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Birthday: September 10
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About Me

I am an Indonesian-Chinese female (not a girl, not yet a woman) who grew up in Singapore, and travelled around the world for my studies.

My educational trip alone had brought me to Singapore (obviously), Germany-France-Italy-Netherlands (Europe), Ningbo-Hangzhou-Guangzhou-Shanghai (China), Wollongong-Sydney-Canberra-Gold Coast (Australia).

My goals for 2018 is to travel to all major cities of Indonesia. So far I have only been to Bali, Bandung, Banjarmasin, Belitung, Jakarta (where i reside), Medan, Pontianak, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, & Yogyakarta.

My favourite flowers are Peony/-ies and Tulips. Fave colours are Black-Pink together, or red by itself

I don't like snakes. Please don't send me pictures of realistic snakes. I don't mind abstract which is just a swiggly line or blured colours. I can withstand a cartoon snake. NO REAL SNAKES, please. 😨😢

My Pets

my baby Peter (RIP), an applehead chihuahua

Books Read in 2019


  1. What If It's Us - Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

  2. Caraval - Stephanie Garber

  3. Legendary (Caraval #2) - Stephanie Garber

  4. Ringing in the New Year - Alexa Riley

  5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen #01) - Joanne Fluke

  6. Strawberry Shortcake Murder (Hannah Swensen #02) - Joanne Fluke


  1. Nine Perfect Strangers - Liane Moriarty

  2. The Hating Game - Sarah Thorne


  1. Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes


  1. The Mum Who'd Had Enough - Fiona Gibson

  2. Wildwood - Colin Meloy


  1. Secret Agent Grandma - R.L. Stine

  2. Ties That Bind - Carolyn Arnold


  1. Key Lime Pie (Hannah Swensen #09) - Joanne Fluke

  2. Carrot Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #10) - Joanne Fluke


  1. Apple Turnover Murder (Hannah Swensen #13) - Joanne Fluke

  2. Devil's Food Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #14) - Joanne Fluke

  3. Cinnamon Roll Murder (Hannah Swensen #15) - Joanne Fluke

  4. Finale (Caraval #3) - Stephanie Garber

  5. The Unhoneymooners - Christina Lauren

  6. More Than We Can Tell (Letters to the Lost #2) - Brigid Kemmerer

  7. Random Acts of Kindness Part One - Victoria Walters

  8. Random Acts of Kindness Part Two - Victoria Walters

  9. Random Acts of Kindness Part Three - Victoria Walters


  1. The Kiss Quotient - Helen Hoang

  2. It's Not What It Looks Like - Molly Burke (Audiobook)


  1. The Marriage Clock - Zara Raheem

  2. Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen #16) - Joanne Fluke

  3. Blackberry Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen #17) - Joanne Fluke


  1. If The Dress Fits - Carla de Guzman

  2. How To Walk Away - Katherine Center (Audiobook)


  1. The Stationery Shop - Marjan Kamali









Currently reading:

The Hope Family Calender - Mike Gayle

Twivortiare 2 - Ika Natassa

Movies Watched in 2019


  1. Keluarga Cemara (Indonesian Movie)

  2. Escape Room

  3. Hell Fest

  4. The Upside

  5. Glass


  1. Alita: Battle Angel

  2. Cold Pursuit

  3. Happy Death Day 2U


  1. Dilan 1991 (Indonesian movie)

  2. Captain Marvel

  3. Five Feet Apart

  4. Wonder Park

  5. Us

  6. Dumbo

  7. My Stupid Boss 2 (Indonesian movie)


  1. Shazam!

  2. Pet Sematary


  1. Avengers: Endgame

  2. Pokemon Detective Pikachu

  3. Long Shot

  4. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


  1. X-men: Dark Phoenix

  2. Toy Story 4


  1. Spiderman Far From Home

  2. Lion King

  3. Stuber


  1. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

  2. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

  3. The Hustle

  4. Twivortiare


  1. Ready or Not

  2. IT Chapter 2


  1. Terminator: Dark Fate

  2. Doctor Sleep








Hugsie86 rated for Bookworm Corner: September 2019 on Oct 26, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the book review. I read a book in 2019 that was similar (The Matchmaker's List) but was set in the Canadian Indian culture. I think it's nice that more of these books are being published, especially when it's both "educational" and entertaining!
grammypammy rated for ESG: The 15 Questions on Oct 21, 2019
Comment: I really loved reading your answers! You sound very interesting and someone who would be fun to be around. Thank you!
Nicollcia rated for ESG: The 15 Questions on Oct 21, 2019
Comment: I really enjoyed reading your answers! Seems like we both are fans of The Walking Dead and chose the same weapon to fight against the zombie 😆
HappyMom rated for ESG: The 15 Questions on Oct 20, 2019
Comment: Thanks for your answers!
dorcii rated for Bookworm Corner: September 2019 on Oct 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you very much for your email! The book you read sounds very interesting! I lived 4 months in India, and yeah, many of my friends there got their wife/husband via matchmaking, and I felt so sad about it! Though they mentioned sometimes it's better, because love will disappear, but via matchmaking at least the couple will respect each other for the whole life. It's interesting.
jessnewson98 rated for Bookworm Corner: September 2019 on Oct 18, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much!
tentmari rated for Bookworm Corner: September 2019 on Oct 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your book list and review. I have also read the Hannah Swensen (#16, #17) books you listed.
Reading100 rated for Bookworm Corner: September 2019 on Oct 14, 2019
Comment: That does sound like a disappointment given what you were expecting.
cherlita rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - September on Oct 8, 2019
Comment: Wow, I like TROS too! (especially bentley, aciel and jamjam!) Also, happy belated birthday! (P.S. The puppy is cute)
NRGordon rated for That is a good question round 2 on Oct 7, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your answers. I am sorry this rating is late. I am apparently having trouble with my email again, finding legitimate messages in the spam folder.
Comment: Enjoyed seeing your photos and getting a glimpse into your world. Happy belated birthday! That's a great cake with such TALL candles. :)
HappyMom rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - September on Oct 6, 2019
Comment: Happy belated birthday! And I’m sorry to hear about your break up.. loved the pix!
myancey rated for That is a good question round 2 on Sep 28, 2019
Comment: Love your answers. Thanks. Happy swapping
Comment: Thank you for telling me about the movie with no spoilers. I do hope to see it, either in the theater or at home. You make it sound even more intriguing than the trailer.
PizzaSmurf rated for Quirky Questions Email Swap on Sep 16, 2019
Comment: Thank you for answering! 😊
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Comment: Some nice songs, thank you!
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Comment: Thanks for sharing! I actually tried learning Mandarin once, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to study as much as I wanted. I might begin again one day :) Xie xie!
Comment: Nice playlist.

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smadronia on Jan 1, 2019:

alt text

May your 2019 be better than 2018, and your best year yet!


itsnobody on Apr 29, 2018:

Profile Swap: Things that make you happy.

  1. Art – Art is almost (after family) everything to me. Art is expression, it is my freedom. You can always show feelings with your art or understand other’s feeling. I just love to go o the gallery and stare at a piece of art and wonder what the artist was thinking.
  2. Flower/Gardens – Taking care of flowers is my second passion. I just love when some of my balcony flowers have new seed, so I can replicate them. And when the new seed grow into a healthy flower I’m the happiest person in the world.
  3. Cats – I love cats with all my heart. I’ve heard a legend from Egypt where the cats have ruled the world and we were their slaves. Fun legend, but I love cats because they’re independent, they don’t annoy you for attention, and their meowing and paws are the cutest.
  4. Book – After creating art, comes book. I love books, for what is hidden inside of them. I can always get inspiration from a book and create anything new after that.
  5. Cooking – Mostly for myself but I love trying new recipes. It is a fun adventure, that I always go by myself so I can learn what is right and what is wrong.
  6. The sea – I go to the sea once or twice a year, and every time I go there it is like a new experience. Like I’ve never been on a sand or inside the salty sea. I love the smell in the air and all the laughter and happiness you can see around the beach
  7. Cosplaying – every time I start a cosplay I don’t finish it on time due need of money. But boy when I finish a cosplay I just go around and show my creation to everybody. I tell everyone and I’m so so so happy I did something new in this world with my two hands.
  8. Travelling – this is something I Loved even when I was a little girl. I always travelled with my parents, not because they don’t want to leave me alone at the house, but because I wanted to see everything. Nowadays I don’t have the time to travel with them on their exotic trips, but I still do some cheap budget trips with my boyfriend, and the minute I got inside the train I’m happy like a little kid
  9. Something inside my mailbox – this feeling Is a bit new for me, but after I got introduced to it, there isn’t a day that I don’t look over my mailbox and expect something inside. After I receive something I just stare at it happily for days.
  10. My friends – meeting with my friends or just talking to them makes me happy. I just love talking to them for everything and sharing always make me a little bit happier. Or when they need me

Have a wonderful day Rosi

bluecrayons on Apr 27, 2018:

song lyrics #3 electronic

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) Matt Redman

Bless the Lord oh my soul Oh my soul Worship His Holy name Sing like never before Oh my soul I'll worship Your Holy name

Wildchild on Apr 24, 2018:

Profile Swap: Things that make you happy.

1: Swap-bot: Without it I would have no outside contact as I do not socialize with my neighbours and my family is always busy

2: Roses: partially because my first husband called me Gypsy Rose and I think it describes me well but mainly because they were my dads passion

3: Reading: I read things that take me to other places and times, it appeals to my imagination

4: Yellow: It is the brightest and happiest colour I know and the sight of it always gives my spirit a lift.

5: Lilacs: When I see its purple and white flowers I know that winter is finally over.

6: My Computer: It is where I start and end my days, it holds images to trigger my creative juices and words to keep my brain active and sounds that can soothe or get me moving

7: My grandchildren: Their energy always rubs off on me and makes me more active than I would be otherwise and their laughter brightens any day

8: Creating something: It gives me a smile when I see something I've made and when someone says how much they liked it my heart soars

9: Sunshine after days of grey skies

10: A thunder storm: Actually the flashes of lightening that causes the thunder something about Mother Natures power always makes me laugh with awe.

A few things that make me happy but most of all sharing with someone else is the biggest happy ever.

Valkyrien on Apr 23, 2018:

Song Lyrics #3 Electronic

Kesha - Rainbow

I used to live in the darkness Dress in black, act so heartless But now I see that colors are everything Got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo Got back the stars in my eyes, too Yeah, now I see the magic inside of me

I really like the lyrics in this song. For me it means that she's coming from a bad place and finally sees the light in her life again.

cindygroet on Apr 22, 2018:

Song Lyrics #3 Electronic swap:

Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke.

I never wanted you to be my man,
I just needed company.
Don't want to get dependant on,
Your time or who you spend it on
or lose it when you love me.
Like smoke I hung around
And be your balance.

justme2905 on Apr 21, 2018:

Things That Make Me Happy Swap


My father enjoyed planting flowers. When I see flowers they make me happy because I think about the fun memories of being outside with my Father.


Rainbows make me happy because, I feel a connection with my Father who is in heaven now. When I am unsure of something, I look up and see rainbows like the one above it makes me feel like my Father is telling me everything is going to be ok.


Music is where I go to escape the stress of the hear and now. Music makes me happy no matter what kind of mood I am in.

4.Holding my great niece for the 1st time made me happy. I felt love like never before. It brought back memories of taking care of her Mother. My 1st niece had my first great niece. April 9, 2018. My birthday is April 7 and my 1st born niece was born April 3. The month of April is full of birthdays. Happy times with my family.

5.Spending time with my next to the youngest nieces makes me happy. The look on her face when I told her I was going to take her to Disney on Ice was priceless. The day of the event I did not want to leave the house. But it was worth it. To hear Ava tell me. Thank you Aunt Mare Mare. You are so sweet. Meant the world to me.

6.Going to my Grandmothers house. I find my Grandmother house a happy place. It is quite and peaceful. I enjoy listening to my Grandmothers stories from her childhood. It makes me happy to see my Grandmother interact with my daughter.

7.Watching my daughter grow. I always said I would never have children. But I have a 13 year old little lady. It is never a dull moment with her around. My daughter always know what to say to make me smile. The joys of being a Mother is never ending.


Yellow is my happy color. Sunflowers bring back happy memories of my Mom and Dad planting sunflowers for me. Little things make me happy. And all of my happy thoughts revolve around my family.

9.Going for walks. I find it amazing go for walks and find things in nature that I have never seen before. It makes me stop and think about God and his beautiful world.

  1. Helping my Mother cook family dinners. Just being able to be with my Mom make me happy.
amylou2 on Apr 21, 2018:

Hi Farah!
We are partners for Profile Swap: things that make you happy! Which I emailed because I am new and obviously not sure of what I am doing! :) Thank-you for being so kind and emailing me to tell me I did it wrong. I hope that I can give this a go and its correct!

Babies… all babies. I just love babies. I like the way they are able to look at things for the very first time, the wonder and excitement. The smallness of their features and how much they depend on their parent. I wouldn’t have had 5 if I didn’t love them!

Glitter. Yep, I said it. Those glitter bombs people send in the mail for torture would just be a small amount of amazing for me. Almost 40 and I still like glitter.

Flowers. It sounds cliché but I love a pretty bouquet of flowers, or a handmade dandelion crown. There is something so special about flowers, I just adore them.

My moms grilled sandwiches- As long as I can remember my mom has made amazing grilled sandwiches, that have a mix of mayo, mustard and garlic salt on them, along with cheese and usually ham. She adds lettuce and tomato to them and I can’t duplicate it to save my life. I am lucky because when I visit her still she makes them for me.

Travelling or even travelling vicariously through someone- I love hearing about customs and cultures, learning new facts, hearing the sounds and song of a different country. I love smelling the smells and absorbing as much as I can.

Traditions- I try to be the kind of mom who has “traditions” because I want my kids to be able to remember the things they did as children. Traditions like sitting with santa (my oldest is 13 and still will do it… just for me) We go for drives and look at Christmas lights, we take a yearly camping trip to a crazy destination and usually it ends up in chaos. We have so many little traditions that it makes me feel whole and happy.

Old Things- things with age, and things with a story… antiques. The smell of the old wood or the feel of the metal. I just like to breathe in the depth of antiques and think about who might have owned them or what they were used for.

Cake- I can never eat cake without a smile. Who doesn’t like some form of cake? Even a muffin is a cupcake without frosting. I would eat cake everyday if I could. 

Completing a project- I live in a old house and I have large plans for it. It has a ton of wallpaper which is screaming for removal. Bathrooms need remodeled, flooring, cabinets in the kitchen you name it, it could use a touch up. I love the feeling of accomplishment and a job well done. It truly makes me happy.

Coffee, a blanket, and Netflix- My husband and I don’t get a lot of time alone together (with the 5 kiddos), but when we do you can find us on our couch watching an episode of “Fixer Upper” or “Izombie” Maybe even Riverdale. With ice cream, or coffee and a blanket. The perfect end to a usually busy day.

Have a terrific day :)

astrodogg on Apr 15, 2018:

Swap: Electronic Picture

ID: astrodogg

Hi Lala! I'm your partner for the "Electronic Picture" swap. I chose these pics because it has:

1.) pastel colors; 2.) your favorite flowers, tulips and peonies; 3.) butterflies

:D Hope you like!


ID: astrodogg

Swap: Electronic Picture

handcraftedlove on Apr 7, 2018:

Sorry. I was thinking that this swap is via email and hence hadn't posted anything on your profle earlier.

Song Lyrics #2 Electronic

I love the song, 'Try Everything ' from the movie Zootopia. This has been sung by Shakira and every word is so meaningful.

I messed up tonight I lost another fight I still mess up but I'll just start again I keep falling down I keep on hitting the ground I always get up now to see what's next Birds don't just fly They fall down and get up Nobody learns without getting it won I won't give up, no I won't give in Till I reach the end And then I'll start again Though I'm on the lead I wanna try everything I wanna try even though I could fail I won't give up, no I won't give in Till I reach the end And then I'll start again No I won't leave I wanna try everything I wanna try even though I could fail

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