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UPDATED 02/24/2020 My mom has a scheduled surgery today and it lasted longer than expected. Obviously she comes first. Please understand. Bc of this I didn’t make it to the post office. Things marked sent are in the box !

Presidents’ Day delayed the mailing of some swaps since they sat at the post office for three days. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

if I owe you a rating, please ask! Gonne be late? No problem, just let me know. Or if for some reason you had to pay postage I’ll repay you

I probably will not chase you down for a rating, but i do appreciate it if you take the time to rate me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

TLDR: i love postcards! blank and written on. I love stickers to share. I have an amazon wish list. Swap Ideas below.


I try to read my partners profiles for individual swaps! I don’t always have something that will be specific to you, but I will read your profile bio!

i rate the SAME day i get happy mail and I ask you do the same!

Mail pick up- even if I drop it to the desk- they do not process till after they close. They collect from boxes daily at various times and process that at the end of day. If it gets dropped off on Saturday it’s probably not moving till Monday. Just want to give you a heads up!

If you some how get a double from me - or nothing at all- please let me know ! Communication is key! I’ll replace or resend !


I will accept new (unused not written or stamped) postcards in place of anything listed on the swap choices. Just give me a note too on a slip of paper saying I chose postcards instead of ______.

I really only like postcards, stationary with envelopes, and stickers!

I’m working on my stash and it’s crazy how hard it’s been finding postcard in Cleveland that don’t cost $2! I actually placed an order with a supplier directly since my drug store stopped stocking them at I purchased them all. I’ve called tons of hotels too. Today is 2/6/2020 and we had so much freezing rain it was an inch of ice on my car! But hopefully it’s better this weekend and I get to drive to the turnpike rest stops! Yep- I’m gonna have to pay to drive to the rest stops to Buy postcards I hope aren’t crazy expensive! Any direct suppliers you know of, I can order through my company !

I typically fill out my swaps and am waiting on the address ! So my date may be before the deadline to sign up. It is easier for me to get them ready ahead of time! Usually have my watched swaps I know I’ll join ready too :)

If you’d like to do a direct swap for a postcard let me know!


those are my happy mail :D anytime you have a choice- i would prefer a post card ! Landscapes are my favorite. And cats.

Love the postcard surprise!

Feel free to write facts or quotes or draw a picture. A poem a story or just the weather today! Stickers are cool too!

I am happy to send anyone a birthday postcard just ask! I have over 150 people on my 2020 birthday list! (THANKS to facebook and reddit mostly!)

Landscapes are my favorite. A beautiful scene always brings me joy. I also love tourist cards from anywhere ! Museums monuments national parks local parks whatever!

I LOVE MAKING POSTCARDS TOO. I use 110 lb heavy cover stock and my cameo silhouette machine. If i have the time i even try to put my notes with the machine bc it looks so pretty! I use images ive created, as well as fair use images.

I’m in Ohio - home to cedar point and I love roller coasters- any roller coaster postcard i can get i would love! Huge fan of cats as well. I have three.

I’m in a few other exchanges but so happy to find swap bot. This is truly something I’ve been searching by for. (postcrossing, postcards united, 50 states exchange, and my birthday exchange)

I really enjoy helping make people smile.

I also buy postcards - my favorite souvenir when I travel! I always only got for myself, but from now on I’ll grab at least 2-3 extra of what I get!

Been to Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, France, Canada and Mexico !

I’m 35.

Whatever makes you happy.

Thanks! For reading

My only dislikes are strong smells of perfume. I havent had any issues with this, but i figured id write this out for safety sake!

Thank las for reading.

About Me

I am 35, and i live in Cleveland, Ohio. (im about 15 minutes from the city) I am happily married. My husband and I tied the knot on 10/13/18 at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We have been together since 2009!

We finally gave in and chose to have some special time for us and “officially” unite as a family! :D I have one son, and he has two daughters, and together we are the coolest unit of family ever! We travel as much as possible. Hubs and I love AEW ! (wwe used to be so good but its lacked that 5-7 years so bad) I am pretty fluent in my wrestling, so always happy to chat that!

ABC.. for me :)

My original got deleted when I was editing. 😫😩

A. Amusement Parks!!! Animals, ancient times, Amsterdam, arboriculture

B. Bird watching, boo (from Mario), beautiful scenes,

C. ##cats## crafting, cameo silhouette, creativity, cards, coffee, Chicago, changing leaves,

D. Deltiology, dragons, dairymans,

E. E-swapping, envelopes, elephants,

F. Frank my cat, felines, food, fall,

G. Green things, grape vodka (once in blue moon), Guns N’ Roses, grape flavor but not grapes really lol.

H. Happiness, hills, Halloween, haunting, horror,

I. Iceland, idioms, irrelevant quotes, irregular postcards

J. Jasper my cat, joyful quotes, journeys, jinx, journaling stickers,

K. Kitties of course, kite flying, kaleidoscopes, keychains,

L. Landscapes, lanyards, leaves,

M. Monopoly, mountains, music, magnets, moon,

N. National parks, nature, notebooks, New York City

O. Oboe music, oddities, owls, offensive things,

P. Postcards, piano music, Philadelphia, plates (like state or touristy Plates) polar bears,

Q. Quartets, quarters,

R. Rain, rainbows, ridges, roller coasters, rice,

S. Street signs, salutes, singing, SYMMETRY , silver spoons, shit glasses, sunshine, stickers,

T. Tri fold pamplets😃, top thrill dragster, trinkets,

U. Umbrellas, unicorns, unisex, ufo,

V. Volcanos, visually pleasant, valleys,

W. Waterfalls, Water parks, water slides, Washington DC ,

X. You got me here 😂

Y. Yard sales, yard art,

Z. Zen doodles, zzzquill 😴, zebras

Stuff I enjoy watching

The office


Parks and recreation


Good girls

The good place

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Anything in the travel Chanel really. Although I don’t watch much actual tv.

Hitchhikers guide to galaxy is one of my favorite movies!!

I’m kinda bad at committing and watching something new. The above mentioned are on in the background while I’m working on my postcards!

We are watching man in the high castle right now. And it’s crazy good!

Favorite Music

I am


with music. I really enjoy old timey music from 40s/50s (sentimental journey anyone?)

But I can’t name artists or anything. - maybe a few as I Shazam most of them!

Tony Bennett

Sarah Vaughn

Dean Martin

Always on my Spotify


Ninja sex party


Falling in reverse


Almost all 50s/60s music

Zelda music

“Cute beats”

Luis zhong


The doors

John Mayer


Guns N’ Roses

Norah Jones

The Beatles

Taking back Sunday

Panic at the disco

Fall out boy

My chemical romance

System of down

Usually like most pop songs that are popular in the USA too.

Swap wishes :) thanks!

This is only for swaps based on wishes (or profile surprises):

So thank you in advance!

Cool Stickers

I love the sticker postcard swaps. And I always get neat stickers. So anything you would want to get in a swap! I really don’t have a stash.


Any denomination ! $.01 - $1.20 ! I’ve had to lay off international swaps as much since it’s getting so pricey!

Any postcards

If they are touristy - I like to get doubles so I can keep one and send one ! Non-touristy I don’t need doubles of but always love them to be able to share as well! (I usually end up keep most Bc I don’t have them haha)

Stationary sets

I used to have a ton, and now those are not as easy to find either haha!

Anything off of my amazon list

The amazon list started for my birthday postcard exchange. And I know some of that stuff on there is pricey - but it also serves as my quick access to buy for myself ! Anything towards an item is awesome too.

Lately I’ve been sending so much I’ve been going through all of my stashes!

If you’ve read all of this, I totally appreciate your time 😬!


Comment: A very interesting postcard. I checked out the One World Observatory site. The elevator ride looks amazing. I found some information about the Survivor Tree, and how they pulled the broken shattered pear tree from the rubble and nursed it back to health. The size of it reminds me how much time has passed. I still vividly remember that day and the overwhelming emotions.
2Hearts rated for Here’s 2U! on Feb 25, 2020
Comment: Thanks so much!
Comment: Lovely card. Thank You
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!
Comment: Thank You
Jorryn rated for WIYM: Woot! PC Swap time! #12 on Feb 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard.
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Okay now that was funny. Can February March? NO- but April May. 😂🤣😆😊
Comment: Thank you!!
catlingmex rated for Leap Day Cards 2020 on Feb 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you.
LoveThis rated for Postcard Swap #5 on Feb 25, 2020
Comment: thankyou very much for the awesome card
Comment: Thank you for the fun pcs and love the bonus cat one!
junemoon rated for Writing challenge #3 on Feb 25, 2020
Comment: Interesting poem, ideas in it are thought provoking .... the word "vacumed a bit jarring since the mechanism is modern one.
Johanna51 rated for 2020 Postcard swap #7 - art on Feb 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you.
Emmyxxoo rated for Take 10 Postcard swap #12 USA only on Feb 24, 2020
Comment: i love love this post card...where did u purchase it...thanks a bunch xxoo
Drvr337 rated for FEB 20, 2020 postcard swap USA on Feb 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard. That is one place on my list of places to visit.
Amandlyn22 rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 112! on Feb 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the dog postcard!
Comment: Thanks for the notecard with quotes! Super sweet. Hugs!
Comment: Thank you for the colorful postcard of our 50 beautiful states! Love the quote as well!
myancey rated for FEB 20, 2020 postcard swap USA on Feb 24, 2020
Comment: When I lived in Dover many years ago dc was one our field trips. I would love to go back esp since most everything is free admission. My son loves presidential history. And can recite all 45. 😯 happy 😃 swapping

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Bvernon on Feb 19, 2020:

Aww, thanks!

Hello back!

I am actually working on a few of my swaps right now.

lambchoppy on Feb 13, 2020:

New sticker PC swap is up if you're interested!

Sticker PC Swap #15 - USA ONLY

mandigutterrose on Feb 13, 2020:

 Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY! RAK @mandigutterrose

LiliLuv on Feb 12, 2020:

Amazon Prime Video #1 Swap:

Hi! I hope you're having a great day! Currently on Amazon Prime Video I'm watching This Is Us and the last season of The Big Bang Theory. I finally binged all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory after not seeing many episodes in recent years and then got lucky, because just a couple months later the final season was added to Amazon Prime in Germany! :)

Reading through your profile, I was going to recommend The Man in the High Castle for you until I got to the part where you wrote you were already watching it! I'm so excited to still have the 4th season waiting for me to watch. :D

mysmashbooklife on Feb 12, 2020:

Hi! This is for: Amazon Prime Video #1. I am watching Locke and key on Netflix. Just finished the first episode and i have to tell you, i find it a bit weird. But it has my attention, it is so weird i want to watch the next episode. I like a bit of mystery in every tv show, so i am excited what this show is all about!

Have a nice day!

Melanie xxx

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