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About Cari...

Special Note: For a while there I had been put on bed rest and at times, still have limited use of a computer, as my personal laptop went into a coma. So please be patient with me, if I owe you a Tag, RAK or a response to your PM. If you see activities from me on S-B, please realize that I'm receiving & going through stuff as time permits, to post updates, ratings or even to inform someone if I've received their package. I'll get there!

Just because you may see me online, or logged in, doesn't mean that I am actually really on S-B at the time, as life often has me stepping away to do other things...for I have A LoT of catching up with work to do online. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Another Side (or top) Note: Most items on any of my wish lists are either there for inspiration or for things I think others in my life might enjoy. I've already been blessed with a lot of things and although I'm very grateful for whatever a person sends me, I don't need any added stuff. Many times while browsing around one of the online stores mentioned above, I will add things I like (or think others I know would) to my wish lists. This has occurred on some sites for many years now, so there's quiet a bit by now (Amazon could use some reorganizing and deleting. It is what it is.). Most of the newest items added are relevant for the time I'm in now. Some things, I'm also merely drawn to for inspiration. So not all of those things do I want or need to own, I may just want to give to others.

For a concise peek at my 2016 S-B possible wishes, check out this link right here.

Hello Everyone! ~ May you BE well & stay Creative!

✉ About my Swap-Bot name: ✉ It's an alias I've been using since the 90's. There is my first real name, Cari. (Not "Carl" ~ It's an "i" not an "L" on the end of my name.) I've always loved the word, Peace and what it represents. Cari is pronounced like the word, Carry, so when one says, Cari Peace, it's like a reminder for us all, to carry peace in our hearts and our actions. So that's what my username means to me. ☺

A little trivia about me, "Owl" was my first word in this life!...Yes, seriously!

...and I've continued to love them!

Native North Texan, I was born and raised here, but there are so very many other places I would like to see. I've dreamt of traveling my whole life and would love to see this world, even if it's only through your eyes.

Naturally born into this world as a teacher; I love to learn and share what I know! I studied psychology, education and nursing, then switched gears when I saw the restricted political complications while working at a hospital and discovered stuff about the system that shocked me. I got out of the sick-care industry; that's what I like to call it, because that is what it really is designed to be now. (I've seen and know too much!). So I then went into *real-health-care as a state licensed Myo-Therapist, Aromatherapist and Health Coach, where I spent many years BEing a healing arts facilitator {Healing IS a team work effort}. ~ I also have a background in Business, Retail, Online Sales, Marketing, Art, Education, Teaching, Nursing, Research, Writing and being a Love-Health-Coach-Ordained-Minister-Celebrant! I continue to study Naturopathy, teach & share what I know, while I explore & express my creative endeavors and pursue being super-beyond-naturally healthy & wealthy, whenever I can. :-)

My views are very simple; I believe in Love, Compassion, Acceptance and the Freedom to Grow... ~ I also LOVE everyone, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, nationality or body type. I have friends of all ages. ~ I love and respect them all.

Please Note: I am also very open minded, so it takes a lot to offend me. I've learned a lot & know too much, to take things so seriously in life.

Fortunately, I am blessed with a wonderful family; I have a grown up amazing son who has flown from our nest and is making his way in life. Two beautiful nieces whom I adore! My soul-mate, Robert, who finally showed up after my son was grown. {We both had some growing to do, in our own way. lol :-)} He reminds me of a blond, green-eyed, faithful version of John Lennon. ~ Yet he works as a software developer and is also a talented musician. He is a kind, patient, loyal, loving man who I adore, cherish and love beyond measure! My bff! We are working on our third year of sharing life together. Robert and I live with our feathered and finned family members ~ a Quaker Monk Parrot (Eddie), a very long lived Gold Fish (Mr.Fish) & two Plecostomus (We haven't named them yet). Eddie, the parrot, is afraid of Mr. Fish! ~ Silly bird!

{We also help some neighborhood feral cats, from time to time. Robert said if he had his way, he'd "have all the cats." He's a cat freak! After my dear sweet feline Demi, passed, I swore I will not have any more cats (nor any dogs for that matter) in my house ever again! So the feral cats will have to do.}

For people with Pets & / or Animal Allergies, please note: I'm actually allergic to dogs & cats dander. Although, I love them, I can't be around them for too long. A stray hair, is okay, so be worry-free. It's extended exposure that gets to me. (Like about 8 hrs, more or less, depending upon the interaction and cleanliness of the surroundings). Being experienced in the Health Care field, I always wash my hands, especially after handling any of the animals in my life or right before working on crafts or swaps, or for anything that I might mail or give to someone. It's just good hygiene! I hope you will do the same. ~ Thanks.

~ Kids Swapping ~

My beautiful niece, Brittani is 14. Her favorite color is Navy Blue & Sky Blue, (she likes them combined with gray and pale yellows, but also likes all colors except pink), She loves dragonflies, kitty cats, puppy dogs, horses, origami, pocket letters, postcards, arts & crafts. She is very talented and will definitely, creatively utilize anything you may choose to give her and be grateful for it. Thank You (If you'd like to set up a kids swap, just ask.)

My Soul Sparkling Thrival:

...that I love...

I especially love to astonish people, whenever I can, by bringing some extra blissful joy into their lives, without expectation for return, because my...

~ loves to give!!!

I find it very delightful to BE Creative, organize, gather, put together and create gifts or surprises for people. I've even created a game for friends and family where I provide all the gifts! (It's a variety of new, used and handmade). There's a special sparkle in my soul while facilitating extra joy in people's lives... and I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that being said, that doesn't mean that I don't mind rudeness or enjoy surprises myself! I am very grateful when someone returns the same kindness and when they take the time to say, "Thank You!"

The ABC's about Me:

{Of things I Like or Admire} ~ Click here for the link

Favorite Quotes:

Favorite Beverages:

Most people don't realize the nutritional value of tea. There are so many vital nutrients in tea leaves, flowers, berries and stems that make up many tea varieties. I love drinking nutrients! It's so much faster than eating. So I think tea is a wonderful supplement to food.

☤ Teas: (Fresh and sealed) I LOVE Cherry stems!!! Peppermint tea I go through a lot! Ceylon, Earl Grey Double Bergamot, Hibiscus, Chai (Any including the Green or White tea variety!), Masala blends, Double Extra Spicy Chai, Real Chocolate Yerba Mate or regular Yerba Mate, Jasmine, Raspberry, Peach, Blueberry, Citrus, Green, White, Mint, Floral, blends and German flavorful tea varieties, like Gletscher, Cola-Tee, Wintertraum, T-Shot and unusual flavors. Plus, any Organic teas are awesome. ~ I love tea and have always wanted to experience the flowering teas, too, with a clear tea pot.

Note: I DO NOT intentionally, take in poisonous artificial sweeteners! I know too much!!!...for far too long about this! (PM me if you'd like to learn more.) Yet, I don't care for the aftertaste of processed Stevia! I've tried to like it time & again, but just can't seem to do so. The only type I've ever liked is the real plant grown in my backyard! - no strange aftertaste! {Turns out it has now been discovered that Stevia is not good for the gut!} The two sweeteners I will tolerate better are, Xylitol and Monk Fruit. Otherwise, I like things as they are, without additional sweetness.

When it comes to green teas, I've found that most people who say they don't like them are actually steeping them too long. Just like Yerba Mate, Green Tea will leave a bitter taste if it's steeped too long.

☠ Please Note ~ Allergy Alert!!! ☠: When it comes to teas, I'm pretty easy to Please! :-) ~ I am allergic to Camomile, though, and sleepy time blends with it. I also discovered that I'm not a fan of Rooibos teas, either. ~ each time I drink it, I feel sick and I don't know why. If you accidentally sent me some, it's okay, I will re-send it on to someone else who does like them ~ Thank you.

Hot Cocoa ~ Dark Chocolate preferred, because I know how to make it a milk chocolate drink, but I use Cashew Nut milk instead. ~ very creamy!

Kombucha ~ Fruity or Green

Favorite Music

â—Š Music: Love music from the 30's & 40's era!!! ~ Always have loved that time! (with the exception of the world wars), Instrumental: Love Lindsey Stirling's Song of the Caged Bird!, David Garrett's rocking violin! and I'm in Love with the 2Cellos music (Would Love to see them live someday!), Easy Listening, Soft to Mid. Rock, Up-Lifting Songs and Energizing Film Scores. {I actually have a large variety of music that I do like. ~ See the few exceptions below.}

Favorite Books & Movies:

✒ Books and Movies: Beatrix Potter, Jane Austen, Richard Bach, James Redfield, Harlan Coben, Dean Koontz... Mysteries, Action, Adventure, Silly or Romantic Comedies, Nat. Geo., Travel and Documentaries. Learning to enjoy Audible as I re-train my brain to multi-task again!... while still doing my best to be productive! ~ Sometimes easier said than done!!! It's nice to hear a good story or learn new information.

For anyone who'd like greater insight into our sick-care industry and how to truly be empowered to be responsible for yourself, this book is vital to your health and mental well-being... A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan

The Truth about Cancer docu-series

Vaxxed the movie & Related News about it

I don't watch regular or cable T.V. ~ I don't even have a couch to sit on, right now! Currently, where we used to have a couch, we now have a treadmill. Using it? Now that's a work in progress! (I'd rather walk in the park!) :-) For the most part, it seems, that television is for people who like to be deceived and programmed to live in fear with all the shows, commercials & warped twisted "news." I guess I'm also not into it, because growing up I experienced too many people who were way too into watching t.v. It's like their world revolved around t.v. shows & movies, instead of spending quality time with each other! Zombies! They would rather talk about the people in the shows (and people in general), than get their hands busy being creative working on project ideas. {I've often thought, the only way I will get through to those people and be truly heard, is if I make a movie myself!!!} I would rather spend my time being creative, inventing things, reading or writing!!! ~ I'm the type of person who would rather talk about ideas, instead of people... usually, unless I'm celebrating them or there's something pertinent to clear up!

From time to time, I just catch up on some shows on with my laptop, like... Firefly & Serenity, Star Crossed, The Crazy Ones (wish they all weren't canceled), plus: Hawaii Five-O, Orphan Black, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, 30 Rock, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Portlandia, and Blunt Talk to name a few. {Love those office or team work shows, depicting different & quirky characters working through situations, while still maintaining a loyal camaraderie / family attitude with each other! It's stuff more companies, in real life, should practice, too!}

I really prefer to read a good book. ~ Give me a good mystery, or a sweet heart-warming tale, any day and I'm a happy camper!

Wish List:

For a peek at my 2016 S-B possible wishes, check out this link right here.

Things I'm not Fond of:

A Few Things I don't Care for...

● Animals being mistreated, harmed or abused, that includes the human kind.

● Ad cards that a company might send to someone.

● Gum - we have a love-hate relationship. ;-)

● Smoking - of any kind! ~ {One should not put smoke into their lungs!!!} I can't stand the smell, even if it's just on someone's clothes or other items. I've developed an allergic reaction to it; first, I get a terrible headache then my lungs will get a burning sensation & start to swell a few hours later and I will get an acne bump-like rash everywhere the longer I'm exposed to it! ~ People who smoke are living in an insecure-abusive-sadomasochistic state of mind and greatly need to learn to truly love themselves in a healthy way. (I can say this because I used to smoke, many, many years ago. Then I learned to BE beneficial to myself, genuinely love myself and be a team player with my body's cells to thrive!... in order to truly BE that for others!)

● Sad & Twangy Country Music, Screamo, Rap and Death Metal Music which have negative resonating frequencies causing an anti-thrival spiritual & physical detrimental affect to one's BEing and those around it.

● Artificial Fragrances that try to mimic natural scents. In other words, most commercial perfumes, etc. They give me a headache and irritate my lungs. ~ I prefer natural genuine pure essential oils scents. {I may not always like the scent of an E.O., but I know they don't harm me.}

● Please note: I will not cater to, nor do I engage, emotional vampire drama manipulators or back stabbers; I will be aloof to those types of people, which may also include: Detrimental Enablers, Two-Faced, Needy or Clingy behavior, Ulterior Motive Manipulating, Unnecessary Issue Making, Chaos / Drama Creating Addicts and People who jump to conclusions, before asking for clarification in order to gain greater understanding and work things out with each other! ~ because... after all, we are ALL in this School called Life! ~ So please communicate in an instrumental healthy compassionate manner.

{Image found on taringa.net}


I take a huge stand for Integrity! ~ So, I don't believe in Flaking, Swap-Lifting or not following through with my commitments. This includes Swaps or Other Activities in the forums! Therefore, if for some odd reason that you should not receive your Swap, Tag or WTA from me: then it's either lost in the mail, delayed in the mail or I'm either ill... or I've left my body!!!

So, please try to physically contact me first (life can get in the way sometimes), via online messaging (PM), or if it's the latter reason, then perhaps you will find me apologizing in the dream world, after I've graduated from this one! I might be pretty busy, at first, so give it some time; after all, there is a life review and mine may take a while. :-)

International or not, whether it's in Russia or some back woods location in Northern California, N. or S.C., Hawaii, or Alaska, I have found simple postcards can sometimes take 25 or more days to arrive there.

So please feel free to let me know when you receive something from me! If it hasn't shown up in the time expected, please PM me first before rating, so I can be aware! I put a vested time and energy into sending people items. So I want to know that they receive it!

... I hope you do, too!!! ~ After all, I like to know if you enjoy what I've given to you.

May you BE Well.

~ Cari

Super Cyber Sparkly...

...for you!

...For READING my Profile!!! ~ Yay! ~ I know that took a lot and it's greatly appreciated!!!

The above images are found at:

{Thank You gif = http://3dgifanimation.blogspot.com/20120401_archive.html}{Top border image = india-forums.com}{Butterfly border image = http://purpleglocreations.blogspot.com/ and I wish they were purple.}{Cut Out hands heart over Earth image = galleryhip.com}{Snowy Owl image = wallpapersdesign.net}{Woodland Owl image = allday2.com}{Dalai Lama image = plus.google.com}{Infinity Symbol = plus.google.com}{Sound of Music image = twitter.com}{Bliss bracelet image = upceansearch.com}{Rainbow Heart = www.clippingdesign.com}{Cats border image = http://www.magickalgraphics.com/}{Ocean image = destination360.com}{Earth image = photoimmune.org}{Music image = tackk.com}{Heart Book image = learay.co.uk}{White Bunny image = www.cutestpaw.com}{Image = http://geminigraphix.yuku.com}, {Hexipuffs = http://www.maplewoolfarm.com/?tag=beekeepers} {Cola-tee image = en.fridge.menu}


tatntole rated for Happy Birthday 2016 on Nov 20, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful Birthday gifts.
Response: You are so very welcome! I'm glad to know that you enjoy them. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
Comment: I'll add block 4 and send this home! Thanks for the goodies for me, I will enjoy using them!
Response: You are welcome. I'm glad to know it arrived well and that you enjoy the extras. Thanks for the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
thebragal rated for Cooperatively Fictional Round 16 on Oct 24, 2016
Comment: Very interesting. Fantasy isn't my thing so it will be a challenge but I'm up for it! Thank you
Response: Who said it's fantasy? lol ~ Seriously, I'm glad to know it arrived well. Thanks for the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
christy102194 rated for Happy Birthday 2016 on Oct 21, 2016
Comment: I got SO excited when I saw a Lush package in the mail! I am so in love with the moon phase knot wrap and I cannot wait to try the sparkly pumpkin! ^^ What a perfect gift! I got the little birthday notecard in the box they sent :) Thank you so much!
Response: Yay! Thank you for letting me know it arrived well and that they included the note. I'm so glad to learn that you enjoy your gifts. May you have a wonderful birthday! ~ Cari
art3osb rated for PSUSA - One Stamp Washi Swap #6 on Oct 14, 2016
Comment: Thank you Cari
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
goinjenny rated for Happy Birthday 2016 on Sep 19, 2016
Comment: That was my #1 favorite coin purse style. I had bought the teal one and got the blue one as a birthday present as well, but this is #1! I'm actually saving up to by the pillow that is this design! Thank You!!
Response: So glad to know that you enjoyed your gifts. Thanks for letting me know, for the rating and the heart. Hugs, ~ Cari
grammypammy rated for PSUSA - One Stamp Washi Swap #4 on Sep 6, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the nice samples of Washi tape and for the laminated card!
Response: You're very welcome. Glad you like them. Thanks for the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
thebragal rated for Cooperatively Fictional round 14 on Aug 30, 2016
Comment: I really like your story. I'm intrigued as to where you were going with it. it's definitely the best story I've read from this series. I'm going to have to really think about how to write the next bit.
Response: Thank you for your compliments! It means a lot to me and is greatly appreciated. These things just pop into my head. It's a story I've written and wanted to see where others might take it next. {Kind of like, seeing it as a parallel universe. lol} Thought it'd be fun. I'm excited to see what you come up with and what direction you take it next! I've never received any of my stories back, yet. I'm hopeful, but it can be disheartening to not see one return back to me. So I hope this one makes it. I can't wait to read what you've written and anyone else's contributions, too! ~ Cari
Comment: Thank you for the generous selection of tapes. They are very pretty.
Response: You're very welcome. I'm glad to know they arrived well and you are enjoying them. Etsy has a great selection of real washi. I'm pretty pleased with some of those sellers. :-) ~ Cari
Castlequeen rated for PSUSA - One Stamp Washi Swap #2 on Aug 9, 2016
Comment: This swap is over-the-top wonderful! Great envelope, lovely note, and amazing Washi samples! It was an absolute delight to find you envie in my mailbox this morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you! [p.s. I can't wait to play with the samples and discover the message underneath!]
Response: ou're very welcome. I'm glad to know they arrived well and you are enjoying them. Etsy has a great selection of real washi. I'm pretty pleased with some of those sellers. One day, I just thought, 'wouldn't it be fun to laminate a message to make a washi tape base, that would be revealed after they unwrap the washi' and wal-la, there it is! Hope it brings and extra smile. :-) ~ Cari
JudalineZ rated for PS-USA: Surprise Ball on Aug 8, 2016
Comment: Thank you very much for the fun ball. It was fun to unwind the crepe paper and see all those surprises!
Response: You're very welcome. I'm so glad to know it arrived well and that you enjoyed the experience. Hope you like the little things I bought you in the ball and could use the extra stuff I bagged up as an additional surprise. ~ Cari
LadyWoods rated for Happy Birthday 2016 on Aug 4, 2016
Comment: Thanks, Cari. Lovely wrapping. The book is a great one, I love the author. I've read this one before and it reminds me I need to make reading her new one a priority. The bubbles were fun. Thank you! You've gone above and beyond. Receiving 'Sparkjoy' as well is delightfully generous. I am so thankful for you!!
Response: Oh, Dear!!! No! That wasn't my intention! I bought the wrong book! I'm so sorry. I read on your profile about the Marie Kondo Spark Joy book and must have had a brain hiccup when buying it in my zombified heat-exhausted state of mind, because it appears you received her 1st one, not her 2nd. It was my intention to astonish you, as I like to do, not give you something you've already read! I feel awful, so I've ordered the 2nd one on Amazon, today and will ship it to you soon. 08.22.16: So glad to know that your received the 2nd book. Yay! I also received your T.Y. card in the mail today. Thank you for that added touch. So Sweet!
morgainegeiser rated for Happy Birthday 2016 on Jul 21, 2016
Comment: Love everything. The fat squares are awesome, the buttons are so cute, and I love butterflys and I use tons of white thread and bias tape in my sewing. I got that PP kit, but haven't used it yet, it is really cute. Thanks for everything.
Response: You're so very welcome! I'm glad to know it arrived well and you enjoy your gifts. Your *bling* box was the very first one I made, so far, with the P.P. kit. I got a little carried away trying out the cute stamps. lol. ~ Cari
Herestweety rated for Secret Code PC! on Jun 29, 2016
Comment: It's a tie! The card and pc arrived on the same day! I love both. The pc is perfect. I enjoy seeing Frank Lloyd Wright homes. The fun part of it is that you had no idea because I don't have that in my profile. The jar washi tape is so me...love love love jars. Thank you for the lovely pc and for the extra goodies. You are a sweetie!
Response: Yay! You're welcome! I'm so glad to know it made it this time. I had sent you another F.L.W. p.c. the first time, too! It is fun (& funny) to me that you think I "had no idea" because a little birdie told me so! (aka. my intuition! lol) When I was trying to decide what to send to you, I kept being drawn back to my stack of F.L.W. postcards! I'm so glad to know you enjoy his work, too. I also love mason jars, or any colorful glass, for that matter. I'm so glad you enjoy the goodies. Happy Summer!... and try to stay cool. ~ Cari
theaterfan23 rated for Happy Birthday 2016 on Jun 27, 2016
Comment: Thank you sooo much!!!
Response: You're very welcome. I'm so glad to know it arrived well and that you are pleased. Hope you had a wonderful birthday month! ~ Cari
ShyAnn64 rated for C.I. ~ Pass Around Coloring Book 4 on Jun 19, 2016
Comment: What a pretty coloring book! Thank you for sending it along... I look forward to Round 5 :)
Response: You're very welcome. I like that coloring book, too. Bought one for a friend, right before it came in the mail, with plans to buy one for myself, as well. I am excited to find out how everyone's books turned out after this final round and look forward to see mine make it home, too. Hope you had a chance to color in mine! I love your coloring style! ~ Cari
Comment: What a lovely postcard. I love the colours. thanks
Response: You're very welcome. I'm so glad to know it arrived well and that you like it. Thanks for letting me know, the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
bstitched rated for Wow: Wide Washi on Jun 13, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for a great swap! Lots of new washi patterns to add to my stash and the note card is adorable. Super cute and much appreciated ♥
Response: You're very welcome. I'm so glad to know it arrived well and that you like it. Thanks for letting me know, the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
StarMouse rated for Pass & Paste Postcard Early May on Jun 9, 2016
Comment: Lovely work! Thanks! I always love it when a swap brings us together. Thanks for the extras, which, really have nothing to do with the heart!
Response: You're very welcome. I'm so glad to know it arrived well and that you like it. Thanks for: letting me know, the rating and the heart. ~ Cari
bearnbabs rated for CI: Pass Around Coloring Book 3 on May 24, 2016
Comment: Love the pages all ready done. And thank you for the extras. Have a great day every day. bearnbabs
Response: You're very welcome. I'm so glad to know it arrived well and that you like it. Hope you have fun. ~ Cari

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