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Just Randomness Giveaway #6

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Just Randomness Giveaway #6
Swap Coordinator:institches (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:45
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:November 24, 2019
Date items must be sent by:November 30, 2019
Number of swap partners:1

Thanks to @myancey for the idea and allowing me to do a variation of her swap!

PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION as I've change it a little from the last ones.

This swap is USA only due to my postage budget.

I have too much "stuff". Bits and pieces I've saved for Decos and random journaling. Stuff could be used for smash books and junk journals. Alot of slightly used /some new stuff that’s either been sent to me that I can’t use or it’s time to move on. It’s a small flat rate box. I'll be adding until the box is stuffed full.

The lucky winner will be whoever is my partner after I hit the “assign partners” button.

To enter: With Thanksgiving coming up, tell me what you are grateful for BUT HERE'S THE TWIST. I already know you are grateful for your family, friends and things like that. Tell me something different/unusual. Maybe it's paper clips or baby giggles or shoelaces. Post in the comment section below.


HERE IS THE REQUIREMENT: When your partner is assigned, check in the comments section below to see if your partner did indeed post a thankful comment in the comment section. If yes, they get a 5 rating. A comment but not the required prompt? Then that's a 3. No comment at all? A big fat 1 is what they get

I'm putting this as a Type 1 swap as everyone will be reading and rating and I am the only one mailing.

You must be a RATED swapper. No unrated newbies at this time. I'll be hosting this swap again (as money allows)


institches 11/12/2019 #

I am thankful for yarn. I love yarn. I crochet everyday. I love how I can take a string and create something useful/beautiful for someone. Most of my crochet is for charity as my family has afghans, hats, mittens, scarves enough already. I also knit, but not very well. Just a garter stitch and I make scarves. I can also do plastic canvas, which uses yarn.

milkycloud 11/12/2019 #

Thanks so much for hosting this, it's very generous!

I'm thankful for the crunchy leaves on the sidewalk haha

ewwickaaa 11/12/2019 #

I'm super thankful for all the fur around my house. Every morning, I wake up and the first thing I hear is the pitter-patter of my corgi's slightly overgrown nails. Then her wet nose just grazes upon my arm as she sticks her head onto my side of the bed. Sometimes I feel like it's all a dream and I have the dog of my dreams and the man of my dreams in my home. Though she sheds a ton and two-thirds, that fur is a constant reminder than she's there for me. :)

Ukucaitie 11/12/2019 #

Thanks for hosting.

Im thankful for my robe and a hot cup of coffee. also when my cats actually like me :D

PinotAndPostcards 11/12/2019 #

I'm thankful for our family's new house. We moved in just in time for the Holiday Season... BUT! We haven't even paid our first utility bills and house payment yet. Sooo, we might not be so grateful in a few weeks, when those first bills start coming in. haha.

We can't wait for our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home. <3

Prettyexpressions 11/12/2019 #

I'm so grateful for a lot of things!

  1. Im greatful for swap bot, so that i can send lovely persons happy mail, that i hope to brighten their day!
  2. Washington tape!! It's so awesome! I use it on everything! It's so universal, and pretty!
  3. My cat! He's a big love bug! Weighing in at roughly 18 pounds, he's a long haired Siamese, whom I got from my sister!
  4. My fuzzies!! Slippers, fleece pants, my snuggie that my husband got for me, because he knows I get so cold so easy.
  5. Flip books! They are just sooooo amazing!! And a bunch more but I'll stop!

I hope each and everyone has a Very Blessed Thanksgiving!

Prettyexpressions 11/12/2019 #

Washi not Washington lol

bck 11/12/2019 #

I am grateful for the “gift” of travel. I will continue to visit as many places on my bucket list while I still have the freedom, the resources and my health to do so 🌎

mailsbyjah 11/12/2019 #

I am extremely thankful for my blanket!! It keeps me warm every night and also wipes my tears whenever I feel sad. <3

AZmom875 11/12/2019 #

I didnt read anyone's comments yet, so the cool ideas would not influence me.

I am grateful for

  1. People who donate blood and platelets

  2. 18-44 year olds who signed up to bethematch.org for a stranger. (this is stem cells not a dating site!)

  3. coffee, with creamer. yes, the struggle is real

  4. Cats, they purr, need I say more

  5. My dog that whines at me every evening to take her for a walk, aka checking her PEE-mail. (she has a back yard, but she needs to check her messages). I am thankful because it gives me exercise.

  6. modern medicine

  7. TEA! It comes in so many flavors!

Hyshu 11/12/2019 #

I am thankful for clean drinking water, especially when ice cold. I am thankful for clean clothes. I am thankful for medical care and medicine I am thankful for indoor plumbing I am thankful for the postal system

ovenbernt 11/13/2019 #

I am grateful for, aside from the obvious first-world comforts, I am thankful for the very existence of cats. I have three and they are absolutely wonderful creatures. Astoundingly cute and cuddly, they are! Very loving, regardless of some of the stereotypes floating around about cats being 'aloof'.

I suppose I am also thankful for paper crafts. They are very calming for me and allow me to make friends through swap-bot!

isandie 11/13/2019 #

i'm thankful for a soft warm bed at night! i don't know what I would do if I had to sleep on the ground. I don't think I'd ever be able to get up in the morning. I'm also super thankful for dogs...all dogs really! we rely on them for so much, and they are so generous, and ask for nothing in return but a head pat or a belly rub.

haha, and i didn't even read the other ones, and @overbent 's above me is just about the same as mine, but CATS! LOL!

Thanks for a great "swap"! What an awesome idea!!!

kokoloc 11/13/2019 #

I am grateful for pecan and coconut flavored ice cream bars. Best thing ever!!!

cloudjun 11/15/2019 #

I am thankful for my glasses and having spare ones. I just broke my current one so I'm wearing my old ones, lol.

WJThomas 11/16/2019 #

I'm thankful for belts. Whoever invented them deserves all the high fives. I go back and forth on my weight means owning several belts, this saves me from having to go buy new clothes.

Poohtat 11/17/2019 #

I am thankful for my orthopedist. With my two new shoulders and new hip, I bet he’s thankful for me as well! :)

myancey 11/17/2019 #

I am very grateful for the many friends I have met thru swapbot. Everyone means something special to me. Happy thanksgiving

KaliOya 11/18/2019 #

What I am thankful for (just a few of them as I would be here all day...lol):

1-Kitches, I enjoy cooking so much and have so much fun creating fun for the people I love

2-Body Oils, I need some type of moisturizer on my skin year round, but in the cold months I need something more than a light lotion, so I am thankful for a good deep moisturizing body oil that soothes all the dry skin away.

3-Documentaries, I enjoy learning all sorts of new things so I am always grateful for a good documentary.

SatisHuman 11/18/2019 #

I am thankful for my cats. The five fur babies that let me share their living space make my world so much more tolerable. I can always count on wet noses and kitty kisses when I'm having a bad day. The phenomenon of purring is amazing. I love each of their little personalities and quirks. I love that they know how I'm feeling and when to cheer me up. I love my cats more than anything, including my boyfriend.

Creature comforts - indoor plumbing, hot water, HVAC, electricity, and such. I am not equipped to withstand the raw forces of nature.

MissNyx 11/19/2019 #

I am thankful for rainy days when I can sit, warm and cozy, inside. Having hot soup or a mug of herbal tea enhances the cozy factor. I also love to wear my pink, fuzzy sweat shirt and curl up with a soft, grey blanket from the end of my bed. My cat lays in the living room with me and keeps an eye on what I am doing. Sometimes I watch my "feel good" show, Gilmore Girls.

captkristi 11/19/2019 #

How wonderfully sweet of you!!! I am thankful for clothes straight out of the dryer (especially socks) and a space heater to warm up by when I am feeling cold. I am thankful that I can make my own schedule and thus, do what I want for the most part. I am also thankful for my artistic ability and YouTube tutorials. Makes my days so happy!!!

Rose8990 11/19/2019 #

Im thankful for a food pantry community that has been helping me and my family out so much this year.. we hit a few bumps this year and it's been a bit rough but if we didn't have this church helping us.... I would have starved because I'll starve before my kids do... Thanks to them we have everything we need for a Thanksgiving dinner (accept the turkey) but thats okay 😋

Earlgurl 11/19/2019 #

I am thankful for a lot of things but something that is unusual would be fuzzy socks. I live in the South and have hardwood floors all over my house. In the winter (right now) our floors are FREEZING cold at all times. I wouldn't make it without warm fuzzy socks. AND I am thankful for animal rescues and animal shelters. Both of my dogs are rescues. My husband and I cannot have children. Our dogs, are the closest things to them that we have, and I can not imagine my life without them. I am alone 90% of the time, and coming home to their excited little wagging tails and full blown excitement is such a sweet reminder of their love for me. Also, having them here with me when I am by myself, makes it not so lonely.

Thank you SO MUCH for this swap. How different and sweet of you to allow us an easy rating. <3 <3

mandigutterrose 11/20/2019 #

I'm thankful for my husband understanding and supporting my love of animals. I take our kids to the reading program at our local animal shelter and there has been a parakeet there for over a month. I mentioned that when we returned from our trip, I was probably going to bring him home. Well, we got back and we saw him again so when he came home from work, I said, "You probably don't remember me mentioning the bird at the shelter, do you?" He said, "I remember. You can get him." He wasn't giving me permission per se, he was letting me know that, as our sole income provider, he was willing to take on this new mouth to feed with me. I love this man! In addition to working his sexy tushy off so I can stay home with our kids, he also provides the means to care for two dogs, two cats, two fish, two bearded dragons, two ducks, and six chickens! And now a parakeet! And by "care" I mean he built the chicken coop and duck run from the ground up, modified a fish tank hood to hold the beardies' heat lamps, and has made sure everybody who has to be licensed and vaccinated never falls behind. I'll also find him talking to and petting all of them. I forget to tell him sometimes but I really appreciate everything he does for me and our "zoo."

mandigutterrose 11/20/2019 #

⬆️ I know it said for it to be something unusual and not like family or anything, but I think my husband's dedication toy "obsession" is pretty unique, especially since no one in his family or our circle of friends shares his attitude about it or animals on general. He does some things that drive me nuts, but I truly appreciate this side of him.

Wingy 11/20/2019 #

I am thankful for my hardworking hubby who lets me spend money on arts n crafts....thankful for all of the washi tapes I buy for ordering from peach cheap... for living near a dollar tree where I buy junk galore.... for postcard swaps.... for getting cool postage stamps on my swaps.

sydvicious99 11/20/2019 #

I am thankful for many things!! I'm thankful for... - my hydro flask, it keeps my water cold all day while im at school -my maps app on my phone! Sometimes I think about how I love how I can get anywhere using maps and it tells you how long it will take to get somewhere -my many many blankets that keep me warm at night -my chacos that I can wear EVERYWHERE, to the mall, hiking, swimming, or just going outside to feed my dogs and cats -rain, because that saves me some time and i don't have to water my plants! -my BF that works all day to provide food for us and the pets -my pets that are always happy to see me after a long day and always give me attention and give me loving while I love on them too

cynaemon 11/20/2019 #

Since we just celebrated Veteran's Day, I would like to say I am thankful for being a Veteran, and for having served in the US Army. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to serve my country, and to serve each and everyone of you. It was truly an honor. Love and peace to all of you.

MCGalaxy 11/20/2019 #

I'm thankful for my warm soft bed with my "legs" body pillow. I'm thankful for Bath and Body Works Peppermint Twist. I'm thankful for the cold because it means that my allergies get a break.

suzmoon 11/20/2019 #

I am thankful that I am able to buy new shoes. I noticed that my shoes were very dirty for a while but I did not have time to buy new ones. When I finally had the time, I bought two new pairs to wear, one for backup and I felt so much better!

CookieMomster78 11/21/2019 #

Right this moment, I am grateful for Corndogs!

There’s some baking in the toaster over right now and that sweet corn meal batter smells amazing as it waifs through my house on this cool Autumn morning!

Dinkyde 11/21/2019 #

I am grateful for my job. I've been complaining about it lately, but I am lucky and grateful to have a job where I am using my skills and sometimes get a sense of purpose. Yea, there's a lot of frustration and it's emotionally draining, which is hard, especially when my depression and fibromyalgia are showing out, but I have very good benefits.

JudalineZ 11/21/2019 #

I am thankful for my family. My foster grandkids are safe in my care. My husband sense of humor who kept me laughing. My craft that keeps me busy and made me forget worries.

JudalineZ 11/21/2019 #

Forgot to add I am thankful for all kind of craft and sewing supplies

Rabbitfreedom 11/21/2019 #

I am especially grateful for my Husband and his love of cuddling. Through the cold northeastern nights, he is my electric blanket and doesn't mind when I put my ice cold feet against him.

Oh, I am also grateful for Earl Grey tea.

jilliansmith202 11/21/2019 #

I am thankful for my house. I absolutely love my house. It's in a nice part of town and has beautiful hard wood floors and great insulation (so thankful for this now that winter is getting closer every day)!

I'm also thankful for my job. While I am currently emotionally frustrated and can't wait for winter break, I love and am so thankful for having such a supportive team and my students are amazing.

I'm thankful for Swapbot for allowing me more opportunities for crafting to help me with destressing.

yvonne401 11/21/2019 #

I am thankful for my doctors who take such good care of me.

I am thankful for swap-bot for all the wonderful people that I have met.

I am thankful for the fact that I have a home to keep the cold off of me in the winter and the heat off of me in the summer.

I am thankful for my closet full of craft supplies.

JJcrafty 11/22/2019 #

I am thankful for Netflix and audio books- When life is hard, I can escape with these. I am thankful for date nights, messages, cool air, swap mail.

xthemasonsx 11/22/2019 #

I am thankful for a roof over my head(I was homeless for 3yrs) , being able to help the community cats, I am thankful for the swapbot community along with Instagram&postcrossing.I am thankful for God. I am thankful to be healthier than most and last but not least I am thankful to live in a relatively safe country (USA) especially since so much of the world is in serious turmoil or war.

KraftyKarika 11/22/2019 #

I am thankful that I woke up this morning to enjoy the beautiful day that was given to me. I'm thankful for running water, food on the table, heat in my house. Thankful for my job that pays the bills and allows my family to have what it needs.

Jewelss2 11/22/2019 #

I am thankful for the colors of Fall, disappearing all too quickly!

BrandiAlexander 11/23/2019 #

Well, other than the obvious (husband, family, friends, etc.) I am grateful for a job that I don't always love but am grateful for all the same. I am also thankful for much needed days off, pajama days, having the luxury to be able to lose myself in my craft room when necessary.Most of all I am thankful to God for all he has done in my life.

lynnpinkdaisy 11/24/2019 #

I am thankful for paper, especially vintage and Japanese hand made paper. I love the smell of vintage paper, the yellowing of its edges, and the crinkling sounds it makes when you touch it or gently turn a page in a book. When I run my finger across a piece of hand made Japanese paper, it comes in contact with the natural fibers and flowers that are within. This conjures up thankful thoughts for the fine, detailed work of the individual who made it.

SatisHuman 11/24/2019 #

@mandigutterrose I want a man like that!

kristyrogers 11/24/2019 #

I am thankful for my front porch and for the awesome opportunity to help veterans. We are starting a home for veterans and it's been an absolute blessing!

lilmermaid 11/24/2019 #

I am thankful for medical marijuana it helps with my everyday pain so I can go to work. I'm very thankful for postcards I love reading them. I'm also thankful for swap-bot. I have met a lot of really awesome people plus when I get upset I sit by my desk and look at my postcard wall. I'm thankful for Starbucks yum and their cranberry blitz bars and vanilla latte.

earthnk 11/24/2019 #

I am thankful for so much starting with life. Recovering from a car accident that left me having to learn to walk again really brings in to focus just how precious life is. Every day we wake is a clean slate just waiting for our own special colorization. I am thankful for the stranger that returns my smile with a smile in passing. Family and friends all encompassed in my cloak of thankfulness. On the fun side I am thankful for my morning latte 😍

institches 11/25/2019 #

The swap is now closed. Any "Thankful" comments after this are 3 ratings.

The winner is.….


Congratulations! Your box is going postal today!

myancey 11/25/2019 #

Congrats @jewellss2 ! Happy thanksgiving

Kirkdebb 11/25/2019 #

The date items have to be sent by is listed as Nov 30th. Thankful comments made up to the deadline listed should still be counted as a 5. I would have posted mine sooner if somewhere in the swap the 25th was listed as last day to make a rating of 5. I am thankful for: yarn and crochet hooks. They have been my constant companion through the rough seas of life. dessert. I love a good pie or cheesecake. chocolate. bacon. hot summer days at the beach. Disney movies Clouds and sunshine Bubble baths Good books

institches 11/26/2019 #

@Kirkdebb - comments should be posted when you sign up.

Everyone should rate their partner by the 30th

montigneyrules 11/26/2019 #

I an thankful for 5 things: 1. when I find change on the ground 2. taking photos for families who want to all get in the shot, their pure happiness 3. foster babies meeting us for the first time, their happiness and hellos

montigneyrules 11/26/2019 #

@institches I also agree with @kirkdebb :

HERE IS THE REQUIREMENT: When your partner is assigned, check in the comments section below to see if your partner did indeed post a thankful comment in the comment section. If yes, they get a 5 rating. A comment but not the required prompt? Then that's a 3. No comment at all? A big fat 1 is what they get

But nowhere does it say we have to post before the end date. I do my swaps when they say partners assigned :(

Jewelss2 12/ 4/2019 #

Thanks so much, institches, for your generosity! What fun! I hadn't realized that I was the winner, so when the box came today, it was an awesome surprise! Happy swapping, everyone!

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