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Date Joined: January 30, 2009
Last Online: April 14, 2021
Birthday: June 3
Country: Germany
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Attention- Very Important!!!!

Please do always add a custom declaration sticker on all of your swaps ( only important for packages. Simple letters do not need that sticker)when your country does not belong to the european union otherwise I will have to go to the customs office to pick your swap up. This is really time wasting as I have to go 20 Minutes by car to reach it!!! I also have to pay for every day they keep it there...

42years old, crazy for penpalling,( feel free to ask for a penfriendship i am always open to make new friends from all over the world)horses and swapping I am a married housewife and mom to a 16 years old big boy and a 8 year old . I collect everything horse related, I have a huge collection of figurine model horses. I am addicted to souvenir magnets and would love to have one fron each country. Magnet= Heart:-)

I also swap stationery, stickers, adress labels, postcards, penpal items, souvenirs etc.. It is lot´s of fun to get fat envies:-) :-)

I have been riding horses for more than 25 years and I have had a own horse for 21 years but unfortunately had it to put to sleep caused by old age .

I have a dog and a lizard( bearded dragon). I am a huge animal lover with passion for horses and reptiles:-)

I am very tolerant to everything and everyone, I am not the picky kind of swapper that rates down very often . In fact I have never rated a 3 !!!!! It is easy to please me and I always try to please my swap partners. Unfortunantely some swap partner rated me a 3 because they had the opinion that I did not please them 100%... it makes me a little bit sad to be honest cause it never was or is my intention to dissapoint people. When I sign up for swaps I never expect the maximum of gifts, I am happy when I get a fat package, but I am just as happy when I get a smaller one. I would never rate a 3 when people just forget to wrap gifts etc... but that is only my personal opinion. I also would never flake and always try to sent swaps out in time.

The only and first time I was 4 days late in sending out a swap I was immediately rated with a 3!!!!!!!! I don´t think that 4 days late is a tragedy especially I was partnered with this person in several former swaps and she knows that I am trustful! I am quite dissapointed now.... but that´s life.


PLEASE PM ME WHEN YOU DON´T GET THE SWAP!! I have no reason for not sending out swaps, sometimes snailmail swaps get lost in the mail, that´s no mysteria, that´s reality!


I love

*** FOOD + DRINKS***

  • sweets and snacks from foreign countries( for czech swap partners I LOOOOOVE Dolcezza Araska and Kokos chocolate and these " Margot" choco bars)
  • anything chocolate:-) I also love dark choc
  • salty snacks
  • cheese nachos
  • Strawberry Twisters
    • honey mustard flavoured
  • onion or sour cream flavoured
  • nuts
  • vinegar flavoured
  • Wonka Nerds** yummy** Wonka Tarts ( please when sending Nerds add a customs declaration on your package, otherwise it will always be stopped by the german custom... it is rattling and custom officers always might think of tablets..)
  • hot chocolate( esp mint flavoured I can not get it here in Germany)
  • spices( I love cooking international)
  • instant noodle snacks
  • nougat


  • everything owls
  • everything hedgehog related
  • cute stationery
  • anything from the 80ties ...snugglebumms, keypers, my little pony...
  • japanese and any asisan items
  • notecards
  • horsey stuff, figurine model horses( I have a huge collection of model horses that look realistic,no kitschy ones, I mainly collect the horses of these companies: Breyer, Schleich, Papo, Safari, Bullyland, Julip, Peter Stone, but I love all kinds of horse models)
  • horse books
  • horse magazines
  • My little pony
  • unicorns
  • horse postcards
  • stickers
  • unique soaps
  • Lush cosmetic products
  • Bath and Body Works aromatherapy ( esp Lemon Zest)
  • Rockabilly and Pin Up Stuff
  • perfume samples
  • cosmetics ( black mascara, brown or grey eye shadow)
  • socks ( German size L, UK size 5)
    • penpal items, adress labels
  • rubber stamps/clear stamps
  • big ink pads ( I don't use too small ones)
  • envelopes ( every size and color)
  • small earrings( silver)
  • necklaces and bracelets in silver
  • lip gloss/lip smacker
  • souvenir fridge magnets
  • Christmas related items
  • Halloween related items
  • spring and summer related items( I love to decorate seasonally)
  • neck pillows
  • small towels
  • kitchen related items for example oven gloves, dishcloth...)
  • facile scarfs in dark colours ( black, blue, grey, scarfs with patterns in these colours are nice too)
  • snakes ( I am really interrested in cobras, rattle snakes, common brown snakes ... calendars, postcards, bookmarks with snakes on are more than welcome)
    • everything Tupperware
  • Lock and lock tins and canisters, every size and colour
  • storage containers
  • cds with music from your country(panflute,guitare, ....)
  • burts bees
  • card games
  • me to you bear
  • vintage stuff
  • dwarfs and gnomes
  • love lavender
  • lighthouses
  • windmills
  • The walking Dead
  • Zombies

My 6 years old loves

  • Pat and Mat
  • Peppa Pig
  • Mia and Me
  • Fireman Sam
  • the little mole
  • music
  • lego technic
  • playmobil
  • Minions (Despicable me)
  • animal sticker
  • Astrid Lindgren
  • glue and glitter
  • experiments

We dislike/Please don´t send

  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • keyrings
  • candles
  • anything pink
  • zigarettes
  • nail polish
  • lipsticks ( except lip smacker and lip gloss)
  • gel pens
  • commercial postcards , art postcards
  • anything licorice
  • anything mushroom


I love all kinds of Fbs( but the extremly sloppy ones are awful...) and take any excess. feel free to send me Fbs with all swaps.

About rating

I usually rate every swap the day I get it cause I am online at least once a day. I am sorry to see that a lot of people here don´t rate regularly.

I try to contact you when I don´t get the swap, but I will rate a 1 when I never get an answer back.

A-Z Tina78likes:

  • A: Adress Lables, Animals , Angels
  • B: butterflies, bracelets,Body Shop, books about horses ( non-fictional ones, no novels)
  • C: Cards , Candy, Circus, chewing-gum, cobras, Christmas
  • D: Dogs, Diddl, dolphins
  • E: Envelopes, Egypt,earrings( only silver and only small sizes)
  • F: faries, figurine horses, foreign countries, Falcon Crest
  • G: Guniea Pigs
  • H: HORSES!!!!!!!!, Hello Kitty, Halloween, hedgehog
  • I: Indian art. ink pads, islands, iceland,
  • J: Jelly Beans
  • K: kids stuff, kings
  • L. Long letters, lip gloss, lip smacker
  • M: Model horses, mystery, magnets, magnetic listpads
  • N: Nature, necklaces
  • O: Origami, Orchidee
  • P. Ponies, Paranormal things, pens,Postcards.peanut cream, pumpkins
  • Q: Quater Horses, Quality Fbs,
  • R Rubber stampers, Roses,Royals
  • S: Stickers, Sanrio, scrapbooking, soaps, socks, snakes, shampoo,scarecrows
  • T :Tinkerbell, Tea, toys for my son, travelguides
  • U:Unicorns
  • V:vampires
  • W: Writting papper, witches
  • X.
  • Y Yellow
  • Z

Swaps I have been flaked on

I never thought it will happen to me but it did... I have been flaked on

  • I am a good swapper ( www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/41369) by mfinley /// Angeld by BEARYNICE September 2009

  • send what you want Nr.6 by Glowingstar

    • send anything Nr.8 ( international) by freckleface
  • Happy go lucky for May - by pinkgothicgal

  • stuff from my country 3- by onlyrose

  • christmas gifts for kids international -by virgovegan( she has deleted her account after I have rated her a 1....)

  • stuffed envelope international/ by stephen

  • I wish for....christmas gift swap/ by tinkerbell1982


Comment: Thank you for your letter. I just received it yesterday and am writing you back now.
kizzlets rated for SNAIL Mail - Int'l on Mar 5, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your happy mail!! :)
Comment: Thank you for the nice note card and extras! I will write you back soon.
snailmailer1 rated for Christmas Box Swap September on Nov 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you Tina
Amelia rated for International penpals ages 30 or up on Nov 13, 2020
Comment: Hey Tina! I really enjoyed reading your letter! I will send you one back :)
Comment: Thank you for the lovely letter and extras you sent. I will write back soon!
Meisje rated for Souvenirs#4 on Nov 5, 2020
Comment: Thanks Tina fir the resend and the lovely items from Germany.
dorcii rated for ☆ FULL ENVELOPE #27 ☆ on Sep 18, 2020
Comment: Oops, I see I have not give any ratings to you. Your letters always mean a full envelope to me <3 I look forward to hearing from you and your trip!! :)
Nushkinathan rated for Christmas Box Swap July on Aug 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much! I can't wait to open the box!
Catt007 rated for ☆ FULL ENVELOPE #26 ☆ on Jul 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much, I wish I could give more than 1 heart. This put a huge smile on my face when the post arrived this morning. Happy Friday 😀😀
Kylieg1121 rated for Pen Pal Search # 10 on Apr 7, 2020
Leekoba rated for Pen Pal Search # 9 on Mar 24, 2020
Comment: Thanks for resending! I've never been to Germany. Sounds like you have a full time with your children! Happy swapping!
ayahsantos rated for Pen Pal Search # 7 on Jan 27, 2020
Comment: Hi Tina!! I got your letter today! I can't wait to respond to you this week! Take Care!!
Comment: Hey home slice. I thought I got your letter in the mail but I guess I didn't. It's been a super long month or so. I'm going to go back over my mail one more time. I've looked a few times but I'm going to look one more time. And I'll let you know. I just wanted to make sure I rated you. I'm sure you sent it!!
snailmailer1 rated for Christmas Box Swap (September) on Nov 30, 2019
Comment: Thank you
Zefaniya rated for New Penpals & a photo #3 on Nov 2, 2019
Comment: Sadly this was 9 days late with no notice & no response to my message. That's impressive that you can read & write in 4 languages...I bet having penpals that speak those languages keeps you on your toes!
Lablauri57 rated for New Penpals & a photo #3 on Oct 21, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the selfie! I love your life style. I would love to correspond with you....
lob rated for European penpals on Aug 3, 2019
Comment: I was so happy to get your letter and plan to write back. The extras made me smile, too.

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thelocalman on Jul 6, 2019:

Just received your letter Tina :) Thank you for continuing our pen pal correspondence! I will send you a letter on Monday. I also send you a friend request in facebook ^^

Best, Nikola

rarjones on Jun 3, 2019:

Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope your day is full of sunshine and happiness:) rarjones - Happy Birthday Group

sasaholic on Aug 3, 2017:

just a little update, THE TAFFY IS HEAVENLYYYY!!! <3 <3 <3 thank you so much!

njstauter on Sep 17, 2016:

I had 2 SS for September and got them mixed up. Yours came today and I thank you!!!

lou on Jun 8, 2016:

Please reply to messages, regarding unrated swap sent May 16

lou on Jun 3, 2016:

Happy birthday, Tina, from WIYM group!

MichelleWillow on Feb 28, 2016:

I have opened next Alphabet scavenger hunt swap for public. If you wanna join: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/217314 Deadline to join is today.

Creativechaos1 on Aug 25, 2015:

hello there - has the Cute Stationery of the Month (September) arrived yet?

lou on Jun 5, 2015:

Happy Birthday MONTH from WIYM group!

Debmitch on Apr 30, 2015:

from SnailPensandEZSwaps

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