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I would join this swap if...
Swap Coordinator:sebastian122 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Email  Games 
Number of people in swap:43
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:July 10, 2021
Date items must be sent by:July 17, 2021
Number of swap partners:3

It's been forever since A) we've had this swap, since B) the creator, @Jaichan has been on, and C) @draco has hosted it as well, so I'm borrowing @Jaichan 's awesome swap and giving her all the credit. Including the copy:

We've all seen them... the swaps where the host(ess) has written a detailed swap description, and then 50000 swappers write what they would do to make the swap better. Or why they won't join the swap. Or that they want specific things in a sender's choice swap. Or they want postcards in an envelope in a naked postcard swap. Or they want turquoise yarn in an all orange swap. You get the idea!

So, for this swap, it's pretty simple. Tell us what you would change to join this swap, or why you won't join the swap, or why I suck as a hostess, whatever. You will leave these comments in the swap comments below and you will have three partners. You'll have a few days to post comments. You rate your partners on their comments here. If they've left a comment by the time the swap has closed (even before the swap starts!), then they get a 5. It's pretty much the only swap requirement.

It's pretty simple.

Have fun, be creative, don't be mean, rate your partners, and don't flake.

No recent unexplained ones or threes, and definitely no flakes on any email swaps.

Thank you to @allthisbeauty for pointing out that control-f will help you find your partners in the comments.


sebastian122 06/28/2021 #

Well, I WOULD have joined, but since I had to host, I guess I'm stuck regardless.


What price fame???

sebastian122 06/28/2021 #

Oh, and MARCO!

kelliegirl6 06/28/2021 #

I WOULD have joined this swap, but the picture of the cereal you used isn't even organic. EW! And THREE partners, jeez... So much work! ;p

myancey 06/28/2021 #

I would join this swap if I wasn’t at my 20 max swaps

pahasiga 06/28/2021 #

I would join this swap if it's dates weren't just in the middle of July when I plan to have a holiday.

Wingy 06/28/2021 #

I would join this swap if we were swapping cat stuff or stickers... or junk stuff.

mcall 06/28/2021 #

I would join this swap if I wasn't rated down for Cheeto-stains.

mcall 06/28/2021 #

I would have joined this swap if you let me smoke while making my ATCs, plus cat hair never hurt anyone...anyways..

MCGalaxy 06/28/2021 #

I would have joined this swap if I could send it using pony express and let my cat lick the envelopes to seal them

sebastian122 06/28/2021 #


kafekafe 06/28/2021 #

I would join if this was Eastern Europe Only, I feel so excluded!

honeyblossom 06/28/2021 #

I would join this swap, but I feel like it's a setup. A conspiracy designed by the government to lull you into thinking it's an easy swap, but they are monitoring everything to see if you use a code or safe word. As I type this, I am wearing my pointed tinfoil hat, I have my left arm out of the window and my right leg in the air. I know how to avoid the tracking set up by "The Man". I'm not fooled. You're watching me, I'll be watching back, but I still won't join this swap unless you send me a Faraday cage.

myancey 06/28/2021 #

@honeyblossom I love your comment the best

sebastian122 06/28/2021 #

@honeyblossom needs to avoid the dog park, too.

CrystalZ 06/28/2021 #

I would of joined this swap but why isn't this a type 3 swap when we have 3 partners?!

Thunderbird 06/28/2021 #

I would join this swap but there is no specific ounce requirement, nor a specific size box listed, nor a bullet point list of 5-20 items I MUST include (but don't have).


Cgscdy 06/29/2021 #

I would only join this swap under these following conditions :

  • if someone else hosted it

  • US only, international email just gets lost and is WAY too expensive

  • I feel I shouldn't have to rate my partner, however hearts are required when rating me

  • should be a type 3 as I have to spend a lot of time and money on this swap

  • I only want specific comments from my partners. Please check my profile for disliked comments

  • if I can forget to change my address and rate down because my partner should have asked before sending

  • if I can send a month late with no notice

  • if I can just flake and NOT leave a comment. I have a life besides swapping ya know

  • if I can completely ignore the detailed description of the swap, then blame you the host on not being clear enough

  • and if @honeyblossom gets banned because our polital views differ greatly and she's on to us...

Only then would I ever consider joining this swap!!!

03Scarlett 06/29/2021 #

I would have loved to have joined this swap and would have but for the facts that:

  1. I come across this swap on a Tuesday (and my Tuesday's are like most everyone elses' Monday's!)

  2. The weather is too hot and humid out and any energy that I would otherwise have had to do this swap is gone.

  3. My cat (who by the way is NOT spoiled at all. Ha ha!) hates it when I'm on the computer (that much is true) so I must not sign up and upset her.

ellie 06/29/2021 #

I would join this swap if my carrier pigeon didn't fly out of the coop. I will take too long to train another one.

aligurl75 06/29/2021 #

I would join this swap if I weren't too busy hunting Big Foot through the wilds of Ohio. We had a dinner date last Friday and he flaked on me.

dancingtiger 06/29/2021 #

I would join this swap, but it is not European only, and I think you should have some turquoise in it. Why don't you add a seasonal theme to it and it would be better if there were teabags...oh yes, don't you think 3 partners is too few? I can't join it as it is too vague....there are some Virgos on Swapbot you know...even though I am Scorpio which you have also left out.

porpie5 06/29/2021 #


porpie5 06/29/2021 #

I would join this swap, but it's raining here, my internet is slow and the post office is way behind in deliveries. (My post lady is wonderful, but she can only do so much.)

I would join this swap but it is far too serious for me - why not have everyone tell a joke at the beginning of their post? Then we could rate the jokes as well as the swap.

tizzicat 06/29/2021 #

I would join this swap, but I have a 3 rating for an email that got lost and apparently, even though I sent a copy of the original with the date on it, it was my fault as it got lost in the ether and the original forwarded on didn't count as being sent on time.

thebragal 06/29/2021 #

I would join this swap but I can’t because I’m scared of getting sick. So if you change it so all partners must be fully COVID vaccinated and they have proof AND the bandaid they got was my fave colour (turquoise) with a photo of same, then I’ll join! Had to be turquoise, not teal, not aqua, not a random shade of blue-green. Must be turquoise.

thebragal 06/29/2021 #


NRGordon 06/29/2021 #

I would have joined this swap if it offered me an opportunity for me to write about how smart and cute and how much fun it is to spend time with my four-year-old granddaughter but, alas, it doesn’t.

Tessssssa 06/30/2021 #

I would only join this swap if every participant would wear a facemask and put some gloves on. I don't want any virus infected electronic swap items comming my way. Is a negative test result or proof of vaccination to much? I'm asking for a friend...

sebastian122 06/30/2021 #

Social distancing is a MUST for this swap. Mask goes over the nose, or don't join!

pahasiga 06/30/2021 #

Then I'm out. I would join this swap only if I was allowed to hand my comment over to my partner from hand to hand.

BlueberryLady 07/ 1/2021 #

I would join this swap if : if my partner would send me a big Bowl, a Tiny Spoon and a Gallon of Milk by Priority Mail or Special Delivery on a Horse and the Milk has to be Cold..!

howdyholly 07/ 1/2021 #

I would join this swap if you told us whether the postcard is naked or in an envie. And why aren't handmade cards accepted? My handmade cards are special and deserve a heart. I am worthy of hearts. My 3 is because I sent only half as many requested - well the half postcard was really pretty! Not my fault that you hadn't send your card before the deadline and couldn't find the swap in the archived list.

lynnpinkdaisy 07/ 1/2021 #

I would join this swap but it's too complicated and I had to use my craft paper to make fresh bedding for my rabbit!


sebastian122 07/ 1/2021 #

For the record, @lynnpinkdaisy will be angeling this swap, not me.

sebastian122 07/ 1/2021 #

Should I change the requirements to include handmade as well as store bought comments? I want to be as inclusive as possible.

What do you think?

Starwatcher 07/ 1/2021 #

I love all the comments! And I did not know Bigfoot lived in Ohio - I thought the only one was here in the Pacific Northwest, just north of Tillamook, Oregon. Totally awesome! I would join this swap but I cannot be bothered to think of something clever enough to post or anything worthy of sending or I have not quite figured out what shade of blue you are talking about. (Great swap).

sebastian122 07/ 1/2021 #


danatropicana 07/ 1/2021 #

First off, I saw a big yellow picture and it doesn't have anything to do with "Butter" by BTS (the song of the summer) so that was very disappointing. I would join this swap if my partner would include their favorite song(s) of the summer and maybe some lyric art or fan art.

But I would join this swap if it was only one partner. And while I love getting mail from other countries, I would be more likely to join this swap if it were US only. Specifically, I would like a swap for the west coast states and Texas because it seems like mail between Washington and these states is quick and pretty reliable. If you can convince me that your state should be on the list, I am open to amending it.

I would be most likely to join this swap if it involved swapping tea because I love tea and I like to try new flavors, and I want people to send tea I don't like so I have more to send off in my regular tea swaps.

But whatever this swap turns out to be, I will probably join as long as I get like a month to put it together. I am aware of the matching process, but I would join if I could get good partners who get me and want to be penpals and friends forever.

I would join this swap!

sebastian122 07/ 1/2021 #

I owe it all to my mother.

danatropicana 07/ 1/2021 #

I would join this swap if someone would get it and let it roll.

BTW BTS FANS: The Switched on Pop podcast has a great breakdown of "Butter" and they interview one of the songwriters, which is fascinating. The second part is a fan who contributes translations to ARMY sites and she talks about some of the Korean lyrics and how they can be interpreted in different and subtle ways. She also made a "Down the BTS Rabbit Hole" playlist of upbeat summery songs (these guys are very emotional and have songs that are slow and sad) for people who are just starting to explore the huge phenomenon that has released massive English language pop songs two years in a row to try to break into the American market even deeper (basically they should be a household name by now, right?). It's a great starting point!

OK time to go craft while listening to BTS...

lou 07/ 1/2021 #

I would join this swap if it started and ended during a month that ended in an -R, those are my luckiest months -- and of course, I wouldn't want to give anyone the satisfaction of getting assigned me as a partner, then searching for my comment and actually finding it, and being able to rate me just like that! Aren't we all adults here? C'mon, delayed gratification is much more desirable: we all know swaps are much better when you have to really earn your ratings ... it's just so much more personally fulfilling to have to track down your partner and then proactively send messages to get rated ... I definitely would join this swap if it weren't so easy to join and so easy-peasy to get rated, that takes all the fun out of it! Also, the host is an absolute killjoy, telling us how to find our partners in the comments by using shortcuts, no no no no this doesn't feel right MARCO has a message for you, it's ...

danatropicana 07/ 2/2021 #


draco 07/ 2/2021 #

i would join this swap, but my turtle is out earning her keep

draco 07/ 2/2021 #

also, what is stopping me from joining this swap are the size of the bugs this year

sebastian122 07/ 2/2021 #

Pfft. Come to NJ. Our mosquitos have propellers.

monteverde1997 07/ 3/2021 #

I would have joined this swap if… 1. The cereal photo had been “Frosted Mini Wheats” instead of “Honey Bunches of Oats.” 2. The weather had cooperated. 3. I hadn’t run out of stamps.

Tessssssa 07/ 3/2021 #

I was wondering about the turtle, I'm glad she is still out doing her business.
Oh and

draco 07/ 4/2021 #

Itti 07/ 4/2021 #

I would join this swap if you hosted it somewhere else. All the swaps I see are on Swap-bot, seriously every one. Every time I go to swap-bot, click "find swaps", search for something I like, THE SWAP IS ON SWAP-BOT. I don't get it, it's stupid. Update your website already. Marco.

mcall 07/ 4/2021 #

I would join ONLY if my partner sends me a self stamped envelope first. and rates me with a 5 <3

mcall 07/ 4/2021 #


prycetag 07/ 4/2021 #

I would have joined this swap if I had enough ratings. Seriously I am a newbie. Surely we should all start off with the highest ratings and then only if we flake lose our points? I mean isn't it innocent until proven guilty? Should be the same on here! Highest rated until proven otherwise. I mean, I don't see why I have to prove I am a good swapper first before I can participate in all the swaps. Perhaps you should look at this as a new rule?

prycetag 07/ 4/2021 #

I would have joined if Marco hadn't commented first and stolen the show. I think I am pretty hilarious at times, just as me, but Marco....well he made me snort with laughter when I read his comment and to be fair, it was petty funny. So I don't think it right that you have someone like him able to comment like a comedian and therefore making my comment seem lacklustre compared to his.

prycetag 07/ 4/2021 #

I would have joined this swap except there are too many reasons above why I shouldn't join this swap. I was all set to click join but then thought I might just have a read of the comments. Well that was enough to put me off. Some of the above reasons are seriously legit. But the game changer was the fact that I am allergic to honey and not just any honey, but roasted honey. So that was the final straw. Sorry not sorry.

prycetag 07/ 4/2021 #

Wait, you mean Marco isn't a person? Sigh. Polo.

AZmom875 07/ 4/2021 #

I would join this swap if the fireworks were not making the dogs crazy.

AZmom875 07/ 4/2021 #

thebragal 07/ 5/2021 #

I’d join except I use an iPhone and don’t have CTRL-F. So F this swap!

draco 07/ 5/2021 #

i don't like this swap

AZmom875 07/ 5/2021 #

I would join this swap if there were more comments in the comment area with photos. I am so bored with the current comments.

Tessssssa 07/ 5/2021 #

I don't even know how to add a photo in a comment.. do I use CTRL-C and CTRL-P ?

MuggleMom 07/ 5/2021 #

I'll join this swap when the Doctor and the TARDIS show up

mcovey 07/ 5/2021 #

I would this swap if there had been so many host before . Like hand me downs ! Also we me use emoji to speak our opinion! 😉 Marco who ?

AliCrafter 07/ 5/2021 #

Well I would join this swap if I were snarky and clever and funny but I'm not so I can't. Apparently that is a prerequisite. I would join if this swap was for boring, humorless, cranky swappers. Then I would join.

ultracinematik 07/ 6/2021 #

I would've joined this swap, but people are talking about BTS (which I believe is some sort of medical condition) and I don't like cooties, and I don't want anything tied in yarn and I don't play POLO, and if it isn't Tiffany blue it isn't the right kind of blue. Also, I need it clearly stated in the swap description that I must be rated with hearts because they are given, not earned. And because I'm the best swapper that ever swapped. And, bigfoot is a big cheat! Bragging about your famous boyfriend will not make me send you more roasted honey tea.

kristyrogers 07/ 6/2021 #

I would join this swap if we could mail it instead. I really prefer small mail over comments caused I can keep them longer

tam2016 07/ 6/2021 #

I will join this swap when you: 1. change the offensive Post cereal picture with a Kellogg's picture; 2. you extend the time between signing up and deadline to 6 months instead of just one week; 3. you ban anyone that listens to BTS (what does that stand for anyway? Ban the Slugs? Burp the Seal? Back To Sleep? ...); and finally... I would have joined this swap but you allow us to send Amazon bought products and not limit it to store bought or homemade.

mcall 07/ 6/2021 #

I would join this dumb swap but I know all you are talking about me...yes I just know you are...yes you are.

draco 07/ 7/2021 #

i would join this swap but...

They're coming to take me away, Haha, they're coming to take me away, Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha, To the funny farm Where Life is Beautiful all the time And I'll be happy to see Those Nice Young Men In their Clean White Coats And they're coming to take me AWAY, HA HAAAAA

sebastian122 07/ 7/2021 #

I'm back! Did you miss me? Did you behave? Are you a good boy? Yes, you're a good boy! Such a good boy!!

sebastian122 07/ 7/2021 #

I see that there are some new comment/suggestions that I should consider, but I'm not the kind of host to change a swap midstream, so!

Minimum rated swaps.... I'm thinking 2500? What do you think?

I understand some swappers prefer snail mail. Kick rocks.

Also, all comments have to be fresh! No recycled comments! (With one exception.... MARCO!

draco 07/ 7/2021 #

I see that there are some new comment/suggestions that I should consider, but I'm not the kind of host to change a swap midstream, so!

Minimum rated swaps.... I'm thinking 2500? What do you think?

I understand some swappers prefer snail mail. Kick rocks.

Also, all comments have to be fresh! No recycled comments! (With one exception.... MARCO!

draco 07/ 7/2021 #

also, i would join this swap, but it's too hot and my fan is melting...

pahasiga 07/ 7/2021 #

I think my fan has already melted because I don't see any fan in the house.

sebastian122 07/ 7/2021 #

If you feel that your comment has been pirated/copied/stolen/someoneelseistakingcreditformycleverness/duplicated/filched/poached(with a delightful parsley cream sauce)/borrowed/cut and pasted (C&P)/ or otherwise used without your permission, please PM @draco and let her know.

monteverde1997 07/ 7/2021 #


SatisHuman 07/ 7/2021 #

I would join this swap but I'm far too lazy.

AZmom875 07/ 7/2021 #

I would join this swap if @Tessssssa can post a photo


do this ![]( insert your link here)

Got it? so exclamation point, bracket other bracket then parentheses and your link, and paranthases. BTW don't get too large. Aim for 300x300 to not bigger than, 600. Practice on your profile so you can delete your errors. Once you post here only the host can delete comments.

Tverne05 07/ 7/2021 #

I would join this swap but all the good reasons have been used and I can’t repeat what someone else has already said. I can only join this swap if BTS actually stood for Back To Sleep. I can only join this swap if @honeyblossom statement is true! MARCO

Tverne05 07/ 7/2021 #

Oh and I would join this swap if @thebragal would figure out how to find information on the page without having CTRL + F on her iPhone. On the page (the browser you are using) in which you need to find the info: (1) select the Share icon, (2) swipe down the list and look for the words ‘Find in Page’ and select it (Find inPage), (3) once the box pop up type in what you are looking for and hit enter (4) when finished clicked the word done.

I would have join this swap but I didn’t have an image to post for this comment. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤪🤭

Tverne05 07/ 8/2021 #

I would join this swap if didn’t take too long to get the swap ready for shipping. #whydoesitsometimestakelongertopackageTheswapthanitdoestoActuallymaketheswap

Since I was the last one to Marco, can I really POLO? Hmm

Tessssssa 07/ 8/2021 #

Did it work?

Tverne05 07/ 8/2021 #

@Tessssssa brilliant! Of course it worked! Or maybe not b/c it’s still Loading. 😂 I have to use that one on my website. Oh sorry! I should have stated in the form of… I would join this swap but @Tessssssa tricked everyone with her loading image and I thought the page was broke and not only that I had to count to find how many ‘s’ she has in her name so I could make sure I got it right. Image posted: 🤔

draco 07/ 8/2021 #

i would join this swap, but...

sebastian122 07/ 8/2021 #

Smooth like butter
like a criminal undercover

Tessssssa 07/ 8/2021 #

I would join this swap if I didn't know how to put a picture in the comments. All I have done today was looking for images to use some day.

So, thanks for that @AZmom875
Who is going to my laundry now...

Oh and also

AZmom875 07/ 8/2021 #

I have decided I have to join this swap, Which hmmm does that mean I didnt mean the swap requirements, I joined a swap I am not ummm supposed to join.

Kind of reminds me of Oscar the Grouch's dilemma about wire coat hangers. He hates them cause they get all tangled, but loved them cause they make him grouchy, which makes him happy, which isn't how he wants to feel. I know cause the told me in a book

Katsuobii 07/ 8/2021 #

I would join this swap if I wasn't a newbie and could join swaps! If it was for newbies only! .·´¯(>▂<)´¯·.

...and if I didn't spill tea on all of my supplies, I really shouldn't drink where I write!

honeyblossom 07/ 8/2021 #

I have read over all the comments because I am certain that "The Man" you know "Big Brother" has inserted a mole into this swap. @Tverne05 my comments are true, I read all about it in the national Enquirer and you know they NEVER make things up. I would join the swap anyway because I know how to go off the grid. My posts are sent through every Dollar General on this planet and can not be traced back to my location. I would join, but I've discovered that tinfoil hats are in high demand and people are buying out the supply. I will be traveling around the country buying all the tinfoil I can find. If you need a tinfoil hat, drop me a message. Plus I'm giving seminars around the world on how to wear your hats once you get them. It's raining now so I need to collect some rain water to be used for cooking and bathing etc. It is the only safe water to drink because the water that comes out of the taps ( even well water) has been contaminated with mind controlling diodes. So as you can tell I will be too busy to join.

draco 07/ 9/2021 #

i would join this swap, but i was involved in an accident...

AZmom875 07/ 9/2021 #

BWAHAHAHA! I resemble that broom accident. Therefore I wont be able to join.

SunTradeToo 07/ 9/2021 #

I join this swap because I want to be friends with honeyblossom!

SunTradeToo 07/ 9/2021 #

I also joined because I cannot resist chink o cardboard swaps, and the pictured fooled me.

NRGordon 07/ 9/2021 #

@SunTradeToo I think I know that child. Wait, that was me 65 years ago!

Risna 07/10/2021 #

I would join if I wasn't too lazy to even come up with an excuse... so I let Pheebs do the talking... Pheebs

Risna 07/10/2021 #


Risna 07/10/2021 #

Or maybe if I wasn't too stupid to use a gif...

Tverne05 07/10/2021 #

I would join this swap if I weren’t too busy trying to help @Risna post her gif.🤗 @Risna I got you…don’t worry.

Tessssssa 07/10/2021 #

I would join if this was not the last day to sign up.. oh ok, ok,n I will join.
now fingers crossed I will not be thrown out this swap, I've put a lot of efford in my comments, and wouldn't want to see this go to waste

Tessssssa 07/10/2021 #

PLEASE let me stay!!!

Risna 07/10/2021 #

Oh... in addition: I would join this swap if I weren’t too busy trying to take lessons from @Tverne05 on how to post gifs. I'm afraid I might fail her course. Can I still stay in this swap if I do? Thank you for being that patient with me @Tverne05

draco 07/10/2021 #

oceanofclouds 07/10/2021 #

I WOULD have joined this swap, but right before, I unknowingly accepted food from the fabled fae that live under my deck. It’s ALL THE HOSTS FAULT because they posted a photo of fake Honey Nut Cheerios and I got really hungry. Now I have to crawl under there, dance backward into the faerie ring and try to plead my case to get my name back. Otherwise, how would I be able to correctly put my return address on this swap? Can’t believe the host would DO this to ME! The AGONY! And I’m STILL HUNGRY!

mcall 07/10/2021 #

I would have joined this swap if I could use all my stickers that are ruined. Or at least use thin flimsy ATC backing that I love.

bizzles 07/10/2021 #

I would have joined this swap, but I would never be rated anyway so what's the point!? And I don't know how to paste these gif's so my comment kind of stinks. Also, I'm pretty sure my partner wants something super specific that I probably don't have on hand and will have to drive a whole 35 minutes to a store, overspend because I never go shopping so when I do it's like take my money! As I toss all my cash in the air spend 3 hours in Target and then 35 minutes back so half my day is gone (The maths!). These swaps always end up costing $383 all so I can make one little ATC or handmade card that ends up looking like my six year old made it. Also, I'm pretty sure you were supposed to make this a type 3 swap because this package is really big and will surely cost a ton of postage. Huff Puff My little ATC house fell down

Rosie2766 07/10/2021 #

I would join this swap if you guys weren’t so crazy and fun, but reading the comments, I peed my pants laughing so hard, that now I have to go do laundry so I have dry pants to join this swap!!! What kind of a coordinator makes a swap this much fun????

catlingmex 07/10/2021 #

I would join this swap if the swap description were in a language I understand, but it´s in English and I can´t read or write English. If it were in Klingon, however .... well, I don´t know that, either. Hmmm. What a dilemma.

ddcats 07/10/2021 #

I would have joined this swap if I didn't have to read all the comments, which made my day, but took a few minutes of time I could have been doing something else like playing on eBay or Amazon. 🤷❤️😂

Tessssssa 07/11/2021 #

Waiting impatientliy for the host to wake up and assign partners.. It is 4 pm where I live. So I've been waiting all day!

AZmom875 07/11/2021 #

Where is the host, Marco

AZmom875 07/11/2021 #

AZmom875 07/11/2021 #

sebastian122 07/11/2021 #

Working on making sure everyone commented....

sebastian122 07/11/2021 #

Thanks everyone for playing!!

draco 07/11/2021 #

i was flaked on

sebastian122 07/12/2021 #


On purpose.

sebastian122 07/12/2021 #

Don't forget to hit sent folks! If you commented, you "sent". Then go rate your partners. Don't make me have to chase you, because I'm old and fat and I don't wanna.

Or even worse...I'll sic draco on you! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SunTradeToo 07/12/2021 #

lol Gordon.

I join IF everyone posts gifs on my profile page!

ddcats 07/15/2021 #

I'd join this swap if there were t so many comments...but the cat gifs brought me back and made my morning ❤️

Y'all, funny thing...I received a rating from this and thought I forgot to leas

draco 07/17/2021 #

here's to you all

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