i've been flaked on- people have "forgotten" to rate, ect....so enjoy yourselves- i'd rather deal with people i know and trust then most of you ever again-so until late---have a nice swapping season!

IF FOR ANY REASON u r unhappy with my swap or have concerns PLEASE come to me first so we can work it out and get it resolved asap- i am all about making friends and crafting/swapping with others- if u do not tell me- i can't fix it- hugs--

i live very remotely and hence i put my items in the mailbox ( our driveway is almost 1/2 mi long- lol ) at night or in the morning and mark item as sent- but i ALWAYS get it out by the due date- now whether our mail lady can get her car up our road or not to the mailbox all depends on the weather-lol

~~~once i FINALLY learned how to tool around the site, i have grown to ABFAB LOVE IT!!! i can PROUDLY say i ADORE this site!!!! i am an swapbot fan!!!

i have finally met the love of my life- we met as young kids and have been in touch on/off for years and now we have found each other again and life is wonderful! i am so looking forward to this next stage of my life! any extra well wishes or help will be greatly appreciated on this! lol

i am a former army wife and traveling nurse for traumatic brian injury- lucky enuf to be a mom of 6- meemaw of 7- i have2 amazing dogs- live on a lot of acreage on top of my own mountain-and have lived in every state cept hawaii - and spent most of life in europe- am 1st generation america- my house is decorated in prairie country- think from the early 1900's- basic color through out whole house is a light buttery cream- i change my curtains in the house place 4 times a year- lol my kids and family is my life and my soul. my mom lives with me as well as one son.

Favorite Music

i love all types of music cept for rap - i am partial to music from the 40's some from the 50's n 60's- 70's can get my feet tapping- country makes me silly- 80's-90's n current are my main genres- jazz and lounge jazz inspire my computer time and classical or new age for sleep- and of course my cranking music is zztop- double trouble stevie vaughn and other groups like them-- i almost always have the radio on and love to sing along to it. granted my singing makes the dogs howl and people in other cars stare- but i don't care-- its fun and makes me happy!

Favorite Books

i love to read- autobiographies- periodical novels- fiction and fantasy- the older i get the more i find myself reading romance novels- i don;t know why- but gimme one ( especially a periodical one ) and a bar of candy n i am set! lol

Favorite Movies

i will watch all types of movies EXCEPT for horror or thrillers- they make me nervous- but i do prefer christmas movies ( my favs are a christmas story its a wonderful life and white christmas ) and i do have a secret favorite----don't laugh but i love movies like the godfather and casino or goodfellows-

Favorite Television

am an avid fan of the tv series vikings, blue shield, outsiders and beowolf--- but i also enjoy watching baking with martha or farm house rules or jeopardy- and i LOVE bbc!!!! just depends on my mood-lol

Favorite Crafts

i love to ,make christmas ornies and swapping them- i make them all year long- it makes me happy- i decorate with older more vintage type of decor - and i LOVE santas! ( ok- i am a well known christmas fanatic! ) love to crochet - especially straight stuff- like scarves, afghans, potholders ect- and have never done any sort of stuffed animals or such- i love to bead jewelry and dream catchers- i learned to bead while living in alaska and had a small business up there for that- i can do printed embroidery and have always wanted to learn to do plastic canvas and counted cross stitch- i can not knit n do not wish to learn to do so- lol- i am always learning to try a new craft, esp for holidays- those are the best!!!


i love to bake n cook and can my own food - i make cookies trays at the holidays that weigh about 30 lbs each with normally about 20 different types of cookies n candies on it all homemade by me and my girls - i love to bake cakes as well but have no idea on how to decorate them-i prefer to mostly do italian or german baking- lol-
i love chocolate- all kinds- i never turned down a chocolate i didn't like-


i love to swap goodie boxes- seasonal, crafting, cooking, hot beverages, cookies, ect--- its always so much fun to get to know someone and shop for them! i have run for several years different exchanges on yahoo and facebook for past several years with great success-

~~THINGS I LOVE TO COLLECT~~ owls, old time santas, or vintage christmas crafting items, any kid of crystals or stones, gnomes, goddess related items ( including figurines/statues ), norse related items ( pagan of course- lol ), and dragons.


i am pretty easy going and love anything made with effort ( we all have different levels of artistic talents ) BUT i do have dislikes as well--- i am not a sweet fruity scented or a floral flavored type of person ( give me migraines and hurts my tummy bad ) nor am i into people who have "bertha better then you" attitude when you ask them a question or for help- the last time i checked or knew we are ALL students as well as teachers- so if YOU can do a craft or talent and someone asks- TELL them and i WILL do the SAME for when asked- HOW ELSE TO BETTER spread talents and knowledge!!!! i am all for learning a new talent or craft but if i have NEVER done it before and you'd like to surprise and share me with it PLEASE send me not only the patter/info but maybe a small sampling of items needed to complete the craft ( think of it as making a mini survival craft kit!) other then that ASK me and i will tell you if you may be worried about sending me something!


i am NOT a sweet fruity scented or floral flavored person- i can NOT stress that enough- sweet scents give me migraines and floral flavors give me a tummy ache- this does not mean i do not like sweet foods- just the scents in candles, wax melts, perfumes, ect and i do NOT like spicy HOT foods ( no hot peppers or heavy curried foods for me ) other than that i pretty much am willing to try it all!


lynnerfb rated for ostara recipe swap on Mar 21, 2017
Response: hope u enjoyed the recipes- happy ostara!
LadyFrankenstein rated for ostara recipe swap on Mar 15, 2017
Response: <3 thank you!
Comment: Thank you for the stickers and colorful paper twist. I've never used them before have to YouTube or stalk Pinterest to get some clever ideas.
Response: ur welcome! have a great week! hugs
Taliesyn rated for chocolate and bunny hop on Mar 13, 2017
Comment: Got your package today. Thank you for the cute salt and pepper shakers and other goodies!
Response: ur so welcomed! i wish u the best for easter!
Comment: sorry this well-deserved rating took far too long. thank you so much for your beeeeaaautifully made elemental goodies. i absolutely love them (and love anything wood/nature based in general)
Response: lol- ur fine- i am so glad u liked everything! hugs n tty soon!
lynnerfb rated for ostara basket for good witches:) on Mar 12, 2017
Comment: I love everything! Thank you so much. Wearing the earings now.
Response: i am so glad u like everything - happy ostara!
JudalineZ rated for easter dotee OR icicle on Mar 11, 2017
Comment: It is so beautiful stuffie.
Response: ur so welcomed! :)
kayfay rated for catch my dreams..... on Feb 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful dreamcatcher!!
Response: you are so welcomed! i'm glad it got there in good condition! hugs!
Moominbrooke rated for secret goddess sister swap on Feb 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the 3 items :0) The scent diffuser is amazing, the keen earrings I am wearing now, and the dragonfly is lovely. It came with a broken wing, but I may have the right kind of glue. Would you recommend any specific type? Again, thanks for the lovely package.
Response: oh no! it broke?? SCHZNICK!!! i'd use a super glue or a e6000 glue. i can't believe it- i was so careful in packing it! i'm glad the rest of the items arrived in good condition! giant hugs~
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: i am so glad it all arrived and that you liked them- may your week be filled with love and light...
summerlake77 rated for chase those winter blues away on Feb 1, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the fantastic teas!
Response: ur so welcome- i hope u enjoy them!
motherpie rated for Magickal Pick 3 / New Year Altar on Jan 26, 2017
Comment: thank you will never suffice. what a beautiful swap (well swaps) this was, to open, after being so sick for a few days (while the big ole' box sat waiting) i love & adore EVERYTHING! the wooden elements are probably my favorite though, i will say, i absolutely am smitten. thank you for brightening up my day and for all the thought you put into these two swaps (i will rate you for the other as well) i am speechless! <3
Response: aw, ur so welcomed! hope ur better soon and it was a pleasure- hope we can do it again!
StagKing rated for Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate on Jan 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the AMAZING package! I've never had the ferrero chocolate before and they are incredible! Thank you for the communication as well, I really appreciated it! :)
Response: u r SO welcomed! they are addictive aren't they? i am so glad you liked them!
Comment: What a lovely box, thank you for everything it was so well put together and full of love. I love the home made clay pieces they are going on my altar
Response: i am SO happy you like everything! i was worried- oh heck- i worry about everything lately- lol- but i am so glad! bright blessings!
Tiffaknee rated for My Crystal Wants a New Home on Jan 21, 2017
Comment: I contemplated rating you a 3 for quite some time. But I am rating you a 5 because I feel bad that you sent twice. But you must understand that if you sign up for a swap, you must fulfill the requirements. And neither your original package, or your resend, fulfilled the requirements. This simple swap called for one regular crystal, at least the size of a quarter. It did not call for a rock or crystal beads on a string of wire (what you sent the first time) or for a crystal necklace pendant (what you sent the second time). While I do get that the pendant you sent had a crystal in it, this was not a crystal jewelry swap or a crystal pendant swap. It was simply a send your partner a crystal swap. If you look at the picture in the swap description, that is a regular crystal. I sent my partner a snowflake obsidian crystal. Plain and simple. I should also say, I was not going to leave a comment here, until I received your PM that seemed rather hasty, and basically insinuating that I am being picky over the "shape", then telling me to take off the metal pendant that the crystal is glued inside and that we should reach out to the host because "we" are having problems with the swap. I am the recipient, and it seems that "you", not me, is having the problem sending what the swap calls for. I should not have to deconstruct a pendant for it to meet swap requirements. It is glued on there pretty solid, and I would probably break it if I had to do that. I find it rather odd that someone in a Pagan group does not have one, single crystal laying around their house to trade, even if it was a plain clear quartz or something. While your pendant is beautiful and I will wear it, and while I also appreciate the "pure intentions" sent with the swap, please understand that if a swap calls for apples, you cannot send oranges because it is still considered "fruit" and then argue with your partner over the "color of the fruit." Blessed be.
Comment: Thank you! I'll be saving this for Yule.
Response: ur welcome~hope u enjoy~
Comment: Thank you for the package!
Response: ur welcome~ hope u enjoy
KatlynAva rated for Easy Tea Swap USA #4 on Jan 10, 2017
Comment: Thanks for sending some tasty teas!
Response: ur so welcomed! hope u enjoy them!
charophyta rated for Easy Tea Swap USA #4 on Jan 9, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all these teas! And for the extra teas! Great job! Just for future reference: it's best to write the actual swap name "Easy Tea Swap USA #4" that way I can see which swap it was, to rate you. You wrote just "tea swap" and I am actually participating in quite a few different tea swaps right now- but I went through them and I think I figured it out! Thanks :)
Response: am glad u liked them- have a great day! hugs
pcfan13 rated for Christmas Survey on Jan 5, 2017
Comment: Enjoyed reading
Response: thank you- hope you have a wonderful new year!

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