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Name the Cat !!

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Name the Cat !!
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Since quarantine began on March 30th, I've been working from home and have been feeding a stray cat. She no longer runs away from me, and allows me to pet her and even pick her up, even though she's not quite comfortable being held (yet). She even brought me a garden lizard, so I've officially been adopted. It's time she receives a name. Pretty soon, she is going to try to run through the back door and into the house! She is all black with gold eyes. That is her photo with the lizard, for some reason I can't turn the photo upright.

Requirements: Post below 1 or more suggestions for a name, and a reason for the name(s). When partners are assigned, look for his/her name suggestion(s) and rate.


vacths95 06/ 8/2020 #

Lily - that's also how I would name my cat. I think it's a lovely name.

draco 06/ 8/2020 #
  • salem (from sabrina, the teenage witch)
  • ozzy ( i've heard a lot of black cats named ozzy)
trishay79 06/ 8/2020 #

Coal, Cinder, Ebony. Onyx or Raven.

trishay79 06/ 8/2020 #

Whoops my reason is those just sound like black cat names and I like them they sound cool. I would probably name mine Onyx

Candace 06/ 8/2020 #

Olive, because I love black olives and my dad used to call me Olive Oil as a child; Bianca, just because I like the name.

Lolly 06/ 8/2020 #


Lolly 06/ 8/2020 #

My dogs name is ozzi from Ozzi Osborne. 🤔😂😂😂

ScrapHappyGabi 06/ 8/2020 #






Love all these names for cats because they are mysterious and let's face it.. cats are truly magical!!

mariewilliams810 06/ 8/2020 #

I'm partial to naming fur kids after their traits or significant events. (ie I had a stray cat that adopted me by staying under my feet and tripping me so I named him Trip)

So...if it were me I would name her Lizard or call her Lizzie after her bringing you a lizard.

AZmom875 06/ 8/2020 #

OH, Lizzie was the first name I thought of. Marie beat me too it.

What about Karona! Kuarantine, TINA, because of the Corona quaratine, or Tina, for short.

Even JOY, since she found you and brings such joy.
Savior cause she saved your sanity during the time of the great boredom.

My husband had an all black cat when we first got married. He named her SPOT, cause he is odd. Not a spot on that cat.

I cant wait to hear what name works for you and the cat.

SatisHuman 06/ 8/2020 #

Miss Frisky-I think that is an appropriate name for the little lizard fetcher. It describes her can do attitude and determination to catch those lizards for you and eventually get indoors.

Cindymt 06/ 8/2020 #

Midnight - because she is a black cat and it is a mysterious name And Marie said this but Lizzie is also a good name because of the lizard

tizzicat 06/ 8/2020 #

I always said I would name a cat Kalamazoo (Callie for short) as in the song or Schrodinger (after Schrodinger's cat)

In the end I adopted a cat called Mimi!

My past cats have been Tizzi, Mufti, Silver, Claws and Mattie.

cynaemon 06/ 8/2020 #

I would call her either Mallena (gold in Sindarin) for her gold eyes, or Elanor (a golden flower). My black cat's name is Mirniel, which means Black Star in Sindarin.

cynaemon 06/ 8/2020 #

Laurelin is also a pretty name.

AZmom875 06/ 8/2020 #

My present cats are named

  1. UNA, for what is ONE more cat???, at the time she was cat 6. Una Purrman became her official name.

  2. Patches, because she had a big patch of fur missing when she found us. And she was calico. She either got hit by a car and dragged or got in the grips of a coyote and lived. But she walked into our house and started eating in 2015. We love her.

  3. Yeti, is a chocolate point Himalayan with blue eyes. He found us in 2018.

  4. Squeaky was a kitten, my adult daughter brought home (2019) when I was out of town, with hubby's approval. She was supposed to take the cat with her, when she moved out. (we made bets that she wouldn't, I WON) My daughter named her Babygirl. But the person who fixes, the cat, names the cat. She was this tiny grey ball of fur that would sit outside our bedroom door and squeak. She was so tiny but so full of sas! She really was a perfect addition to our cat family. She also became a friend to Yeti, and he needed a cat friend. Una and Patches both calicos, are not very sociable. Squeaky will be 1 July 3rd and she still squeaks most of the time. No meows.

Autumn5 06/ 8/2020 #

Love this idea!

  • Cori or Cory - Short for corona, and it sounds really cute

  • Frankie - I saw you like Grace and Frankie and it's an awesome name for a black cat. Also means Free which works nicely for a cat that was a stray and chose you :)

  • Liza - Short for Lizard and also a sweet kitty name

draco 06/ 8/2020 #
  • Maleficent
  • Wednesday – (from “The Addams Family”)
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Raven
  • Midnight
  • Mystery
  • Nero (Italian)
  • Preto (Portuguese)
  • Noir (French)
  • Schwarz (German)
  • Zwart (Dutch)
  • Kuro (Japanese)

sorry the list got a little long

LindaW 06/ 8/2020 #

Lilly Missy (I have a black cat like her named Missy!

LindaW 06/ 8/2020 #

I meant Lilly and Missy.

jannieb 06/ 8/2020 #

How about Treasure because her eyes look like gold?

krismakes 06/ 9/2020 #

The name Cleo came to me, short for Cleopatra. I’ve always loved the idea of how the Egyptians revered cats. There’s something almost mystical about it and this cat definitely has you under her spell!

Great swap idea by the way. I can’t remember the last pet I got to name, ours have all been re-homed with us so they came with names already. We currently have Jasper our dog and Clemantyne our cat (Clem for short).

Can’t wait to hear what name you pick 😻

irinah 06/ 9/2020 #

we also have a cat that is coming everyday , i don't know if she has a home, she is lovely like yours. Lilly Missy sounds good

RiverTopanga 06/ 9/2020 #

Candace... I love, and have owned, 3 all black cats.

Tanyia (just liked the name). Tanyia was a slim, all black cat. She moved from MA to NE with me. She was an outdoor cat. Our first week there, she went out, and did not come home. We scoured the neighborhood calling her name.... we finally found her.... We lived on a cul-de-sac, and she was on the opposite cul-de-sac, sitting at a house that was just like ours!! Very smart that she knew the orientation of the house, and the stairs, etc. She never made that mistake again :-) She was very faithful, and loving.

Pyewacket (from the movie Bell, Book and Candle-even though she wasn't a Siamese, this is the traditional name for a cat that is a familiar). This cat would chase a die if you slid it across the floor, and then she would retrieve it and bring it back to you!! She was a wonderful, loving cat.

Kate, Claire, or Penny. All from the old LOST series - since she is a Lost cat.... Especially Penny, as she showed up like a "good" Penny!!

AZmom875 06/ 9/2020 #

I had a cat named Darwin, He was one of the 6 that I mentioned, when UNA, what is one more Cat?, joined our clan.

He has since umm well he is no longer.

I named him Darwin, because he survived. He was the lone survivor of a litter of kittens born under a friends house. The dogs well they were unkind to the newborns, He was about 8 ounces, and about 2.5 weeks so he needed to be bottle fed still. It wasnt really the survival of the fittest because he would not have survived without human intervention.
He was the sweetest cat, We were buddies. I spent many a night with this sick kitten on my chest, feeding him frequently. I remember when I was trying to save him, I said, WOW just another boring old striped cat, and here you are trying to save one of many. He was a dear dear boy.

NRGordon 06/ 9/2020 #

Binx... The black cat that Thackery Binx was turned into by the witch sisters in the movie Hocus Pocus.

hvpta65 06/ 9/2020 #

Zelda (Zelda Fitzgerald)

AZmom875 06/ 9/2020 #

I just listened to Poe's story The black cat, the cat was named Pluto. Um it came to a bad end. I never realized how twisted Edgar Allen Poe really was. I liked the name Pluto for a black cat until the story progressed.

resourcepit 06/10/2020 #

Licorice, the black kind. We found a mama cat and 5 babies in my garden. We named the little black one Licorice!

Cathysletters 06/11/2020 #

Phantom or onyx

klover 06/11/2020 #

Binx or Liza

yvonne401 06/11/2020 #

Blackie, my mom used to have an all black cat named Blackie so I thought it should fit.

Hyshu 06/11/2020 #

Midnight, Coal or Raven for color

Elizabeth, Lizzie for hunting the lizard

Hunter because it hunt the lizard

When I was little we had an all black cat called Midnight. I have been wanting a black cat and just this morning I was online looking at local shelters. I did find 2 all black that I am interested in!

SeleneW 06/11/2020 #


mandigutterrose 06/11/2020 #

Cara - it has a lot of Latin meanings like "dear" and "face" but I particularly love the character Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. She's a great warrior and loves the ones she trusts. And Gomez calls Morticia "Cara Mia" as a term of endearment. I feel like this would be a really good fit for your new trusting friend.

Other ideas would be: Anissa - an Arabic name meaning "friend" Damica - French for "friendly one" Nefertari - It means "beautiful companion" and she was the first and favorite wife of Ramses II.

riverwatcher 06/11/2020 #

First my cat is named Onyx so I have to say that. She goes by Crash she runs around crashing into things. Other names - Pango (Maori for black), Gypsy - she was a stray Raven, Oreo, Expresso, Bella (because she is pretty), Moonlight, Midnight - Most names because she is black. Amore - because she is loved

AFK 06/11/2020 #

Lucky as she is sooo lucky to have adopted you.

SoberMermaid3 06/11/2020 #

Mielikki (Means luck) Winda Nujalik Sedna Zarola All are different forms of “Hunter” Betsy-I’ve never met a cat named Betsy

AlfiahKhaier 06/12/2020 #

Kuro (japanese) Hamza (arabic) it's mean strong Miracle (english) Felx this is good calling too

AZmom875 06/12/2020 #

I have really enjoyed reading all the name ideas. Please let us know what name fits your new cat. I do think the name chooses the cat, just like the cats seem to choose us. well 3 of my 4 cats choose me, but just showing up at my house.

misscorina 06/12/2020 #

What a cutie. I'd go for:

Bella Misty Shadow Smocky Lucky

Or Zwartje (little black one in Dutch) but I guess that's quite hard to pronounce

e2java 06/12/2020 #

Clarice because my sister and I were just talking about Silence of the Lambs and that we could greet our re-named cat "Good Evening, Clarice" in a very creepy voice.

Cat because I love Breakfast at Tiffany's.

MsBellaDonna 06/12/2020 #

Cats have old and mysterious souls. Lucky is the person who is chosen by a cat. I would name her Egypt.

bambam 06/12/2020 #

I would name her Sooty, she reminds me of a neighbours cat from when I was a child we started calling her soot as she was a white cat until she tried to chase a bird up a chimney and got covered in coal soot

nancylee 06/12/2020 #

Ink or Hades. I think of a traditional inkpot with a deep rich hue like her coat. Hades as she will rule your World.

Candace 06/13/2020 #

Thank you everyone for the suggestions, all great names! Don't forget to leave a reason for your suggestion. This sweet black cat will be named Lizzie.

I might have another stray cat to name eventually. There has been a male gray cat stopping by occasionally sharing Lizzie's food. He does not seem as friendly as Lizzie, and he likes to spray the side of the garage as he leaves - must be his way of saying thank you for the snack! Guess I better get Lizzie to the vet really soon or I'll have lots of kitties to name :)

irinah 06/13/2020 #

Nero and Pandora are lovely names

klover 06/13/2020 #

forgot to put reason for the names. I have always liked the name Binx, and I just think she looks like a Liza:-)

AZmom875 06/14/2020 #

I think Lizzie is the perfect name. OR EEK! haha, I have had cats bring me lizards and birds EEK!

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