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About Me

I am a stay at home mother of 5. I have been married to the love of my life for over 15 years in that time we have lived in Las Vegas, San Diego and currently in Tillamook, Oregon. We have 3 daughters and 2 sons. My life is pretty crazy with having a big family! My oldest is in middle school and they go all the way down to a very stubborn "three-nager" I have a severely impacted child with autism and unfortunately I eat, sleep, and think autism. It is hard to catch a break and for that I feel crazily addicted to coffee, candy and netflix :)

Favorite Books

My favorite books.
The Storied Life of AJ Fickery (if you havent read, you must... its fabulous) Anything by Rainbow Rowell The Girl on the Train Harry Potter (of course!) Childrens books Art books Travel books

oh and I love maps :)

Favorite Movies

Romantic Comedies are a total favorite, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, OH, the Notebook is fabulous- sad, but good. I enjoy a classic comedy but nothing lewd or absolutely disgusting. I really enjoyed the Harry Potter Series and like it when good prevails over bad.

Favorite Television

Glee, Lie to Me, Travel Channel, Raising Hope, The Amazing Race, Fixer Upper, IZombie, Cable Girls, Riverdale. I am loving Netflix :) Anything with subtitles, old reruns of Friends or Greys Anatomy

Favorite Crafts

I love painting, and am currently looking for a new crafting hobby. I have tried so many. I sew, I can cross stich, I can bead jewelry, I like to learn new things.

I love decorating envelopes. ALOT. Dont be surprised if your envelope comes decorated even if it isn't part of the swap. I LOVE happy mail.

I love getting anything that can help me to create happy mail.

*Washi *hole punches *markers *white markers *stamps *shiny things!


I love science and Nature. It is my favorite and I use to teach Earth Science. I love things found in nature, rocks especially. I was a geology major prior to going into education. I am over the "normal" age of having a rock collection but it is one of my favorite hobbies! I am also a fan of shells, leaves, feathers, eggs, and anything that IS NOT CREEPY CRAWLY :P I do not like bugs, spiders, snakes, rats, or mice.


Can we just talk about my favorite vacation destination? Its France! I absolutely love everything about France. The people, the language, the architecture, the metro and oh, the Louvre. The food is amazing, the smells and sights. Ahhhh Paris. I can't get enough!

The Favorites :)

Postcard Preference- I like them naked :) written or unwritten its up to you. :)

My colors are grey, yellows, and a mix greens

I have a list of favorites here, but I really like ethnic and vintage items. Beads, buttons, boxes, tiny things, rhinestones, and shimmer, I collect antiques, I have a lot of wood items, spools, and little bottles from pharmacies a long time ago. I like hearts, butterflies, fairies, sunflowers, mermaids, brown leather, flowers in general and I really like things that you can't get everywhere. unique items.

I like winter, snow, and Christmas, I enjoy weather and love the fall.

Glitter, shiny, pretty things are always a fave, rhinestones, feathers, girlie girl things..and again vintage anything :) Earrings, bracelets, tiaras, cute socks.

I love mermaids, rainbows and house plants. I have a large garden and love being outside. succulents are so much fun for me. It has taken me so long to figure out that they don't need the water I want to give them!!!!

Current City: Tillamook, Oregon (yep, its where we make cheese!) It is very rural and along the Oregon Coast. Our county has more cows than people!

Favorite Fruit: Pears and cherries

Favorite outside activity: Hiking, crabbing, ROCK HUNTING! I am a geologist at heart. We do find a lot of agates because of living so close to the beach. It is a geological treasure hunt!

Favorite inside activity: crafting, painting, sewing (even though I am not good at it) Taking photos of my kids!

Animals :) I like just about any animal that would be deemed cute. I have a large rescue dog named Boots. He has a terrible back story, but lives a fabulous life now. And two very spoiled Holland Lop bunnies (Opal and Hazel)

I am really into Bees and hives. They are really special.

Respectfully no....

These are things I respectfully say "no" to,

Anything considered vulgar no bad language sexual images or suggestive langage

Nothing Autism related. I live with autism everyday in my life. I love the little boy but I despise the disorder. Anything autism related would take the happy feeling away from the mail.

No puzzle pieces, no awareness stickers/ buttons, etc.

Loose glitter.. yes I love it but please dont send it loose!


simplyjeannette rated for Destash 5-USA-May on May 6, 2020
Comment: Thank You Amy for the swap, your kind words in your note touched my heart. Anything wine related will make me come, lol. I surely will look you up if i ever come that way
arystotle rated for I <3 Ephemera Swap on May 4, 2020
Comment: The popcorn drawing is amazing, so going to frame it or put in my journal and thank you for everything you included.
Comment: Hi Amy, thank you so much for all the wonderful things. Your happy mail indeed make me very happy. I love everything. Thank you so much. Hope you receive something as good from your partner. <3
petaluda rated for Eyes closed swap 18 on Jun 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful PC ....Greetings to Boots :)
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Comment: Thank you for the mega goldfish 😀
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Comment: Thanks for the great card!
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Comment: Beautiful Card! I see you waving from your house :) lol
Comment: Thank you so much for the tea! I cannot wait to try them out!
Comment: First- love this sunset card! Second- I've read Miss Peregrine! I made sure I read it before the movie came out and I enjoyed both!
crate rated for Newbie welcome May 2018 on May 17, 2018
Comment: I cannot express how absolutely amazing this package was to receive. From the camper Amy drew on the front of the package to the postcards and gorgeous Amethyst cluster she picked out especially for me, this package was like receiving a birthday gift on top of a Christmas gift on top of a just because gift. Thank you for making my day! I cannot tell you how much this brightened my week!
Response: I am so glad you liked the amethyst. I adore geology and rocks. When I saw your profile I knew just what to get!
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Comment: What a cute, lovely swap! Thank you sooo much, such sweet items! You made my week! karli
Comment: Amy, Thanks for the beautiful postcards! I especially love the envie. It is posted on the wall above my desk. And the note simply made my day!
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Comment: Hi Amy! I've heard about this book so much, but never picked it up. I'll have to look for it at the bookstore next time.
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Comment: Thank you for sharing. I love that you’re so free with your hearts. They are great to give and receive x
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Comment: I have read this book! I really liked it and didn't think the movie did it justice! Thank you for sending!
Comment: No worries dear, sometimes we are just too tired and miss out on the little details :) Thanks for sharing, it sounds like total fun. I like the part about family traditions. Nowadays traditions are being lost to technology, i am glad that you are trying to make your own traditions and that your kids still do so for your sake, even if they might not want to anymore :)
Comment: Hey Amy, I received your e-mail and comment as well. No worries at all. Thank you for taking your time <3
Comment: Thank you! I love glitter too!
Comment: Thank you for sharing 10 things that make you happy with me. You have to start some where. I am glad you choose my swap. Look forward to having you in some more of my swaps
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aurelas on Apr 27, 2018:

I was going to have pictures until I realized how much space it was going to take up! So I'm afraid you'll have to imagine your own pictures. ;)

10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY in no particular order

  1. Rain: it always lifts my spirits far above the world and I long to dance in it like Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, which is one of my top all-time favourite movies since I was a kid. I was actually happy that it rained a little on me on my wedding day--it felt like a blessing. The scent of rain is intoxicating! And we can include thunder in this, because it makes me happy too. Also the frogs who do a hoarse cry on rainy days.

  2. Sun shining through leaves: I noticed that this made me happy back when I was in middle school, but was much too shy to tell anyone. My name here on Swap-bot, as well as just about all of the internet, Aurelas, means roughly "sunlit leaf" in Quenya (Tolkien's high-Elvish language). When I see a leaf made transparent and glowing by sunlight, I feel joy. I think of it as God's stained glass. Also, just being surrounded by trees or large quantities of natural colour green (ivy, green grass, England, etc).

  3. Snuggling with my daughter: There is nothing sweeter to me than when my 6yo climbs up onto the couch or bed and smushes herself close to me. It brings back memories of the days when she was so small I could hold her entire body on the top part of my chest. Even when she kicks me or pokes me by accident (which happens a lot), the warm fuzzies don't go away. Even better is when she tells me how much she loves snuggling with me. Gosh, I love that girl!

  4. Books: reading has been one of the biggest life-changers I have encountered, with some books changing my perceptions, my beliefs, etc. and others helping me to become a better person or even helping me to keep from killing myself. Books are friends; unread books are friends I haven't made yet. I love the feeling of a book in my hands, especially if it is old or familiar. I enjoy the smell of books--the scent of a room full of books and the scent of each particular book, for many have their own unique perfume. The font choices, the footnotes, the crinkly endpapers protecting lovely illustrations... I could rhapsodize for hours, probably. I am simply book mad! My books fill one whole room and about half of another in our house.

  5. Meeting a kindred spirit: It is so rare for me to find someone who knows about things I am interested in (besides my husband of course) that I often feel very alone in the world. A chance meeting with someone in a Dr. Who t-shirt or a book in their hand, or paints on their fingers, or an anime backpack or something can make my day. I have to talk to them and get their opinion on my favourite things.

  6. Driving: I don't know why it is, exactly, but driving calms me, steadies me, helps me to focus. I love feeling at one with the car and the road and the world outside my home. I someday want a green-energy-powered car so this could be a guilt-free pleasure.

  7. Asian markets: Walking around in an Asian market makes me very happy. There are all of these interesting ingredients and I don't have the slightest idea what to do with them. It always sparks my creativity and reminds me that there is still reason to keep going, because there is so much I haven't learned yet. And there is mochi! YUM :D

  8. Museums: Art museums, regular historical museums, you name it, I love them all. When I was a kid we couldn't usually afford vacations, but my parents were great at finding things that were free that we could go to and usually these were museums. The thrill of not knowing what wonder was around the next corner has never left me. And now museums also remind me of something special--for our first date my husband took me to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in a museum in Mobile, AL. It was the best date ever!

  9. Cats: How could I make it all the way to 9 without getting to cats? Cats have been my fascination and obsession since I was a baby. I love them all and would take them all if I could. A purring cat is a thing of joy, even if it is kneading with its claws out! I love trying to speak to cats in their language and hearing their answers. I play with them as if I were a cat too--when I move the way they do, they treat me as if I were! I would love to be the Jane Gooddall of cats.

  10. Ice hockey: I get so into hockey, especially the Stanley Cup playoffs and Finals. By the finals I'm ready to cheer the winners and cry with the losers. I'm one of those people who do the cheers in their living rooms, hehe. Hockey lets me let loose, and boy, is it ever fun!

Other things I didn't get to list: having a large snake such as a python around my neck, embroidering, thrifting with my husband or mom, the darkest chocolate I can get ahold of, and British accents (all of them).

littlemissme84 on Apr 24, 2018:

Profile Swap: Things that make you happy. I’ve not included my husband, cats or friends and family as they’re not ‘things’.

I hope you enjoy reading my list,

Ree 😊

1) Books - I love to read and will try to read most things.

2) Rainbows - the ones in the sky and my little people in red who I volunteer with (Girl Guides aged 5-7 - equivalent to Daisies in the USA)

3) crafting - all kinds but my faves are embroidery, crochet, rock painting and pyrography.

4) chocolate - I’m a HUGE chocoholic

5) my phone - I attached to my phone and enjoy playing games, surfing the internet and taking photos.

6) board/video games - I love both and hubby and I have nearly 100 board games and he’s gotten me into a few different video games.

7) butterflies - maybe not ‘things’ but they do make me happy

8) tulips - I absolutely love tulips. They’re my favourite flower though I also love daffodils and sunflowers too.

9) driving - I enjoy driving and singing along to the radio and my cds/iPhone music while driving along. It’s a good thing I like driving as I do a lot with work!

10) Pokemon go - I enjoy playing it and it gets me out of the house!

GypsyCat on Apr 23, 2018:

Hello I'm your partner Gypsycatandcrafts for the swap called 10 Things that makes me happy. Enjoy.

  1. Reading books makes me happy. I love a good book because it will capture my imagination. With books I can travel the world without ever leaving my home or bed. Discover new hobbies and recipes to experiment with. With books there are no limits to the fun adventures one can get lost in. Reading is of my favorite pass times.

  2. Singing makes me happy. Even thou I have the voice of a toad instead of a lovely goddess. I still love to sing loud and proud. Nope I'm always in the front row singing to the mountain tops.

  3. Crafting makes me happy. There's no feeling like when you just tackled a complicated project , and it turned out great. It boosts your self-esteem and motivate you to push harder to reach new limits of creativity. Also crafting is a great way to relieve stress and create unique gifts for your love ones. Are just that silly cat that lives next door.

  4. Treating myself makes me happy. Treating myself to a special spa day at home is always a great start to make me happy. Add a couple of bath bombs, some bath salt and some scented candles. Plus some nice soothing music and turn on the heat to keep the room nice and warm. Also a nice moisturizing face mask and deep conditioning hair cream also keep me happy. Soaking in the tub for at least an hour or two and then when searching up my favorite snack. Then wrapping up in my blankets with my favorite book and that is how I treat myself and make myself happy.

  5. Dutch apple pie makes me happy. It brings back memories of my father baking in the kitchen when I was a child and a picky eater.

  6. Hunting for the perfect skein of yarn makes me happy. I love roaming through yarn shops and craft stores looking for that perfect roll of yarn. That will turn into the perfect project that will turn into the perfect gift for someone special.

  7. Spring time makes me happy. I enjoy sitting back and looking at all the colorful wild flowers that randomly blossoms all over the city.

  8. Toe socks make me happy. Toe socks are just comfortable and colorful to wear. Sometging I will never grew out of.

  9. Orange Bang the drink makes me happy. I love this tasty Frosty delicious Spanish drink. I enjoyed reading it all times of day I think it's the best way to have orange juice.

  10. Being myself makes me happy most of all. There nothing else really can compare with making me happy like being myself, and being allowed to be myself. That's what really makes me happy.

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