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UPDATE: 9/24/2020 I am back, y'all! As it turns out, we are not moving right now after all. I will continue to be at my current address for the time being, and most likely will be moving after the new year. I will keep you all up to date as things do or don't change. :) Be safe and Take care!

About My Home:

About My Home:

• Citra is a tiny town, a post office, a gas station, 2 dueling pizza restaurants... you get the drift, ALSO home of the Pineapple Orange.There are many touristy old Florida locations near me, including the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings FL State Park, and the home where she lived while writing "The Yearling". We also live pretty near Florida Gator Stadium, and right around the corner there’s this lovely little place called The Orange Shoppe that has been around here since the early 1930's and sells fruits, nuts, fruit wines and jams and southern candies, such as pecan logs and divinity. (I am happy to swap goodies from here to where you are from, if you are interested please message me!)


I pledge


Also, if by some chance you get me as a partner for multiple swaps at same time, it's okay to ship them together.

Please be advised: I am not online much during the weekend. That is "our time" for my honey and I. We both work 40 hr weeks, with weird overlapping portions of our work time/off time, so any off time together is precious to me. But I do check in pretty regularly, I try for at least once a day, but I don't always log in daily.

I love to do this and I am committed to getting and maintaining good ratings. I have had pen pals on and off my whole life, have been trading note-cards, postcards and junk journals/supplies via Reddit for a year, and have been on Swap-Bot since January.

I promise to always mark received as soon as possible after receiving, and I mark swaps sent the day it goes in the postal box-

Please be advised sometimes my carrier does not pick up from our mailbox until after the mail truck has run to our local office for the day, in those cases they go out of the post office the next day. I live in a rural area. There’s not much I can do about that.

Likes and Dislikes


Junk Journals

Handmade Cards and ATCs

I love hanging outdoor decor (like wind chimes and pretty dangles for my trees near pond) I also make witches ladders and things like that and I like to hang those as well.

Gnomes, mushrooms and fairies

Card stock and various other card making materials

Gel pens and stickers

Glitter and bling on every thing

I love ephemera of all kinds- ticket stubs, menus from interesting places, etc

I also love Tea of all kinds; sweets of all kinds, and I have a wicked obsession with Cherry Blossoms (Canadian Candy) and All Dressed Potato Chips- which we can rarely get here.

Other things I like as well-- burned CD's; unicorns, butterflies, hummingbirds and cardinals, frogs, and moths.

I also collect empty cigarette packs(the soft or hard variety) and chip bags for craft making.

Favorite Colors:

Oranges and Reds in warm tones, Jewel tone colors of all sorts are my favorite colors to work with. Turquoise is my absolute favorite color and magenta or purples are my favorites to wear


Anything political



I collect:

• Recipes; Vintage, New, Cutouts, Family recipes... You name it, I'll try it.

• Vintage Disney children's books; Golden Books, the paperback ones with the records, etc (I buy damaged one cheap from thrift places usually and use them for crafting)

• Pressed Flowers and Leaves

• Ephemera

• Pressed Pennies

• Altered Playing Cards and Coins

• Washi Tapes

• Adam Sandler movies.

• ANYTHING with stars on it (My middle name is Starleen lol)

• I save cool postmarks and unusual stamps and stickers in my journal. I recently got mail from Sweden and England for the first time and was very excited.

Favorite Crafts

• Painting, mostly acrylic and watercolor

• Collage, and Mixed Media art, I love repurposing as well, so I try and mix media when making “fixer upper” projects

• Making ATCs and Greeting Cards, Postcards… Been wanting to get more into ATCs and Altered playing cards

• Embroidery and Cross Stitch, I love incorporating cross stitch and embroidery into card making as well

• Loom Knitting and Hat/Scarf making

• Gardening, pressing leaves and flowers

• Junk Journaling

• Also, I am a bead hoarder- I aspire to make beautiful jewelry, but normally I just hoard treasures I find at estate and yard sales like that weird little creeper from LOTR. Haha!

Favorite Television

General Hospital LIFER

Been watching since 1998 when I started following Grandma's "Stories" with her in the afternoons. AND IF THEY DON'T BRING IT BACK ON SOON I'M GONNA HAVE WITHDRAWLS. lol

Golden Girls


Chicago PD

Law and Order: SVU

Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds


Favorite Movies

“Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me." Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people.”

― Ferris Bueller

Big Lebowski


Gone in 60 Seconds

Die Hard

Sleepless in Seattle

Home Alone

Mr. Deeds

Grown Ups

What Lies Beneath

The Lion King

That's My Boy

The Little Mermaid


Favorite Music

80s hairbands are my weakness.

Warrant, Winger, Rat, Kix, Twisted Sister, Krokus, Metallica, The Clash, etc

Also love The Pixies, Tom Waites, various Classic Rock, 90s Alternative, Motown and Funk.

I love everything from Billy Joel to Ozzy Osbourne, to Joni Mitchell.

I listen to a pretty wide variety of things, mood depending.

A-Z About Me

• A: Autumn, Arts and Crafts, Animals of all kinds, Astrology, Airplants, Aquaponics, Aquatic Plants, Automobiles, Adam Sandler, ATCs •
• B: Bullet Journaling, Bookmarks, Beaches, Barbequing, Batiking, Botany, Brownies, Blues (Dark, light, teals, etc) •
• C: Christmas, Coffee, Crochet, Comedic movies, Candles, Chocolate, Cooking, Collage, Cross Stitch, Cookies •
• D: Dogs, Dancing, Dahlias •
• E: Envelopes, Ephemera, Embroidery, Espresso •
• F: Fishing, Flipbooks; Family Gatherings, Flan, Fishponds, Found items art •
• G: Genealogy; Graph Paper, Games (board games and older video games like Nintendo) •
• H: Happy Mail, Handmade crafts, Hearts, Halloween •
• I: Ink Pens, my Instant Pot •
• J: Journals, Junk Journaling, Jamming to a great song, Jewelry making and collecting •
• K: Kites, Kittens, Knitting, Karaoke •
• L: Letters, Letter Sets, Laughter, Loom Knitting, The Little Mermaid (Disney), Latch Hooking, Lavender (The color and the plant) •
• M: Mermaids, Magic, the Moon, Modeling Clay, Meditation, Motorcycles, Magenta, Maps •
• N: Naps, Notes and Note Cards, Nautical Themes, Nature, Natural Tie Dye •
• O: Octopus, Oceans, Ornithology •
• P: Postcards, Penpals, Painting, Pinup Girls, Playing Cards, Poetry, Paper Dying, Paper making, Paper in General, Plants of all kinds •
• Q: Quiet time •
• R: Reading, Retro Style •
• S: Sewing, Stickers, Sparkles, Smashbooks, Spring Flowers •
• T: Tea of all sorts, love trying new flavors, Tending to my garden, Turquoise (Stone and color), Trash-to-Treasure type art work •
• U: Under the Sea themes, Umbrellas, Ukuleles •
• V: Vanilla Beans, Vitamin water, Vexed (The word itself, I like the way it sounds and I like sneaking it into random conversation lol)

• W: Washi Tape, Golden State Warriors, Writing, the Word of God, Waterfalls •
• X: Xylophones, Xray photos •
• Y: Yeast Bread and Rolls, Yellow (Lemon Yellow) •
• Z: Zebras, Ziplines


LauraM540 rated for Scrap Paper Projects on Aug 25, 2021
Comment: Awesome! The resend finally came... Thank you so much for all the goodies and I'm glad I could change your rating!
Response: So sorry to hear you never received the swap, or the resend. I had hoped maybe they were just delayed in the mail and would arrive eventually. I apologise for any disappointment this caused you. I am going into town in the next day or so and I will try mailing you something from a different post office and see if that makes a difference in that getting to you.. Take care and be safe. <3
takehimaway rated for Sweet Tea Sweeties... on Mar 17, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for sending me two teabags, (not sure if you read my old profile, but I appreciate it more than you know. <3~) The cigarette coupons were great; I save them up for my Uncle Bill. I love, love, loved the feather - that was the best part, besides this vintage stamps. Thanks again for hosting and for sending such a well thought out swap.
Response: Yay! So glad you enjoyed! I am so glad Uncle Bill will get use of them, and happy to hear you liked the feather also. . <3 Take care, and Happy swapping! :)
Comment: Cool set, love the hand stiching! I can't wait to work on it!
Response: Yay! Can't wait to see how they turn out. <3
Comment: Hi Chelsea, your jams arrived today. The detail is amazing and I’m adding to it tonight!
Response: Glad you like them! Thanks for swapping! I look forward to seeing them finished. <3
kfaye rated for Vintage Christmas Ornament on Dec 29, 2020
Jsereg001 rated for Refurbished Vintage Ornament Swap on Dec 8, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful ornament!!! I love it!!! Very creative!! ❤️
Response: Yay! So glad you liked it. <3 Merry Christmas! Yours arrived at the post office yesterday but I haven't gotten a chance to pick it up yet. <3 So excited.
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely owl and lace patch and the extras! I love it! Have a wonderful day and stay safe! Hugs, Diane
Response: Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed. I hosted two patch swaps at same time, and wound up receiving from same partner for both. One of the patches she made me had owls and lace, and the one I made for you had owls and lace. Turned out to be a lovely swap full of coincidences.:) Have a great day and be safe! <3
sherba31 rated for Teesha Moore Fall/Autumn Patch Swap on Sep 14, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the pretty patch! Love the colors and embroidery. Thanks for the extras too. Take care.
Response: Glad you enjoyed! Sorry it was delayed. Was a fun swap, really enjoyed the crafting. <3
Lolly rated for Painted Envelope on Sep 3, 2020
Comment: I love everything about your swap. Thank you so much for the ✉ and the pin up girls. Love love and love
Response: Yay! So glad you enjoyed. ❤️ Thanks for swapping!
Gnoe rated for Fabric Postcard Swap on Sep 3, 2020
Comment: WOW!!! Thank you for this utterly gorgeous fabric postcard! I love everything about it: colours, texture, bling.. IT"S AWESOME!!! Thank you ever so much for a wonderful swap that was extremely enjoyable! (It's you resend that arrived so fingers crossed the first one finds its way here someday too.)
Response: Yay! I am so glad it made it! That was one of my favorite dresses forever... Finally got too worn and had to become art. Lol Hopefully the original makes its way to you as well. ❤️ Take care and be safe.
user7949 rated for Art/Junk Journal supplies on Aug 27, 2020
Comment: I was totally blown away by your very large envie of supplies. I'm loving all this stuff. I can not tell you how happy you have made me. I'm in love with the planet stickers, Lisa Frank that The largest Washi Tape I have ever seen and the super cute little sewn bit of pages. This was a killer surprise of Happy Mail ever!!!
Response: Aww, I am so glad you enjoyed! Your profile was a fun read, and I was inspired. :) I hope you are able to get use of everything. Those washis are so weird and fun! I ordered something entirely unrelated on wish and got them instead... Best wish screw up yet. Lol and the sewn embellishments are estate sale cook book pages I sewed with my Grandmas machine. <3 thanks for swapping! :)
Comment: Wow Chelsea, I love it. I have not thought of doing landscape orientation before, fabulous idea!
Response: Thanks so much. I am so glad you liked it. Hope there are some recipes in the you'll like :) Take care and be safe.
klover rated for Junk Journal -Newbie/Mini on Jul 31, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome journal.. You are talented. I appreciate the time you put into it. I know how much time goes into a journal like that. Hugs. P.S.- I know I thanked via messages, however, I was so excited I forgot to thank and post under ratings. This was received on time, I just forgot to rate after I sent a huge thank you via messages:-/
Response: I am so glad you liked it. I did receive your very kind thank you message and I am most grateful for that and your kind rating as well. Hope things are going well for you and that you are able to get good use of the journal. I really enjoyed making it for you. :)
kristid1970 rated for Make a Paper Purse on Jul 31, 2020
Comment: I love it! Did you crochet that envelope/bag? Its awesome! Thank you!
Response: I did! I love sitting and making little things like that while I am watching movies or tv in the evening. I wanted to make the resend extra special since the original got lost. :( Hope you enjoyed! :)
Klymntine rated for 90's Kid Pog Swap #2 on Jul 30, 2020
Comment: Chelsea, Thanks so much. I love the Pinocchio!
Response: So glad you enjoyed. :) Thanks for swapping.
reinerose rated for Quick Stationery Destash #6 on Jul 27, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much, I really love the stationery. I appreciate your generosity. :)
Response: So glad you enjoyed. :) Thanks for swapping.
LizzyJo rated for Mystery Supply Swap 6.20 on Jul 24, 2020
Comment: I love what you did with the mystery supply! The abandoned theme park theme is perfect. Thank you so much. Your happy mail was the bright spot in my day.
Response: Thanks so much. I am glad you liked it. 😁 When I saw you liked abandoned amusement parks I thought that paired with the tickets perfectly. 😁 There is an abandoned Disney Water park here in FL I have always wanted to explore, it's so overgrown with natural wildlife and Gators now it's strictly forbidden to enter.... Which would make it even cooler. Haha.
EleanB rated for F-Bomb ATC Swap #1 on Jul 20, 2020
Comment: I don't know where you found all the text but it's AWESOME! Thanks much!
Response: Thanks! 😁 It came from the book House of Leaves. Glad you liked! 😁
krspellman rated for Junk Journal Swap on Jul 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful junk journal. I truly appreciate the work you put in, I love it. I’m so sorry for the late rating, I have been away from swap bot due to a personal struggle and didn’t realize I hadn’t rated. ❤️
Response: Hope you are doing better and thanks so much for the kind rating. Take care of yourself. :-)
DreZee rated for 90's Kid POG Swap on Jul 10, 2020
Comment: What cool pogs! Thank you! And thanks for the extra sticker. I truly do love the 90's!
Response: Thank you! This was a fun swap. :-) I enjoyed making those stickers. :-)

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lovetherain on Feb 26, 2021:

Thank you so much for all the wonderful pin up postcards for the "I've got what you want" tag! I love them all.

beachchicken on Sep 29, 2020:

Hi Chelsea! Thanks for completing the anime space jam. I love the way it turned out!

YooperHill on Jul 22, 2020:

Mystery supply swap 6.20 - yes, I love your art & the circus theme! Well done my friend! Thank you!

kiddomerriweather on Jul 15, 2020:

Chelsea, thank you so much for the PF RAK! You sent so much great stuff and I love absolutely everything. The opossum stickers are great. I already put some on the inserts in my traveler's notebook. You rock!

GummiBear on Apr 1, 2020:

I love your envelopes!! You do such an awesome job... they hold up well!! And the zombie girl... OH MI GAWSH .. thank you I love her!!!

dartha on Mar 23, 2020:

Thank you so very much for the amazing junk journal and all the goodies. You are so sweet to do that!!! Love the way you made it - that is so cool. Thank you for being such an amazing hostess. Thank you!!! darla

isandie on Mar 16, 2020:

thank you SO MUCH for the glorious illustrated book pages!!! I can't wait to make things with them!!! XOXOXO

ladydy5 on Feb 28, 2020:

Glad to have you join our group...Artistically Inclined. :)

SunflowerRose on Feb 20, 2020:

2020 Newbie Friendly- Profile Bible Verse #1

hope you enjoy

cynaemon on Feb 20, 2020:

Arise, Shine, for thy light is come, and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. Isaiah 60:1 KJB. This has always been a special verse for me. It was our watchword in Girl's Auxiliary, a missions group in the Baptist church where I was raised.

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