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Date Joined: November 6, 2013
Last Online: May 25, 2023
Birthday: June 16, 1988
Country: Germany

About Me

Hello there,

i took a small break from swapping, as the mail service was pretty unreliable unfortunately. :-( I hope it got better now and i'm happy to be back. :-) Tho i prefer private swaps at the moment because that way i can send some bigger swaps with tracking instead of just hoping that my mail arrives.

My name is Sylvia, i was born in 1988 and i live close to Munich in Germany. I love crafting and artsy stuff, animals, trying new things and being with my lovely boyfriend. :-)

I love to swap as i love to find things my swap partner might like and i love to receive happy mail. Some nice letters and postcards in the mailbox make the day so much brighter. :-)

In August i started to work in a department store. We have sooooo many different goods, sometimes it's still overwhelming. When i started i asked my boss to give me the stationary and craft area which he did. :-) That's my happy place there. :-D

As a nice side effect i have access to so many different things for swapping. For example toys, wool, stationary, crafting supplies, clothes and accessories, decoration (oh how i love the halloween stuff), candles, fake plants, napkins, balloons, kitchen stuff, tableware, beauty products and so on. So if you are interested in any of those and we are swapping, just let me know. :-)


As the Universal Post Union decided to make the lifes of private customers very hard, it is not allowed to send any goods in envelopes anymore. It's no Problem for me to receive goods in envelopes but if i would send small items, i would have to pay the price of a small package and in my eyes it's not worth it at all to spend about 5 Euros for a few teabags or so. :-( So i only join swaps with either a higher value or higher weight or when i'm sure that i can send. Very disappointing and frustrating, but it is like it is.

I'm usually up for private swaps (if i'm not in too many already at that time), i can share beauty products, food/sweets, washi tape, postcards, stationary ect. I prefer bigger swaps (besides Postcards) with either 500 grams in total (with packaging) or more so it's worth the postage.

If you don't get my swap within a reasonable time, just message me and i'm sure we can find a solution. :-) I really try to keep track of all the swaps i joined but i would be thankful if you could tell me. I will do the same. I usually don't mind resending, besides more expensive swaps, but those i normally send with tracking.

Happy swapping!

Favorite Books

I love good storys, Discworld Books, Stephen King, romantic and funny Books, Thriller, Crime, Fantasy and illustrated books. Also a big Dr. Seuss Fan.


I like:
🎈 Foxes
🎈 Animals (really any)
🎈 Flowers
🎈 Landscapes
🎈 Traditional
🎈 Halloween (not just in spooktober)
🎈 Christmas
🎈 Lighthouses
🎈 Space
🎈 Funny PC's
🎈 Fairytales
🎈 Mystical
🎈 The ones that you can color yourself (if you color them)
🎈 Hot air balloons
🎈 Vintage
🎈 Promotional signs
🎈 Teddies
🎈 Lights
🎈 Umbrellas
🎈 Doors
🎈 Cities
🎈 Flags
🎈 Maps
🎈 spooky/weird/macabre
🎈 Pin ups
🎈 Anime
🎈 Touristy Postcards

But any you send will be appreciated. These are just suggestions. If you have ugly/odd/weird/unusual Postcards (not damaged as i can't use them in any way), don't hesitate to send them to me, i would never rate down for those as i have a special place in my heart for unwanted things. :-)

I prefer Postcards whenever possible instead of Greeting Cards and i won't rate down if the swap requires a Greeting Card and you send me a Postcard that fits the Swaps Topic.

ESO Snack Swap

I don't have any allergies or dislikes and i'm looking forward to new things to try (even not new things, i just like to see what other ppl like and it's all about the thoughts anyways)


I like:

⭐ Foxes, i really love Foxes :-)
⭐ autumn
⭐ the colors red, orange, gold, brown and light blue
⭐ tea, i like any kind but orange (literally not my cup of tea. :-))
⭐ nature, animals, flowers, cities, landscapes
⭐ books
⭐ wellness
⭐ hot drinks like hot chocolate and cappuccino
⭐ recipes and cooking/baking
⭐ handcrafts
⭐ the Middle Ages
⭐ any kind of markets
⭐ Asia, Africa, Orient
⭐ Documentaries about Food and Countries
⭐ Music
⭐ Movies
⭐ Retro and Vintage
⭐ Felix the Cat
⭐ Steampunk
⭐ Gothic
⭐ Fairytales
⭐ Card- and Boardgames
⭐ Lights
⭐ Mail
⭐ Stationary
⭐ Flags


❌ Orange flavoured Tea
❌ the Color Pink
❌ overly religious themed things
❌ too childish designs (tho i like cute things) i mean things/designs from childrens series like Caillou, Paw Patrol ect.

Stationary and crafts

Where i live there are some shops which have super nice design papers, cardstocks, washi tapes and so on. I recently got interested in papercrafts but i just started, so i don't have many things to use and i'm not really good at it yet. If you have any favourite papercrafts, i would love to hear about them as well as some hints, tricks and hacks that you can share. :-) I love different kinds of papers, stickers - but i don't have any use for children or reward stickers. I like washi tape, embellishments or really anything i could use to craft with.


Giving a heart is a very individual decision. I simply want to notice, that someone has read my profile and put some thoughts in the swap. Not everyone is good with drawing/decorating envelopes or boxes and also not everyone can send extras so for me that is not a criterion.

Please communicate! I'm a chill person and i hate unnecessary drama. If you are late on sending i won't rate you down as long as you let me know within a reasonable time.

Favorite Movies/Music

I am a big movie and music fan, i like to watch most genres but i'm not that keen about sci-fi movies, i absolutely don't like gore and disaster movies. Typically i love movies with a good story, Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Thriller, Comedies and romantic movies where i can just zone out and don't have to think a lot.

I like Blues, Soul, Swing/Electro Swing, Rock, Ska, Reggae, some Pop, some Classic, some Hip Hop especially 90's, 80's music, Motown, some Metal and i like Folk, especially Irish Folk. I don't like german Rapmusic and Schlager.


MarHelene rated for Ugly PC Swap #59 on Sep 13, 2022
Comment: Enjoy Halloween!
Fabriqueen rated for WTL: Washi scavenger hunt #6 on Aug 15, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful washi tapes! I love them all! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
Comment: Thank you, I’ve heard of love padlock bridges. It must be interesting to look at all the different locks and wonder if the love lasted.
nigatsubebe rated for Washi Sample Swap #3 on Jul 8, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much! Your letter actually arrived a little over a week ago, I think. I've been consumed with 'daily stuff' and haven't responded to anyone. I'm so sorry! Thank you for sending extra washi. I LOVE seeing things I can't get in the US (or from Chinese shops like BuJoLove) easily. If there's anything I can send from the US, please message me! (Although, I agree, out post service is breaking down as well... and it isn't really worth it to join low-value swaps, esp intl swaps, to pay 3 BOXES of bagged tea value to mail 2 individual teabags. <3)
Ellmaris rated for Washi Sample Swap #3 on Jun 25, 2022
Comment: Thank you for al washi samples - I like them all - my favourite is the blue one with paper boat :D
Gnoe rated for Ugly PC Swap #55 on Jun 24, 2022
Comment: Thank you for Grow it & Cook it postcard -- it's absolutely perfect! Have a good weekend :-)
HelenG6 rated for Cat Postcard Swap #3 on Jun 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for your lovely cat card and stamps on the envelope!
Response: Glad you liked them. :-)
Fuchsi rated for ESO: Snack Swap on Mar 23, 2022
Comment: Liebe Foxy, zu schade, dass ich dir nur ein Herz geben kann, denn du hättest eine ganze Reihe davon verdient! Heute habe ich deinen Swap bekommen und tanze seitdem regelrecht um meinen Schreibtisch herum, immer wieder diese herrlichen Köstlichkeiten in Augenschein nehmend, die du rausgesucht hast. Das ist einfach nur genial! Köstlich! Vielen, vielen Dank für den Swap! ^.^ (Ich stand, wie du, im Dilemma einen deutschen Swappartner abbekommen zu haben und deckte mich dafür im Asiamarkt ein. XD) - Tatsächlich kenne ich aber bei dir auch nur einen Bruchteil und weiß kaum, was ich zuerst probieren soll und dann die kleine Schatztruhe und das Notizbuch... das ist genau meins! ^.^ Ich liebe Truhen und bunkere Bücher für Tagebuch und Reisetagebuch, wie ein Drache seinen Schatz. Und das Motiv ist soo schön. - Tausend Dank für den tollen Swap und hab' einen wunderschönen Tag. Meinen hast du mir auf jeden Fall versüßt. :-) Liebe Grüße, Maxi PS: Füchse sind toll!
Response: Hi Maxi, vielen Dank für die tolle Bewertung! Schön, dass ich dir eine Freude machen konnte und auch, dass ich Dinge finden konnte, die du noch nicht kanntest. <3 Hab auch einen tollen Tag und hoffentlich bis zum nächsten Mal! P.S. Ich hoffe du hast dir schon was schmecken lassen.
Nicollcia rated for Snacks! One person per country #5 on Jan 14, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for a box full of snacks and sweets! I've never tried any of these before 😍 I shared them with my family, we had a wonderful time :)
Response: I'm so glad that you liked my package and that i found things which you didn't know before. 😊
Comment: Your mail smells like Christmas... A good choice of teas :) I also really like the postcards you choose, so cute Thanks!
Comment: Loved the variety of PC's. My two sons, oldest and youngest, used to live in Germany. I still have cousins near Hannover and Hamburg. One owns the home my dad was raised in. :-)
Comment: I love the postcards, thank you!!! :)
Response: I'm glad they arrived and that you like them. :-) Thank you for the rating and heart! <3
reauk rated for Christmas Swap reauk and Foxy on Nov 28, 2021
Comment: Thanks once again for being my partner Put away without peeking x Until next year x 😊😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿X
Response: I'm always super happy to swap with you! :-) Thanks for being my Partner too and the nice rating and heart. I just gathered all the packages from the advent calendar and i'm looking forward to wednesday when i can open the first one. :-)
mary17 rated for Xmas mary17 and Foxy on Nov 26, 2021
Comment: What an awesome swap, thank you so much. I just love everything you sent, so many tasty treats. I love the coffee theme, I can not get any of these items in Ireland. Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts for my son. He was thrilled. I wish I could give you more than 1 star and heart 😀💝💝💝
Response: Thank you so much for being my Partner again and the lovely rating and heart. I'm looking forward to Easter! :-)
ccap rated for Foxy and ccap swap on Nov 16, 2021
Comment: Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for all the goodies! I am looking forward to trying it all. Hoping my package makes its way to you soon.
Response: I'm glad my package arrived. At the tracking i just see that it has left germany so i was surprised to see your rating. :-) Hopefully you'll like everything i sent to you. :-) Enjoy and i hope you have a nice christmas time!
Ikran3 rated for X-Mas Swap Ikran3 and Foxy on Nov 11, 2021
Comment: A zillion hearts!!! Thank you so much, you are absolutely one of my top favourite swappers and this was a fantastic box, thank you SO much!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! super fast too! THANK YOU!!!!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked the package! It's super fun to swap with you too! Thank you for the lovely rating and heart! <3
Comment: Sylvia!! Omg soo many yummy stuffs! I especially appreciate the vegan chocolate and the gummy because they're really hard to find here! My son ko e the cat touge.. hehe at first he thought its for the cat food! Lol! Thank you soo much! Can't wait to finish them all! Xoxo nadi
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and the heart and i'm super glad that you liked the package. :-)
renate rated for 12 bags of tea #1 on Nov 2, 2021
Comment: Thanks for your tea. I keep them wrapped to use in a tea advent. I have a wooden Christmas tree with little drawers were I put them in😊🎅.
Response: That sounds wonderful! I have a small truck with tiny drawers but they really can just hold a chocolate, nothing more. :-)
cajiky rated for 12 bags of tea #2 on Nov 2, 2021
Comment: Thanks for tea.
MGiulia rated for ESO: Warm Drinks swap 🍮 on Oct 20, 2021
Comment: Hoi Foxy 🦊! Danke für deinen schonen Briefumschlag 💌 LG aus der Schweiz 🇨🇭 🏔 🐮

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Merry Christmas ♥


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Hope you had a good one.

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Just because ♥

Christmas Christmas


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You are welcome for the postcard! Thank you for joining Candee's swap! :)

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