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I would join this swap but I am too busy...

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I would join this swap but I am too busy...
Swap Coordinator:03Scarlett (contact)
Swap categories: Email 
Number of people in swap:34
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Rating requirement:4.98
Last day to signup/drop:January 15, 2024
Date items must be sent by:January 20, 2024
Number of swap partners:3

This was a swap which was done by AZmom875 but that was in 2020 and she hasn't been online close to a year so I decided to bring this swap back and hostess it for now.

You must state in the comment area: I would join this swap but I am too busy... (and then state why you are too busy to join the swap and if possible, please make up something that will make us laugh!)

You are welcome to post your comment down in the comment area as soon AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS SWAP! (PLEASE NOTE that even if the title makes it sound like you would sign up for the swap, BUT ......... YOU REALLY "DO" HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THE SWAP IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN IT.

You don't email or message your partners anything, they will read your excuses down below in the comments section. The only real communication you will have with your partners is when you rate them for the swap (after you read their comment left in the comments section) and when your partners rate you for your comment left as well.)

If you want to reply to what someone else commented, please feel free to do so (keep it kind and funny!)

This is a boredom buster and invented for entertainment uses only and is not intended to replace any professional, legal or medial advice.


Also THOSE WHO DO NOT RATE THEIR PARTNERS FOR THIS SWAP WILL NOT BE WELCOME IN FUTURE SWAPS (so those of you who don't get rated, please message me so that I'll know and who it was that did NOT rate you.) Thanks!


03Scarlett 01/12/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy trying to figure out the next swaps that I want to hostess. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, so friends, why are YOU too busy to join this swap? 😂

kiyasu 01/12/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy wanting to go back to bed and sleep in on a Saturday morning. I guess I could join this tomorrow, but ehhhh... bed so cozy and maybe it's better to do nothing when National Nothing Day is coming up too?

kiyasu 01/12/2024 #

... and whoa, why join this swap when signup date is RIGHT on my favorite(?) holiday? (Just noticed the date coincidence. Didn't notice it when I left the previous comment.) I'm too busy wanting to cuddle with my cozy blankets doing nothing. Sleeping is a busy job, you know? :'D

03Scarlett 01/12/2024 #

User6937 - YES, you do have so sign up for the swap because in the end, you will have to rate your partners in the swap and if you didn't sign up, you wouldn't get partners to rate and partners to rate you either.

03Scarlett 01/12/2024 #

Wingy, that's a good one about counting the falling snowflakes ... earlier this evening we got pounding on with the snow (I'm in NW Pennsylvania!) It looks to have calmed down at this time though.

03Scarlett 01/12/2024 #

Kiyasu, I felt the same way about wanting to sleep this afternoon ... I've been so tired all day and it's about time now for me to do just that because it's an hour before midnight! 😂

theshyone 01/12/2024 #

Just an FYI about AZmom875 (the swapper who used to host this swap): she has not been online because she passed away Sat. April 8, 2023.

sincerelyem 01/12/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy walking my dog.

btbeth 01/13/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy trying to figure out the next iswaps that I want to join while wondering why I havent started on my next junk journal yet.

rplongbeach 01/13/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy cleaning my house.

luv2kraft 01/13/2024 #

I would join this swap,but I am too busy trying to take over the world....bahahahhaha....

kiyasu 01/13/2024 #

@03Scarlett Oh wow, and today even someone else told me they wanted to sleep. Nice coincidence!! XD And you know, sleeping is a very very very very VERY demanding job. You usually have to show up sleeping for maybe like 8 hours every single day unless you get lucky(?) and somehow only sleep a few hours on certain days. It's one of the most demanding jobs in the whole world, maybe. Like there are no holidays from sleeping, and how can I have time to join this swap if I already have to spend 8+ hours a day busy sleeping? It's really THAT busy, you know? :'( (And let's not forget that on certain sleep-in days, you might end up sleeping 15+ hours a day. It's a really busy job!!!) @theshyone Thanks for the information. Sorry to hear that :'(

03Scarlett 01/13/2024 #

@theshyone - Thank you for letting me know, I had no idea and am so sorry to hear that. 😢 There are times when people haven't been on for a long time and I wonder if that might not have happened. So, so sad!

03Scarlett 01/13/2024 #

@kiyasu ... I could only dream about sleeping 8 hours a day, most times it's only 5 or 6 hours. But it is certainly a demanding job, that is for sure. 😂

03Scarlett 01/13/2024 #

@sincerelyem What kind of a dog do you have? 😀

03Scarlett 01/13/2024 #

@btbeth How long have you been trying to get your next junk journal started? If you're not sure why you haven't started it, you could be like me and are a procrastinator. I'm a PROcrastinator and trust me, I definitely am a PRO at it! 😂🤣😂

03Scarlett 01/13/2024 #

@rplongbeach Good for you, at least unlike me - you were actually getting something done! (Any chance of ya coming to Pennsylvania and vacuuming and doing my laundry this weekend 'cuz it really needs done! 😂)

03Scarlett 01/13/2024 #

@luv2kraft How's it going for ya? Have fun! 😀😀

thebragal 01/13/2024 #

I’d join this swap but no one has posted photos of a chain smoking turtle or a unicorn farting rainbows. Yet………..

03Scarlett 01/13/2024 #

@thebragal 😂

rplongbeach 01/13/2024 #

03Scarlett: Will you be willing to pay for transportation?

thebragal 01/13/2024 #


riverwatcher 01/13/2024 #

I would join this swap but my dog ate my invite! 🐕

sleepykitty 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy picking up my art supplies which were scattered by a horde of painting snails.

Tessssssa 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I'm to busy picturing how painting snails look like... Do they use brushes, or just very slowly 'walk' through the paint??

aholmer10 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy entertaining my other hobbies at the moment because there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Manonroberts 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I'm too busy cooking and eating delicious food.

Jjean 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but my TBR list is growing - growing and I joined 12 Reading challenges this year ....... off to snuggle down & read more....

03Scarlett 01/14/2024 #

@riverwatcher - Too funny! 😂

@sleepkitty - You must have had a real mess, don't you hate when someone (or something!) gets into your art supplies? lol

@Tessssssa - You're a very inquisitive one, aren't ya? (Me too!) 🤣

@aholmer10 - I wholeheartedly agree with you that there's not enough hours in the day!

@Manonroberts - What're you planning on cooking?! As for me, 95% of the time, my cooking involved a microwave so I guess I couldn't use that excuse. Ha!

@Jjean - Wow, it looks like you'll be doing a lot of reading, huh?! 😂 I'm pretty sure if I didn't do so many swaps that I would be reading a lot more myself.

jay9 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I'm too deep in complex and occasionally violent negotiations. The massive heap of laundry at the end of my bed up and declared its sentience and political independence. It's ugly up there, worn socks fired with deadly accuracy, pant leg trip wires and and worst of all, a muffled maniacal slithering sound. I need Peace! and industrial strength detergent... perhaps a flamethrower

mcall 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy eating cheetos and I would have to get rid of the cheeto dust somehow.

mcall 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy standing in line at the Dollar Tree.

mcall 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy taking a nap.

bluecrayons 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I'm trying to figure out what I should wear today. Is it summer clothes or winter clothes. Mother nature said she can't tell me because she is so confused her.herself.

heathka81 01/14/2024 #

I would sign up for this swap but I'm too busy to get the job done before my life comes back in the spring...

Apelser 01/14/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy reading all the other comments that was left above. Apart from that I am still trying to picture @Wingy running around counting all the falling snowflakes. Then I need to go and arrange photoshoots for the chain smoking turtles and unicorn farting rainbows for @thebragal Of course getting all the chain smoking snails together for the photo is already going to be such an effort as they have all absconded to go and to some painting at @sleepykitty 's place. Apart from that, I also have to battle getting all the pigs in the pen because they have decided to go and join the cow that is jumping over the moon. They got out because the guard dog didn't read the memo properly as instead of 16 January being National Nothing day, he read that the whole of January is National Nothing month and he decided to abandon his guard duties for the month. It is just never ending. In between that, too many people's dreams and nightmares are also keeping me occupied....So, I really don't know if it will be possible for me to join this swap :)

kristyrogers 01/15/2024 #

I would join this swap but I'm too busy rearranging my crafts and journaling supplies for the 5th time this week

annim 01/15/2024 #

I remember this swap! I would have joined it back then but I was way too busy twiddling my thumbs. So I thought about joining now but I am too busy procrastinating about considering if I should do some work. But then I realised I could have joined but I will be too busy being a PA for my 7 and 3 year old daughters. Plus I'm pretty sure we have few extra people living at ours secretly, based on all the shoes and clothes everywhere.

pbcquiltlover 01/15/2024 #

I would have joined this swap but I'm too busy getting ready to go to the South Florida Fair so I can stock up on free pens, bookmarks, note pads, stickers, flyers, recipes, ticket stubs and postcards for the coming swap year!

NRGordon 01/15/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy turning my granddaughter’s radio-controlled Rockclimber truck back over onto its wheels.

lmmvirago 01/15/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy being buried under my cats (which is really nice and warm right now) and wondering if it is really worth the effort to get one of my arms free to do anything. And even if I did get an arm free then it would probably be too busy grabbing my tea.

mkaylee455 01/15/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am far too busy petting all the stray cats in my neigborhood muahaha

SFTX 01/15/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy looking for other swaps, learning the site rules, and trying to have a bit of fun in the process!

kiyasu 01/15/2024 #

Well, it's already 8:00 A.M. of the 16th here. So, Happy (Inter)National Nothing Day, all you busy people here who can't join this swap (maybe this swap was all for nothing after all ;P). Anyway, I wish you all nothing in your day and life and have a nothing day!!
(Speaking of which, sleep isn't demanding my time to show up for it today...! Maybe I really get to do nothing and not show up being busy sleeping. :D But I'll still be too busy with nothing to join this swap, I guess...)

Begokschaf 01/15/2024 #

I’d join this swap but I’m too busy falling down rabbit holes online and I don’t have any time to do anything else now.

kiyasu 01/16/2024 #

... Turns out Sleep unexpectedly made me show up for sleeping later on today :'( I didn't have time to do nothing today... oof. What a busy day spent sleeping... :'( :'( :'(

kpcreations 01/16/2024 #

I'd love to join the swap, but I'm just swamped with party planning!! My cousin's boss's cat is turning ten and it's a REALLY big deal. It's Witches and Whiskers themed, and we even have a real-life Salem the cat impersonator from Sabrina the Teenage Witch coming. I'll catch the next swap!

momto8cats 01/16/2024 #

I would join this swap, but I'm too busy trying to figure out if I am dreaming or if this is real life.

Loosefolia 01/16/2024 #

I would join this swap, but I'm too busy fighting my cat over the last piece of salmon.

Ace330660 01/16/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy relaxing!

luv2kraft 01/16/2024 #

I'd join this swap but,I've been busy fighting Trequt for World domination. Sigh..much to do

FussyCutting 01/16/2024 #

I would join this swap but I've been busy doom scrolling on Tiktok, watching videos about drama that doesn't involve me.

mcall 01/16/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy watching Netflix on my couch plus my nachos need more cheese.

MissBrenda 01/16/2024 #

I would join this swap, but I am too busy watching the water evaporate from my fish tank.

03Scarlett 01/16/2024 #

Thank you all for joining, I loved reading everyone's excuses! Good job, friends. 😀

luv2kraft 01/16/2024 #

I would join this swap.....but , I am too busy counting the dust motes floating through the sunbeam shining through my bedroom window.

Apelser 01/16/2024 #

Just a note: For some unknow reason the comment of @Wingy disappeared. I know that it was on as I have read it and even made a comment on my note about it. Very strange....

kiyasu 01/17/2024 #

@Apelser I have @Wingy as the first person to rate O But I wrote something about the disappearing comment, and fortunately can at least try to recall better what was written from when both @03Scarlett and you responded to it.

luv2kraft 01/17/2024 #

Kristy Clack ,aka,deltiologycollective,seems to be missing in the comments section here. Where can she be?

deltiologycollective 01/17/2024 #

@luv2craft I'm here (though I do be called Krista) but am entirely too busy to join this swap, or to comment, because I was on a jet flying to Sardinia. I am a sociologist studying a theory on why women live longer. Sardinian men live 79.7 years on average compared to the US' 76.9. My theory is that this is because US men annoy there wives more and women essentially will them into the grave via nagging and increased salt/sugar intake. (The real theory is that men live longer in Sardinia because men live a more communal life similar to women around the world - look into it, it's super interesting)

Wingy 01/17/2024 #

It disappeared; but I would join this swap if I wasn’t so busy counting the snowflakes that are falling … it’s cold here in Texas

mcall 01/17/2024 #

I would join this swap but I am too busy watching Netflix movies.

mcall 01/17/2024 #

deltiologycollective, my theory why Sardinia men live longer is because they are not men from the US.

kiyasu 01/18/2024 #

@Wingy I just noticced that @User6937 s comment also disappeared. If you look at the beginning comments, based on @03Scarlett s reply, the order was @User6937 @Wingy and then @kiyasu (me!). But now it's just me in between the two @03Scarlett messages. And as far as I can tell, there's no way for a user to manually delete comments themselves, so couldn't have been @User6937 deleting their message that somehow actually made yours disappear. I guess @03Scarlett could delete messages, but it's highly unlikely she did. (Well, I guess "I would join this swap but my comment disappeared" would be a fun reason to add. 😂)

kiyasu 01/18/2024 #

Oh wait, I just noticed even some of the "Marco Polo" ones before/after @thebragal also disappeared. Even @03Scarlett 's reply to it disappeared :O

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