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Why do you leave hearts?

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Why do you leave hearts?
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Super easy swap...to help us better understand one another...

Often I wonder if I too easily give hearts or if I should have given one when I didn't. So I thought this would be fun. Also, it can be useful for some of the new swappers.

How this works: You simply answer the question "Why do I leave hearts?" below in the comment section. You can answer it as soon as you join if you want as long as you have answered by the deadline. When partners are assigned you scroll through the comments and find your partner's answer and rate them a 5 if they answered it. That's it! Easy Peasy!

Extra notes: Some people leave hearts when they believe people put in effort. Others only leave hearts if they got extras. We are all so different in what we look for when deciding to give that extra heart. Some of us put in a lot of effort and when we don't get a heart wonder why. So I thought this swap could help with that. If we understand the differences in people it might help us have a better understanding of each other.

Since this is an electronic swap - no ratings required - newbies allowed - however, if you don't answer before the deadline you will be rated accordingly. Please don't forget to rate your partners.


tonat80 04/29/2018 #

I leave hearts for any swap that shows effort. Basically, if you put care into it - whether it be personalized from my profile or a project that you put effort in to...Even some postcard swaps get hearts if the postcard shows you know a little about me (my profile) or maybe it has a nice quote or some good facts on it (not just my address basically). I love encouraging others with swapbot so I love showering hearts!

meenaRN 04/29/2018 #

I leave a heart for well thought out, well made projects. It does not have to be personalized to my specific likes or contain "extras" or "goodies". It effort was made by even writing a nice note of what inspired the craft, what we may or may not have in common, or even something to are looking forward to doing or receiving I leave a heart. I think that Swap-bot is a great platform to encourage others as well as ourselves and send and received inspiration for future projects. I also like to leave a note of feedback with my heart so the person knows what I loved about their project.

elkalsa 04/29/2018 #

I leave heart when I have nothing to say 😁 😅 I don't like to not saying anything and don't give heart

Drachenfrau 04/29/2018 #

I happily give a heart, when the swap is made with love! Effort and thought are important! A nice note and reading my profile. Quality over quantity! :-)

thebragal 04/29/2018 #

I give hearts for a few reasons.

1. For an awesome swap item, letter or email. I mainly swap art (ATCs) so if it’s really well done, especially, but not only if, profile-based, I give a heart. I try to be generous so even if I don’t love it, but I like it and I see effort, I most often give a heart. If it’s an email or a letter, I look for the topic or questions to have full details and lots of content. #2. If the swap is mediocre but I get a note saying it was meant to be done another/better way but they encountered issues, especially with a technique-based swap, I give a heart. I know I’d hope for one if I tried really hard and was bummed it wasn’t better. #3. If the swap is so-so (effort involved but I just don’t prefer it), but I get something else in the package I really like. Could be profile extras, extras not from my profile but I love it/them, a decorated envie, lovely address lettering, decorated or pretty paper for a letter, a pretty envie for the ATC or wrapping for a product-type swap. Or even a really nice, profile-based note especially along with email swaps. I’ve even given a heart for someone adding an array of pretty postage stamps to a swap! I won’t give a heart if the extras aren’t profile-based and the swap is just ok. I never give a heart, even if they fulfill #3 if the swap is done badly or doesn’t follow the rules. I don’t always give a 3 but if I don’t, it definitely doesn’t get a heart. I’ve had a couple partners that only give a heart if you add a decently long note. One time I got a comment that she loved the swap but I didn’t get a heart so I asked why. That was why. Not in love with that reason for hearts. The swap should always be the #1 reason IMHO.


thebragal 04/29/2018 #

Whoa, sorry, didn’t mean to Bold it all! Dont even know why...

Babytreese 04/29/2018 #

I love giving hearts! Swap-Bot is supposed to be a fun experience. I have had bad experiences with some swappers who, no matter if you put extras in their package or not, they won't give a heart. If I see any of those swappers on a swap that I have joined, I will remove myself from the swap. Postage alone sometimes earn someone a heart! isn't there enough hate and pettiness in the world? This is no place for that! This is a place of love. Let's keep it going!!

DragonflyDaisy 04/29/2018 #

I am not stingy with my ♥️ hearts! How I decide to give hearts is really simple - if any part of your swap makes me happy or made me smile, you will get a ❤️ heart from me! It can be any part of the swap that made me happy - the swap itself, the extras sent or a nice note that was included. And I want others to know when they leave me a heart it makes me happy and makes me think I did a good job in bringing happiness to their day! Like everyone else, I have received swaps that I wasn't that excited about, but I think some people become petty about what they think they should receive from others and take it to the extreme. When a partner's "dislikes" list is longer than my entire profile, I just think WOW! And you know that this person will be hard to please and likely is very stingy with their hearts. I have even had a profile state that they will mark down to a 3 if they receive a certain color in their swap!!! There is a saying that there are two types of people- the glass half full and the glass half empty, but I would like to think there is another type as well - those who are grateful to have a glass at all! So I will try to spread happiness in my corner of the world by leaving ♥️ hearts along the way! Happy crafting! 🙂

03Scarlett 04/29/2018 #

I used to leave hearts on a regular basis for pretty much anything unless a swap was really crappy but then when I got to thinking about it, I think that the whole reason for the hearts to begin with are for extra special swaps where a lot of thought was put into it [such as a nice long letter that has a lot to say and not just a note when someone writes as little as possible just to get the swap done and over with.]

Most times if I have received a swap and the swap was a good one and extras are included, I'll leave a heart and yes I'll have to admit, if it's things I can use that were on my list - that will get a heart as it shows that the person has read my profile to know that what they were sending was something that would be useful to me.

At first I was leaving hearts left and right for some electronic swaps that I did but then decided a lot of swaps didn't really merit a heart when it was a real simple, leave a comment on your profile or a swap of that nature. However if there was extra effort put into it [such as doing a swap with questions to answer and the person actually elaborated on their answers and didn't give just a one or two word answer just to complete the swap as fast as they could], for those who go over and beyond, I'll definitely give a heart for an electronic swap. Again, it's about the effort that is put into it.

Autumn5 04/29/2018 #

I love getting and giving hearts, so if someone puts effort into the swap I'll give them out ♥️ Lots of love to go around :)

cocokitten 04/29/2018 #

I’m new to this, so don’t have a lot of experience yet. I will leave a heart if I feel the other person has put time or effort or thought into the item. Everyone likes to feel that their efforts are appreciated, so as long as it doesn’t look like it was quickly thrown together, I’ll give a heart.

oceanilumn 04/29/2018 #

to not get as philosophical as I could I like to live by this quote. " too often do people think love comes from a reservoir to be emptied or given rather than created in moments with others".


  • each time I get any swap I know that someone used their most valuable commodity and took it to make something for me. that, if anything, is worth a heart.
samsstuff 04/29/2018 #

I leave hearts when my partner has put thought & effort into their swap, even if it's not my style. I don't expect extras & don't leave hearts just for them. I've even left hearts for postcards. It's kind of annoying when you've put a lot of thought into a swap, but your partner only gives hearts for extras. The swaps aren't about the extras, in my opinion & that's not why I joined Swap Bot or why I sign up for swaps...

mariewilliams810 04/30/2018 #

I USUALLY leave a heart. I give a heart if I really like what is sent or if it looks like they put an effort into making it. If they clearly read my profile and tailored it to me they for sure get a heart.

rubyhousesliprs 04/30/2018 #

I usually leave hearts when I can see someone has put a little thought and effort into the swap - even on postcards. If you can see they just rushed through and were careless, then no heart.

I always leave at least a "Thank you" in the rating, even if nothing else, because it is common courtesy to thank someone who took their time and money to put something in the mail for you - hearts or no hearts.

RooBaRoo 04/30/2018 #

I give a heart for effort. Effort shows, always. The effort might be a brilliant idea, fabulous artwork, pouring out one's heart, extras keeping in mind my daughter ... it might even be hours of poring through the internet deciding THE drums whose photos you want to post on my profile.The more specific feedback, I give in comments. I am generous with hearts. It makes my day, & surely someone else's too? I received 2 different prayer flags which were all the wrong dimensions. But amazing craftwork, hours of labour of love. I'm sure they'll conduct my prayers to the heavens. I let the makers know in PMs that other swappers might object to wring dimensions. But hearts, oh yes. They deserved. I do not believe that electronic swaps are automatically undeserving of hearts. Someone searches a quote for me, reads a book & sends me a review, shares a recipe ... certainly it is possible to tell from the email whether effort was taken or not. Basically, I give a heart unless I feel "Whoa! Is that even anything?" Occasionally I have received sticker slapped or glitter slapped pixelated printout item that I really did not feel like leaving a heart for.

ElenaMaz 04/30/2018 #

I give a heart for many reasons.Reason #1 sounds simple but many of the times it doesn't happen, I give a heart when people actually read my profile! it shows me that they care enough no matter what the swap was. Reason #2, (personal reason) If anything with elephants is included, this is because I love elephants so it is always a plus for me. #3 If you can tell me person made an effort on the swap and took the time, specially when handmade is involved. I am NOT that good in handmade stuff so I always appreciate when someone puts effort into something. and finally Reason #4 When people take time to write notes or letters or to explain the swap they are sending, I love reading what they have to say!

amylou2 04/30/2018 #

I guess I leave a heart when someone shares a part of themselves, whether in the stamps they chose, a note they wrote, a simple drawing, coloring an envelope, or just making an effort to make me smile when I receive my mail. I give hearts to someone who touches my heart with a comment or even because their profile is so heartfelt and I feel a connection. I love being able to give hearts freely as it makes someone feel good to get a heart and it makes me feel good to give them <3

BrendaB 05/ 1/2018 #

I am a relatively new member and in the beginning I would give hearts if I received above and beyond what was required. But after a few months I decided I would also give hearts for a well done swap. You can tell if someone put care and thought into their creation. Thanks for listening!

rarjones 05/ 1/2018 #

I give hearts abundantly! I joined swap-bot to find pleasantness and connection with people who craft. It is an easy thing to do -click a heart:) It may make someones day and to not give a heart could actually sadden ones day. If someone took the time to send out their swap and follow the requirements I see no reason to not give a heart:) I do even for electronic swaps. I think the only thing that 'stirs my dust' that I would not give a heart on is when people don't send on time without even messaging you. I know life happens and I even overlook this a first and second time but if I find you are a repeat offender with swaps with me I won't give a heart. I may still give a 5 for the swap but I drop the heart then:( As a rule I give hearts very freely! Swap-bot deserves to be a HAPPY place:)

babyblues65 05/ 1/2018 #

This is my first project, but why I would leave a heart, If someone put themselves out there no matter their skill level and send me something they made, regardless of the quality, I'm going to give a heart. I'm here to share with others and I want them to share with me it's as simple as that. It's kind of like the art work your child brings to you, no matter what, they thought of you. Heart all the way!! :-)

yomousey 05/ 1/2018 #

I leave hearts if it's something that I really like. When I can tell somebody has spent a lot of time and effort in making something (like ATC's) or I can see they checked my profile and sent something that I put in my Likes. I give hearts for extras and sometimes I give hearts if it touches me in some way. For example, I hosting reading challenges, and the partner has to review a book they read. A short review would not get a heart, a long review may not either, but one that really explains how the reader felt about the book (good or bad) or why they picked it would get a heart. I sometimes wish we could give more than one heart because I have been lucky to have some amazing partners on her that have gone above and beyond what the swap called for. I LOVE SWAP-BOT!

veronicallama 05/ 1/2018 #

I give hearts with one exception - when someone clearly hasn't paid one lick of attention to my profile and they could have. Even then, I may if they've put some small effort into a decorated envelope.
It's embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I get upset when no heart has been given to me. And I don't want others to feel that. NONE of what goes on here at Swap-bot should be taken for granted. All of it is a way to make our lives a little fuller, a little happier, and that should be acknowledged. A heart does the trick!

cindylouwho 05/ 1/2018 #

I am very generous with my hearts. If you have obviously tried (meaning, not just threw it together), got it to me in time and had proper postage, that's all it takes from me! I don't care if you go by anything on my likes list. If you do, GREAT. If not, I hope you had fun making it and maybe did it in a style YOU liked because it's important to me that YOU have fun, too! :) I hate the thought of someone being uptight when they craft, I want he/she to ENJOY the process!

paperlover 05/ 1/2018 #

I leave a 💓 heart almost all the time. The only time I don't is if the swap didn't meet the requirements or if the swap name is nowhere to be found.

aurelas 05/ 2/2018 #

I leave hearts for a good portion of the swaps I receive. I love extras of course, but do not leave the heart off if I do not get any. I mean, the swap never tells you to send extras and it seems unfair to not rate people highly if they follow the rules. I give hearts when people follow the rules, write legibly, write a note at all for that matter if a note is not specified in the swap description, and/or seem to have gone out of their way to do a good job or to send something I would like. I sometimes wish there was another option for those who go way above and beyond expectations to the point that I feel guilty receiving such bounty. Maybe a little fireworks emblem or a flower or something? I do not give a heart for things that barely meet the minimum requirement and then are not legible or are written tersely. That doesn't happen much though! Everyone on here is great :)

porpie5 05/ 2/2018 #

I think I am pretty generous in giving hearts and sometimes I wish there were an additional icon to give; I've had some really good swaps that a heart just doesn't seem to cut it. When that happens, I make sure to compliment the giver in the comments section. I don't give a heart if the swapper barely meets the requirements, or if it doesn't seem like they put much effort into it. I also give hearts if I really, really like what my swapper chose for me! When I can tell if someone has read my profile, I think that deserves a heart!

WintersGift 05/ 2/2018 #

I leave hearts when someone goes above and beyond, when they do little extras, or when what they sent simply wows me or gives me all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

January 05/ 2/2018 #

I am generous with hearts because I believe that when someone has put effort and care into a swap, that person merits the heart to show my appreciation. In addition, I always leave a comment with a specific reference and appreciation for something in the piece of art/mail/whatever I have received. It is clear to me when someone has taken the time to look at my profile, write me a note, and put some time into what they send me. When that happens, my feeling is that I want to rate them with a heart. The few times I have not given one, is when the art/mail/whatever had no personal note, or was clearly hastily made, with a minimum of effort or thought.

kittyhahahotbot 05/ 3/2018 #

I leave hearts 99.99999999999999999999999999% of the time. I even founded bots ONLY HEART GROUPS. http://www.swap-bot.com/group/f4972e9695c2013905dc40c2fcbfd2ee/about After years of seeing so many ways to interpret hearts, hurt feelings, mine included, etc. I remember once I made my very first mixed media postcard and I was ecstatic and so cute. The gal I sent it to said "Its not my thing" and didnt rate a heart. I was baffled. I remember thinking that I would never want to do that to anyone. So far, for 4 years, I have read 99.9 of every profile and even when the swap didnt required it I sent profile specific wishes. I did not do this for the heart. But many of those swaps were not given a heart. And I was perplexed. I even made profile specific specs for some of the swaps: i.e, colors they liked, subjects they liked and no heart. I started to think that some folks dont know whats in their own profile or they are too buzy to notice.
And I saw how often folks can just misinterpret swaps. Again, I would hate to do that to anyone. So, I decided to rate all hearts knowing that some swappers are probably getting a heart and it may not be warranted, but after all its just a gif. I suppose I decided on erring on the side of kindness rather than risking hurting some. People come and go all the time on this site and often no one even notices. I would hate for that reason to be me. Maybe Good Karma. lol This is a site for fun and a hobby. Thank you @tonat80

littlemissme84 05/ 3/2018 #

Like most people have said, there are various reasons why I leave a heart. The main one is the amount of effort that has gone into it and how well it meets my profile info. A lot of swaps will say ‘sender’s choice’ but if someone has taken the time to make a swap send more tailored to me then that definitely deserves a heart.

I’ve recejved swaps where the item has been sender’s choice, and though the item may not be my favourite, the effort that has gone into the packaging or stamps used makes me happy so these get a heart too.

I love certain themes which can be hard to try and meet (me men/Little miss, miffy and a few others as detailed in my profile) so these will always get hearts. I also give hearts for book recommendations (if not part of the swap criteria) as I love to read and this is stated in my profile too.

Finally if some part of the swap or note makes me smile then that usually gets a heart. Happy swapping x

astrodogg 05/ 3/2018 #

My experience with Swap-Bot has been very positive. I've had so much fun being here!

I generously give hearts to all you good people when y'all have taken the time to read profiles and get to know your partners. Even if it's something as small as a sweet note.

Putting the extra time and effort on swaps because you want to, NOT because you HAVE to, I think warrants a heart.


astrodogg 05/ 3/2018 #

My experience with Swap-Bot has been very positive. I've had so much fun being here!

I generously give hearts to all you good people when y'all have taken the time to read profiles and get to know your partners. Even if it's something as small as a sweet note.

Putting the extra time and effort on swaps because you want to, NOT because you HAVE to, I think warrants a heart.


Gaucha 05/ 3/2018 #

I'm just a newbie here but I really love this concept and I'm enjoying everything I'm making and sending out. Of course I love to receive too, but it's not the main goal. I've only got one rating so far and I put so much effort in it, I have to admit I was secretly just a little bit disappointed I didn't get a heart, wondering if I did something wrong. When shortly after I was giving my first ratings I did give hearts, not just because I remembered how I felt, but because it was clear people made an effort to send me something nice and personal. It wasn't because of any extra's (though I really loved them) but because I felt a little connection with the two senders. They made me happy with what they sent me. If it is clear the sender tried to make me happy, I will make the sender happy (rating immediately and if earned, a heart). Every sender till now I had to give a heart. I admit, it's only two senders, but hé, 100% is 100%! ;-)

Kathy821 05/ 3/2018 #

I leave hearts most of the time, but I’m pretty easy going and easy to please. I love reading a note, and seeing a postcard that someone picked out for me. There’s a lot of really sweet people on her and try to do their best to make their partners happy and take pride in their creations. I love extras and sometimes it’s exciting to see them and more than once has been something I really needed whether I knew it or not, but that isn’t part of the rating for me. It’s also extra special when I can tell someone has read my profile and mentions something in their note or postcard. I find things in common with people and that’s fun. I’m thankful to be a part of this site and meet all different types of people and learn so much.

Momskii 05/ 3/2018 #

I leave hearts most of the time. I was wondering there for awhile if I was being too generous, but then decided giving a heart makes my partners feel good and myself also. So unless it doesn't come on time, or at all, I give a heart. Sometimes I wish I could give more than one.

LisaWithAKiss 05/ 3/2018 #

Hey xD I leave a heart when the swap they made feels personal, like they read my profile and tried to give me something that I might enjoy. I also love it when they tell me the reason they put certain items in or why they thought I might like/love something. I personally always add extra's to my swaps and I am currently trying out some blind swaps and they are hard! I do love when I see the extra effort is there. If you haven't read my profile (un less it's a blind swap) or put minimal effort in the swap (a blank note card and a post it just isn't enough for me) you won't get a heart from me. If you did the swap correctly and I can tell from your letter/note that you read (a part of) my profile you almost always get a heart from me. For pc's it's a bit hard sometimes cause I haven't put any "preferences" on my profile yet, but i'm working on that xD I really really love this sire and making/receiving happy mail though xD

MeghanMac 05/ 3/2018 #

I feel like I am super generous with hearts. Lately though, I'm kinda frustrated with swaps I've put effort into just getting a 5. Because of that I give lots of hearts. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like "what's the point?" when that happens.

Kake 05/ 3/2018 #

Interesting question. I think when someone takes the time to send something it is worth a heart. In this busy world it is easy to withdraw from all but immediate family and work, we need to make time for other things but it can be difficult. So I give a heart to everyone who has made the effort to fulfill the swap requirements, it is not necessary to add extras, to me that's just an added bonus.

Cgscdy 05/ 3/2018 #

I use to give hearts for every swap even a few that might not have deserved a 5 nevertheless a heart. But now that I've swapped for awhile I find sometimes a heart should be earned. I will leave one if 1) the swap shows some kind of thought went into it 2) If you send me something I have listed I like because I HATE when someone can't take the time to glance through a profile 3) If you decorate the envie sounds silly but if you take the time to do that it shows me you took a little extra time to make my swap special. I don't leave one if the swap looks thrown together ( even if extras are sent) or if I have to pay postage ( so tired of that even little amounts like 20-50¢ adds up when you swap a lot) and a few I have left no heart because honestly I forgot to go back and do so as I only comment and give a heart when I have time to look at the swap sent if alot of swaps come at once I go ahead and rate 5 than go back later when I can really look through them and rate/comment/ archive them all.

allieo 05/ 3/2018 #

I am also new to swap-bot. My heart-giving scheme is still developing. I was/am curious about this topic myself. It's a pretty basic rating schedule here - essentially out of 3. If the mail meets the criteria of the swap, the sender should get a 5. Hearts are a simple way of expressing appreciation for someone's time and effort. Extra effort can be shown by reading profiles and sending extras accordingly or a beautifully decorated envelope and thoughtful note. Well-thought-out and executed swaps also deserve a heart - that's what we are swapping. I have already received some exquisite pieces of mail in my short time here.

Candace 05/ 4/2018 #

As many others have stated, I leave hearts for a few different reasons: (1) my partner has actually read my profile, he/she does not need to specifically state such, but it becomes obvious at times; (2) I do a lot of the letter/notecard swaps, so write something from the heart, don't just talk about the weather or something trivial; tell me what's going on in your life, etc. and write more than 1 or 2 sentences; and (3) this one is tied to #1, do not send extras unless the swap requires it or it is one of my likes. I have noticed that a lot of swappers are simply de-stashing, so if it's something I cannot use, it ends up in the recycle bin.

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET 05/ 4/2018 #

I used to leave hearts all the time, BUT now I use them sparingly

If it's a type 1 swap, I will sometimes give a heart if my partner used more than 1 word in the message or email

Type 2 swaps, Like, note cards and letters, I will give a heart if the person read my profile, or writes more than a 2 or 3 page letter, it depends. I never rate based on goodies

Type 3 swaps, always get a heart, if someone makes something, or spends more than what is expected in shipping.

Of course all within guidelines of swaps.

HisChild 05/ 4/2018 #

I like giving hearts & give one often. If I don't give one it's probably because of something like "sticker slapping" where it's obvious the person just threw something together & mailed it. Especially if there is no note, etc. If I can see you took the time to read through my long profile and included something I would like, you'll get a heart.

Lorellie 05/ 4/2018 #

I think this is probably the sort of thing I should answer without looking to what the rest of you said. So, keep in mind that I didn’t. Extras don’t mean hearts to me & neither does being on perfect time, although those things are nice. Overkill actually annoys me. If a swap says greeting card, don’t handmake a perfect one and send 40 stickers. That makes this website feel like a contest, breeding stress we don’t need. What I give hearts for is the feeling that you cared about and enjoyed what you did for me. A thoughtful message is probably the most important thing, but I’m not much of a crafter. We’re talking mostly postcards and letters.

stormofangels 05/ 4/2018 #

I leave hearts most of the time, I am still new and I have not done any really.. crafty intense swaps yet. I always very happy to get my swaps in the mail and I go by are the requirements met. I don't know if with time I will change the way I give hearts. I have sent swaps with extra goodies and they noted that they loved.... the extra goodies and still did not give me a heart. laugh So, I know people have their own way of rating whether they give hearts or not. I certainly appreciate any extra goodies, but I still give hearts if I don't get extra goodies.

geordiebaker 05/ 4/2018 #

I leave hearts if the sender has sent a good "read "and I can see they've enjoyed the subject the extras are nice but not essential to me .I have made some good friends from swapbot some I've even met when I've travelled to the US.

GrumpyBear 05/ 5/2018 #

I leave hearts most of the time I know when I get a heart it makes my day I like to make people smile and feel important , I don't want them to feel like they have wasted their time on me

Jaybe63 05/ 5/2018 #

I am relatively new to Swap-bot and must admit I have given hearts readily. I know how it makes me feel when I receive a rating with a heart - it always makes me smile. So, by leaving hearts for others I am hoping to share that smile. I usually send extra goodies in my swaps, but would never consider not giving a heart just because someone didn't send me goodies. Hearts mean love to me and anything that has been made with love deserves a heart (in my opinion) <3 xx

vlhafer54 05/ 5/2018 #

I've participated in a couple of thousand swaps. At the beginning I would only leave a heart for something I got that was handmade or a huge package. Then someone whom I'd received several postcards from asked me why I had never given her a heart. I just didn't think to for something as simple as a postcard. Then I realized any decent effort deserves a heart, even something as seemingly simple as finding a postcard that meets the swap requirements, adding a nice note and getting it in the mail on time. And since I enjoy all the mail I get, I think anything I enjoy should get a heart. I make very enthusiastic comments if I think someone has gone above and beyond, If you don't get a heart from me, you really just did the bare minimum or missed altogether. Though I've given a heart for someone who didn't quite follow the rules but I could tell that they really made an effort.

duckymorgan 05/ 5/2018 #

Hello! This is such a nice idea, and I'm loving reading everyone's responses! I am new to swap-bot and am still developing my own heart philosophy.

My thoughts are that I will always give a heart unless its obvious that the person didn't try or even fulfill the swap requirements (I have only had to do that once, because the online swap was a tiny bit late and missing a small component. I didn't want to rate down because it wasn't a big deal, but I wouldn't have felt right about giving a heart in that situation).

I have put a lot of effort into my few swaps and tried to include extras when possible, and seeing that my swap partner liked it enough to give a heart makes me smile. I want to make the people who have sent me things feel the same way! I would hate to disappoint someone who put time, effort and money into something specifically for me by withholding a heart. To me, swapping is about making fun things and enjoying sharing our hobbies, so I would always prefer to keep things positive and friendly!

Wildchild 05/ 5/2018 #

I almost always leave a heart. I didn't used to but I read that everyone should get an extra boost if it is obvious they actually put some effort into a swap.

I always feel better about what I sent out if I get a heart because it means the person on the other end understands how much effort I put in and I want to give others that same feeling. That lift is a boon on a bad day.

MarblexJam 05/ 5/2018 #

I like to be generous with hearts, I’m still new to swap bot and have only participated in few, but I think any effort made deserves a heart, even electronic swaps can be time consuming, so everyone putting in their time and thoughts ought to have a heart! 💕

Gobarb 05/ 5/2018 #

I do like to leave hearts as often as I can. My main reason with cards and ATCs is the thought and time put in to it. If it is something I really don't particularly like, I will still give a heart if I see that they either spent some time on it or that they have viewed my profile and send me extras that they see I would like. When it come to electronic swaps like Pinterest, If they send me just the bare minimum where they just wanted to get a rating, I probably will not give them a heart (unless they write a nice message), then I will leave a heart. If someone obviously spent some time choosing items, I will give them a heart. When I do Pinterest swaps, I tend to get carried away and post a lot of pics! It is exciting to me and I hope for the receiver!

luckylynnl 05/ 5/2018 #

I rate swaps and give a 5 if the swap is completed as directed. I throw in a heart for two reasons: 1. ...if I think the sender put some extra effort into the swap by doing it very well. 2....if the sender went beyond by referencing my profile or providing extras meaning words or items.

Where I am really confused is by how to rate the swap coordinator. Does she deserve a ♥ just for posting a swap? Sure would like feedback on this subject.

AromaAlchemist 05/ 6/2018 #

The way I give a heart is simple and a combination of two factors.

First if the swap goes beyond the requirements in some way: profile-based extras, a long note, a collection of unusual stamps or a decorated envelope, a postcard that was decorated with a small doodle or washi, something to set it apart from the swap itself.

Second, the swap had to make me smile. It doesn't take much (I am easy to please), and I realize this is very subjective and likely due to my mood. To me a heart means something and I don't give them away freely. Swap-bot is supposed to be fun and exciting. I don't get hurt if I don't get a heart, and I don't ever feel pressure to do more than the swap requires.

Hearts aren't part of a competition, to me they mean a connection was made somehow across the miles :)

Happy Swapping!

nyxluna 05/ 6/2018 #

I am pretty new here but from the swaps I have gotten I have given hearts because the person met the swap guidelines and left a nice note or took extra effort in decorating envelope or note. :)

catlingmex 05/ 6/2018 #

Although a heart is never assured, It's not too hard to get one from me. I give them out if I was "touched" in some way from what I got (like if it's obvious they read my profile, or a lot of effort is evident, or they wrote about why they were sending that particular item, etc.), if some nice extras were included, if the envelope was especially nicely decorated or had awesome stamps ... sometimes even just for sending the swap out right after partners were assigned (rather than days later). I think it is equally important on this site to be a prompt, cheerful, generous sender and a gracious, grateful receiver. Does freely giving out hearts "cheapen" their value, as some claim it does? Yeah, somewhat—but then, the mechanism for giving hearts does make them exceeding easy to dole out. If I receive something really exra super duper wonderful, I will at least go to the trouble of actually writing the sender a pm expressing my delight—which takes a lot more effort than just clicking the heart radio button.

lorianne01 05/ 6/2018 #

I leave hearts when I see that someone puts effort in what they send or write to me. I usually give out pretty easily for everything, the only reason I wouldn't put a heart would be if someone sent me a postcard with "hope you like this postcard, name" with a plain black pen and no decorations. You can clearly see that the person didn't put time in it and I don't like that. People who clearly read my profile & tried to send or write something that I would like definitely get a heart. If they put time in decorating the postcard/envelope and/or sent extras, they get a heart. Overall, just put time into what you send and you get a heart from me. The swap obviously needs to be sent on time and follow the swap requirements too.

This swap is an amazing idea & all the answers are so interesting! Thank you for creating this swap.

RakkaS 05/ 6/2018 #

Reasons why I leave a heart: 1. They send me something thoughtful e.g. where you clearly see it is based on my profile, something that is nice. 2. what they send is a Nice presentation showing they have paid close attention to detail. 3. They do more than is required by the swap.

juhninja 05/ 6/2018 #

When I first started swapping I always left hearts. I've recently joined a couple of swaps where the sender sent items that didn't seem thoughtful (a sheet of stickers with a majority of the stickers missing, paper Ads, etc..). If the sender sent it and didn't seem to put any thought into it, I don't provide the sender with a heart. If I find one things that really excited me or if I see that the person put some heart into their swap, I heart. I've notice that a lot of postcard swaps dont heart, so I make sure to heart when I obtain a postcard.

I have a love hate with swaps. They're so fun to receive, but kind of heartbreaking when you don't.

Artstamper 05/ 6/2018 #

I prefer to be generous with hearts because this is a happy place and I like to appreciate what is sent to me.I especially appreciate swaps that are carefully made and very creative.I do not give hearts for extras because I don't want anyone to feel like they have to send them. I love getting notes with something about my partner and the techniques they use. Something that I don't quite understand is the person who comments how much they love the swap and don't give a heart. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments and they confirm the fact that there are many nice and generous people on this site.

kelsue62 05/ 6/2018 #

I have been on this site since the begin of fruition and have left many hearts. I took a break from swapping as a new mom for a few years because I was putting so much love and effort into my swaps and either getting flakes on or a thrown together piece of garbage ATC. So when it comes to personalized swaps I give an honest rating and a heart when they put the “heart” live into the swap. When it comes to generic swaps I give hearts when people have personalized the item or even just the note. Sometimes I get swaps where the noteor letter doesn’t even have my name on it. (Or no note at all). To me that shows that they are looking for ratings not hearts. So as I have gone through the years I have been more leanient with my hearts. You show effort and personalization then you get a heart. Generic and waste of my time and money swaps received so not. It’s sad but so many people just want a bunch of good ratings so they can do the big money swaps and scam people.

Senga89 05/ 7/2018 #

I always leave hearts when I see that this person put some effort in the swap, there are a lot of details, something is hand made or painted (❤️), or if it's a message, it's for example super long and interesting. Sometimes when I receive postcard or item which fits my likes in 100% so I made just wow, I also leave hearts. But in fact I often leave hearts, because I guess it's also easy way to make someone's else day in super easy way :)

Brandiml79 05/ 7/2018 #

I leave hearts if someone has put effort and thought into the swap. Especially when you can tell that your partner read the profile, the proof will be in the effort or the extras they send. Also I leave hearts for kindness. Like if the note they left in the swap was thoughtful. I guess I give hearts out easily, unless there was no effort or some one didn't send you a swap or they were unkind.

MCGalaxy 05/ 8/2018 #

Originally I gave hearts to everyone. Now I leave a heart if it looks like the person went beyond what was asked in the swap as in anything beyond the minimum. An extra profile comment in a type one swap or extra goodies in a type 2 or type 3 swap. Or if they said or sent something directly from something in my profile. Or if someone sends something within the first day of the due date sometimes.

bck 05/10/2018 #

I honestly feel that the concept of giving hearts is lame, and that there is no rhyme or reason to it. The swap can be sender’s choice & you can take the time to send things from your partner’s profile and still not receive a heart. So is there a point in making the extra effort? And if you don’t give a heart, that person will never give you one in another swap......very juvenile behavior! I think Swap-bot should do away with hearts.

StagKing 05/10/2018 #

I give hearts when it seems like someone has taken great effort and care with a swap. Especially in "Sender's choice" swaps when the sender sends something that matches my profile.

I used to give out hearts when I received extras, but now I only give them if they were tailored to my profile. Knowing that someone took the time to read through my profile, pick out something extra special and send it a long makes me feel so happy after a loooong day at work.

When it comes to other types of swaps I tend to give out hearts if there was a good effort made. I've been doing more ATC and illustration kind of swaps and I recognize that not everyone is on the same "level" of all artistic skills (I got my degree in apparel design, but I am not great at graphic design!!). So when it shows that someone tried really hard and put forth their best effort I will also give a heart.

I just love spreading joy and I have so many hearts to give!! Even if i've become a bit more selective in them over the years!

Gatzcat 05/11/2018 #

I am a newer member to Swap-bot, but I give hearts based on effort, thoughtfulness and/or extras. Each person is different, so each heart I give is going to have a different reason why I gave it.

Most postcard swaps or electronic swaps, I don't give hearts. It isn't because I didn't like them. I just think that those types of swaps are simple and quick and it deserves a 5 if sent on time and met the requirements. But it isn't out of the norm if I decide to give a heart.

I don't feel like I am super stingy with my hearts, but I would say that I don't hand them out willy-nilly either.

charophyta 05/13/2018 #

I try not to give too many hearts, because I don't want the hearts to be meaningless. I want the heart to mean that the swap was truly exceptional, and it went above and beyond what was expected. I try to save the heart for when I'm blown away by the swap. If I give everyone a heart, it seems pointless to use hearts at all.

angelgram 05/13/2018 #

I leave hearts 98% of the time!. The remaining 2% is divided into 1% that somehow don't stick when there is a hiccup in the website. I do go to the profile to make sure the Heart sticks on the partner profile rating box but have had to redo some. Then .5 of the remaining 1 is waiting for a resend like in lost mail so it is delayed but given eventually . The other .5 is no hearts use to never recd swap. It is rare I do not give hearts. I just truly appreciate getting a day brightener/happy mail in my mailbox. I try to give the benefit of the doubt in all categories. I was too attached to if I did or did not receive a heart in the beginning. I love the feed back that comes through leaving comments. We can do emoticons on FB and/or cell phone text so I like the rating box has so much space for comments. I would not mind if the hearts went away because the criteria is up to the individual feelings. I like the numbers and the comments. I have seen much hurt feelings and disagreements over hearts and that ups the negative factor in this community.

1koolkrafter 05/13/2018 #

I am new to Swap-not and at first did not know or understand what giving hearts meant. Now that I have a better understanding... I give them where I feel they are deserved. I personally put a lot of thought and time into my swap sends. I read every profile as well as the swap instructions. I try to act accordingly with regard to each swap and having said this I look for the same in my swap partner(s) and rate them the same way. Everybody sees and views things differently. Nobody is perfect and I don’t look for perfection... just merely what the swap called for.

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